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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
silverhair2048 Member   Silverhaired Grouchy Old Fart Male 
Martin Isikke Member       
gideonpepys Member gideonpepys's Avatar  London, United Kingdom, United KingdomMaleOver 40
Davide Santini Member       
Achan hiArusa Member Achan hiArusa's Avatar Gamer and GM who prefers character development and plot overall, but isn't afraid to roll dice andCarcosa, Aldeberaan B 31-40
DEXTER_YY Member    Beijing, China, China  
chrisrtld Member   Melvindale Over 40
MillerKiller Member       
Graywolf-ELM Member Graywolf-ELM's Avatar  New Mexico  
Dragonball 777 Member       
Monayuris Member     Male31-40
Saelorn Member    San Diego  
Justice and Rule Member    Michigan  
CTurbo Member    NashvilleMale31-40
Xeterog Member   I'll play anythingTexasMaleOver 40
Fynn PH Member       
Rhylthar Member     Male 
Quickleaf Community Supporter Quickleaf's Avatar Hawaii, Honolulu, D&DHonolulu, HIMale31-40
bob the happy zombie Member    Sunny southMale31-40
Karma Kollapse Member    BrightonMale31-40
marchingpig Member       
kerouac Member       
Al'Kelhar Member   Mature gamer in his early 40s seeks companions with homicidal tendencies to kill things and take theCanberra, AustraliaMaleOver 40
Dan Magee Member       
VoidAdept Member VoidAdept's Avatar     
heretic888 Member heretic888's Avatar I have DM'd 4E off and on since it came out over 2 years ago, but don't get to play as often as I'd like.Port Saint Lucie 25-30
thekittenhugs Member       
Staffan Member    Lund, Sweden  
Kurzio Member   Looking for gamespluwiger str. 2 54295 trier 19-24
R_Chance Member       
Jason Heart Member       
24Fanatic365 Member       
97mg Member   Old school D&D player and builder of stuffMelbourne AustraliaMale31-40
Staccat0 Member   Started with 2e, played a little 3e, left @ 3.5e, bought books but never played 4e & podcasting 5eAustin, TXMale25-30
Arial Black Member   Be Pure, Be Vigilant, Behave!Leeds, England, United Kingdom (near Europe)MaleOver 40
MrPunch Member    City of Angels  
Joseph Updegraff Member       
Brotton Goodfellow Member   DM'ing or playing a character. It doesn't matter, as long as I'm playing the game.British ColumbiaMale31-40
Fradak Member     Male31-40
not-so-newguy Member    sf bay areaMaleOver 40
Alex Hartzell Member       
Ahmed Ali Aljabry Member       
LuisCarlos17f Member LuisCarlos17f's Avatar   MaleOver 40
KenNYC Member   old outdated gamerNew YorkMale 
NuffSaid15 Member       
mewzard Member   Pathfinder fan, nerdy, enjoy both silly and serious games, but full on groups for now. Male25-30
Bistaeos Member       
Jacob Sattinger Member       
Ogre Mage Member Ogre Mage's Avatar  Washington State, USA  
Ed Kearns Member       
Faenor Member       
LostWormOnItsWayHome Member       
Tyroanvar Member    PolskaMale31-40
Juanolas Bolio Ponce Member       
James Bayhylle Member       
Fumitai Member     Male25-30
jmucchiello Community Supporter   Father of a young child with no time on his hands looking for game with folks who understand missedCentral, NJ, USAMaleOver 40
petrikano Member       
Shadowdweller00 Member      31-40
fuindordm Member fuindordm's Avatar  Paris, FRANCEMaleOver 40
Inkatha Mu Member       
TheProfessionalBob Member       
Andrea Rocci Member       
Traveller Member   old time player (since the blue-cover basic); play 3.5DD and D20 Traveller.Haifa Israel Over 40
Aephix Member       
Jordan Gaskamp1 Member       
Dausuul Member    Indiana  
TarragonVix Member       
AmerginLiath Member AmerginLiath's Avatar  Maple Shade, NJ USAMale31-40
T0kume1 Member       
Fanatical_Befriender Member       
Volund Member   D&D 5eCentral OhioMaleOver 40
Theodore Andrew Jack Member       
Lord Mhoram Member Lord Mhoram's Avatar HERO, WOIN fan.UtahMaleOver 40
llyandril Member       
TheSword Member       
Rhiarion Member       
5ekyu Member       
Jack99 Member Jack99's Avatar DM for more than 20 years, DM'ing a weekly Next campaign. Would love to be a player once in a while.CopenhagenMale31-40
Paul Willemse Member       
Nod_Hero Member   Just a guy...FloridaMaleOver 40
MindbendeR Member       
rattslinger Member     Male31-40
jonathonhawke Member    Hollister, CAMaleOver 40
Boddha Member Boddha's Avatar  Australia  
Malshotfirst Member    Panama City, FlMale31-40
Harmeshver Singh Member       
gargoyleking Member       
Dannyalcatraz Member Dannyalcatraz's Avatar  Planet Alcatraz & D/FWMaleOver 40
Dire Bare Member Dire Bare's Avatar Enjoying D&D 5th Edition!Boise, IdahoMaleOver 40
marshuni Member       
Toyon Member   Play 4e once a week with a group, may be open for more. Interested in trying pathfinder.santa cruz, ca Over 40
jose aestruli Member       
Colin Robinson Member       
Kobold Stew Community Supporter Kobold Stew's Avatar  Funcouver  
the Jester Member the Jester's Avatar I'm a long-time hard-core high-lethality DM. BAM.Shingletown, CA 96088 31-40
Sylvar B. Member   C'es moi, mon amiBidness, NunyaMale31-40
philipstephen Member   I am actually playtesting a fantasy rpg of my own creation.1928 e 11th ave, vancouver, bc, v5n 1z2Male31-40
Ganymede81 Member       
Paul Yakesch Member       
Results 1 to 100 of 277141