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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Tiles Member   Podcast 5e dad -Minneapolis MnMaleOver 40
SkidAce Member SkidAce's Avatar Played all versions of DnD since 1981. Mostly DM. Travel a lot due to military, so not as activeHampton, VAMaleOver 40
xanstin Member       
cbwjm Member    Auckland  
VLAD the Destroyer Member       
TheCosmicKid Member   28 yrs old. I like D&D 3E-4E inclusive and FATE, and favor lighthearted games with good characters.Omaha, NEMale25-30
war_on_sunshine Member       
sickounet Member       
DMZ2112 Chaotic Looseleaf DMZ2112's Avatar 27-yr DM ISO chat, pbp, or pbem playing opportunities and players for weekly short gameSE PA, USAMale31-40
Langland Member       
dammitdaev Member       
Aldarc Member       
cmad1977 Member       
Dannyalcatraz Member Dannyalcatraz's Avatar  Planet Alcatraz & D/FWMaleOver 40
ishtarre Member       
Hutchimus Prime Member    Herkimer, NYMale31-40
NecrodemusTDO Member       
bedir than Member bedir than's Avatar  Renton, Washington, United StatesMaleOver 40
Demetrios1453 Member    Phoenix, AZ  
Gilwen Member   Standard geek love all things related to gaming, technology, and paintballFt Collins, COMale31-40
Azzy Member Azzy's Avatar  St.Aug, FLMale31-40
Lancelot Member Lancelot's Avatar  Auckland, New Zealand  
repti99 Member       
Charlaquin Member    OzRather not say19-24
PMárk Member     Male25-30
Ilbranteloth Member   DMing in the Forgotten Realms since 1987Canton, CTMaleOver 40
runarorama Member       
TempestLOB Member       
Oofta Community Supporter    Twin Cities, MNMaleOver 40
dumdragon Member       
Aerris Member     MaleOver 40
vpuigdoller Member     Male31-40
Kobold Avenger Member Kobold Avenger's Avatar  Canada  
Parmandur Member       
rookrock Member     Male31-40
Kramodlog Member    LimboMale31-40
Rick Meredith Member       
Mordorandor Member       
ssvegeta555 Member     Male25-30
StormbringerAUS Member   D&D DM and playerCanberra, AustraliaMaleOver 40
Ercsmith Member     MaleOver 40
jboud045 Member    Canada  
A Stray Cat Member    United StatesMaleOver 40
Steadfast1 Member   Gamer since '83FloridaMale 
Daniel Sargeant Member       
redraider629 Member   An Episcopal priest who likes games. Male31-40
Birmy Member       
MechaPilot Member    MichiganFemale31-40
mach1.9pants Community Supporter mach1.9pants's Avatar  NZMaleOver 40
iserith Member    Medellin, Colombia  
ChapolimX Member     Male 
SAVeira Member    Canada  
RealmSmith Member    Milton, ON Canada  
thundershot Member thundershot's Avatar My wife and I are casual gamers with two kids (2 year old and newborn) and would like to play someMineral Ridge, Ohio, United StatesMale31-40
Steve Keith Member       
cooperjer Member   I play Dungeons and Dragons 5ed. I've play many different RPGs.Milwaukee, WIMale31-40
bassplayerspj Member   Player and DM for over 13 years   
red right hand Member       
Valerie Chai Member       
Charles Chapman Member       
Polyhedral Columbia Member   I want to learn how to play whatever TRPGs are being played in the Colombia County, N.Y. vicinity.Ghent, N.Y.MaleOver 40
afdarcy Member       
AmerginLiath Member AmerginLiath's Avatar  Maple Shade, NJ USAMale31-40
Arilyn Member   My preferences are Fate, 13th Age, Firefly and Ars MagicaNorthern BC, CanadaFemaleOver 40
Jer Member    Columbus, OH, USA  
Shayuri Member   Big on RP and tactics.Minneapolis, MNMaleOver 40
Dwayne Beardman Member       
jerryrice4949 Member       
evildmguy Member   I prefer story more than combat but strive to have a balance of the two. I like to create a fun environment where I can entertain some people for a few hours each week. West Des Moines 31-40
ccs Member   I've never found a game - RPG, miniatures, or board game I wasn't willing to try.NE Ohio, USAMaleOver 40
Greatwyrm Swedish Murder Machine Greatwyrm's Avatar I like to play and DM. I prefer some systems over others, but I just want to see everyone have fun.Menominee, MIMale31-40
Mortellan Member Mortellan's Avatar  Ullinois  
Warpiglet Member    MidwestMaleOver 40
Ovinomancer Member Ovinomancer's Avatar  Charleston, SC  
Greenstone.Walker Member     MaleOver 40
gyor Member   All for one and one for all Male25-30
Sad day Boys Member       
Manbearcat Member    FLMale 
cogrognard Member      Over 40
AussieSnipesS Member    AustraliaRather not say19-24
serch Member   Hello! I'm an old grognard who has been playing D&D and RPGs for a long time. I moved back from Madrid, where I studied, to Cadiz, my hometown, and lose my group in the process. If anyone is interested...cádiz 31-40
MoonSong Member   Need a band-aid? I've got some duct tapeIn the heart of the moon  
Frakir Member       
BluSponge Member    Dallas, TXMaleOver 40
shawnellsworth Member   I'm the co-founder of Tribality.comToronto, ON  
Wefferson David Member       
Slamm-O Member    TamaniaMale31-40
pkt77242 Member       
dekrass Member    KYMale25-30
dpr76 Member       
Matthew Bernardin Member       
neogod22 Member       
Hriston Member    Austin, TexasMaleOver 40
Jamie Holder Member       
aaronbre Member       
Waterbizkit Member    Eastern Seaboard, USAMale31-40
L R Ballard Member     Male 
Thanriyon Member       
MadiBarrel Member   yo im new to dnd.australiaFemaleUnder-18
Chaderick Member       
Results 1 to 100 of 281183