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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Robert Kempfer Member       
The Human Target Member   I'm a Dungeon Master of 10 years or so currently running a 4E DnD game.Canton AreaMale25-30
andrewlichey Member       
skinnydwarf Community Supporter   I've been playing RPGs on and off since I was thirteen. My favorite games are D&D and Battletech.Weymouth, MAMale31-40
Greg K Member    Los Angeles, California  
Christo McGinn Member       
not-so-newguy Member    sf bay areaMaleOver 40
Hriston Member    Austin, TexasMaleOver 40
Tsuga C Member    Michigan, USA  
Gwarok Member       
Scooter Smith Member       
ad_hoc Member       
m00 Member       
hawkeyefan Member    New York 31-40
TheWriterFantastic™ Community Supporter TheWriterFantastic™'s Avatar  01915Male31-40
Fulgryn Member       
MPA2000 Member       
iserith Member    Medellin, Colombia  
BookBarbarian Member   New 5e Player and DM Playing in LMoP, HotDQ, and Running OotAArizona, USAMale31-40
Eluxis Member       
Keyframe18 Member     Male31-40
Nazjin Member       
Drakzar Member     Male25-30
R0NiN Member    GreeceMale 
Starfox Member   Role-playing in long campaigns. Casual boardgamer.LinköpingMaleOver 40
Stephen Williams1 Member       
Dan Goodchild Member    Niagara Falls, ONMale31-40
KenNYC Member   old outdated gamerNew YorkMale 
Sword of Spirit Member   A Wizard in Dragon's clothing   
Old Lancer Member   New gamer currently in one game Male19-24
Ovarwa Member    Sunnyvale, CAMale 
Rob Neill Member       
Andrew Webster Member       
Lucariell Member       
lkj Member       
Xohar17 Member    MexicoMale25-30
Flexor the Mighty! Member    St. Louis, MO  
Chaosmancer Member     Male25-30
AngryOgre Member     Male25-30
Valmarius Member   Eternal DM, currently hooked on D&D 5eAucklandMale25-30
Reef Member       
SubDude Member   Usually I have to be the DM....Houston, TexasMaleOver 40
Virginia Hillman Member       
ajanders Member   Baltimore, MD 31-40
chrisrtld Member   Melvindale Over 40
digitalelf Member    I live in a magical forest of silicon  
TwoSix Member   DM or playerLawrenceville, NJMale31-40
MaximusArael020 Member   New to D&D, and a new DM. Trying my best.South DakotaMale25-30
Tamara Member    Copenhagen Denmark  
mrrockitt Member    UKMaleOver 40
Skarsgard Member     FemaleOver 40
Meatpuppet Member       
hexgrid Member    Ann Arbor, MI  
Malshotfirst Member    Panama City, FlMale31-40
Zeddan Member    Texas  
Evan Franke Member       
Rupert Gilliand Member       
Lidgar Member       
pukunui Member pukunui's Avatar  New ZealandMale31-40
Morrus Frazzled Morrus's Avatar Tabletop RPGer, designer, reporter.IntrawebsMaleOver 40
Rugger Member Rugger's Avatar  Vermont, USA  
Madhashi3 Member       
Camilla Ottesen Member       
Neurotic Member Neurotic's Avatar  Zagreb, CroatiaMale31-40
squibbles Member   newb who enjoys sword and sorcery Male31-40
bayonetbrant Member    RaleighMaleOver 40
smokerdragoon Member    Orange County, CAMaleOver 40
Little Indian #5 Member    Muenster, Germany  
Scott McFarland Member       
jlocicero Member       
SmoothCriminal9100 Member       
Vexorg Member   5e DM. Kid-friendly environmentHanford Ca  
Jacob George Member       
intermedial Member    Toronto, CanadaMale25-30
Nilonym Member       
ShaneLeahy Member       
Bob Fanelli Member       
lowkey13 Member   Citizen! You are not outnumbered. You are just in a target-rich environment.The Stately Pleasure Dome of Xanadu.  
Shasarak Member    Auckland, New Zealand  
Nikolas Goll Member       
MwaO Member       
MillerKiller Member       
Troy70 Member Troy70's Avatar  Canton, Illinois, United StatesMaleOver 40
VLAD the Destroyer Member       
nosretepnod Member   D&D 5e player, fan of classical fantasy, futuristic fantasy, and historical fantasyProvo, UtahMale25-30
Turlogh Member    London, Ont., Canada  
vincegetorix Member       
crangelag Member    United KingdomMaleOver 40
Stef McCarter Member       
Gradine Community Supporter Gradine's Avatar  Arcata, CA  
MechaTarrasque Member    Austin, TXMaleOver 40
Arakasius Member   RPG & Strategy   
GreenKarl Member    Burien/West Seattle WAMaleOver 40
Twiggly the Gnome Member Twiggly the Gnome's Avatar  Cave of KnowledgeMaleOver 40
Sepulchrave II Member    Portland, OR  
Andrei Stoian Member       
Matthew Hein Member     Male 
Bradley Hindman Member   RPing in the Boulder area for 25 years.Longmont, ColoradoMaleOver 40
bethorprime Member     MaleOver 40
Ghal Maraz Member   Fantasy player near Bologna, Italy Male31-40
Results 1 to 100 of 285580