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Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

  • 09:47 AM - MechaPilot mentioned cmad1977 in post "How do I beat the Matt Mercer effect?"
    I've recently gotten into watching the first Critical Role campaign. Mostly, I have it on as background while I work on my own D&D stuff. It's sort of like mood music in that regard. I also agree with 5ekyu & cmad1977 in that it's kind of like listening to a radio play. I don't see how this is any different from getting a player who has only ever had one DM before YOU. And unlike that situation, you have the benefit (if you want) of knowing exactly how this other DM does the job. It has a lot of similarities, but Critical Role has a much large audience than one player's former DM. That popularity gives it a kind of implied authority that goes beyond "the one guy who introduced me to the game did it this way." As with all social issues in RPGs, COMMUNICATION is key. Very true. See, I don't get this. Do people really evaluate other roleplayers based on their acting ability? Unfortunately, yes, it's a thing I've seen before. Fortunately, I haven't seen it often; making me inclined to think it's a rare behavior. But then, I only have experience with a little more than handful of different DMs, a couple of whom I've trained. So, I might be wrong about its rarity. ...

Thursday, 1st November, 2018

  • 04:46 PM - Sadras mentioned cmad1977 in post 5E's "Missed Opportunities?"
    Why is it necessary for this prep tool to be official WotC content? I guess because magical items are a little more complex and sensitive within the fantasy world than many of the other tabled-information that has already been provided. Now if you recall earlier you and me discussed the missed opportunities regarding monster design. Now monster design is not an issue for me at all, in a similar way to how @cmad1977 deals with magical items, whereas for you, you want more details/advice behind monster design. So what I'm saying is, whatever reason I give you - it can be argued along the lines of subjectivity. We all have our areas where we would prefer the designers to concentrate more - whether it be increased modular options, feats, spells, monsters, magical items, encounter design, rests etc.

Monday, 23rd October, 2017

  • 10:13 PM - lowkey13 mentioned cmad1977 in post Thoughts on this article about Black Culture & the D&D team dropping the ball?
    ...tate, and local law is not necessarily a human resources issue; I understand your confusion with the initial reference to "hostile work environment," but this would be just as applicable to someone claiming that the machines seemed too pointy (OSHA) or that sensors were miscalibrated (federal and state environmental). Now you seem to have some bizarre notion that this has to be a "product or process issue." Which has nothing to do with the OP, but again is completely wrong. If an employee tells the employer, "Line 20 is 20% slower than the rest," does the employer say, "Dude. You didn't give me a solution. So that doesn't count. Suck it up, whiny buttercup, because I don't care about my profits. I only care about DeJoker's theoretical rules on the internet for what employers care about!" My practical experience tells me ... no. But moving on, you clearly have a need to highjack this thread and throw aspersions around. Seriously- look at the last 20 comments. I fully agree with what cmad1977 and @robus wrote, and they did so succinctly. Put another way, either everyone but you is missing the point, or you are. And given that I know the rest of these people (even though we often disagree on other issues), I am comfortable that I am not the one misreading this situation. The first rule of holes is to stop digging; we all get a little intemperate at times. I would really suggest looking at your posts and deciding if you want to be that guy. This is a forum about having fun with D&D; try and have fun.
  • 09:15 PM - DeJoker mentioned cmad1977 in post Thoughts on this article about Black Culture & the D&D team dropping the ball?
    @cmad1977 and @robus LOMFAO yes your hypocrisy is noted and that is what many folks seem to feel about straight forward blunt truth -- oh how insensitive that was -- I was not attempting to write a sensitive piece I was simply pointing out the over looked facts that the "overly sensitive out pourings" of the original author seemed to have not covered in their so heart felt dismissal of all those other folks. If he had not wanted a response he most likely would not have personally and condescendingly pointed me to it as the possible post the original individual had told me to go look at -- a fact that he could not say was even true making the condescending nature of his post that much worse which kind of explains why he so easily dismissed those others. Further no one seems to even care that the overly sensitive post was actually very insensitive as well -- must have simply had better window dressing. *shrug* Now seriously if I made a wrong statement by all means please point it out using tru...

Sunday, 5th February, 2017

  • 08:15 PM - Quickleaf mentioned cmad1977 in post First time making a "serious" dungeon! How do you do it?
    cmad1977 Yep, I've been absorbing his articles on megadungeons. Branching paths w/ meaningful choices, circular routes, gating/blocking (when at a branching path only), previews, one-way passages, and shortcuts are all on my checklist. Cross-posted this question, and was encouraged to answer 5 basic questions about air/sleep/food/drink/egress... How do they breathe? Most are resistant to fire damage which helps with breathing excessively hot air in places. Otherwise, there's ventilation thanks to a few shafts/lava tubes leading to the caldera's surface. Overlooks and "screen" doors (mashrabiya / jalis) let in airflow as well. Where do they sleep? They sleep in areas away from the hazardous fumaroles, in quarters (for mages and priests) or barracks (for mamluks and holy slayers). What do they eat? Precious little game lives in the Great Anvil, the most inhospitable desert in the land, however the Brotherhood do harvest scorpions and beetles, and hunt fire lizards, giant m...

Thursday, 15th December, 2016

  • 06:10 PM - ccs mentioned cmad1977 in post Why can’t I find anything wrong with 5e?
    Another problem is that 4d6-L doesn't work, especially with feats. Getting an ASI is great, unless you have already maxed out your stats. It stifles character progression. Rolling for hit points can also be disastrous because of how important HP are in the balance of the game. The good news is that there are rules for both point buy and taking a fixed amount of HP. So it's a minor problem. It's fun to have randomness in character creation, but the default rules don't work well. These things are options, not problems. If these particular options don't work for you? Then use the alternate systems the designers were thoughtful enough to include..... See also cmad1977 comment about not blaming the system when the problem is the DM/player.

Saturday, 10th December, 2016

  • 08:46 PM - Satyrn mentioned cmad1977 in post Your Biggest Gaming Pet Peeve
    Player: "I want to open the door." DM: "It's stuck. Roll athletics." Player: "I rolled a 2, but I'm super strong so the result is 9." DM: "You give it a mighty shove, but it's stuck tight. A couple heavy shoves later the door opens but your shoulder's sporting a nasty bruise. Take 1d6 bludgeoning damage." The trick I find is to ensure failure is as interesting as success, but at a price: hp, time, disadvantage in the future or rewards. This is an example of why @iserith suggests clarifying with tbe player what the character is actually doing to open the door, though. If the player was picturing his character kicking in the door like @cmad1977 was above, then describing that damage as going to the shoulder could be irritating. Maybe not, though, of course. A flexible player would probably just roll with it, but still, why not make sure everyone is on the same page to start? But yeah, what you say is good, is what I aim for.

Monday, 26th September, 2016

Friday, 30th October, 2015

  • 09:13 PM - El Mahdi mentioned cmad1977 in post Warlord Name Poll
    ...ble) Sherriff (too noble, too law enforcement) Impetro/Impetrus (too authoritative – Imperial) Adjunct (too subordinate, too Star Trek Borg - Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One) Prolucutor (the Pro- makes it too authoritative, sounds like the person is a professional talker, and is just too hard to say) Warden (too Ranger) Leader(zzzzzzzzzz…) @3e4ever ; @77IM @Aaron Of Barbaria; @AbdulAlhazred ; @admcewen ; @Aenghus ; @Ahrimon ; @Ainulindalion ; @airwalkrr; @Aldarc ; @akr71 ; @AmerginLiath ; @Andor ; @AntiStateQuixote ; @aramis erak; @Aribar ; @Arnwolf ; @Ashkelon ; @Ashrym ; @Athinar ; @AtomicPope ; @Azurewraith; @Azzy ; @Bawylie ; @bedir than ; @Bedrockgames ; @bert1000 ; @billd91 ; @Blackbrrd; @Blackwarder ; @Blue ; @Bluenose ; @brehobit ; @BryonD ; @Bupp ; @Campbell ; @CapnZapp; @CaptainConundrum ; @CaptainGemini ; @Carlsen Chris ; @casterblaster ; @CasvalRemDeikun; @cbwjm ; @ccooke ; @Celebrim ; @Celondon @ChameleonX ; @Charles Wright ; ChrisCarlson; @CM ; @cmad1977 ; @costermonger ; @Creamsteak ; @Crothian ; @Cybit ; @Dausuul; @Dayte ; @dd.stevenson ; @DEFCON 1 ; @Delazar ; @DersitePhantom ; @Diffan ; @discosoc; @D'karr ; @Doc Klueless ; @doctorbadwolf ; @DonAdam ; @Dragoslav ; @Duganson; @EdL ; @EditorBFG ; @Edwin Suijkerbuijk ; @Eejit ; @ehren37 ; @Elfcrusher ; @El Mahdi ; @epithet; @erf_beto ; @Eric V ; @eryndel ; @Evenglare ; @ExploderWizard ; @EzekielRaiden; @Fedge123 ; @fendak ; @FireLance ; @Fishing_Minigame ; @Flamestrike ; @FLexor the Mighty! ; @Forged Fury ; @Fragsie ; @Fralex ; @FreeTheSlaves ; @froth ; @Gadget; @Galendril ; @GameOgre ; @Garthanos ; @Ghost Matter ; @Giltonio_Santos ; @Gimul; @GMforPowergamers ; @Gnashtooth ; @Green1 ; @GreenKarl ; @Greg K ; @GreyLord; @Grimmjow ; @Grydan ; @GX.Sigma ; @Halivar ; @HEEGZ ; @Hemlock ; @Henry ; @Herobizkit; @Hussar; @IchneumonWasp ; @I'm A Banana ; @Imaro ; @Iosue ; @Irennan ; @JackOfAllTirades; @jacktannery ; @jadrax ; @Jaelommiss ; @JamesTheLion ; @JamesonCourage ; @JasonZZ; @jayoungr ;...

Monday, 10th August, 2015

  • 07:05 PM - DEFCON 1 mentioned cmad1977 in post Move and Attack question
    In this merging of 5E's movement plus a recreation of 4E's flanking bonus... there's two ways I can answer this for myself. One the one hand, I was never so strict on flanking in 4E such that if two people already were flanking a target, a third could come in adjacent to one of the two and also get the flanking bonus. Thus, when you merge in 5E's movement rule, the third person in the OP's question would never need to stand in the same space as one of the two allies anyway to also gain advantage on the roll. Thus, the third character would have Advantage as well. But seeing as how this takes into account my own personal houserule on 4E flanking... if I was to do a stricter ruling on this, I think I'd probably go along with what cmad1977 said above. The third person would technically get Advantage from the flanking... but they'd also be fighting while under the Squeezing Into A Smaller Space situation (since they are sharing a 5' space with another character) and thus have Disadvantage on the attack too. With Advantage and Disadvantage cancelling each other out, the third person would get no bonus on the attack. Thus moving and attacking from the flanking position is unnecessary, and they can instead just move to wherever they were going and attack from there.

Sunday, 24th May, 2015

  • 06:14 AM - Connorsrpg mentioned cmad1977 in post 5 Fighter Archetypes
    cmad1977 Thanks. :) I just wanted to add that I love 5E. As soon as I read the core books I knew it would be much easier to write for and the idea of subclasses is perfect. Unlike 4E where thre was a 'theme' somewhere in the MANY powers, but archetypes rarely evolved as it was just finding the best power, 5E returns to themed choices. I really like how you can write these themes for your game. Obviously for our game we saw some themes/concepts we thought would suit fighters, so that is where we have gone. If others like the more open 5E-styled Battle Master, go with that. My players are free to as well. If they want more focussed concepts, have a look at these archetypes. The good thing about archetypes is they can be ignored ;) They do not change the core game. My unfetterred option does. I guess that is why it is drawing a lot of attention. I know it is seen as powerful, but seriously, a fighter has to invest a fair bit to do this. I have since altered it slightly though; removed sh...

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Thursday, 25th April, 2019

  • 10:04 PM - Mistwell quoted cmad1977 in post Amazon Has A D&D Page
    This edition is dying on the vine unless they release splat books with magic shops and lists of rare weapons and boatloads of feats and new subclasses and new classes. I heard it on this very website not 5 years ago! Oh you can STILL hear it in some places.
  • 02:57 AM - Lalato quoted cmad1977 in post Having Fun with an Alternative Character Creation Method
    My first Traveller character died during creation. It was awesome. The first time your character dies during creation... it's shocking. :) Unfortunately, the system I posted above doesn't have a character death option, but it seems like it would pretty easy to add. Something like... each character starts with X hit points (where X depends on how deadly you want it to be). Then find appropriate entries that have a dangerous component... and add -1/-2 HP to them. Balance that with some entries that might give +1/+2 HP. If your character ever gets to 0 HP during character creation... FINISH HIM!

Monday, 22nd April, 2019

Monday, 15th April, 2019

Friday, 22nd March, 2019

Saturday, 16th March, 2019

Saturday, 9th March, 2019

  • 01:54 AM - epithet quoted cmad1977 in post Dragon Talk Interview with Kate Welch re Ghosts of Saltmarsh
    I’m sensing the anger here isn’t actually about what was said. In the context of several years of taking stories and characters from Greyhawk and transplanting them to the Forgotten Realms, Kate's comment that "The Forgotten Realms is just the most popular setting, and that's all there is to it" was a bit grating. I mean, if the FR is so freakin' wonderful, why not dig up its "vintage" story lines to be revisited, hmm? Clearly, there is more to it, since we've now seen Elemental Evil, Against the Giants, Descent into the Depths & Vault of the Drow, Tomb of Horrors & The Forbidden City, and of course Mordenkainen, all repackaged to be FR compatible. If the FR is so great, why are so many of the 5e storylines coming from Greyhawk? No indeed, that's not all there is to it.

Friday, 8th March, 2019

  • 05:49 PM - Ralif Redhammer quoted cmad1977 in post Deborah Ann Woll's Relics & Rarities Ep #1 Is Now Free
    Doesn't look like it, alas. I find it easier to listen to an episode throughout the week while I'm out and about, rather than sitting down and watching the whole thing in one go. Excited to check this out, nonetheless. I'm glad it's on the shorter side, at two hours, too. Is this in podcast form?

Tuesday, 26th February, 2019

Saturday, 23rd February, 2019

  • 09:00 PM - reelo quoted cmad1977 in post Why do people still play older editions of D&D? Are they superior to the current one?
    IMO: there is no part of the earlier editions that is ‘better’ than what they’ve done with 5e. I wholeheartedly beg to differ, but I don't want to get into "edition-warring". For example, prior to 3E, most (if not all) classes were "front-loaded". The class abilities your class would get were all available from the get-go. At level-up, you just got *better*, but didn't get any *NEW* abilities, other than possibly spells or multiple attacks. Also, skills and feats: their mere existence in the rules enables "builds" and optimization. In editions where they don't exist, everybody can do (or at least attempt to do) everything. It's much more liberating, even to a point where a DM might even NOT ask for resolution with a dice-throw, if the player describes his actions thoroughly. Instead of the player saying "I want to search the room, I have a ...(rolls die) 19" he could say "I probe the underside of the drawers with my hand to see if anything is glued underneath, and I peek behind every paintin...
  • 07:32 PM - FrogReaver quoted cmad1977 in post Swapping Bard for Rogue
    Ugh. Worrying about DPR..... make characters not builds. You’re party is gonna be fine. Solid crew. There's lots of paths to making a character. Sometimes starting with the build first and then tweaking it to suit your particular character is just what the doctor ordered.

Tuesday, 19th February, 2019

  • 06:48 PM - Umbran quoted cmad1977 in post Marvel's Iron Fist Season 2 - Much Better
    As I understand it, Netflix stopped producing the shows mostly because they weren’t doing very well and they lose less money holding onto the rights for a couple years and NOT producing the shows. You understand incorrectly. Yes, the shows were slowly losing audience as the seasons stacked up, but that is true about most shows. Their performance hadn't dropped so low, and they were getting good critical acclaim. If there weren't other things in motion, they'd have continued. The other things in motion are: 1) Disney's own streaming service. Disney is going to pull *ALL* of its other content off Netflix. And, they are aiming to have a solid lineup of their own new Marvel content. So, if Netflix were to continue with the Defenders cluster of shows, every episode would effectively be an advertisement for the content over on Disney's streaming service, instead of keeping them on Netflix. 2) Demographics. If there had been a large number of people who came to Netflix primarily for...
  • 05:13 PM - iserith quoted cmad1977 in post How often do you use the Inspiration rules?
    Also... Crit fails are dumb 100% of the time. The multi-attacking master of blade and bow fumbles his weapon vastly more often than a lowly goblin. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Agreed - I will straight up not join a game that uses them. Sometimes the DM doesn't announce these as house rules before though and they turn up in play which is a critical failure all on its own.

Sunday, 17th February, 2019

  • 06:27 AM - Zardnaar quoted cmad1977 in post How Did I Become a Grognard?
    What do we call people who like 5e over the others but started with the Red Box? NeoNards? Newnards? Nothing you prefer the latest edition;). Some grogs like 5E it's 3E and 4E they usually don't like sometimes 2E.
  • 06:24 AM - Zardnaar quoted cmad1977 in post Roll20's 4M Accounts Hacked
    Try a machete. 2E books would be in trouble sure the binding on the early 1E stuff would survive that.
  • 03:03 AM - Vampyr3 quoted cmad1977 in post Roll20's 4M Accounts Hacked
    As a ‘victim’ of this hack I have no issue with the OPs conclusion nor do I think they’re ‘spinning, or brushing things aside’. Calm down little ones. Well, once the next "normal hack happens" and you get your ID stolen and your bank "hacked' which is normal.. I'm sure you will feel the same way?

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