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Wednesday, 18th April, 2018

  • 07:40 AM - Gavin O. quoted NumYummy94 in post Best Crit-Fisher Builds
    Along with what Gavin O. pointed out, I don't really see the point of having GWM. PAM already gives you a more reliable bonus attack, and with all of those smites and psychic damage, the -5/+10 isn't going to do a lot either. I'd also like to point out that the only weapon that works for both PAM and Elven Accuracy is a quarterstaff because Hex Warrior can't use two-handed weapons. Once you have the pact of the blade, you can manifest ANY melee weapon with your hex warrior feature and use Cha to attack with it, so you can you a glaive. That's why 3 levels of warlock is required for a build like this.

Wednesday, 11th April, 2018

  • 05:08 AM - Gavin O. quoted NumYummy94 in post Best Crit-Fisher Builds
    In my experience, 14 is a pretty average AC. Here are some preliminary numbers that I will leave you with while I go do my schoolwork. Odds of critting: Roll one dice, crit on a 20: 5% Roll one dice, crit on a 19: 10% Roll two dice, crit on a 20: 9.5% Two dice, crit on a 19: 19% Three dice, crit on a 20: 14.26% Three dice, crit on a 19: 27% With Elven accuracy, Advantage, and a +7 bonus to hit (+3 proficiency and +4 stat) we have a 97.3% chance to hit AC 14. Half-elf Sorcerer(2)/Warlock(3) (using EB+ quickened EB) using Hexblade’s Curse on a single target Odds of crit: 27% Crit damage: 2d10+7 = 18 Odds of hit (and not crit): 70% Normal Damage: 1d10+7 = 12.5 DPR (per blast) = 18*0.27 + 12*0.7 = 5.94+9.1 = 13.61 DPR (four blasts) = 54.44 Same calculations, this time without Hexblade curse: Odds of crit: 14.26% Crit damage: 2d10+4 = 15 Odds of hit (and not crit): 83.04% Normal Damage: 1d10+4 =9.5 DPR(per blast)= 2.139+7.8 = 9.939
  • 04:17 AM - Gavin O. quoted NumYummy94 in post Best Crit-Fisher Builds
    Can anyone do a mathematical breakdown of the different builds for damage outputs? I could but I would need a target AC. I don't have the DMG so I don't know what the average AC of a monster is at a certain level.
  • 01:09 AM - Gavin O. quoted NumYummy94 in post Best Crit-Fisher Builds
    Shadow Blade only has a range of Self. Plus, we're really only looking for things you can do by yourself. But I have a really good idea. Go Rogue 3, Arcane Trickster. Pick the Find Familiar spell. Your familiar can use the Help action every turn to give you advantage on one attack. At Rogue 4, pick up Elven Accuracy feat, and voila! You're crit-fishing at level 4, with Sneak Attack no less! And just keep building on it. Then go Rogue 4/Fighter Champion 3 or 5. If you only go 3 you get: a fighting style, action surge, and a 19-20 crit range. If you go 5 you also get: an ASI( I suggest Defensive Duelest for survivability, or Lucky to make SURE your attacks hit ), and an extra attack. At Rogue 7/Fighter3-5 get Shadow Blade. Or you can choose to Fighter 15 for crit 18-20 and Extra Attack(2). If you go Rogue 13/Fighter 3-5, you can use Mage Hand with a bonus action to give yourself advantage on all attacks against a single opponent for a turn. Alternatively, go to Fighter 11 and get ...

Tuesday, 10th April, 2018

  • 07:40 PM - Blue quoted NumYummy94 in post Best Crit-Fisher Builds
    Elven Accuracy only works with attacks that use DEX, INT, WIS, and CHA. Reckless Attack only works with attacks that use STR. And the whole build starts to fall apart without BOTH of those. I say just go Half-Orc Fighter 4 or 5/ Barbarian 3 or 4/ then Fighter the rest of the way. Check the date - Yunru wrote that back with the original, UA version of Elven accuracy that doesn't have that limitation. The UA was even linked a few posts in. So yes, today there is a limitation but back when this was written it worked just fine.

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