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    Wednesday, 28th November, 2018, 09:54 PM
    Lost Riders are Dethklok? Mind = blown, I want to skip forward 2 adventures solely for this.
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    Sunday, 25th November, 2018, 11:15 AM
    Oops, terribly sorry, confused you with another DM here. There seems to be a surge in 4e popularity recently :D Mooks have Str-Dex-Con around 12-16 actually, best I can see is Dex 20, which can patch Reflex save of Wis/Cha based character, but not by much. But seriously, hijacking even a body of random hired gun seems like a thing that would raise a lot of eyebrows in RHC HQ and, probably,...
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    Sunday, 25th November, 2018, 04:15 AM
    Honestly, I fail to see any suitable "bad guys to kill", which may interest PCs from the stat point and do not come with significant complications. Glancing through adventures 7-9: frost giants (Str 24, low Dex-Con) - problematic from the public viepoint, snow giant in RHC, hard to conceal Catarina Romana (Dex 19, not much) - actually may be interesting from story perspective, and gives...
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    Saturday, 24th November, 2018, 05:02 PM
    Rules of magic are changed after adventure 9. If you see that your players are abusing this ritual, you can break it after that point. I guess the morality is supposed to be the greatest block here
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    Tuesday, 20th November, 2018, 01:36 AM
    From what you're saying I strongly recommend you to run Asrabey Varal at the end of Adventure 1 as lvl2 solo instead of lvl19 soldier. Otherwise your party may make a conclusion that they're supposed to minmax themselves into fighting enemies 18 levels ahead... Note that while regular damage output of most enemies is within 4e math, some environmental hazards can easily one-shot PCs. E.g:...
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    Monday, 19th November, 2018, 11:58 AM
    I feel you. Some general advice on running ZG in 4e (I'm currently on adventure 8): there is a danger of "5-minute day" in many of the adventures; beware of players going nova every other combat and totally obliterating the opposition, if they pay attention to min-maxing. Artificier by himself may not be a good leader, but in ZG it shines by allowing to redistribute healing surges within the...
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    Sunday, 18th November, 2018, 07:10 PM
    It is an open-ended item. I made it a seed of Gidim Hivemind, lost in Lanjyr before the Axis seal closed. Consider it a plot McGuffin for an unnamed plot, I don't think you have to focus on such minute details.
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    Sunday, 18th November, 2018, 07:04 PM
    If your party is seeking ways of long-distance communication, look at sending stones. Lvl 11, 9k gold +4.5k per additional stone after initial pair, and can relay messages across the world. I think dublicants are much more expensive
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Wednesday, 22nd March, 2017

  • 05:39 PM - gideonpepys mentioned hirou in post Cypher Zeitgeist
    I finally got the chance to respond a bit more fully to a question asked by hirou in another thread, which I had been meaning to talk a bit more about in this thread anyway. A disclaimer before I start: I very much enjoyed 4E, as did most of my players. But having left it behind I was in no hurry to return. However, I was in a hurry to return to Zeitgeist having realised that no other setting was scratching my itch in quite the same way. In the end it took just two or three weeks from inception to gameplay, which says a lot about why it has been a successful switch! We put most of our efforts into converting the characters; I put hardly any into converting the adventures. 4E provides such user-friendly power descriptions, I can assign a level to an NPC and mine their 4E stat block for powers on the fly. For characters, I decided to bend a rules a lot to recreate the flavour and feel of each unit member, and not fret about adhering to the Cypher System rules too closely. One major change was to give each character two foci (primary and secondary), which ...

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Friday, 9th November, 2018

  • 07:18 PM - gideonpepys quoted hirou in post Status of 5e Zeitgeist
    This makes me wonder - what is the IRL longest ZG campaign here? I sometimes stumble upon my own notes about starting this campaign back in 2014, that was... so long ago. We started in July 2011. Canít claim the full seven years as we had a three-year break. But in 2011 I wasnít married and didnít have two kids so it feels like another lifetime entirely.

Saturday, 13th October, 2018

  • 08:03 PM - Tizbiz quoted hirou in post Reoccuring Vilians ?
    I had to significantly shorten adventure 7, basically cutting straight through to the convocation. Leone was also killed in Cauldron-born in my campaign (and then resurrected as a thrall to Voice of Rot, but that's another story), so I fully replaced him with Ottavia Sacredote (new PC), which parted with the party on friendly terms in adventure 4. Worked as a charm, and now Ottavia's presence give some new flavours to Diaspora... My players also parted on friendly terms with Ottavia. They even managed to show her some of the negative sides of the Ob's. I might use her as an additional information source .... Maybe she got some insight about someone gathering wonderous artefacts that could aid resurrection. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Wednesday, 19th September, 2018

  • 07:40 PM - gideonpepys quoted hirou in post The Dying Skyseer: Cracked Cauldron
    I don't have all the files with me right now, but in 4e it allows to "prime" any ritual: you spend all components, store it in the cauldron and then can cast it as a standard action at any time. From my experience it is incredibly strong, possibly game-breaking, as many rituals allow to bypass challenges later on. My players were so aversed to the downside, they left it at home. (The downside is you have to carry the handle to activate the primed ritual, and all small creatures become hostile towards you - hissing and screeching and carrying on. So no stealth for you!) But they used it once or twice to teleport out of places.

Friday, 14th September, 2018

  • 01:30 PM - Frankie1969 quoted hirou in post Any issues with rearranging these ZG chapters?
    Also I think Borne only properly enters the city (the true dead magic zone) when Arc of Reida starts to partially restore it to its former glory, i.e. to the time of magic functioning properly, but this may be head canon. Sort of. The book says Borne crosses over after the party reaches the tower, but he starts on the other side of the river, way outside the Arc's field.

Thursday, 24th May, 2018

  • 06:49 AM - Tizbiz quoted hirou in post Starting Adventure Six Questions (possible Spoilers)
    Tell me more about high Perception, my eladrin artificer has passive Perception/Insight of 42 at level 13. If you're looking for Ob officers, check the roster at adventure 7, personally I'd try to introduce Vicemi Terio. An interesting tidbit of information is that he's Risuri in origin, kinda continuing the line of McBennin and Saxby, and being a ghost with at-will invisibility gives him a lot of opportunities to talk with Lya's bodyguards undetected (he can literally never show himself through this whole adventure, which will help to prepare dramatic reveal of his appearance in adventure 7). Yes, thats about the same perception my player has and he has this anoying scent ability an top of that.:.-( Thats a sweet idea. I will look Vimentio up. Thanks a lot.

Friday, 18th May, 2018

  • 05:42 AM - Tizbiz quoted hirou in post Starting Adventure Six Questions (possible Spoilers)
    She's a minister of foreign affairs of Danor (Minister of Outsiders, I think it's called) and niece of Han Jierre. When your uncle and Sovereign of Danor commands you to jump, you jump, then you may ask some questions. If you want Lya with some genuine interest in Tinker, look at her this way: a mad gnome, whose genius helped to build undoubtedly the greatest weapon in Lanjyr, in service of so-called civilized minotaur is one thing. Mad genius in service of freaking steel dragon? This is a perfectly justified case of "shoot first, ask questions later". Yes, you have a point there. If she was really just told to get that gnome by her uncle, that would make sense. Danor could even pretend to want him for questioning because Borne was a threat to the peace conference. She could even tell the party that she suspects that her uncle is pressured by the OB to destroy evidence or that she wants Tinker to find more about what they really did under the hill. That could even win the players over, if ...

Thursday, 17th May, 2018

  • 04:39 PM - Tizbiz quoted hirou in post Starting Adventure Six Questions (possible Spoilers)
    As party was neither willing to start the fight (Lya was never openly hostile to them and shared their slight disgust with Bruse and his games) nor wanted to raise the stakes and enter direct hostilities with Ber's military, Lya "won" and managed to kill Tinker. The party suspected that Harkover was a dragon all along since at least adventure 3, I think (trope awareness is strong with these ones), so I didn't particularly strive to keep it secret. I know that Lya is the traveling politician negociating with other countries. She will tell the Bruse, that Danor wants to "buy" Tinker Oddcog because he is a marvel technologist. But what is Lyaīs real motivation? She is head of golden cell and at this stage probably does not know of the grand plan. What have they told her to motivate her? Lya must have a reason why she needs Tinker Oddcog alive and even more a reason why she would kill him. That is the part i can not yet understand and i know my players will have the same question. I made th...

Tuesday, 15th May, 2018

  • 04:07 AM - Tizbiz quoted hirou in post Starting Adventure Six Questions (possible Spoilers)
    Partial answers: 2. In my campaign the battle in the volcano lair never took place, replaced by a very lengthy diplomatic three-way negotiations. Hence, Teraklir is still alive. In case of her death, Pemberton never really forgives the party, but his plans can stretch through centuries, so he can wait a year or two before striking them in the back (saving the world in the meantime). Interesting. I hope i can incite my party to negotiate as well. Who were the three parties in your case? What did Teraklir reveal and what did they settle for as their solution? I would try to avoid revealing to the public that the dragons of old are still alive though. Thank you for your insight.

Tuesday, 27th March, 2018

  • 08:12 AM - Karma Kollapse quoted hirou in post [ZEITGEIST] Ekossigan, Adventure #5 and dark stuff in Zeitgeist (Spoilers. Obviously)
    Thanks for the replies! The thing is - and this is my hot take of the thread reading it only half way through, not having actually GMed it - I feel like the fact that Ekossigan is able to do something this evil is half the point. The Cloudwood has lost most of its police force, so everything that is happening is a direct result of the chaos that the Obscuriti are (unintentionally) inflicting on the world. Add some really nasty witchy panic to the townspeople and I think it makes for an interesting scenario to parallel with the terrorism and gang war. Toning down Ekossigan himself (making his targets adults or even in-mates) makes the plot less compelling, and I feel it'd be easier just to take it out and give the other two threads more focus. I'd rather not put in lots of work to make a less interesting version of the sub-plot. Asrabey can just show up unannounced later (I can't recall whether there's anything he needs to know or do beforehand). That's if the players veto the idea of r...

Monday, 13th November, 2017

  • 09:29 AM - Jhaelen quoted hirou in post Sell Me On WotBS / Zeitgeist
    I was thinking about converting the campaign to inherent bonuses rules, but that actually leaves even more spare gold to use on low-level useful items.Well, inherent bonuses have been introduced in the Dark Sun setting for a reason: There's a basic assumption that magic items are rare and treasure sparse. Apart from potions (or 'magic fruits' to stay within the setting), you probably will not find any maigc items for sale. There's also a higher percentage of combats against 'beasts' that don't carry treasure. So, I guess, to make best use of the inherent bonus rules, you should consider adjusting the amount of treasure, as well. I don't recall if the Dark Sun books had any guidelines for this, though. P.S.: Your remark about having several implements ready to choose from again reminded me of 3e: I recall having a golf caddy of different weapons available to deal with all kinds of monsters and their damage resistances: Basically, you needed weapons made from silver, cold-iron, and adama...

Friday, 10th November, 2017

  • 09:23 PM - D'karr quoted hirou in post Magic Items are a character build resource
    For the reference, in Zeitgeist PCs are provided with government-funded "stipend", which they can use to requisition magic items (they're supposed to hand in all the loot they obtain during the adventure as soon as it's not immediately needed, i.e. between adventures). There's a loose system to prevent frequent requisitions of rare items, but it's another topic to discuss. In all versions of D&D magic items have been a given default, and the default world is always high magic. The Christmas Tree Effect has been in place from the beginning, and I first encountered it in a home game circa 1983. As the editions moved forward there was no stopping this effect because the same paradigm was being applied in every edition. Magic Items were necessary to combat certain monsters, and more powerful magic items were needed as you leveled. And Magic Items are cool, so everyone wants to have more of them. In 3.x magic items became an absolute necessity with advancement because without them the c...

Wednesday, 8th November, 2017

  • 07:17 PM - Tequila Sunrise quoted hirou in post Sell Me On WotBS / Zeitgeist
    My 50 cents: promise of playing Zeitgeist was enough to bring back my gaming group after 18 months of hiatus. In total, we've been playing it for the last 3 years, I think, and managed to conquer the third of the whole AP (we're kinda slow, that's not the problem of the campaign :) ). Sweet, I am so jealous! 4e does have its fair share of problems, I must admit. If you end up running the campaign, do pay attention to firearms rules of the campaign, especially grenades, and think in advance how they would interact with multi-target powers, for example. ZG sidesteps the grind of exp/loot with story-driven level progression and magic item/favor requisition system, which is basically unmasked "player wishlists", a necessary evil of the system. Once again, be wary that favor/Prestige/requisition system can be easily broken with Diplomacy optimization, but it's largely dependent on your players and their goodwill to the system/DM, and not on the AP itself. Thanks, you're the second person...

Thursday, 5th October, 2017

  • 06:47 AM - gideonpepys quoted hirou in post Question about starting Zeitgeist
    In lieu of my own thread (which I should probably make after all), I'd like to use this one to share my joy of restarting my Zeitgeist campaign, year-and-a-half in hiatus. Welcome back! Gotta love a reboot. We have our old party back, new player and new co-DM, eager to bring some new spark into sixth adventure where we left our heroes (personally and with no offence meant I consider "Revelations" the weakest link of the whole campaign, and perhaps that opinion was the main reason behind the whole hiatus). That was my initial reaction to Revelations, but in the end I really enjoyed running it. I think it makes a great, comedic counterpoint to the oppressive high stakes of Cauldron Born. Also, it's fun for the players to really let rip in a foreign land, without having to sneak around or investigate a complex mystery. Trump had just taken office when our campaign restarted, and I made him a model for the Bruse. ("We have the best railroads...") My initial plan was to blow h...

Saturday, 8th April, 2017

  • 03:46 PM - gideonpepys quoted hirou in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    I'm pretty sure they belong to Glaucia, it's literally her broken chains. That's what I thought. Not much chance of getting them, then, unless she gives them away. Version of Mr. Lee from "Bonds of forced faith" has a contingency ritual, which would "teleport his body to a hidden lair, where his minions would revive him" in case of mortal body injury, whatever you make of it. Okay. Thanks. Still... I think her suicide was removed from compilation version, because SECOND suicide (after McBannin) in RHC's holding cells seemed unlikely. Doh! If we get to that point, I might just use her anyway and give XP to any player who remembers she's supposed to be dead. While we're on the subject, Bruse Shantus is involved in a major encounter too. Surely there's a pretty high chance he's beef paste after adventure #6?

Friday, 24th March, 2017

  • 06:33 PM - gideonpepys quoted hirou in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    Continuing the theme, would you mind sharing a single converted character? Just to see what is Cypher's analogue to early-paragon tier character in your opinion. Particulary relevant to me, because my own campaign stopped at exactly the same moment (and I'll probably show this character conversion to my players). Certainly, and with pleasure: Attached you will find Rumdoom at Level 12 (4th edition) and Rumdoom at tier 3 (Cypher System). In both cases, rather large liberties were taken to create the character we wanted. The Cypher Sheet is from the Numenera Character Portfolio because it's big enough to fit all the info so we don't have to look it up. We just ignore all the extra pages (and the word 'cyphers' at the top of page 3). Our experience has been that melee/combat-oriented characters were the easiest to recreate. So Uru, Rumdoom, Matunaaga and Conquo were a cinch (with some tweaks and extra foci). But magic-using characters were tougher. That only applied to Leon (a fey warlo...

Tuesday, 21st March, 2017

  • 12:16 AM - gideonpepys quoted hirou in post Railroad Challenge
    IMHO Lya's attitude should mirror your own point of view on this challenge. If you're bored with it, she should be as well. She will feign some activity, her subordinates will sabotage PCs, but she'll be planning from the beginning to capture Oddcog at his presentation to the party (i.e. with some elaborate plan involving lots of smoke grenades, roughly done illusionary Oddcog double made from his blood pact with Obscurati and Ob's knowhow on instant teleportation to Bleak Gate; you don't actually have to invent this plan, because it won't be needed with Oddcog being a replicant) Not 'bored' exactly, just a bit nonplused. But I like your suggestion. Lya will leave the shenanigans up to Rush, I think. None of them will push the railroad building too fast, but the extra money should get them up to two miles a day, would that be about right?

Monday, 20th March, 2017

  • 07:04 PM - gideonpepys quoted hirou in post How can I make Zeitgeist lighter / faster?
    If I may hijack this thread for a specific question... My own campaing is in ongoing two-year break, partly due to the same problem of 4e being quite slow, especially in complex battle encounters. I glanced through Cypher System and I'm liking what I see, but how do you enforce the limit on a number of cyphers players can carry? Inability to carry more than two potions at a time seems quite counter-intuitive, especially when there's no hard limit on a number of magic items as whole. This will take a longer answer than I have time for right now, and I was thinking about adding some comments about this to our campaign thread anyway, so rather than hijacking this one, that's what I'll do: some observations on transferring to the Cypher System to follow (as soon as I am able) in the Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co...

Friday, 7th October, 2016

  • 01:18 AM - SanjMerchant quoted hirou in post Weakened Avilona: Why? [contains spoilers, nuts]
    I'm on vacation, on the way to the airport. Let me get to wi-fi, and I'll see if I can fix this. You win major props for taking time out of your vacation to fix stuff like this. BTW, just to completely derail this topic: anyone has some canon or fanon reason for Green Knight of Risur to be absent during Adventure 1 of Zeitgeist? That's pretty careless for the appointed king's bodyguard. My fanon is that, as a Cavalier, she's best at mounted combat and leading groups: the former is useless on a boat and the latter is only useful if the boat is boarded and is something the captain of the Coaltongue can handle. (I think, I can't remember the character's name, which makes looking up stats harder.) If a simple shakedown cruise somehow gets so dire that neither the ship's weaponry nor the ship's crew can handle it, then King Aodhan is far safer with a Wizard who can teleport him out of dodge than a knight who can just... command the ship to sink faster? I'd headcanon that she is in Flint o...

Thursday, 6th October, 2016

  • 05:30 PM - Samuel Cole quoted hirou in post Weakened Avilona: Why? [contains spoilers, nuts]
    I've just received a notification about PF version being added, it's in my subscription. 4E compilation AFAIK is not ready yet. I got the notification, too! Major props to RangerWickett for fixing that while on vacation, even if it wasn't exactly what I needed. :)

Saturday, 5th March, 2016

  • 11:28 AM - Morrus quoted hirou in post [WOIN] Future Core is very imminent...
    That's my first impression, NEW seems pretty easy for conversions. Still, plot hooks help... Actually, the strangest question, where can I find that WOIN conversion for Santiago#1? I have it downloaded on my iPad since ???, but I can't find it on the official site or at the forums. Was it in some e-mail to kickstarter backers?.. EDIT: the search field cooperated, so now I have this link but it's unavailable for me... Am I actually authorized for that section of forums? I'm "electric boogaloo"-level supporter, you should be able to verify it via my e-mail (?). The playtest stuff is all long gone now. It's all outdated, and it seemed to be confusing people who were asking questions about playtest rules rather than the actual books.

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