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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Meatpuppet Member       
Albert Allan Member       
Ath-kethin Elder Thing Ath-kethin's Avatar   Rather not say31-40
cmad1977 Member       
CleverNickName Member CleverNickName's Avatar Proudly playing 3.5E and BECMI.Boulder, COMaleOver 40
GuyLomBard-O Member   5EFabu-lostCity  
SkidAce Member SkidAce's Avatar Played all versions of DnD since 1981. Mostly DM. Travel a lot due to military, so not as activeHampton, VAMaleOver 40
R_J_K75 Member      Over 40
maxed Member   I've been playing Dnd for 20+ years. I'd like to find a casual 4e game in the Oakland area.Monmouth, ORMaleOver 40
Fellentos Member   I love RPG's, like Baldur's Gate 2 and Planescape Torment, as well as sci-fi games like Wing Commander. Just started with D&D 5eLeidenMale31-40
epithet Member    Houston, TexasMaleOver 40
Osgood Member    Columbus, OHMaleOver 40
Elfcrusher Member   RPGT: Roleplaying Game TheoristBoston  
André Soares Member       
Gradine Community Supporter Gradine's Avatar  Arcata, CA  
Hriston Member    Austin, TexasMaleOver 40
Azurewraith Member       
Sithikurro Member    Poland 31-40
dekrass Member    KYMale25-30
camelotcrusade Member    Wilder, KyMale31-40
Loneshark707 Member    Arvada, Colorado, United States  
Ovinomancer Member Ovinomancer's Avatar  Charleston, SC  
Laurefindel Member   RPG, LEGO and Showbiz! Oh my!somewhere in Canada...Male 
Enkhidu Member    Dayton, OH  
MonkeezOnFire Member   Newbie DM, undergrad student, wannabe game designer, Hero of Moga VillageCanadaMale19-24
Garthanos Member    Lincoln, NebraskaMaleOver 40
gyor Member   All for one and one for all Male25-30
theoysterking Member       
darjr Eye see you little fishie darjr's Avatar I am a game master that likes all kinds of RPGS. I really enjoy living campaigns of many sorts andOmahaMaleOver 40
Mking2287 Member   Onward to glory!Johnston RI  
scruffygrognard Member   Long-time gamer who still feels the love for all things geeky!Staten Island, NYMaleOver 40
SolitonMan Member SolitonMan's Avatar Looking for a 3.5 or Pathfinder gameBellefonte, PA 16823MaleOver 40
Benjamin Blakely Member       
ZenBear Member     Male25-30
Sean Dunbar Member       
ShadoWWW Member     Male25-30
Don MacIntyre Member       
5ekyu Member       
iwarrior-poet Member    MassachusettsMaleOver 40
The Big BZ Member    Dublin, Ireland  
Brrendon003214 Member       
Droch24 Member     Male19-24
DaveMage Slumbering in Tsar DaveMage's Avatar  Gainesville, FLMaleOver 40
TwoSix Member   DM or playerLawrenceville, NJMale31-40
shawnellsworth Member   I'm the co-founder of Tribality.comToronto, ON  
Axiie Member Axiie's Avatar A UK based RPG gamer, willing to try anything once, everything twice and the most fun constantly. Male25-30
Jester David Member   I've been gaming for over half my life, since junior high.EdmontonMale31-40
emssmiley2002 Member    Jackson,MS areaMale31-40
Dioltach Member    Earth That WasMale31-40
Charles Rampant Member Charles Rampant's Avatar Glasgow, UK, Wargamer, GUGSGlasgow, UKMale25-30
Gino Gijs Member       
Mike Thomas Member       
Giltonio_Santos Member Giltonio_Santos's Avatar  Belo Horizonte, Brazil  
jreyst Member    MaleOver 40
Voadam Member   Fairfax Over 40
TheObserver Member   Gamer in Tacoma, WA, Starting a Pathfinder game set in the Forgotten Realms.1315 134th ST. S Tacoma, WA 98444Male31-40
hero4hire Member hero4hire's Avatar Gaming since I was Eight!Syracuse, NYMaleOver 40
Rune Once A Fool Rune's Avatar  Berea, KYMale31-40
meien Member   Started in the 3.5 era but have played lots of other games.MichiganMale25-30
Bill Stilson Member       
Morrus Frazzled Morrus's Avatar Tabletop RPGer, designer, reporter.IntrawebsMaleOver 40
SHAFFSTER Member     Male19-24
Neurotic Member Neurotic's Avatar  Zagreb, CroatiaMale31-40
Tiles Member   Podcast 5e dad -Minneapolis MnMaleOver 40
Fauchard1520 Member   Game designer, arts advocate, and tabletop geek. Writer of the Handbook of Heroes webcomic:, WYMale31-40
Southern Oracle Member Southern Oracle's Avatar Interested in online or local tabletop game, preferably weekly.TennesseeMaleOver 40
robus Member    South CarolinaMaleOver 40
Paul Masao Wisham Member       
JustinCase Member   Casual D&D gamer and noob DMNetherlandsMale31-40
Happy Funball Member   I mostly run games (currently M&M) and I am not currently seeking anything. This just looked kind of cool.Omaha 31-40
Bill Winski Member       
tglassy Member       
an_idol_mind Member     Male31-40
billd91 Pathfinder subscriber billd91's Avatar  Verona, WIMaleOver 40
belphanor Member       
SirGrotius Member    Bucks County PAMale31-40
IAmSancho Member       
msmaenza Member    Chicago, ILMaleOver 40
Baron Grim Member       
iserith Member    Medellin, Colombia  
vincegetorix Member       
GreenKarl Member    Burien/West Seattle WAMaleOver 40
basaipete Member       
Ralif Redhammer Member       
Sandor78 Member     Male31-40
dbm Member       
Oryan77 Member Oryan77's Avatar 3.5/Pathfinder DM looking for easy going players.Fremont, CaliforniaMale31-40
Greg K Member    Los Angeles, California  
Full Bleed Member   Oldskool, laid-back, and focused on the suspension of disbelief.West Palm BeachMale31-40
Fallenknight86 Member   I like playing spell casters MaleOver 40
AriochQ Member    Central Illinois  
coldermoss Member       
Pagansexy Member       
Bercilak Member       
SarahNewton Member   RPG and fiction writer.FranceFemaleOver 40
mattkorz Member     Male25-30
MisterTempo Member       
FrogReaver Member       
gargoyleking Member       
ArwensDaughter Member     Female 
Results 1 to 100 of 290277