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Members of The Tortuga Tavern

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
hawkeyefan Member    New York 31-40
Mrpereira Member   Veteran gamer, enjoying gaming life with friendsKongens Lyngby, DenmarkMaleOver 40
5ekyu Member       
mfloyd3 Member    Staten Island  
Michael Ramsey Member   Flexible player/GMElizabeth City, NCMale31-40
Malikai2000 Member    KC, MO  
jasper Member jasper's Avatar like d&D and xboxmontgomery al Over 40
lyle.spade Member    Tucson, AZMale 
DonT Member    Hillsdale, MIMaleOver 40
dave2008 Member   architect of the godsOhio, USAMaleOver 40
Arial Black Member   Be Pure, Be Vigilant, Behave!Leeds, England, United Kingdom (near Europe)MaleOver 40
JediSoth Member JediSoth's Avatar Southside Indianapolis - Fantasy & Sci-Fi RPGsSouthport, INMaleOver 40
Polyhedral Columbia Member   I want to learn how to play whatever TRPGs are being played in the Colombia County, N.Y. vicinity.Ghent, N.Y.MaleOver 40
archmage_variel Member       
Janx Member       
Jacob Lewis Member    San Antonio, TXMaleOver 40
Trent Iser Member       
Xetheral Member       
Ethan2 Member       
kaikiku Member       
Gamegasm Member   5eWilmingtonMaleOver 40
talien Community Supporter talien's Avatar  Fairfield, CTMaleOver 40
Cergorach The Laughing One Cergorach's Avatar  Zeewolde, The Netherlands  
Obvious_Ninja Member    In the shadow of a Magic Kingdom  
Jen Purrenhage Member       
Maxperson Member    Los Angeles, CAMale 
DragonLancer Member DragonLancer's Avatar Pathfinder homebrew. No powergaming.St. neots, cambridgeshireMale31-40
briansommers Member       
Ebon Shar Member Ebon Shar's Avatar  Bellingham, Washington, United StatesMaleOver 40
llergg Member       
The Big BZ Member    Dublin, Ireland  
ddaley Member    TexasRather not sayOver 40
LuisCarlos17f Member LuisCarlos17f's Avatar   MaleOver 40
Hriston Member    Austin, TexasMaleOver 40
Drake Stevenson Member       
Jer Member    Columbus, OH, USA  
Ristamar Member    Pennsylvania  
capnwalker68 Member       
Jester David Member   I've been gaming for over half my life, since junior high.EdmontonMale31-40
Dioltach Member    Earth That WasMale31-40
sim-h Member   London, UK based D&D and boardgamerLondon, UKMaleOver 40
lowkey13 Member   Citizen! You are not outnumbered. You are just in a target-rich environment.The Stately Pleasure Dome of Xanadu.  
slippyshuffles Member       
Eminence_Grise Member    LavalMale31-40
Lieslo Member       
Roman Ryder Member       
pogre Member pogre's Avatar Interested in playing or DMing a new group.Mahomet, IllinoisMaleOver 40
TrippyHippy Member       
meverz Member    Sydney, NSWMale31-40
benensky Member   51 years old, 4E Eberron and RPGA player and DM. Have an Eberron home game I run.91 Sunrise Drive, Pottstown, PA 19464-5017MaleOver 40
ShadoWWW Member     Male25-30
Thistonius Member   Ellesmere PortMale31-40
Nerditorium Member   Collector of RPGs, video games, movies, anime, comic books, and memorbiliaRomero CountryMale31-40
Mustrum_Ridcully Member Mustrum_Ridcully's Avatar I have no problem trying out new games. I like games with a strong focus on the "game" part.OldenburgMale31-40
Laniarty Member       
Norts Member       
Jay Verkuilen Member       
mattkorz Member     Male25-30
BluejayJunior Member     Male25-30
Eilathen Member       
clumsta Member       
perikito Member       
Maggan Member Maggan's Avatar  Sweden Over 40
guachi Member    Augusta, GAMale31-40
peponf Member       
Reynard Member   Writer and gamer.Southwestern ConnecticutMaleOver 40
Capital_Q Member    Howell, MI  
Boddha Member Boddha's Avatar  Australia  
Ickam Member       
RPWT Member       
Chucklesnj Member       
monsmord Member   New to Newfoundland!St. John's, NLMaleOver 40
Tailspinner Member    MarylandMaleOver 40
BoneMan Member    IndianapolisMaleOver 40
jonesy Member jonesy's Avatar  Helsinki, FinlandMale31-40
aekschnhaeld Member       
R.C, Jr Member   D&D shaped who I am: a D&D 3.5 loyalist and Pathfinder EnthusiastMontreal, QuebecMale25-30
Aldarc Member       
M.T. Black Member M.T. Black's Avatar  Sydney, Australia, AustraliaMale 
Finglas Member    New JerseyMale 
apoapostolov Member       
Larrin Member       
danir Member   blahIsrael 31-40
V!king Member   D&D; boardgames; RPGs Male25-30
Sepulchrave II Member    Portland, OR  
FeelingBlue Member       
Weird Dave Member    St. Paul, MNMale31-40
scranford Member   RPG's for over 30 Years. Currently playing Pathfinder, CofC, Power of 12...but many more availableTitusville Over 40
Rune Once A Fool Rune's Avatar  Berea, KYMale31-40
firebeetle71 Member       
Michael Silverbane Member   Columbia, MO 31-40
Celebrim Member    Colombus, OHMaleOver 40
Nooziergg Member       
machineelf Member   DMing 5th ed. in North Central FloridaGainesville, FloridaMale31-40
Jake Eden Member       
RealmSmith Member    Milton, ON Canada  
OB1 Member    SoCalMale31-40
tardigrade Member   Used to DM 2e, CoC, Paranoia, now trying to learn how to play (and DM) 5e.SurreyRather not say31-40
bruno71 Member       
JRedmond Member       
Results 1 to 100 of 288546