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    Saturday, 5th January, 2019, 06:21 PM
    Pretty gamey, but I like movement speed/10 per hour.
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    Saturday, 5th January, 2019, 06:11 PM
    I am running a winter game, probably about halfway through. Some thoughts: Do not run it if your players like a sandbox environment. It very much needs players willing to follow the plot. The plot gets very confusing from the player perspective. It helps if your players are fine with having a meta-discussion from time to time explaining what is going on. If your players are not...
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    Monday, 24th December, 2018, 05:30 PM
    My games tend to roughly break down as: 25% combat planning 25% combat resolution 25% exploration 25% social
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Monday, 26th March, 2018

Sunday, 25th March, 2018

  • 05:17 AM - CubicsRube quoted Old One Eye in post Should D&D have more spells like Chromatic Orb ?
    I like that a fire themed spellcaster will have significantly different spells from a lightning themed, cold themed, etc. I think effects-based games where the flavor is layered on top of a generic base for spells/powers kind of cheapens what it means to have a theme to a PC. Even worse with spells/powers like the Orb where the decision is made at time of casting. Chromatic Orb is fine as one option but would not want a plethora of similar spells. That's a fine alternative as well, but 5e is really lacking in a balanced range of elemental spells. Compared with shadow of the demon lord, where there are entire schools devoted to air, water, etc as well as having advanced classes as aeromancers, hydromancers and the like. I would love to see an elementalist class where the subclass revolves around one of the elements, but i know this wont happen. i just want my frostball... :D
  • 05:00 AM - Elfcrusher quoted Old One Eye in post "Are the Authors of the Dungeon & Dragons Hardcover Adventures Blind to the Plight of DMs?"
    There are hundreds of free adventures on dmsguild. How is this niche not currently filled? There are entire free RPGs on the Internet, so clearly the niche for RPGs is already filled and there's no point in WotC trying to sell an RPG. Oh, wait....

Friday, 23rd March, 2018

  • 09:13 PM - DM Magic quoted Old One Eye in post I need more random tables!
    Factions Caravans Town Happenings Weather Cultural Events Ships on the Horizon Omens Troubles for Commoners Troubles for the Hoity Toity I went with factions! Thanks! :)
  • 03:22 AM - Ilbranteloth quoted Old One Eye in post "Are the Authors of the Dungeon & Dragons Hardcover Adventures Blind to the Plight of DMs?"
    The next time I get off my duff and run a normal campaign instead of the weird co-DM homebrew I've got going (different story), I will probably base it in the western Realms. Strip the time sensitive elements from the APs and just use them as the different things going on in the world. Whatever the PCs stumble across and choose to interact with will be the campaign. The APs give me tons of premade dungeons, NPCs, story hooks, and all. Doesn't the critical mass of using all the APs in tandem as "the Realms" basically meet your "norm" of an old school campaign? A campaign doesn't have to be homemade. Mine has been set in the Realms since '87 and has incorporated almost all of the published materials including novels. And it's not that the APs can't be used as part of a campaign. They just aren't designed that way inherently. I guess if I were to define it a bit differently, a sandbox is open exploration of the setting, and a campaign is open exploration of the story? That is, instead of ...

Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

  • 01:01 PM - lowkey13 quoted Old One Eye in post FLGS Stories- The Good, the Bad, and the Funny
    Early 2000s, I was going to a Magic tournament and got into a head on collision. Not wearing a seat belt, I shattered the windshield with my head. Concussions were not quite in the common knowledge at the time; I considered myself just dazed. And bleeding all over my head from a million tiny cuts. A buddy also goung to the tournament picked me up after the police/insurance/tow, and I signed up and got my sealed deck/boosters. So I was the crazy guy at the tourney, dazed from a concussion, and bleeding all over. Really hurt my game, and I lost in the first round or two. My buddy made it to the finals, so I hung around watching him. Really creeped out several people seeing my. I probably gave FLGS culture a bad name for attracting weirdos that day. That ... is dedication.

Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

  • 05:39 PM - Tony Vargas quoted Old One Eye in post "Are the Authors of the Dungeon & Dragons Hardcover Adventures Blind to the Plight of DMs?"
    Never had this problem with 4th Edition, even during Encounters. We had maps, tokens, full stat-blocks on the page, online tools, and,... Oh yeah! Dungeon magazine was still around, even if it was published exclusively online. Say what you want (because you will), but 4e made running and prep for DMs easy, fun, and satisfying. Best part of 4e, first thing to be forgotten. Oh well. Especially during encounters. Encounters adventures were these little magazine format things, like old modules, and dead easy to run. You could read the intro, read the 2-4 pages of a given encounter, and not even need to worry too much about what was between or coming up. Very linear, simplistic, scenarios. Brand-new players would sometimes step into the DM slot after only a season of play. But easy has it's downside, too. I did not run nearly as good game sessions when I was phoning it in after a long day at work or having run a different scenario for a different table for two hours already, right before, as...
  • 09:19 AM - CubicsRube quoted Old One Eye in post "Are the Authors of the Dungeon & Dragons Hardcover Adventures Blind to the Plight of DMs?"
    It always amazes me how often folks are concerned about the accessibility for new gamers. Perhaps the undue taint of shallowness leads me to only be concerned about my home game, but I do admire the concern so many have for openness of the hobby. On that note, itd be cool to see more aps with 5l6 pregen characters that can be used as npcs should the players choose not to use them. This can be great for new players as they can choose something done for them and specifically tailored and tied into the ap at hand, and they can provide great backup characters should the first characters...ahem....retire
  • 05:11 AM - MNblockhead quoted Old One Eye in post "Are the Authors of the Dungeon & Dragons Hardcover Adventures Blind to the Plight of DMs?"
    Does DMsguild not fill the niches for you? I've enjoyed all kinds of interesting gems from it. Albeit, there is a fair amount of wading through the drek. DMs Guild is good, but lots of new and even experienced players don't use it, either out of ignorance or dislike of digital media. New players, in particular, are not going to be comfortable wading through the sea of content in DM's Guild or DTRPG. I think that republishing AL material in biannual or annual hard-cover bound compilation of the "best" content, covering all four tiers. That would give more exposure to this great material for customers who primarily purchasae DnD content at FLGS and Amazon. I would also like to see more AL content readily available for purchase in the various VTTs (Fantasy Ground, Roll20, d20Pro), in DnD Beyond, and RealmWorks. Give FLGS coupons to give to those who buy the hardcover books to download some promo AL or Guild Adept material. Give FLGS a financial incentive to educate customers about DMs...
  • 12:28 AM - Eltab quoted Old One Eye in post "Are the Authors of the Dungeon & Dragons Hardcover Adventures Blind to the Plight of DMs?"
    If anything, there are too many hooks, and especially too many details. I just read through Tomb of Annihilation with an eye to copying the stuff I like, and returning the hard copy to the library. It's going to be cheaper to just buy my own book - but I don't want about half the book (the Tomb itself and its immediate environs).

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