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    Friday, 13th July, 2018, 03:28 AM
    Umm ... In my opinion and experience, the only way that one character dominates and gets more "screen time" is if the DM allows it and caters to the player. A good DM can make almost any party composition work. I'd also add, that in most of the world, the LG Drow Paladin of the sun is far more likely to see LESS "screen time" than the other characters since the reaction of NPCs in towns is...
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    Friday, 13th July, 2018, 03:14 AM
    In my opinion, multiclassing can be just as much a mechanism for character development as any other. It is up to the DM as to whether they allow multiclassing in general but disallowing it for certain classes based on some pre-conceived idea of how a particular class should be played seems arbitrary. There are lots of class combinations that would appear to be DESIGNED to go together. -...
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    Thursday, 12th July, 2018, 05:19 AM
    Iím a bit confused by the OP comments. 1) As mentioned, the method of determining stats really doesnít have an impact on character classes chosen 2) the OP seemed to be concerned about a lack of healing which I donít understand. The party has a cleric and a bard and both can and should have healing word which covers most in combat healing requirements. 3) the bard can cover much of the...
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  • 01:33 PM - Coroc mentioned Keravath in post Xanathar's Elven Accuracy
    Keravath you are right, 5E offers many new possibilities to envision a different Kind of Paladin, with or without multiclassing. Otoh you yourself gave "Fitting" examples of mc combinations: Your Oath of Ancients paladin/fey warlock , it does not break anything. I totally would allow this mc if the oath of anciants would fit in my campaign Setting and if it were agreed with the Players that mc is an Option. But more often than not in my campaigns certain (sometimes much more mundane) classes or races just do not fit easily. E.g. A (classic) Paladin in Ravenloft. I am old School (repeating myself lol) and for me in ravenloft still the following 2e rule is in effect as a 5e houserule: A Domain ruler instantly is Aware of a Paladin in his Domain, he knows his exact Location at any given time and most propably will give the Paladin "special attention" which normally spells instant death for the pally. E.g. a Monk in a dark sun campaign, trivialises many of the signature challenges of tha...

Sunday, 19th November, 2017

  • 02:34 AM - Parmandur mentioned Keravath in post Fifth Edition.....Why?
    Keravath it's a popularity/sales issue: 5E has sold more core books since 2014 than 3E/3.5 did over seven years, while 4E stalled after some good initial sales.

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Tuesday, 12th June, 2018

  • 09:27 PM - Shiroiken quoted Keravath in post Why doesn't the help action have more limits and down sides?
    You might want to keep in mind that advantage is equivalent to a +5 on the die roll on average so a "1" result in your table is better than a 2 or 3 which doesn't make much sense. Perhaps I should have clarified: it's advantage AND +x, not just +x. I will edit my post accordingly.

Wednesday, 6th June, 2018

  • 07:23 PM - jgsugden quoted Keravath in post Core+1
    Isn't this essentially what WOTC has done?...Around the questionable core mechanics? Yes. However, for the stuff that is not 'controversial' or 'risky', it opens the floodgates. You can take spells from five different sources, so long as they are not ones that have been given the restricted label. Heck, you could even take PHB stuff like GWM and SS and put it on the exotic table.... Making stuff in the main books limited.

Tuesday, 5th June, 2018

  • 01:34 PM - Klaudius Rex quoted Keravath in post What to do and where to start after a TOTAL PARTY KILL?
    The medusa is a relatively minor encounter in ToA though they are one of the creatures who know the location of Omu. However, I was wondering how a TPK happened unless everyone looked at the medusa and everyone failed their saving throws. In general, I've found that once the first character starts turning to stone (or even just has to make a saving throw) the rest tend to avert their eyes and try to come up with ways to deal with it without looking at it. I've played several encounters with basilisks that have a similar effect. Anyway, since the characters aren't actually dead ... it is possible that an NPC like Artus Cimber or perhaps one of the guides from Port Nyanzaru (depending on character alignment and goals) might come along and free them from the petrification, perhaps in exchange for some service (a number of the guides have personal quests that could be used). All of our players averted thier eyes, which made it hard for them to hit the medusa. One player even used his shi...

Sunday, 19th November, 2017

  • 04:26 AM - Tony Vargas quoted Keravath in post Fifth Edition.....Why?
    So ... is the release cycle getting shorter as a method to generate revenue? I haven't seen any numbers on the popularity of each edition so I'm just curious ... According to WotC, each ed on their watch has been more popular than the one before. But none have re-captured the unit sales of the fad years. For instance, 5E sold more books is 3 years than 3e did in seven - but less than TSR did per year in the 80s. Instead, the shortening of edition life-cycles after 1e probably has more to do with boardrooms than game tables. D&D has gone from TSR to WotC to Hasbro and from flagship to rescue to bycatch to would-be core brand to come-back classic that might have a movie in it, now that it's own fans have (mostly) stopped slandering it. New eds don't map to that rollercoaster, precisely - rolling an ed takes time - but there's a lot driving the brand's fate beyond relatively trivial differences in how much less popular it is at a given moment than it was at the height of the fad in the...

Saturday, 11th November, 2017

  • 05:43 PM - Parmandur quoted Keravath in post Rants Regarding the Corporate Castration of our Beloved Hobby
    That would depend on how the licensing contract with Beyond was written and depend on whether they were given exclusive digital distribution rights or not for the specific applications involved. I don't think any of us know what has or has not been said between WotC and either Orcpub or Beyond or others. All we do know is that WotC has asked Orcpub to remove non-SRD content and has asked other folks to remove some character sheets with significant character building capability from DMSGuild and elsewhere. This move did correspond to the public release of D&D Beyond so there may or may not be a relationship. While it's true that we don't know all contractual factors, it can't be too exclusive, as Fantasy Grounds, Roll 20 and D&D Beyond are competing with each other in overlapping spaces. For those willing and able to pay the fees, something can be worked out.

Tuesday, 7th November, 2017

  • 11:15 AM - Lanefan quoted Keravath in post Point Buy vs Rolling for Stats
    Historically, since 1e or even earlier, it has been stated that player character stats are not average .. they are above average for the general population.I'll go out on a limb here and say that as far as I can tell every poster in this thread has more or less agreed with this. Several methods of rolling PC and possibly NPC stats were included in earlier editions including the 4d6 drop lowest method explicitly included in the 5e PHB. Based on statements in earlier editions, the 4d6-L was not intended to represent the stat distribution of the general population.And this 'ere is the problem. In 1e, while it's not hard-written it's at least strongly implied that the general (human) population are on a 3d6 bell curve for each stat. Since then guidance on how to roll common NPCs has been spotty at best (3e tried; at least it had some guidelines), leaving the following problem: While we all agree that PCs are intended to usually be above average, we're not given a clear way of knowing what th...
  • 04:53 AM - Maxperson quoted Keravath in post Point Buy vs Rolling for Stats
    Rolling for NPC stats is up to the DM. The specific DM may or may not need them for the role the NPC will play in the adventure. If the DM does decide that stats are needed they can arbitrarily assign them any value or may roll using any system they wish. The suggested rolling methods in the players handbook specifically apply to the stats for player characters though the DM is free to use them for NPCs if they wish. (The DM can use ANY rolling system since it is their game). Historically, since 1e or even earlier, it has been stated that player character stats are not average .. they are above average for the general population. Several methods of rolling PC and possibly NPC stats were included in earlier editions including the 4d6 drop lowest method explicitly included in the 5e PHB. Based on statements in earlier editions, the 4d6-L was not intended to represent the stat distribution of the general population. Historically, other methods for NPC rolling were given. That is not true in...

Wednesday, 1st November, 2017

  • 07:57 AM - morepurplemorebetter quoted Keravath in post MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools
    I'm sorry to be a bother, but could I get a link? I was also wondering if I could get a copy of the character sheet as well. MPMB, could I have a copy of the most recent file as well? This sheet is my everything! Hey MPMB! I just started a DnD group as DM and discovered your beautiful sheet generator. Could you please PM a link for it? If you could send me a copy of the most recent edition of the character sheet generator, it would be much appreciated. can you send the Sheet for me to? plz? ty hey was wondering if I could get the new one as well have a older model and want to make a raven queen warlock Could you still provide a PM with the sheet ? If so, i am greatly interested in it. I forgot to mention here that PMs have been sent to all of the above :)

Saturday, 28th October, 2017

  • 06:35 PM - Runny quoted Keravath in post Exempting Races from the +1 rule
    I don't think backgrounds are a good example of an "exception" since custom backgrounds have always been AL legal. Custom backgrounds choose 2 skills and either 2 languages/1 language+ 1 tool/ 2 tools and a quirk (criminal connection, wsyfinder, etc). With a custom background (which is in the PHB) you can reproduce any of the fluff backgrounds included in the source material .. so essentially every background is already on the PHB since you could make it up yourself. On the other hand, race modifications are specific to the source material AND have a direct impact on character stats and abilities. Although I agree with you that the likely impact at this time of allowing any race is probably small .. I haven't gone through looking for possible issues which may or may not exist. I also can't comment on any future source material. As a result, I like the rule the way it stands right now. Hmmmmm... why do you like the rule as it stands? You have a right to your opinion, Iíd just like...

Friday, 27th October, 2017

  • 08:01 PM - Lanefan quoted Keravath in post Point Buy vs Rolling for Stats
    ... adventurers usually have 27 points ... exceptional adventurers could have 32 average townsfolk could have a total of 5d6 points to spend :) scores lower than 8 would be special cases since having a score lower than this is probably a significant hindrance for a typical humanoid.So here's a concept absolutely nobody will like but I'm going to chuck it in here anyway, just for fun: Each character rolls for its point-buy total! Standard: 2d6 + 20. Range 22-32, average 27. Tighter bell curve on that? 3d4 + 20. Range 23-32, average 27.5. Flat-line it? 1d10 + 22. Range 23-32, average 27.5. The hard variable after the '+' could of course be adjusted for an overall higher or lower-range campaign. Have fun! :) Lanefan
  • 05:32 PM - Runny quoted Keravath in post Exempting Races from the +1 rule
    Hi! The "PHB+1" is an AL league character creation rule. Characters created for AL can only use the PHB and one other source. The reason for this is that WOTC designs D&D expansions using the same design principle. New content is designed so that it is more or less balanced in the context of any of the other single book content combined with the PHB. The new content is intended to give greater variety with a power level comparable to that already existing in the players handbook. The reason for that design principle is because it becomes unmanageable if not impossible to find all the combinations of content from each expansion in order to find unbalanced combinations. In home games, the DM can take a look at a combination built from multiple sources and then say whether that is fine or not. In most cases, there is likely no issue since the basic content of each expansion should be roughly equal to options available in the PHB. However, if a player finds a particularly powerful co...

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