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Tuesday, 10th January, 2017

  • 05:30 AM - RangerWickett mentioned efreund in post got Act2 & Act3 hardcovers, but...
    If RPGNow won't resolve this, I don't suppose you'd each want a novelty, efreund and Siberys? If you don't mind the covers being off, it'd be cheaper for me to cover the shipping costs of you swapping books than to send out new books to each of you. Siberys, you're in Luddington, MI? Efreund, you don't happen to have any friends heading up that way soon, no?

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Friday, 3rd August, 2018

  • 10:45 AM - Empirate quoted efreund in post [Zeitgeist] Hot Air Balloons and Kites
    Hot air balloons are a different topic. (And I just went on my first RL hot air balloon ride this weekend, which is why I clicked on your thread!) Remember that hot air balloons have no way of steering: the only "controls" you have on a hot air balloon is that they can use a burner to rise slowly, they can drop a sandbag to rise quickly, and if they leave the burner off, they descend slowly. And you can open a flap on the side to let out air in order to rotate, but not to propel. Hot air balloon rely on wind in order to get from place to place. There is a nominal amount of control a hot air balloon operator has due to the fact that different air currents go at different speeds and different directions at different altitudes, so by rising or falling into the right jet stream, they can kindof influence the direction that they're going. (In order to figure out whether they should rise or descend, balloonists will drop a small air-inflated balloon, and watch which way it falls, or look at bi...

Monday, 11th June, 2018

  • 06:07 PM - RangerWickett quoted efreund in post X-Men in Zeitgeist
    I believe that in actuality, each major NPC is based on a modern US celebrity. Thomas Gramsley=Patrick Stewart, Leone=William Defoe, Rock Rackus=Kayne West, King Aodhan=Morgan Freeman, Nic=George Clooney, etc. Thames Grimsley is Shatner. (Delft is Mark Sheppard, of Supernatural & BSG fame.) Aodhan is Clarke Peters, from The Wire. Roland Stanfield is JFK. Captain Rutger Smith is Che Guevara. About 80% of the NPCs are based on someone, though most of the time Claudio went for 'general style' rather than 'accurate likeness.' Oh, and we did use Patrick Stewart, but it was Verzubak Tantalovich.

Wednesday, 2nd August, 2017

  • 08:53 PM - Tormyr quoted efreund in post Pathfinder at high levels?
    *snip* One option: play ZG under the PF rules until "enough" of it has come out in 5e, and then switch over. You could just do this at an arbitrary time with no in-game justification, or... The climax of book 9 involves breaking the laws of reality itself. Starting in adventure 10, magic and physics itself is reforming. If you needed an in-game justification to change rules systems, you couldn't have asked for a better excuse. FWIW, this happens when you hit (PF) level 17, so it might be a bit late if you're trying to avoid the teen-levels altogether. *snip* I am not sure that would work. My best guess is, at the current rate, a table will play through the adventure faster than the 5e version is released regardless of whether they are playing in 5e or Pathfinder.

Friday, 7th July, 2017

  • 08:12 PM - SanjMerchant quoted efreund in post Flint: Real World Parallels?
    Huh. That makes sense. I had been imagining and presenting Flint as a sort of Victorian London in the Louisiana Bayou, with a dash of Charles Dickens-style New York City thrown in. My players eventually started asking the race question, and I eventually decided that the native folk of Risur are black (Creole-esque to fit with the Bayou-vibe), and that white people are from the northern continent, but many had migrated over a long long time ago. (But it's weird because fey are clearly indigenous to Risur, and elves are kinda like fey, but the elves are all 'white'.) This didn't sit quite well with me, because it started to draw in Johannesburg parallels. But eventually I rolled with it. More social tension with awkward echoes of current political crises actually fits the "vibe" of Flint pretty well. Actually, I've noticed that a lot of the elf portraits are more light brown? I think? I'm away from the books at the moment, I'll check later. (Edit: and I do mean elves, not eladrin.) I d...
  • 07:41 PM - Evil Midnight Lurker quoted efreund in post Flint: Real World Parallels?
    My players eventually started asking the race question, and I eventually decided that the native folk of Risur are black (Creole-esque to fit with the Bayou-vibe), and that white people are from the northern continent, but many had migrated over a long long time ago. (But it's weird because fey are clearly indigenous to Risur, and elves are kinda like fey, but the elves are all 'white'.) Actually, I've noticed that a lot of the elf portraits are more light brown? I think? I'm away from the books at the moment, I'll check later. (Edit: and I do mean elves, not eladrin.) I did come to the same conclusion about humans.

Thursday, 6th July, 2017

  • 08:30 PM - SanjMerchant quoted efreund in post Bonds of Forced Faith: Prologue or Diaspora? (and other questions)
    I've thought a lot about "when to run BoFF", and here's what I came up with: - If you are trying to "sell" a group on the world or campaign of Zeitgeist and need something to give them a demo, then BoFF is the only published oneshot with which to do it. It sounds like your group is already "sold" on the idea of the campaign, so this doesn't apply. Keep it in your pocket. - BoFF is essentially "the backstory of Flint" (or more specifically, "the backstory of Cauldron Hill"), and will have the most meaning for the players if it is done in proximity to Adv 2, where Cauldron Hill takes center stage. - I would recommend doing it *after* Adv 2, for two reasons. One, MacBannin and Contessa spoil each other's abilities. So you have to decide, would you rather have the campaign spoil the oneshot or vice-versa? For me, I'd want to give the campaign center-stage. Two, the summit & vigil of Cauldron Hill in Adv 2 is really cool, and a nice horror scene. A big part of horror is fear of the ...

Friday, 24th March, 2017

  • 07:43 AM - gideonpepys quoted efreund in post What's the "win" scenario in adventure #3?
    Mind you, the preceding fight is tough. The Ob skill squad has great ability to neutralize/debuff the party, and if any Gidim get in on the action at the same time, it's going to drain the PCs really hard. (And remember, they likely have not gotten a proper rest since the fight at the gala.) If my group had been forced to fight the Thing after all of that ... it would have been a nigh-guaranteed TPK. I'm actually glad they found a way to avoid it. (And then I showed them the stats on the thing afterwards, to demonstrate the bullet they just dodged ... they were very proud of themselves for bypassing that encounter!) The Thing got released in my campaign too and it very nearly was a TPK (except that one PC had already stayed behind at RHC HQ because he was so beaten up). One PC died fighting the Thing. It was a great moment, though, because we'd brought him in as an expert in these tentacled alien horrors: he was an obsessive who believed the world was run by aliens. So when he died i...

Friday, 9th December, 2016

  • 12:41 AM - Elfshire quoted efreund in post Missing Planer [sic] Tiles
    Aren't the tiles mostly used to plan the cosmology? Prior to the final battle, I mean. Oh, I got the impression they would be used to mark the current alignment of each pillar during the fight.

Friday, 7th October, 2016

  • 01:18 AM - SanjMerchant quoted efreund in post Weakened Avilona: Why? [contains spoilers, nuts]
    I'm on vacation, on the way to the airport. Let me get to wi-fi, and I'll see if I can fix this. You win major props for taking time out of your vacation to fix stuff like this. BTW, just to completely derail this topic: anyone has some canon or fanon reason for Green Knight of Risur to be absent during Adventure 1 of Zeitgeist? That's pretty careless for the appointed king's bodyguard. My fanon is that, as a Cavalier, she's best at mounted combat and leading groups: the former is useless on a boat and the latter is only useful if the boat is boarded and is something the captain of the Coaltongue can handle. (I think, I can't remember the character's name, which makes looking up stats harder.) If a simple shakedown cruise somehow gets so dire that neither the ship's weaponry nor the ship's crew can handle it, then King Aodhan is far safer with a Wizard who can teleport him out of dodge than a knight who can just... command the ship to sink faster? I'd headcanon that she is in Flint on ...

Thursday, 6th October, 2016

Wednesday, 5th October, 2016

  • 09:15 PM - mdusty quoted efreund in post Weakened Avilona: Why? [contains spoilers, nuts]
    One detail that you're missing (and I wish I could link you the forum post where RangerWickett explained this, but it got eaten in the datawipe) is that Zeitgeist is making a wink at the backstory for War of the Burning Sky, implicitly setting them in the same world. I know next-to-nothing about WotBS, but the ZG-relevant upshot that I picked up is that "before the world was formed" there were four primordial beasts, and while I forget the other two, the two relevant ones were an eagle and a dragon. And the dragon ripped the heart out of the eagle, and said eagle-heart is I guess the immortality-mcguffin that drives the BBEG of WotBS. This is obliquely alluded to in the ZG Player's Guide, and then again in adv12. The take I got was this was more of an easter-egg for players who had done both campaigns, rather than a serious in-universe explanation. Yep, you are correct in as far as what happened in WotBS. I ran the entire WotBS campaign, it was amazing. Fun fact, the eagle's name in t...

Thursday, 5th May, 2016

  • 01:50 AM - kcannell quoted efreund in post Prepping for the hardcover compilation - errors, edits, and suggestions?
    As a fellow GM (I'm currently nearing the end of adv3, and I started last fall), I would recommend you to buy the Act I hardcover and take the plunge. No need to wait for this sequel volume to come out. I'll second this. I am GM'ing the pathfinder version, started last fall, and we're right at the end of Book 3. The amount of detail in these adventures is unprecedented - it'll take your group a while to get through them. Go for it now!

Saturday, 19th March, 2016

  • 03:51 PM - Samuel Cole quoted efreund in post odd Skyseeing request: what if we give up?
    They just met the Voice of Rot, and one party member was raised as a pseudo-undead, and another has announced that she wants to multiclass as Cleric and take VoR as her god. I know this isn't what you asked, but since the Voice of Rot is a fey titan rather than a deity, I think it'd be more appropriate for VoT's patronage to manifest as a fey-pact warlock than as a cleric. Not only is a warlock the very definition of "I have a powerful fey patron who grants me power," it also makes more sense for VoT's powers to destructive (striker) than creative (leader). If it were a member of my party, I'd have VoT accept the PC's fealty and make all kinds of promises of future power, including divine powers. However, once the PC has signed on the dotted line, he or she would be surprised to wake up with the Warlock multi-class feat and an inclination to eat only rotted food. Escaping the Voice of Rot's service (and thereby retraining the feat) would become an extended side plot for the character.

Thursday, 17th March, 2016

  • 10:12 PM - mdusty quoted efreund in post Prepping for the hardcover compilation - errors, edits, and suggestions?
    I think what's going on with my group is the Skyrim-effect. They view their themes like the guild factions in Elder Scrolls game. For example, I think my Vekeshi believes that if he kills all the prescribed individuals, he'll bring about a new world order (and unlock some unique power for his character). Anything I can do to encourage them would be awesome. :-) A quick summary sheet of key power players in each country, and the effect on that country if they were taken out? Great sidequest material for the "world tour" adventures (7, 8, 11). That's exactly what has happened with our group. So, I've converted Zeitgeist to 5e for my new game. The 'Themes' are now Factions as written in the 5e DMG. My players love this. But of course now I need to come up with some Faction-only stuff for them to do. I did rename the Themes though to sound more like 'steampunky organizations' For example, the Technologist feat, I renamed to 'The Gentlemen Tinkerers'. I plan on just converting some of ...

Wednesday, 24th February, 2016

Thursday, 4th February, 2016

  • 07:30 PM - Elfshire quoted efreund in post Teasers for Adventure Twelve - The Grinding Gears of Heaven
    Interesting. Surprised the Arc of Reidia is less than 30m across. I thought it was planetary magnitude. Also wonder where Apet went. Apet is #39, the weird gray cloud. Reida has shrunken, though it can be restored to its full size if somehow removed from the Gyre. Not sure if there's an official explanation, but it seems to me like when a plane enters the Gyre, it's either reduced in size or huge chunks of it are shorn away--possibly some metaphysical manifestation of its 'dying' status.

Tuesday, 8th December, 2015

Saturday, 24th October, 2015

  • 02:16 AM - hirou quoted efreund in post writings of William Miller in Crypta Hereticarum?
    Then again, the original devs didn't have a hint of Millerism in the Crypt, and maybe they had a good reason for it. I think Clergy only puts very specific stuff in Crypt, the things that may be reborn if physically destroyed. There's nothing magical about physical books of William Miller, so there's no reason Clergy can't just burn them and be with it. In my head-canon every book there was originally enchanted/possessed, but most lost its power over the last 500 years. Also, as an aside since I brought it up: where did the various swords of Srasama end up? One is in the Crypt (in Belcamp's stash), another is sitting in a bonfire outside Alais Primos in a memory facet, and another is being carried around by Asrabey (though its stats are a bit different format than the other two). It's implied that there's six of them total: where'd the other three go? I second this question :)

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