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Old player and DM returning to D&D with 5e

Friday, 13th July, 2018

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Friday, 6th April, 2018

  • 07:05 AM - pukunui mentioned StormbringerAUS in post awkward situation
    ...eaders' room is a dead end area off a common area (where the corpses of him and his guards still lie). I feel like the duergar, coming across their dead leader, wouldn't immediately know where the PCs have gone, but it wouldn't be hard from them to realize that they've barricaded themselves in the leader's room. From that point, I think they'd also be smart enough to know that trying to break into the room wouldn't be necessary. If anything, they could just build a counter-barricade and attempt to bury the PCs alive, as it were. Otherwise, knowing that the PCs will eventually have to come out, they might just wait and set up an ambush. Or they could just say, "Screw it, this isn't worth it, let's go home." I guess maybe I'm having a little trouble getting my head around the duergar mindset. What would be a reasonable thing for them to do after discovering that someone has come in and murdered their leader and his guards and then barricaded themselves in his room? EDIT: StormbringerAUS That could work. They could always go back to Daggerford and tell the dwarven community there that they weren't able to completely drive the duergar out and leave it in their hands as to whether or not they want to mount a war party to do so themselves. The PCs' mission was just to find out what had happened to a dwarven acquaintance of theirs. No one had any idea the duergar were there.

Wednesday, 14th March, 2018

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Friday, 13th July, 2018

  • 04:38 PM - 5ekyu quoted StormbringerAUS in post Crit and death saves mean automatic ability score damage - Too gritty?
    I will keep that in mind for a future campaign its a good idea.Key is waiting risks dead cuz other attacks or aoe can add fails so every turn you let the ally lay there is a significant risk om a cluttered fight. First time and aoe adds a fail, likely stop seeing the let them lie thing.
  • 04:06 AM - JacktheRabbit quoted StormbringerAUS in post Crit and death saves mean automatic ability score damage - Too gritty?
    I also don't like the automatic back to full hit points. I run a long rest regains one hit point, and that hit dice can be used to regain more, so after a couple of days of 'tough adventuring' the players are starting to wear down a bit, I have found it works well. I also play if the first death save is failed then I roll on the 'serious wound table' in the DMG (don't have my books at work which is just annoying and can't remember what it is called). This makes going to 0 more dangerous and when a party member goes down the other players rush to give them aid - something I like a lot and gives it a gritty feel. Another item I like once mentioned by another person here on EN was not rolling death saves at all. Basically a player that was put to zero marked every round they were at zero until someone came to save them or combat ended. When either event happened then the player rolled once for each round that passed. That was players could no longer be horribly meta and ignore a downed playe...

Monday, 9th July, 2018

  • 11:00 PM - Aaron L quoted StormbringerAUS in post What's This Mysterious D&D Book? [UPDATED!]
    I had the same issue but sent an email and photo of the condition to Wizards and they sent a replacement out straight away - was very happy with the customer service. Heck yeah. I'd had a chunk of about a good 60 pages falling out of the Spell section of my PHB since just a few months after I bought it in 2014, and just last month I sent in a help request to WotC with pix of the pages falling out. They sent me an email the very next day asking for a pic of the title page, I sent one in right away, and I got a brand new PHB with all the errata and fixes just one week later. I am extremely happy with WotC's customer support. And if these special edition Core Books aren't ridiculously expensive, I'd love to have a set. Unfortunately I live on disability and am dirt poor, so I'm not able to spend much money on D&D books (I still need to get Volo's Guide, the Sword Coast AG, Mordenkainen's Tome... actually, all I have are the Core Books and Xanathar's Guide) so I hope I could have a chance to s...

Thursday, 5th July, 2018

Thursday, 7th June, 2018

  • 05:29 PM - jgsugden quoted StormbringerAUS in post Most Needed Minis
    Just less expensive ones, I find the prices (at least in Australia) to expensive to justify buying more than a few for PCs once they survive a level or two.If you do not care that much about quality, the best options are: 1.) Used board games - I've spent $3 on a board games that had 40 fantasy appropriate minis. 2.) Tube of figures - there are a lot of cheap plastic figures of skeletons, zombies, animals, insects, dinosaurs, etc... It is not hard to find 20 for less than $10. Some people have also mined old message boards for the D&D Miniatures games to look for people that used to collect, but do not seem active any longer. I've had a few people email me and ask if I was looking to sell my old minis collection on the cheap (which I did/do/will not want to do...). A few years ago I participated in a challenge to build the best minis collection for $100. I ended up with over 300 minis, including many PCs, 2 dragons (large and huge), giants, ogres, demons, devils, orcs, skeletons, goblins...

Thursday, 24th May, 2018

  • 02:27 PM - Li Shenron quoted StormbringerAUS in post Would you allow ASI/feats in place of a subclass levels features?
    I would consider it certainly, I would need a reason from the player wishing to do it and certainly not allow it every level To clarify, the main question here is related to doing it indeed at every level, i.e. give up the whole subclass and get one ASI/feat at each level when you would have gotten a subclass feature instead. But you may also consider the idea of doing it partially, so that the character does have a subclass but gives up some subclass levels in exchange for an ASI/feat. I didn't mention this variant mainly to keep the question simple, and also because the more freedom to the player always means more chances to abuse. I just think it's easier to first think about a complete replacement. Honestly, without a thorough review of each sub-clasd, i would say no. I dont necessarily think it all balances out that each class has the same divisions of power between main class and sub-class features. Consider only the Wizard class then. The context in which this idea originated, ...

Tuesday, 22nd May, 2018

  • 08:34 AM - Shu Meili quoted StormbringerAUS in post Thieves Can't - DM Tracking Sheet
    Isn't it Thieves cant (as in a type of language) rather than Thieves can't (as in unable to do something)? It's a pun. :) I make a comic strip called Thieves Can't and I'm just branding my sheet with that logo. The comic is here if you're curious. New version of the sheet incoming.

Friday, 20th April, 2018

Thursday, 19th April, 2018

  • 02:04 AM - Joe DeAngelo quoted StormbringerAUS in post Mordenkainens starting to show up in the wild?
    The line of text we can see doesn't say they are frivolous and carefree in fact states 'elves are seldom frivolous and carefree' - which seems to be what most people here are saying. Right. But we are replying to the comment: ‘"elves are seldom frivolous and carefree"?!? That's an complete 180.’ We’re disagreeing that that is a 180.

Tuesday, 27th March, 2018

  • 03:43 PM - Lord Mhoram quoted StormbringerAUS in post Advice needed (new to 5E, but not to gaming)
    Good news! You're sitting on a preverbal jem mine! Just click on the Enworld tab on the top of this webpage and you'll have access to tons of great 5E material! Lots of good stuff on RPG Drive Thru - some of it is even free I found lots of things there, adventures, random tables,, lists of NPCs all good things. I'm aware of those resources - I'm looking for physical books, rather then dead electron versions, though I do appreciate the suggestions. Mental quirk, I can dump 50 bucks easy on small PDFs, but I really think about spending 20 bucks on a physical book, and I got a little carried away when I started doing Pathfinder (all those years ago), so I am limiting myself to print... specifically to avoid that temptation. After I have a solid grounding in the game, I feel I can let myself get some PDFs.
  • 03:32 AM - Unwise quoted StormbringerAUS in post As a DM what spell / ability do you find most annoying?
    ... I currently run a political based campaigned where assassin and over throw of rulers and lords is a big part - all resurrection/raise dead spells make these sort of things harder to plan for... FYI I was running a similar campaign and I found a really neat way to work resurrections etc into the plots. All clerics are banned from casting resurrection except by express permission of the pope-figure. As such, the church holds massive sway over the lives of nobles as if they bring you back you can guarantee that the asking price will be hefty. In fact, leaving money to the church in your will is a very important thing. As once you die, if you have left enough money, the church takes it, then resurrects you. The church, unlike other parties, is allowed to take from your will and keep it, even if you are resurrected. The reason this worked so well in my campaign is that it was set in near-France and it reflected the powerful role that the churches held in the era. It really matters which church n...

Wednesday, 14th March, 2018

  • 06:11 AM - The Thrasson quoted StormbringerAUS in post Favorite Old Supplements you Still Use
    Also went back to some Moorcock and Elric is still the one though the Castle Brass stuff also holds up well, which getting back to the thread also gives me inspiration for stuff I run even if not technically a D&D product. Elric is my favorite anti-hero, by far. I don't have the original six paperback novels anymore (late 70s). I do have the whole 15 book "Eternal Champion" series. I enjoyed Corum too. One of my old RPG group ran the first edition Stormbringer game. I loved it. There weren't so many class restrictions as AD&D back then. I had a multi-classed illusionist13 + Druid12. Many, many spells. Much fun.
  • 05:25 AM - The Thrasson quoted StormbringerAUS in post Favorite Old Supplements you Still Use
    I still regular use Deities and Demigods from around 1980 (has Melnibone and Nehwon mythos). I also have books of Islands and Castles from Judges Guild which were just blank maps but I find very useful, also City state of the Invincible Overlord which gives me a handy city map and some quite easy NPCs to grab, also have a Lankhmar city map which I have used once or twice before as well (cant remember the publisher). Plus have kept various town/village layouts from modules even if I don't have the module itself. TSR published Lankhmar with Fritz Leiber's direct assistance. There was a whole series of Lankhmar supplements. "Lankhmar, City of Adventure" is the supplement you mentioned, circa. 1985. I've never run a Lankhmar campaign before. I use it when I create the seedy part of town. I don't think any other characters had as much fun as Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Or, maybe, I didn't have as much fun reading about any other characters.

Monday, 12th March, 2018

  • 04:03 PM - smbakeresq quoted StormbringerAUS in post Will D&D make strength matter again?
    I don't play the variant exactly, however often make it clear that the treasure cannot be carried but stronger character could manage more, and in no circumstance I have given a bag of holding as a magic item. Try them in full. When their speed drops at first level due to armor they wont dump it anymore. The chain mail and shield cleric (with all normal adventuring gear) with 8 STR will cease to exist. It clears up problems before they start and forces players to make choices.

Friday, 9th March, 2018

  • 09:17 PM - smbakeresq quoted StormbringerAUS in post Will D&D make strength matter again?
    I don't like the feel of strength being a dump stat either. I seriously considered house ruling that it was still strength that added to damage if the 'to hit' bonus came from dex. But in the end decided it didn't really matter plus with Xanathar's Hexblades could use Charisma as attack stat convinced t stick with the RAW. I just have a lot of really heavy doors to open or bandits leaders who want to arm wrestle for the parties life if they all dump strength lets them know how I feel about it. :) Use variant encumbrance rules and when PC slow down to 20’ speed and have to leave treasure behind they won’t dump STR anymore. The dumping of stats is due to array and point buy systems that encourage (demand) that.

Thursday, 8th March, 2018

  • 01:21 AM - Hriston quoted StormbringerAUS in post Spell Scrolls: How Many Mystic Ciphers Are There?
    If nothing else this has got a few of us thinking, though I suspect in my case I will just leave it as the 'hand wave'. Though each class having a cipher I may consider,which means a scroll would be only usable by a particular class as this does make sense to me. I even allow something like if the spell is on a characters spell list but the scroll is created by another class then an Arcana or relevant check could be made to use the scroll. This in my mind implies that the cipher for a spell is similar but not the same for each class but if you know the cipher for one you might be able to break it for another. My issue with that would be the extra step for the DM in deciding for which class the scroll is intended. In some cases it would be clear cut, like if it belonged to a specific NPC, but at other times a correct answer wouldn't be so apparent and becomes one more thing for the DM to determine. I didn't make this very clear I even thought that as I was writing it. I guess to me if say War...

Wednesday, 7th March, 2018

  • 09:50 AM - Dannyalcatraz quoted StormbringerAUS in post How many elves are too many elves?
    Having now read through all the posts and after long and dedicated study the answer to the question is clearly 11. My German friend agrees!
  • 04:56 AM - Hriston quoted StormbringerAUS in post Spell Scrolls: How Many Mystic Ciphers Are There?
    Agreed this is a good question if only from a theoretical point of view and gives us something to think about and discuss. One for each spell does not make sense at least to me as then a caster would have to know every cipher needed for their class. Well, it isn't inconceivable that an apprentice spellcaster has devoted many years of study to acquiring the means of unlocking all the mystic ciphers they may encounter in their career that apply to their class's spell list, so I included it because it's a relatively simple option conceptually and allows for different casting classes sharing some spells but not others. What I don't like about this option, though, is by tying the cipher to the individual spell it creates the odd situation that the spellcaster has learned the cipher without learning the only spell to which it pertains. That and the inordinate number of ciphers it would require to exist. I imagine, however, that a reasonable answer to the question asked by the OP may lie somewhere betw...

Monday, 19th February, 2018

  • 06:54 AM - doctorbadwolf quoted StormbringerAUS in post Paladin / Warlock Faith conflict query
    In my campaign, I would allow any multi classing, however the player needs to provide a good back story to why this is happening (from my experience they are clever people and can usually justify this). Doing it just for meta gaming reasons I do not like (a one level dip then change to get the savings throws for instance) does not justify it and I would not allow it, however so far players have always been able to find in game reasons in the character concept to do this. Why? Ultimately, a class is just a meta game construct players use to build a concept. If my player wants to play a character that is best represented by 2 levels of rogue and then all future levels in warlock, so what? If there is a concept being explored and mechanically represented, that’s all that matters.

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