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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Paul Farquhar Member    Surrey, UK  
Yunru Member    Peasedown St JohnMale19-24
The Fighter-Cricket Member    Ger-Many  
Paul Leake II Member       
pnsvslkrs Member       
jedijon Member       
Marshall Brown1 Member       
Reynard Member   Writer and gamer.Southwestern ConnecticutMaleOver 40
Aldarc Member       
Tallifer Member   Playing 4th edition D&D in Pusan, KoreaPusan, KoreaMaleOver 40
AndromedaRPG Member   DnD 3.5, d20 Modern, Stargate SG-1 RPG, Silver Age Sentinels, Star Wars Revised.Somewhere in this universe.Male31-40
Darth Palpy Member    Provins, France  
Faenor Member       
Michael Jones2 Member       
Lwaxy Moderator-Class Vessel    GermanyFemaleOver 40
Riley37 Member   D&D 5E player, decades of other RPGingSan Mateo, California, USAMaleOver 40
pemerton Member       
Aguirre Melchiors Member       
marshall117 Member       
Dan Hernstedt Member       
Sadras Member    Cape TownMale31-40
Tim Couillard Member       
Dioltach Member    Earth That WasMale31-40
meverz Member    Sydney, NSWMale31-40
Azgulor Member    Pittsburgh areaMale31-40
FallenAkriel Member    Boucherville, Canada  
wulfgar22 Member   OSR & B/X, Dragon Age, HEx/Ubiquity, The One well as what's listed on the games I play.Bristol, UKMaleOver 40
Vostromo Member       
MToscan Member     Male31-40
Zipster Member    WVMale25-30
Scott McFarland Member       
KahlessNestor Member    Wheaton, ILMale31-40
JustinCase Member   Casual D&D gamer and noob DMNetherlandsMale31-40
William Lynn Member       
Dannyalcatraz Member Dannyalcatraz's Avatar  Planet Alcatraz & D/FWMaleOver 40
Ashran Firebrand Member       
Zhern Member       
Ovinomancer Member Ovinomancer's Avatar  Charleston, SC  
Capital_Q Member    Howell, MI  
Ath-kethin Elder Thing Ath-kethin's Avatar   Rather not say31-40
illithian Member       
Corrosive Member    Florida  
Ben Bundy Member       
KenNYC Member   old outdated gamerNew YorkMale 
Little Indian #5 Member    Muenster, Germany  
delericho Member delericho's Avatar I'm a long-time gamer, primarily interested in 5e and Pathfinder, although I'll play (almost) anything.Livingston, ScotlandMaleOver 40
The Big BZ Member    Dublin, Ireland  
indobson Member       
jontheman Member    UKMaleOver 40
tgmoore Member    United StatesMale31-40
Pinklight Member       
(un)reason Member (un)reason's Avatar     
Quickleaf Community Supporter Quickleaf's Avatar Hawaii, Honolulu, D&DHonolulu, HIMale31-40
schekker Member   Old D&D and Amber player, playing friendly games.WaalreMaleOver 40
Selganor Member Selganor's Avatar   Male31-40
Rich August Member       
WasabiPenguin Member       
Caliban Rules Monkey   Looking to join a 5e game in the Valley.Phoenix, ArizonaMale31-40
johnnymadre Member       
kai.bylicki Member       
Joseph Vito Member       
mfloyd3 Member    Staten Island  
Christopher Kay Member       
Genen Member       
fitsou01 Member       
John Lloyd1 Member       
dennis_johnjoe Member       
Miniature13 Member     Male31-40
cbwjm Member    Auckland  
pukunui Member pukunui's Avatar  New ZealandMale31-40
cryssis Community Supporter    Zaragoza, Spain  
HawaiiSteveO Member   Calgary AB 5E D&D DM and part time Pathfinder playerCalgaryMaleOver 40
dwayne Member dwayne's Avatar  Bartilsville, Oklahoma  
kiness Member   Memphis gamerBartlett, TN  
ccs Member   I've never found a game - RPG, miniatures, or board game I wasn't willing to try.NE Ohio, USAMaleOver 40
carborundum Member carborundum's Avatar Enthusiastic, long-time gamer, a story-pips-rules kinda guyNetherlandsMale31-40
Drakzar Member     Male25-30
SquareKnot Member    MarylandMaleOver 40
Takei Member   My gaming group plays a mixture of games in the Trollhättan/Vänersborg area. Right now (Sep '10) we're playing Reign with Mouseguard after that.Bengtsforsvägen 36, 416 71 Trollhättan Over 40
bitjunkie Community Supporter bitjunkie's Avatar  Delaware, USAMaleOver 40
Eubani Member   Hi I'm an avid roleplayer and hope to get to know more over time.SydneyMale31-40
Scott DeWar Member   just how far does this rabbit hole go?Miscatonic U. professor of supernatural studies-Emeritus [Greater Nashville area, Tenn.]MaleOver 40
clearstream Member   Games are my life-long passion: I've been designing and publishing them professionally for three decades.Right now I'm in Italy. Next year, probably Ireland.  
Bitbrain Member       
Ymdar Member Ymdar's Avatar  EU  
Steve Gorak Member       
97mg Member   Old school D&D player and builder of stuffMelbourne AustraliaMale31-40
Mallus Member   it's homage, satire and Grand Guignol!Philadelphia Over 40
SouthamptonGuild Member   Southampton based RoleplayerSouthampton UK 31-40
King Rollo Member   D&D all editionsItalyMale31-40
Joël Evangelista Member       
PeterFitz Member PeterFitz's Avatar  Christchurch, New ZealandMaleOver 40
Greg Benage Member    AtlantaMaleOver 40
ohokwy Member       
GrissTheGnome Member    Cedar Park Texas  
G.R. Member       
Lylandra Member     Female31-40
Lee Henderson1 Member       
Amaranthe Member       
Aaron Mikaere Member       
Results 1 to 100 of 285520