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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Finglas Member    New JerseyMale 
RhaezDaevan Member   Not sure what to put in here...CanadaMale25-30
Elfcrusher Member   RPGT: Roleplaying Game TheoristBoston  
ZiplinePatrol Member       
KaptainRon Member    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  
Hriston Member    Austin, TexasMaleOver 40
Morrus Frazzled Morrus's Avatar Tabletop RPGer, designer, reporter.IntrawebsMaleOver 40
jeremypowell Member   DnD 5e Realms; The Dark Eye; The One RingProvidence RIMale31-40
Zogmo Member Zogmo's Avatar  Kalifornia  
grayseer Member       
Inglorin Member    Düsseldorf, Germany  
Stalker0 Member    Atlanta, GA  
VLAD the Destroyer Member       
not-so-newguy Member    sf bay areaMaleOver 40
Kobold Stew Community Supporter Kobold Stew's Avatar  Athens  
Gradine Community Supporter Gradine's Avatar  Arcata, CA  
Lukas Oskarsson Member       
blaise hebert Member       
jmucchiello Community Supporter   Father of a young child with no time on his hands looking for game with folks who understand missedCentral, NJ, USAMaleOver 40
ehren37 Member       
Southern Oracle Member Southern Oracle's Avatar Interested in online or local tabletop game, preferably weekly.TennesseeMaleOver 40
Scary Member   Hello everyone, D&D playerRed Deer, Alberta, CanadaMaleOver 40
StarFyre Member       
geoffgill Member       
lowkey13 Member   Citizen! You are not outnumbered. You are just in a target-rich environment.The Stately Pleasure Dome of Xanadu.  
Devilbass Member   Pathfinder Player and DM, Alternity is a guilty pleasureCanadaMale25-30
Kalle Henricson Member       
guilhermequintella Member       
TigerStripedDog Member   Father, Physician, DMIllinois 31-40
Stan Shinn Member    801 Appalachian Drive, Wylie, TXMaleOver 40
Brandon Tomlinson Member       
Netwatcher Member    Madrid, IAMaleOver 40
5ekyu Member       
DocSER Member       
Immoralkickass Member     Male25-30
Yipe Member       
Wiseblood Member   Mywife and I are looking for a new group. Ours is moving out of state.Grayson Valley area north of BirminghamMale31-40
Hammerskeelp Member       
Wraith Form Member Wraith Form's Avatar Maturity, focus on exploration, politics and interaction rather than exclusively "killing stuff and taking their loot". Influences: RE Howard, HP Lovecraft, F Lieber, (oddly) Ed Greenwood.Webster 31-40
The Big BZ Member    Dublin, Ireland  
Satyrn Member   Hello!   
Blue Member Blue's Avatar I like heavy RP, shades of gray campaigns, both to run and play in.Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 Over 40
Roman Ryder Member       
Rabulias Member Rabulias's Avatar Currently closedFairfax VAMaleOver 40
mikebr99 Member    The County, ON, Canada  
clearstream Member   Games are my life-long passion: I've been designing and publishing them professionally for three decades.Right now I'm in Italy. Next year, probably Ireland.  
Infernal Teddy Member    Münster, GermanyMale 
msmaenza Member    Chicago, ILMaleOver 40
CleverNickName Member CleverNickName's Avatar Proudly playing 3.5E and BECMI.Boulder, COMaleOver 40
TerraDave 5ever TerraDave's Avatar Veteran group looking for a player for new 5E gameA Nation's CapitolMaleOver 40
Tormyr Member       
Bill Winski Member       
Slink RatBane Member Slink RatBane's Avatar  Orange County, CA, USAMale 
Mort Community Supporter   Happily DMing in ChicagoChicago, ILMale31-40
Craig Silvey Member       
Sadras Member    Cape TownMaleOver 40
Trastone Member       
Ancalagon Dusty Dragon Ancalagon's Avatar  Ottawa, Canada  
Garthanos Member    Lincoln, NebraskaMaleOver 40
Ramaster Member    I'm not giving my address to a machine!Male25-30
Ralif Redhammer Member       
Ashrym Member       
Scott Eck Member       
Nutation Member    Orange County, CA  
demadog Member       
gargoyleking Member       
Ghost2020 Member       
Mistwell Member Mistwell's Avatar  Van Nuys, CAMaleOver 40
SolidPlatonic Member       
trulija Member       
Arcoven Member       
Eric Visger Member       
ChapolimX Member     Male 
Mutant Lord Member Mutant Lord's Avatar  Kamloops, B.C. CanadaMale 
Seif Mowafi Member       
WaterRabbit Member    Las Cruces, NM  
DnDBeyond Member       
gideonpepys Member gideonpepys's Avatar  London, United Kingdom, United KingdomMaleOver 40
Greenmtn Member    VermontMale31-40
BlivetWidget Member       
Saracenus Member Saracenus's Avatar  Portland, ORMale 
Karsten Birk Member       
Darkstar360 Member     Male31-40
Wee Todd Member       
Desrimal Member    DenmarkMale31-40
mdusty Member   5e Zeitgeist?West SeattleMale31-40
darjr Eye see you little fishie darjr's Avatar I am a game master that likes all kinds of RPGS. I really enjoy living campaigns of many sorts andOmahaMaleOver 40
Hjorimir Member Hjorimir's Avatar  San Diego, CA  
Asgorath Member       
Greg K Member    Los Angeles, California  
Andrew Moreton Member       
LordEntrails Member   Lord EntrailsOnline  
DaveMage Slumbering in Tsar DaveMage's Avatar  Gainesville, FLMaleOver 40
Doug Chatsick Member       
delericho Member delericho's Avatar I'm a long-time gamer, primarily interested in 5e and Pathfinder, although I'll play (almost) anything.Livingston, ScotlandMaleOver 40
Steven Gignac Member       
mortwatcher Member       
Dioltach Member    Earth That WasMale31-40
Crioni Member    New York (Not the city)  
Hygelak Member    United States  
Results 1 to 100 of 293500