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Saturday, 17th February, 2018

Friday, 26th January, 2018

  • 08:29 AM - Hussar mentioned ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    Good grief ArchfiendBobbie talk about mountains out of molehills. You want to completely derail this person's career so that we can use her as a poster child for equal opportunity? Are you serious? Talk about letting the trolls win. They wanted to gate keep the hobby to make sure that gurl cooties don't spread to published works and you want to make this poor woman a token? Since when is WotC or any RPG company in the business of being at the forefront of social change? Why would you expect them to be? No, sorry, this response is far more direct, and far more effective. As a community, when we see behavious like this, EVERYONE should call it out and condemn it. Force these people out of the community and make it abundantly clear that they will not be tolerated, catered to or even engaged. Talk about humiliating. Someone gets a new job. Bunch of self-righteous Internet trolls jump up and down on their favorite political hobby horse and you want to force this poor woman out of the job tha...

Wednesday, 10th January, 2018

Wednesday, 3rd January, 2018

  • 08:16 PM - EarlyBird mentioned ArchfiendBobbie in post EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)
    Welcome everyone to the final start of my Campaign Craziness HAHA (until something new comes out this year) So my thoughts when it came to character generation was to use options out of a book I see gets little use. The Sword Coast Adventure's Guide. I have seen a background here or a variant there, but on a whole except for use with location info a lot of the stuff contained within goes unused. So I'm hoping to see the creative juices flowing from the group as we build a party to take on this mega-adventure. Abilities: - 4d6(HIGH 3) six times and then assign as you wish - This is something else I think doesn't get used enough. I believe half the fun is working with what the dice gods give you and this always leads to some interesting personas. Races: - PHB plus -- gray dwarf -- deep gnome -- ghostwise halfling -- half-elf variants (all but aquatic) -- tiefling variants (all but winged) -- aasimar (protector or scourge only) Note: Only one character in the party may be from an Underdark Race....

Saturday, 30th December, 2017

  • 09:33 PM - OB1 mentioned ArchfiendBobbie in post Need suggestions for epic tasks worthy of a demigod
    ...hed and so I expect them to try and petition the gods at some point. What they will find out is that there is quite a long line (several thousand years) for mortals to request something of the divine. If they were demigods, that would change things. Unfortunately for them, it won't be quite as easy as answering "yes" when they are asked if they are a demigod of some kind. Each PC will need to have credit for accomplishing a task that proves them worthy of the title. I'm not looking for specifics on how to accomplish the task, rather just big, flavorful ideas that have the potential to be handled in many ways. Each should also be tied to a specific Outer Plane. Hoping to get at least 20 potential quests to provide. The list so far... 1. Bring and end to Dionysus' 742 year long drunken celebration with the Bacchae in Arborea 2. Return Gan's glade in the Beastlands to it's natural state. Thanks, @Eltab 3. Steal Acereraks' family jewels from his prison in Carceri. Thanks, @ArchfiendBobbie 4. Collect all of the pine cones in the Vindmere Forest of Arborea. Thanks, @Ganymede81 5. Assist Mahlhevik in parting the Silver Sea so that Sytris and Japheth may visit him once more. 6. End the Wearbear curse sweeping through the Serpent Spine in Ysgard. Thanks, @Landon Guss 7. Help Lily and Adoma reach Nirvana. Thanks @Draegn & @Tormyr 8. Get Sys's boulder to balance atop the highest peak of Shurrock and Dothion. Thanks, jrowland Thanks in advance for the help!

Thursday, 28th December, 2017

  • 04:01 PM - Satyrn mentioned ArchfiendBobbie in post Suggest the enemy for my 5E war campaign?
    I know that I want villains rather than monsters; instead of their enemy being goblins. . . I was gonna suggest hobgoblins as the obvious militarized monster, but nevermind that. What if you go with a Star Wars idea: An evil empire run by an evil wizard, with well trained professional soldiers trampling over the rights and property of all the good folk of the land. Oh, and make some of the storm troopers - the expendable basic grunts anyway - undead, as @ArchfiendBobbie suggests!
  • 03:06 AM - MarkB mentioned ArchfiendBobbie in post Han Solo movie incoming....
    The Falcon looks a lot longer in that image than usual. The slightly different paint job makes sense, but the different shape makes me think this might not be a genuine image. The nose section is significantly different - elongated, and, as ArchfiendBobbie noted, without a gap in them. However, bear in mind that the Falcon is a heavily-modified YT-1300, and Han claims to have made a lot of the modifications himself. That may be how it looked originally as a stock model, before being tinkered with over several years.

Thursday, 11th May, 2017

  • 06:30 AM - Hussar mentioned ArchfiendBobbie in post #Feminism Is A Collection of 34 "Nanogames" From Designers Around The World
    has anyone ever been girldescended(condescended) to? it's a new phrase i just made up to apply a gender tag to a negative behavior because it's easier to make blanket statements this way. See, this is the kind of thing that makes discussing these kinds of games so difficult. It adds nothing to the conversation, is entirely motivated by the poster's particular politics and is just troll bait. Why is it so hard to actually stick to the topic? I totally agree with ArchfiendBobbie's description of Call of Cthulu and I also agree that Paizo has made great strides forward in making their games more inclusive. That's fantastic. But, it is also slightly beside my point though. Sure, CoC includes guidance on how to deal with race relations in early 20th century America. Fair enough. But, that's not really what the game is about though, is it? I don't think it's terribly controversial to say that Call of Cthulu is not a game about dealing with the issue of race relations in early 20th century America. Does anyone think that it is? So, if someone bangs out an RPG dealing with race relations (in whatever time period), instead of arguing with the politics behind the game, why not just take it as a game. In and of itself. The game posits X and Y as true. Does the game succeed in bringing X and Y to the table for the purposes of exploring X and Y? Are these nano-games the greatest thing in the world? Probably not. Are they going to take the hobby by storm an...
  • 12:21 AM - 77IM mentioned ArchfiendBobbie in post #Feminism Is A Collection of 34 "Nanogames" From Designers Around The World
    ... or what it made you think about or any further detail. It may not be the answer to get the most in-depth review of a game, but people can always PM each other to ask for specifics, so as to not violate the rules on public political discourse. This, exactly. You can evaluate whether a political game is a good political game, without evaluating whether its politics are good. "Goodness" here involves the game mechanics, how well it communicates its political beliefs, how respectful it is of players with differing beliefs, and whether it is fun, or moving, or rewarding, or whatever. And by "you" I mean every single poster on this thread. "You" can post something thoughtful, critical, and expresses your views on the game without getting overwhelmed by your own stake in the debate. "You" don't have to post a knee-jerk response filled with bad assumptions, strong emotions, misinformation, vitriol, and deliberate trolling. I believe in "you!" Special Achievement Award goes to ArchfiendBobbie for stepping back from the brink and posting a thoughtful and articulate explanation of his or her stance.

Saturday, 6th May, 2017

  • 01:47 AM - Hussar mentioned ArchfiendBobbie in post #Feminism Is A Collection of 34 "Nanogames" From Designers Around The World
    @771M, I wish I could posrep you more than once for excellent work reviewing this. And, yeah, looking at the blurb of the book and what you've written, I can see your point. This is more geared for educators, councilors and activists. I could see this as being something of a draw at con's as well. And, I think that the fact that you're supposed to sit down and discuss things after play is rather the whole point of the games. ArchfiendBobbie's point about consent is very well taken. But, wouldn't that be the whole point of the exercise? To explore that point of view and discuss? Years ago I ran an SF RPG (Sufficiently Advanced was the system) where I used these sort of hot button issues as springboards for the adventures. It worked very well. I had the right group for it. The different scenarios did drive a great deal of (for me and my players anyway) interesting conversation. So, a book full of these kinds of things might be interesting. Not that I want to do this week after week, for years, mind you. I'm honest enough to realize that I LIKE killing imaginary orcs with my imaginary elf too much to give that up entirely. :D But, as a shift in gears once in a while? Why not? Placing these issues in the context of a game sometimes gives people enough space that they can discuss the issues without necessarily getting tied up into their own emotional responses. If that makes sense.

Wednesday, 3rd May, 2017

  • 01:16 PM - 77IM mentioned ArchfiendBobbie in post #Feminism Is A Collection of 34 "Nanogames" From Designers Around The World
    The whole point of exercises like this is to be thought-provoking. Why are you folks so terrified of having your thoughts provoked? Are you worried that if you actually put an iota of thought into something as superficially ridiculous as the "orgasm gap" you would discover that you are wrong about something? This is relevant: Personally, I'd never in a million years play a game that involved licking people (and yeah it's possible that that particular sub-game is just trolling us). But the "sex tape" one looks pretty rad. Some of you seem to be saying that Feminism shouldn't even be explored in game form, and that strikes me as really super weird. Special Achievement Award goes to ArchfiendBobbie for reviewing 30 games that he's neither read nor played, based only on their one-line descriptions and his own preconceived notions.

Saturday, 18th February, 2017

  • 01:11 PM - Charles Rampant mentioned ArchfiendBobbie in post Let's Read: Volo's Monsters
    ...e as the Spawn of Kyuss, but in a CR 1/2 format, so this looks like a good way to add some horror to an undead section of your campaign - Skeletons don’t really have much body horror to provoke, while having maggots burrow into your skin and try to gnaw on your heart most decidedly does. At CR 1/2 it is easy enough to add them to even tier one adventures, while they are quick enough to run that adding a bunch to tier two combats in undead dungeons isn’t going to slow things down too much. A solid entry, not that exciting but serving a definite niche, albeit one that the Spawn of Kyuss also fulfills at a higher CR. With that, we reach THE END. I’m not going to cover the NPC statblocks - both because they seem self-evident, and also because, to be honest, I don’t want to. Thank you for reading this far, and I hope that the discussion here between myself and others - with thanks to Leatherhead RotGrub Chaosmancer MechaTarrasque fuindordm dave2008 Hemlock Bitbrain ArchfiendBobbie and anyone else I’ve forgotten - helps you to use this fine book to improve your campaign. The first post now has hyperlinks to all the monsters covered in the series, so hopefully this can serve as a useful resource in the future, unless the forum falls over and explodes again or something. So long, and thanks for all the crits.

Saturday, 17th December, 2016

  • 04:49 PM - Quickleaf mentioned ArchfiendBobbie in post What do the PCs find in a City of the Jann?
    ArchfiendBobbie I imagine the jann as having a certain hauteur, preferring rare minerals either woven into their silks directly or using rare mineral dyes. These would be minerals found in ecological border zones (e.g. peat bogs, lava fields), with a tendency toward rust-tones and shimmering multi-hued tones. Jewelry would be especially popular, inlaid with rainbow obsidian, aquamarine, fire opals, and other stones. Added a few bits also... An Ethereal City. Qaybar exists as much on its current plane as it does in the Border Ethereal, where the ground level streets are shrouded in thick bluish mists and the minarets glow faintly against a sea of the cosmos. Special guardians and magical pathways known as the Masarat al-Jann are found in the mists. This is the spiritual heart of Qaybar, sought after by malevolent forces which assail the city with ether cyclones (seemingly common storms on the Material or Inner Plane). Jann alchemists and philosophers believe it is in the Border Ethereal where the Sea...

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Wednesday, 31st January, 2018

  • 06:05 PM - Jay Verkuilen quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Is D&D Too Focused on Combat?
    I am finding it too focused on combat, but that's not because of the amount of rules on combat. It's because of a general lack of rules in other areas and not enough effort to fix it. Yeah they really lowballed non-combat areas. Just having some suggested tasks you can accomplish with skills helps provide structure and a tutorial for DMs who are relatively new. You don't need it to be tons and tons, just some lists of suggested DCs and some reasonably worked through examples. Nope. For example, I can't think of a much more useless skill in 5E than Medicine, which doesn't even have the decency to connect with the Healer feat, which is, from a game mechanical standpoint, vastly better. So what's the point of even having Medicine? I've heard a bunch of post-hoc rationalizations about how this "frees the DM", but fundamentally I think the design team was just lazy on this.
  • 03:56 AM - Kobold Boots quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Is D&D Too Focused on Combat?
    Eh. 5E could solve it with just one release. It's really not that hard to fully address. Sure, and Pathfinder fixed a lot with Ultimate Campaign, but that was also four years after the initial game released :)
  • 01:42 AM - Kobold Boots quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Is D&D Too Focused on Combat?
    A good portion of this book. That's an entirely fair example of how a game that's been around since the end of 3rd edition has a huge advantage over a game that's been around for five years. However, (and I know this isn't the point of the conversation) if you go back through the editions of D&D, you'll find equivalencies all over 2nd edition (Battlesystem and splats) BECMI (kingdoms) etc. We can compare Pathfinder and 5e when they're both the same age (never) and it will be a fair assessment. Right now, of course 5E is behind Pathfinder (Though it's Pathfinder and thus 3e based and well, even though I have a sub to all the PDFs.. I'd rather play 4e than either of the games but I always go with latest rev.) Be well and Thanks KB
  • 01:22 AM - Kobold Boots quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Is D&D Too Focused on Combat?
    Pathfinder is just as combat-heavy as 5E, if not more so, and it still has plenty to do that is part of the rules and isn't killing something. Far, far more than the 5E equivalent splat. Could you provide an example or a few of them?

Tuesday, 30th January, 2018

  • 03:04 PM - JustinCase quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)
    Ready as well! Haven't discussed how Wilhelm and Fareon met at length, but I'm sure that'll work out fine. By the way... I had some things to work on outside of here. Including facepalming at something unrelated. Facepalming is work? What kind of job is that? :p

Saturday, 27th January, 2018

  • 01:42 AM - Gradine quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    Yes, I am aware of how it sounds with how I worded it. Yes, I am aware of how people would dismiss it out of hand when they see it presented that way. That's why I presented it that way; the objective is to show that, yes, the post is about me and I'm holding myself at fault by bringing up one item as evidence. I mean, think about it... When have I not been self-righteous in this? And I made it clear I have an agenda that I would be using Kate Welch as an icon for; it was mentioned in several posts and made explicit in a reply to billd91. Can you name anyone else in the thread who did something like that? The "leapt to the defense" was sarcasm about some of my own comments in the discussion with Obryn. Seriously, it was all about me. And every bit of the middle portion of that post was packed with a reference or mention of something I had done in the thread, and filled with venom. If I was going to argue further about the issue or cast aspirations, I wouldn't have stopped for a bit earlier or...

Friday, 26th January, 2018

  • 09:19 PM - redrick quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    See my reply to Gradine. I am surprised people are not catching the icon bit, since I made a massive post detailing a strategy to use her that way earlier. See Gradine's post to you. I don't know what "the icon bit" is. I saw your exchange with Obryn earlier where you accused him of wanting Kate Welch to martyr herself against and be subjected to all sorts of awful behavior and your statements seemed way off base and a total misreading of the situation. I read some of your "strategy" as well. I'm not going to comment on it. I can't tell if you are engaged in some sort of long-con performance art troll, in which case, congratulations, you have succeeded on getting a bunch of people on the internet to offer sincere and thoughtful statements to you. If that is not the case, I think your statements are very inconsistent and seem to veer from anti-feminist anti-diversity arguments to pro-diversity arguments and maybe you think you are proving a point but I'm not seeing it. Maybe you really are try...
  • 09:03 PM - Gradine quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    See my reply to Gradine. I am surprised people are not catching the icon bit, since I made a massive post detailing a strategy to use her that way earlier. Honestly, do you hear yourself? And you wonder why your "strategy" was dismissed out of hand? Edit: Sorry, being flip again. But seriously, how dare you cast aspersions on the motivations of people talking about supporting Kate Welch and women like her, while here you are talking about how to "use her" as a "strategy"?
  • 09:00 PM - Gradine quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    I was talking about my own stance and some of the uncomfortable things I came to feel about some of what I said when I spent some time considering. I did have supporters for it, too. The fact you took offense so quickly and leapt to the defense so readily is interesting, but not my realm to question. But, it looks like you have some soul searching to do too No, you were disparaging, in very strong terms, people who were standing up for what was right because they weren't doing it in the way you thought was the right way, for reasons that I have refuted multiple times now and that you have not even once responded to. Then, as the icing on the cake, you chose to cast aspersions on those people's motivations as well. I am always doing soul searching, as should we all. I'm genuinely glad that you have too. However, you don't get to clearly and definitively insult that many people so harshly and then turn around and act innocent and pretend you were only talking about yourself.
  • 08:52 PM - jgsugden quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    ...In short, I think everyone who posted on this thread has some soul searching to do. Myself included.You should just try being absolutely right from the start. Then you don't have to feel bad. I do however find it troubling when I see people speaking out for what is right not to champion the right, but because they want validation. They're the ones that respond without reflecting on the opinions of others and never question themselves. Yes, that was intentional.
  • 08:49 PM - redrick quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    I'm also left with the impression that many who have spoken in her defense really want Kate Welch to end up victimized by these trolls so they have someone to self-righteously protect and a living icon of their agenda. Oh wow no, not at all what I am seeing in any way. Not in the slightest. I haven't seen any indication of that from anything I've read here. I won't speak to the motivations of others. For myself, I wish, unequivocally, absolutely nothing but the best to Kate Welch and the rest of the Wizards team. I was happy to see that she was hired. I was distressed to see a lot of wild speculations about her qualifications and the role her gender played in her being hired, as I've gone into at length about here and elsewhere. I don't really see my actions as "defending her." She's a grown human and it seems like the people on her team have her back on this issue unequivocally. I spoke out not to offer aid to Kate Welch, which she certainly doesn't need from me, but because this is my commu...
  • 08:29 PM - Gradine quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    I'm also left with the impression that many who have spoken in her defense really want Kate Welch to end up victimized by these trolls so they have someone to self-righteously protect and a living icon of their agenda. This is a horrendous mis-characterization of basically everyone who has engaged in this thread, either with you directly or not. It's actually pretty interesting; everything you just said is completely wrong: a) Nobody here wants Kate Welch to be victimized, because: b) The people who are targeting her aren't trolls (a point in my previous post you ignored to instead give a history lesson), they're actually c) a community of misogynists who don't crave attention so much as legitimacy, which they get by having their views be unquestioned (and why they thus use fear, such as through doxxing, as a tactic to cow others into submission) d) and to make matter worse, you drag out the old crow of "virtue signalling" which is absolute rubbish; something that only people who can't imagine stick...
  • 08:21 PM - Cap'n Kobold quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    The trawling origin predates the internet. It goes back into Darpanet. The reason it seems more recent is that it has been more recently in internet history people have brought up the origin. For a lobg time, no obe cared where it came from. Its not quite the same as trawling. Trawling is dragging a net to scoop up fish. Trolling is to use a baited line instead. You bait the line, drag it around for a bit, and then pull it up to check what has taken the bait. - Hence the parallels with internet trolls: Make inflammatory posts and then checking back later to see if anyone has bitten.
  • 06:01 PM - robus quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    Trolls are named after trawling, a type of fishing. Just "trawl" and "troll" are often pronounced the same and people confused the spellings. I've heard that claim made too and I don't think it's right. Trolls were/are definitely a thing in message boards. I'm not sure where this trawling term came from but it think it's more related to click-bait ads/blog posts. Edit: Just to be clear I know what trawling is - I grew up in fishing towns :) - but it's use as an internet term is less clear. It's definitely more recent than trolling.
  • 03:21 PM - Obryn quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    I admitted earlier I am not being entirely rational in this thread. But to a degree, my instincts say I not give a :):):):) and focus on destroying him just out of pure spite. Unfortunately, learning to counter trolls in the very same manner Obryn advocates only brought me closer to the primal, predatory side of humanity and left me with some strong tendencies toward being willing to engage and destroy. That is why Obryn is not in the right with the strategy he advocates. Because it does not do anything good to the people who engage in it. So, basically, view the entire engagement between us as a demonstration of what I was saying and my strongest argument against engaging trolls. Because I think I aptly demonstrated a very mild version of the same kind of arguments I was warning against getting into. Which is something I had originally planned to do, just not in this manner. Dude. Just stop.
  • 02:43 PM - lowkey13 quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    In effect, I asked "Are you lying?" and you responded with "Yes." That's the funny thing about my posts. Too many people don't read them fully or think through what I'm saying. Because really, openly admitting to thinking you're a liar was a pretty good clue I was trying to see if you were lying. There is no prize for winning arguments on the internet. You know that right? If you want to have a conversation with people, that's probably not the way to proceed. If you look at the entirety of the posts and opinions of the other person you are .... engaging with .... in this thread, you might understand that you are, at best, misconstruing what is happening. Regardless, I know that it is my experience when I think I'm being really clever and arguing all awesome-like on the internet and showing 'em all what-for, it usually means I need to take a deep breath and take a short time out. That's advice I try to remember, even if I can't always follow it. :)
  • 02:23 PM - Maxperson quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    I don't think it was intended for cyberbullying, but it's not surprising it has proceeded down that path. I know of one website that had to take away their laugh button because it was being used for cyberbullying. Personally, I don't care. Click laugh for my posts until you pass out from exhaustion. If I entertain you, I know I'm at least doing something positive with my life. I don't think that was the intent, either. That's the result though. On top of that, if someone who has you blocked creates a thread, you can't even go into it. You get an error message. If someone who has you blocked is posting in a thread, the go to newest button, go to the xp or quote links, and go directly to a posted quote arrows will often not work right and you have to skip it or manually find what you are looking for. That's a lot of inconvenience so that someone who 99 times out of 100 won't even know you quoted him, doesn't get read or quoted.
  • 02:04 PM - Sadras quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    This surprises you? The are Star Wars fans who back the Empire. You know, the space nazis who blow up planets. There are Star Trek fans who back the Borg, a plague of cyborg-locusts. There are Harry Potter fans who were rooting for a certain Mr. Riddle. Back in the day the Anti-Paladin was all the rage. Also this kid rocks!
  • 01:42 PM - Obryn quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    It was a yes or no question. And yet, you still did not answer it. Yes, she can expect to be supported... but you refuse to openly and plainly state your support for her. This tells me that you actually do not support her in this. And, really, you're surprised? I outright called you on lying earlier in the thread. Why does it surprise you that someone who has openly stated they think you're a liar doesn't trust you when you refuse to give a simple statement? So, yes. You've proven you won't support her in this. That your support is conditional. And at this point, I don't think we really have anything further to say to each other on this matter. Am I going crazy? This has got to be what crazy feels like. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  • 07:59 AM - Obryn quoted ArchfiendBobbie in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    The part where you were very disparaging about a person doing exactly that. About someone choosing to run and hide rather than stand and fight. About a person being cowed. About a person deciding the fear of doxxing is enough to make her retreat. And I notice that, every single time I ask, you refuse to give a simple answer, but instead try to answer without directly answering. It's a simple yes or no question; what about that is so difficult to simply say "Yes" or even "Yes, like I said before" to? The reason I ask is because every time I have confronted someone who could not give a simple answer to a question like that, it was because they were avoiding giving an honest answer. And after earlier postings, your credibility with me is shot; it won't come back when you try to play word games to make it look like you're answering. It is a simple question. Would you support her choosing to let fear rule her? She can literally do whatever she wants - from arguing to giving up social media - and expect ...

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