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Friday, 24th November, 2017

  • 04:33 AM - Beefermatic quoted jboud045 in post The pinnacle of hubris! I present to you Thychen, the Supreme Being
    So even Thychen could not do anything against the use of a chaos word unless he had the counter? Their is more than one Supreme Beings in the Akashic Library? I thought one library = one supreme being that oversees his multiverse/omniverse. But multiple libraries do exist each with their own multiverse/omniverse and supreme being and they are connected through an even higher realm. Technically yes. Though Thychen has prowess and understanding of the Akashic beyond all other beings in creation, so no other being, from any universe -he- created, could hope to beat him with Words of Chaos though yes he is just as subject as any other being, he isnt the first nor the creator of the Library, just the current driving force that proved itself worthy to see. Hence he keeps Akashic Time for himself, allowing him to circumvent any real threats as no being in the Kosmos, can undermine him.

Thursday, 23rd November, 2017

  • 08:03 PM - Beefermatic quoted jboud045 in post The pinnacle of hubris! I present to you Thychen, the Supreme Being
    Glad your back. The Void Lords are very interesting. I’ve been wondering what you see as the big difference for the “Words of Chaos” and “Alter Creation” abilities are, since it appears that you can do anything with either one, doesn’t that make the other redundant? No. The Chaos Words are absolute but limited and a Void Lord can only hold 5. Alter Creation can be used in any way the Void Lord sees fit, however, Alter creation is still far inferior to the Chaos Writing. The Supreme Being is one of many Supreme Beings but there is only One Akashic Library. Alter Creation would literally be unable to affect a Chaos Word made manifest. If Riem used his Chaos Words for manifesting darkness, even if a Void Lord appeared and didn't have the word to counter it, he could do nothing against that affect directly. He could counter any other non Akashic ability with Alter Creation within reason relatively easily however.

Monday, 17th April, 2017

  • 01:51 AM - Khisanth the Ancient quoted jboud045 in post Divine ranks of various fictional entities
    Q (Star Trek) Their personal-scale weapons cause supernovas, so probably not below First Ones. Their whole civilization would IMO equate to Demiurge stage III or Time Lord-level power, given near-total control of that universe/multiverse. They might be low-Demiurge levels as individuals if they aren't very numerous. The Xeelee (Xeelee Sequence) I don't know what they are like "innately", but with all their technology available, I'd consider them to be low Sidereal level, or high Immortal level with Cosmic esoterics, individually. Their tech is based on spacetime/gravity manipulation, which in IH terms suggests Cosmic abilities. As a civilization, they control ~10% of the Universe.

Wednesday, 25th January, 2017

  • 10:54 PM - Beefermatic quoted jboud045 in post The pinnacle of hubris! I present to you Thychen, the Supreme Being
    Under Omnific Traits it says the following: The 12 fundamental forces of the Kosmos He is associated with apply to AC, Attack rolls, All Checks, DCs, Initiative, Saves, and Spell resistance I have two questions about this. What are the 12 fundamental forces? Are the forces applied to his stats as indicated, since I can't really see it listed, or since these stats are all infinite anyway you just didn't indicate it. Indeed, I didn't list it due to redundancy, thought this might be somewhat confusing. So on my "Insanely High Powered Entities" thread, I outline the fundamental forces of my Omniverse. I'll repost here: Second to last post, Thychen has 12 whole Omniverses that he created and destroyed, each a true infinity unto itself, thusly for each existence created, Thychen has another 'layer' so to speak. 12 layers, so 12 forces. Each of the Akashic Aspects rep...

Wednesday, 28th December, 2016

  • 03:29 PM - Beefermatic quoted jboud045 in post Enemies, Allies, and Ideas for Sidereals, Eternals, and above
    Would love to see stats for any other ships, technology or beings you created for this campaign. Also do you have more info on the factions you mentioned, such as numbers of people, planets, military strength, things like that. Indeed, many times I create a framework and a concept that can use later on in a myriad of campaigns. That said, the Terrans, Lumanians, Star Demons, Anyothens which aren't posted here and Spraug have been used extensively, I'll give you some of the specs that been used in previous campaigns but hope you'll make your own stories based on your own interpretation and maybe one day share them on here. B)
  • 03:19 PM - Beefermatic quoted jboud045 in post Insanely high powered entities from my storyline/ Gods and Monsters update
    Are you planning on posting stats for Ko, Kassen and Thychen, I would be interested in seeing those. Absolutely, those beings are difficult to stat out just due to the sheer enormity of HD abilities and capabilities such beings possess. But yes I am going to post Thychen, Sercasembra, Ko, Kassen, Solarius and the former Supreme Being turned Omega, The Fractal God. They just take time, but after I stat out the Fractal God I'll stat out one of the others for you and everyone else. :)

Friday, 2nd December, 2016

  • 11:05 PM - Beefermatic quoted jboud045 in post Insanely high powered entities from my storyline/ Gods and Monsters update
    Question what stage high lord is Thychen? So Thychen is a Stage 36 Highlord currently, he grows in power each time he dissolves the current existential epoch adding the number of existences he has previously created to his Status. Currently my campaign is taking place in the 8th of twelve existences, so thusly 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8= 36 but if one leaves the Pleroma that is the universe of universes the multiverse if you will, and gets through Kuvatchim, the diamond realm of infinity at heart of the Pleroma and reaches the seat of Power, the point in which all experiences filter and are stored, the Akashic Library, Aravoth, one would encounter Thychen's true form which is the combined power of all 12 existences combined and is a Stage 78 Highlord. His Three forms are Thychen, his form who rules over Pleromic Space and all universes and timelines, The Cosmic King who rules over all existence and is the one who turns the mighty Keys of Creation setting the very parameters of our multiverse, and The M...
  • 10:29 PM - Beefermatic quoted jboud045 in post Insanely high powered entities from my storyline/ Gods and Monsters update
    You mention that each word of chaos is a Metempiric Ability, so Riem's got 5 words, that's equivalent to 6480 divine abilities, how does he get that many divine abilities. Oy Jboud! So two things, 1 go to Ascension Pg. 26 it outlines Divine Artifacts. Each Divine Being gains 4 artifacts, by liquidating artifact slots a Diety can gain extra divine abilities, it's a permanent exchange so if a God of Monsters for example has 0 artifact slots it would instead gain 5 Divine abilities per divine rank, extrapolate that to Highlord Stage 5, a being of 1000 Divine Rank I believe, and then add feats which I use Pathfinder rules so 1 feat every other level, which 6 feats can be exchanged for 1 divine ability, and also take into consideration that being an aspect is far more powerful than being a standard Highlord, they are Highlords granted power by Thychen himself, so their powers tend to be more powerful by proxy. It's been a while since I made Riem, but I believe his Words of Chaos are free abilities...

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