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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Dragonsong Member    João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brasil  
Hussar Member Hussar's Avatar  Fukuoka, JapanMaleOver 40
Mercador Member     MaleOver 40
Lancelot Member Lancelot's Avatar  Auckland, New Zealand  
Ashavan Member       
Ristamar Member    Pennsylvania  
RangerWickett Member RangerWickett's Avatar I'm the creator of ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution adventure path. I write, yo.Decatur, GAMale31-40
fobia Member       
Gradine Community Supporter Gradine's Avatar  Arcata, CA  
Rune Once A Fool Rune's Avatar  Berea, KYMale31-40
leogobsin Member       
Twiggly the Gnome Member Twiggly the Gnome's Avatar  Cave of KnowledgeMaleOver 40
Quartz Member   Looking for a casual, not hard-core game.AberdeenMaleOver 40
MichaelSomething Member   "That's very creative; NEVER DO IT AGAIN!" A DM's opinion on my roleplaying.Chester County, PennsylvaniaMale25-30
FitzTheRuke Member    Port Moody, BC, CanadaMaleOver 40
heretic888 Member heretic888's Avatar I have DM'd 4E off and on since it came out over 2 years ago, but don't get to play as often as I'd like.Port Saint Lucie 25-30
Scott DeWar Member   just how far does this rabbit hole go?Miscatonic U. professor of supernatural studies-Emeritus [Greater Nashville area, Tenn.]MaleOver 40
Grognerd Member   Just an old school gamer with some new school preferences!Cypress, TXMaleOver 40
TheSpriter1 Member       
Stormdale Member    NZ  
robus Member    South CarolinaMaleOver 40
Bradley Hindman Member   RPing in the Boulder area for 25 years.Longmont, ColoradoMaleOver 40
Saelorn Member    San Diego  
darkmoonrising Member       
timmy Member timmy's Avatar I play 3.5, GURPs, and The One Ring. My group is looking for more players in a 3.5 game.Milford, NHMaleOver 40
Garthanos Member    Lincoln, NebraskaMaleOver 40
BV210 Member    Edmond, OKMaleOver 40
_Yorick _ Member       
GuJiaXian Member   I'm a 30-something gamer always on the lookout for a solid roleplaying experience.Salt Lake City, UTMale31-40
Anselyn Member   Old school RPGer now mostly into narrative style games - e.g. ToC - rather than tactical challengesBA2 3QHMaleOver 40
Umbran Mod Squad Umbran's Avatar  Boston, MA  
Eric V Member     Male31-40
Binder Fred 3 rings to bind them all!   Experiences gamer looking for group or other gamers. All systems supported. :)Eastern Canada 31-40
smokerdragoon Member    Orange County, CAMaleOver 40
S'mon Member    London EnglandMaleOver 40
Targaled Member   Part-time D&D 3.5 DMThe Oasis  
MightyAtom Member       
tglassy Member       
Geoff Thirlwell Member       
lowkey13 Member   Citizen! You are not outnumbered. You are just in a target-rich environment.The Stately Pleasure Dome of Xanadu.  
Mike Bunting Member       
jerryrice4949 Member       
Survaein Thacein Member   Seeking local play testers for new tabletop systemOshkoshMale31-40
alienux Member   D&D 5E, in 2 groups.Beavercreek, OhioMaleOver 40
Mistwell Member Mistwell's Avatar  Van Nuys, CAMaleOver 40
iserith Member    Medellin, Colombia  
Alzrius The EN World kitten Alzrius's Avatar  eastern United StatesMale31-40
Jacob Lewis Member    San Antonio, TXMaleOver 40
Hutchimus Prime Member    Herkimer, NYMale31-40
Sacrosanct Member   Indie Game Designer/Publisher. Bushcrafter. Computer nerd. Military geekAloha, or Over 40
Arc_Flash Member    Chicago IllinoisMale19-24
Enkhidu Member    Dayton, OH  
Tormyr Member       
skinnydwarf Community Supporter   I've been playing RPGs on and off since I was thirteen. My favorite games are D&D and Battletech.Weymouth, MAMale31-40
Tellerian Hawke Member   Die Hard 3.0 / 3.5 PlayerWillip, FuryondyMaleOver 40
Jarrad Maiers Member       
SilentWolf Member    ItalyMale31-40
Prickly Pear Member   D&D 5ePort Melbourne, Australia Over 40
BookBarbarian Member   New 5e Player and DM Playing in LMoP, HotDQ, and Running OotAArizona, USAMale31-40
Inferno! Member Inferno!'s Avatar ! MaleOver 40
Numidius Member   Ibis, redibis. From BECMI in the eighties, all the way to DW recently.RomeMale 
TheZigZagist Member    Canada  
Rkuiper411 Member       
ko6ux Member    Corona, CA USAMale31-40
A Murder of Crows Member       
Trevor Tervo Member       
Greenstone.Walker Member     MaleOver 40
MindbendeR Member       
Oofta Community Supporter    Twin Cities, MNMaleOver 40
xanterra Member       
Morrus Frazzled Morrus's Avatar Tabletop RPGer, designer, reporter.IntrawebsMaleOver 40
MrPisster Member     Male25-30
darjr Eye see you little fishie darjr's Avatar I am a game master that likes all kinds of RPGS. I really enjoy living campaigns of many sorts andOmahaMaleOver 40
Joe Bosnak Member       
John Greenwall Member       
Tailspinner Member    MarylandMaleOver 40
Ovinomancer Member Ovinomancer's Avatar  Charleston, SC  
Hermes Barbosa Member       
patoace Member   Rancagua 31-40
mcpwiki Member       
The Big BZ Member    Dublin, Ireland  
iwarrior-poet Member    MassachusettsMaleOver 40
jfilesi Member    Dallas, TXMale 
vicberg Member       
Ancalagon Dusty Dragon Ancalagon's Avatar  Ottawa, Canada  
dguerrieri Member   Have played all versions of D&D, playing 4ED now. Favorite world is Greyhawk, but also playing LR as well.Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States Over 40
Badvoc Member    County Durham, UKMaleOver 40
Mavkatzer Member   I keep rules lite and loose. Except for the Rule of Fun, which I strictly enforce.Traverse City, Michigan, USAMaleOver 40
Southern Oracle Member Southern Oracle's Avatar Interested in online or local tabletop game, preferably weekly.TennesseeMaleOver 40
Ashrym Member       
paintphob Member       
Labman Member       
Reef Member       
KaptainRon Member    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  
Richard Silver Member       
nightspaladin Member       
doctheweasel Member       
Ovarwa Member    Sunnyvale, CAMale 
Vinicius Moura Member       
Number2323 Member   Part time GM. Full time GodFall River, MAMale19-24
Results 1 to 100 of 288586