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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Majinine Member   Like Einstein said: If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be very intelligent, read them more fairy tales.Alameda CAMaleOver 40
Morrus Frazzled Morrus's Avatar Tabletop RPGer, designer, reporter.IntrawebsMaleOver 40
Martin Isikke1 Member       
Staffan Member    Lund, Sweden  
Leatherhead Member Leatherhead's Avatar  Sacramento California  
Redbadge Member    Destin, FL  
tglassy Member       
vpuigdoller Member     Male31-40
Azzy Member Azzy's Avatar  St.Aug, FLMale31-40
ChapolimX Member     Male 
FitzTheRuke Member    Port Moody, BC, CanadaMaleOver 40
coz Member    Rochester NYMale31-40
silverhair2048 Member   Silverhaired Grouchy Old Fart Male 
Dire Bare Member Dire Bare's Avatar Enjoying D&D 5th Edition!Boise, IdahoMaleOver 40
Boddha Member Boddha's Avatar  Australia  
Odysseus Member Odysseus's Avatar Looking for a game, were always on the look out for new players, If your nterested in a fun friendly game, get in touch.niverville new york 12130MaleOver 40
Chad Hooper Member   Old DM Running Meat-space AD&D2E, group currently fullSparks, NVMaleOver 40
ad_hoc Member       
DaveMage Slumbering in Tsar DaveMage's Avatar  Gainesville, FLMaleOver 40
NuffSaid15 Member       
Sion Melligan Member       
Chase Powers Member       
DAP90 Member    Denver, COMaleOver 40
pkt77242 Member       
Invisible Stalker Member Invisible Stalker's Avatar D&D 1E, 5E, M&MMahomet, ILMaleOver 40
volcanogod407 Member       
Seth Westcott Member       
hsojrue Member   Looking for any kind of gaming out here (as long as it isn't video games)OdessaMale31-40
Brainwatch Member    Gastonia, NCMaleOver 40
Carter Holland Member       
neogod22 Member       
The Grassy Gnoll Member   Bournemouth based, D&D (5E/AD&D/BECMI), Dragon Warriors...DorsetMaleOver 40
scruffygrognard Member   Long-time gamer who still feels the love for all things geeky!Staten Island, NYMaleOver 40
Bitbrain Member       
Asgorath Member       
AmerAQT Member       
vecna00 Member    ChicagoMale31-40
MechaPilot Member    MichiganFemale31-40
Waterbizkit Member    Eastern Seaboard, USAMale31-40
BoldItalic Member    United KingdomMale 
Searinox Nagharha Member    In my Armory, Protecting my Weed.Male25-30
Neurotic Member Neurotic's Avatar  Zagreb, CroatiaMale31-40
Patrick McGill Member Patrick McGill's Avatar Lexington, KY Native into all things DnD!Lexington, Kentucky, United StatesMale25-30
pdimens Member   New DMOcean Springs, MSMale25-30
auspexRex Member     Male31-40
nicolas.carrillos Member   Fan of Eberron and DnD 5eBogota, Colombia 31-40
Olaf the Stout Member   D&D 3.5E - Currently playing through the Shackled City Adventure PathCraigmore, South AustraliaMale25-30
Slink RatBane Member Slink RatBane's Avatar  Orange County, CA, USAMale 
Tecklenburg Member    Orlando, FLMale31-40
dinosaurform Member       
Parmandur Member       
Eduardo Prado Member       
user1name11 Member   First Time DMUSAMaleUnder-18
mshea Member       
Kobold Avenger Member Kobold Avenger's Avatar  Canada  
Jessica Noble Member       
MoonSong Member   Need a band-aid? I've got some duct tapeIn the heart of the moon  
SuperTD Member     Male19-24
jodyjohnson Member jodyjohnson's Avatar D&D Player/DM building community in Lincoln, NELincoln, NE 68506MaleOver 40
m00 Member       
Cripes Member       
johnnymadre Member       
Sam Bell Member       
Gypsy Knights Games Member    Ringgold, GAMaleOver 40
BTsam Member       
Bigsta Member     Male 
hoptuppon1 Member       
quickenedsilver Member       
Dan Magee Member       
Alan de Souza Cunha Member       
numtini Member   02660FemaleOver 40
Electryc Member    Critwall  
Remathilis Member Remathilis's Avatar So you're opening the chest, right?Detroit, MIMale31-40
Ludd_G Member       
Umbran Mod Squad Umbran's Avatar  Boston, MA  
RevTurkey Member   I am on a computer therefore I amUKMale31-40
firstkyne Member   Experienced player and writer looking for a group.Winslow UKMale31-40
Hriston Member    Austin, TexasMaleOver 40
ChampionoftheTriad Member    Salem, ORMale31-40
TarmTheFool Member       
Rl'Halsinor Member    Southern New Jersey/Shore Area  
bgbarcus Member       
Reynard Member   Writer and gamer.Southwestern ConnecticutMaleOver 40
Fenhorn Member Fenhorn's Avatar  Sweden, by the large lake.MaleOver 40
iofiel Member       
Nickolaidas Member   D&D and PS4 nutcase, I am!Athens, GreeceMale31-40
DMZ2112 Chaotic Looseleaf DMZ2112's Avatar 27-yr DM ISO chat, pbp, or pbem playing opportunities and players for weekly short gameSE PA, USAMale31-40
Banerixat Member    OttawaMaleOver 40
FelixJ Member    GTA Ontario  
Jester David Member   I've been gaming for over half my life, since junior high.EdmontonMale31-40
Lylandra Member     Female31-40
abe ray Member abe ray's Avatar I like dnd!auburn WashingtonMale31-40
dryanhuston Member       
KentDT Member    Mikuni, JapanMaleOver 40
thekittenhugs Member       
michiguy Member       
GMforPowergamers Member    City of Sharn  
pming Member   whitehorse, YT, Canada Over 40
TregMallin Member       
Jo√£o Vitor Quirino Member       
Results 1 to 100 of 281150