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San Diego
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I play Pathfinder/3.5, and Immortals Handbook is my hot hot sex
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:):):):)ing awesome. He'll blow your face off.


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My Game Details
San Diego
Game Details:
I play Pathfinder/3.5, and Immortals Handbook is my hot hot sex
My Character:
:):):):)ing awesome. He'll blow your face off.
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Monday, 16th January, 2017

  • 08:15 AM - Khisanth the Ancient quoted Beefermatic in post The pinnacle of hubris! I present to you Thychen, the Supreme Being
    I saw that, thank you, should be fixed now, lol. You're very welcome btw, pain in the butt to make, but I'm happy with the end result. If curious about how he got said abilities here's the basic math: Stage 78 Highlord means 13,000 Divine Abilities, or 2,166 Cosmic Powers, or 361 Transcendent Powers, or 61 Omnific Powers, or 10 Metempiric Abilities OK, I'm confused. What does "Stage 78" mean? A High Lord composed of 78 universes should have (200 x 78) Divine Abilities, which is 15,600. 65 universes would grant 13,000 Divine Abilities.

Thursday, 29th December, 2016

  • 04:34 AM - jboud045 quoted Beefermatic in post Enemies, Allies, and Ideas for Sidereals, Eternals, and above
    Indeed, many times I create a framework and a concept that can use later on in a myriad of campaigns. That said, the Terrans, Lumanians, Star Demons, Anyothens which aren't posted here and Spraug have been used extensively, I'll give you some of the specs that been used in previous campaigns but hope you'll make your own stories based on your own interpretation and maybe one day share them on here. B) Looking forward to getting the information. I'll share what I come up with on here, may be some time until I post something, still really just formulating the concepts at this point, nothing much written down yet.

Monday, 14th November, 2016

  • 07:44 PM - Upper_Krust quoted Beefermatic in post Eschatolic Dragons: The Upper End of Ridiculous
    Hey Krusty, Hey Beefy mate! :) I can see the resemblance with the Living Tribunal, interesting! Certainly that was how I visualized them. I was going to stat one up but it was just going to be a multi-sided head without a body...presumably it could manifest a body if it wished. Honestly, at high levels, really we just use basically our own system, in essence your system ends up just working like an expansion on the D20/PF rules and as long as one doesn't get caught up on the details and goes on estimation and focus on the bigger picture, it's not hard. Example; A 240 HD Old One, is going to have 48 base Divine Abilities right? With equipment rules and people giving up artifacts to gain more abilities, they can gain up to 192 divine abilities and still have 1 artifact left, well that would be basically all of the divine abilities in the book, and that would be a waste as you simply wont use most of them and most wont be helpful at that level. However, they can take those abilities and transf...

Sunday, 30th October, 2016

  • 09:47 PM - Upper_Krust quoted Beefermatic in post Eschatolic Dragons: The Upper End of Ridiculous
    Oy Krusty! Ahoy Beefy, apologies for the slow reply amigo. On that note that's kind of why I've been pumping out the creatures recently. My friends and I still use IH as our main gaming system, we have it updated for PF rules but we have :):):):) tons of creatures and ideas and other things that have come into play, and there are so many ideas from the books that have never been fleshed out that before the sun totally sets on this, I want the people who still come here to be able to see them in the flesh so to speak, the Time Lords for instance shouldn't be mistaken for Dr. Who, lol. It's good to hear from you again though bro, and though it's a select few of us that still really play this, I hope you're enjoying the creatures I'm presenting. The main thing is that you and your friends are having fun, I am sure people appreciate the new monsters too. Personally I dunno how you can stick the 3E/Pathfinder stuff (particularly at high level) although I always tried to make my own work as playa...

Saturday, 8th October, 2016

  • 04:34 PM - Upper_Krust quoted Beefermatic in post 5E musings
    The added density is what makes IH fun, any system can be simple and small, but IH caters to the psychos that want to play with the stars, one of my favorite things is how you can truly start getting a glimpse of what that should mean, the current DnD space and godly realms are so weak and lame in comparison, the gods have little substance, if one becomes a deity thats basically the end of the line and the beings they have designated as 'invincible mighty protectors of the whole world' really are quite weak in comparison to any threat that isn't a basic dragon or evil human, like a few tanks and helicopters would kill a Solar, that's :):):):):):):):) given their status, IH is the only system that reflects a greater respect and a higher order of thought with DnD Thanks amigo, Although I think that the IH rules are not exactly 'streamlined' for sane people (as you note its psychos only) and the 'designer' side of me is annoyed at that. I recently played a few sessions of Level 29 4th Edition (we ...

Friday, 7th October, 2016

  • 07:36 PM - Upper_Krust quoted Beefermatic in post 5E musings
    Howdy Beefy mate! :) I played a bit of 5th edition, my initial thought is that if someone wanted to spend the time they could easily convert the preexisting IH idea into 5th edition format, 5th Edition, really is just DnD's version of pathfinder, they basically went back to 3.5 threw out the superfluous stuff and made a new streamlined version of it that was easy to play and easier to calculate. Personally I was a fan, not all of it, but enough to give it a spin, though truly I have so many 3.5 and Pathfinder books it's not likely I'd do it as anything more than a novelty. The fact remains however, that if someone was so inclined I don't think it'd be difficult to pull off. I wouldn't disagree. I got to play a lot of D&D in August - played almost all editions at least once if not more. What I noticed was how simplistic 5E is compared to (high-level) 4E and also 3E/Pathfinder. I wonder if the IH would seem too dense (in terms of additional powers) to add to 5E in its current guise or whether t...

Tuesday, 27th September, 2016

Monday, 18th May, 2015

  • 07:52 PM - Upper_Krust quoted Beefermatic in post Current status?
    Hey everyone Hey amigo! :) You actually posted this the day I went on holiday. Only just back today. Hope you are keeping well? I know it's been a long time, but I'm going to post a few new monsters and templates and stuff here in the next few days. So stay tuned. Good luck with that. I am still not sure what my plans are here. Still in shock from getting turned down for a videogame designer's job (after they told me I had the job) after a few weeks ago.

Monday, 19th May, 2014

  • 06:51 PM - Upper_Krust quoted Beefermatic in post Eschatolic Dragons: The Upper End of Ridiculous
    Got something big in the works... stay tuned. :] Hey there Beefermatic mate! listen I can't seem to reply to you via Private Messaging (because I don't see any option to delete messages*) and my inbox is full. *even though it must be hid somewhere Feel free to email me

Sunday, 12th January, 2014

  • 09:21 PM - Khisanth the Ancient quoted Beefermatic in post Custom divine abilities, portfolios, etc.
    Truthfully though, the amount of damage such an effect does is really trivial at that level, so who cares? Ex: A 250hd Sidereal dealing 250d20 divine damage that doesn't even bust barriers, even with inner eye deals only 5000 Damage. That's like 1 magic missile, like a single one at that level. Lol. I suppose so. But if you do that, you should make the same auto-upgrade apply to Divine/Cosmic/Transcendental Effect. It's just the inconsistency that bugs me. Once again, who gives a crap? You still got the point. Eh, sorry. Also, you're damned right I use the Ascension Rules with Pathfinder, here's the secret, Dnd 3.5 and Pathfinder... are the same thing. To me it's no different then adding Ebberon Rules. Do you incorporate the Pathfinder Mythic rules in any way? It should in fact be 100x stronger because, once again it's about balancing. I can sort of see that, but elsewhere (like in the Divine/Cosmic/Transcendental damage powers) it's supposed to be more like an x5 ...

Monday, 6th January, 2014

  • 06:04 AM - Khisanth the Ancient quoted Beefermatic in post Custom divine abilities, portfolios, etc.
    Kinetic Effect (Su): Blast your foes with raw power. Prerequisites: Str: 40 Benefit: Deal 1d6 slashing, bludgeoning, or piercing damage per hit dice of the Diety. The Effect is considered a natural attack, and thusly bypasses Damage Reduction equal to the Diety's own DR. Cool! That makes sense as an expansion of the existing Effects. Prana Effect (Su): Assault your foes with blinding spiritual power that grows with you as you grow stronger. Prequisites: Monk Unarmed Strike: 2d10, Perfect Body, Perfect Mind, Perfect Self, Third Eye Benefits: You deal 1d3 divine damage per hit dice of the Deity, and blind foes that fail a Fortitude save. Unlike the Divine Effect, this ability does not destroy magic barriers. As the Deity grows in power, so to does the power of the Effect grow. Sidereals deal d20s, Eternals deal d100s, Time Lords and above deal d1000s I think the up-bracketing power is a little much. For Divine Effect, you have to take Cosmic Effect (or six purchases of Divine Effe...

Wednesday, 25th December, 2013

  • 11:48 PM - Upper_Krust quoted Beefermatic in post Enemies, Allies, and Ideas for Sidereals, Eternals, and above
    So, I'm currently running a High Cosmic campaign, and I've made quite a few ideas to add depth and flavor to my multiverse. In addition to demiurges, nehaschemic dragons, and anomalies for my PCs to fight, I've also made many mortal factions with mechs and ships, both good and evil, and I made extremely advanced beings using the "spiritual growth" table on page 17 of Ascension, I call Hyperboreans. I also have some new ideas for distance and a few interesting limiting factors for the Pleroma to add a bit of challenge. I'll start with that, then give a couple of stat blocks for a spaceship, and a hyperborean. It's been theorized that the distance of the universe is somewhere in the neighborhood of 46 billion lightyears in radius, round that up to 50 billion lightyears in radius, and that is how far I allow things like Omnipresent or Cosmic Conciousness to work. It's also how far I allow a being's actual total reach to not exceed. I do, however, allow beings to see further than this, but in mo...
  • 11:40 PM - Upper_Krust quoted Beefermatic in post new armor special abilities
    I entirely agree with you and have done something similar in my campaign. I advance energy types by simply making them equivalent to the cosmic/ transcendent/ etc abilities but firy for example versions of it. Physics wise, they still act like whatever their parent element is, for example, cosmic fire would not destroy magic barriers like divine energy does, however you could set someone on Cosmic fire, and they'd take d20s of damage, all considered divine, but it would effect vulnerabilities the same as it's parent element, but encounter none of the drawbacks of elemental damage. (Cosmic Fire would still deal double damage to a Cold Subtype creature as if it were standard fire, however fire subtypes would receive no such immunity, nor would hardness effect the damage at all.) You can see the elegance and beauty of the different strata in action right there. Very easy to upscale.

Monday, 16th December, 2013

  • 02:14 AM - Khisanth the Ancient quoted Beefermatic in post Reworked melee Damage for divine beings, Siderials, Demiurges, Time Lords
    1000d1000 isn't much by itself, but think: if someone literally only had Unearthly Weapon Focus, Inner Eye, and Perfect Three Weapon Fighting. They'd be able to legit deal 600,000d1000 damage with a full attack. That's 600,000,000 damage, and that's with close to no work. Ah, well, clearly you know the really high end Ascension abilities better than me. Also, I allow things besides Virtual Size Categories to still affect damage dice multipliers. For example, if someone was to take Unearthly Weapon Specialization and they had no other modifiers, they'd deal 1000d1000 x2 (for it's crit multiplier) with a basic punch. Couple that with Perfect Critical Multiplier, and you're dealing x6 with a basic punch. OK, that does make it quite a bit stronger. and it makes it so some other Time Lord who spec'ed different won't utterly blow at melee. I mean they're still a freaking Time Lord. They should do more than 20d10 with a punch... A very good point.

Thursday, 3rd October, 2013

  • 10:51 PM - Upper_Krust quoted Beefermatic in post Here's to the Immortal's Handbook!
    I actually have a lvl 240 caster type who is in the process of trying to become a Demiurge and eventually a Time Lord. I've been running this same campaign for about 3 years now and it's such a surreal thing watching a character develop so much. It's awesome. Regardless of what happens with the Immortals Handbook, or if it goes to 4th ed or never goes anywhere, it is still by far the most complete, and most interesting gaming system I've ever played. I'm continuing to use my IH stuff to this day and use it as my go-to source of higher plane/ epic level campaign stuff. Thanks amigo! :) Its words like this that made all the hard effort worthwhile. I'm sorry I wasn't more productive and so forth but at least I managed to brighten up a few games along the way. ;)

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