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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Morrus Frazzled Morrus's Avatar Tabletop RPGer, designer, reporter.IntrawebsMaleOver 40
Tetsuo Shima Member       
Steve Gorak Member       
Lucas Yew Member   Loves digging game physics.Seongnam, South KoreaMale25-30
Troy70 Member Troy70's Avatar  Canton, Illinois, United StatesMaleOver 40
ashockney Member    Columbus, OH  
johnnymadre Member       
Plutancatty Member       
Callum Reilly Member       
Enevhar Aldarion Member    Virginia  
Cleon Member       
Abstruse Member   Gaming News Columnist, Writer, DesignerNederland, TXMale31-40
Loco Taco Member       
Marios Panagi Member       
Colin Hancock Member       
Alexemplar Member       
guilhermequintella Member       
3catcircus Member   Pathfinder game that occurs every Monday or Tuesday night.USAMale31-40
iloveburzum Member       
Aldarc Member       
clippingpathnyc Member    Dinajpur, BangladeshMale25-30
GothicEmperor Member    AmsterdamMale25-30
admcewen Member admcewen's Avatar     
TheCosmicKid Member   28 yrs old. I like D&D 3E-4E inclusive and FATE, and favor lighthearted games with good characters.Omaha, NEMale25-30
tgmoore Member    United StatesMale31-40
Nick Erhart Member       
clearstream Member   Games are my life-long passion: I've been designing and publishing them professionally for three decades.Right now I'm in Italy. Next year, probably Ireland.  
Scary Member   Hello everyone, D&D playerRed Deer, Alberta, CanadaMaleOver 40
Legend07 Member    Western Australia  
delericho Member delericho's Avatar I'm a long-time gamer, primarily interested in 5e and Pathfinder, although I'll play (almost) anything.Livingston, ScotlandMaleOver 40
Lanefan Member    Victoria BC  
ad_hoc Member       
SuperTD Member     Male19-24
bitjunkie Community Supporter bitjunkie's Avatar  Delaware, USAMaleOver 40
darkbard Member darkbard's Avatar  Rye, NY  
Eubani Member   Hi I'm an avid roleplayer and hope to get to know more over time.SydneyMale31-40
Mrpereira Member   Veteran gamer, enjoying gaming life with friendsKongens Lyngby, DenmarkMaleOver 40
Charlotte of Oz Member   Favorites are FATE, Mutants & Masterminds, D&D 3E, 4E and 5E. Want to try new kinds of superhero RPGs, mostly.  31-40
gribble Member gribble's Avatar  Auckland, New Zealand  
Ed Kearns Member       
Robyo Member   dragon stew Male31-40
Stef McCarter Member       
Mecheon Member    AustraliaMale25-30
Fradak Member     Male31-40
AkaKageWarrior Member    Freiburg, Germany  
Crusadius Member Crusadius's Avatar  Sydney, Australia  
mankyle Member    SpainMale31-40
Decodin Member       
not-so-newguy Member    sf bay areaMaleOver 40
Gladius Legis Member       
JoeCapriati Member       
Horwath Member    CroatiaMale31-40
Tonguez Member       
reemul Member    The Great Texas Swamp  
DaveBStevens Member   D&D 5e player, DM and authorMelbourne, AustraliaMaleOver 40
Simon Collins Member   DMs Guild writer and editor for D&D 5e, 3rd Edition D&D reviewer for EN WorldCo. Wexford, IrelandMaleOver 40
Nadan Member     Rather not say 
i_dont_meta Member       
Leatherhead Member Leatherhead's Avatar  Sacramento California  
jeffh Member    Winnipeg, MBMale31-40
SerpentSoul Member       
ms_poopypants Member       
Gulla Member   Mostly been GMing the last years, now looking for games to play as a player.Trondheim, NorwayMaleOver 40
240Sauce Member       
zeldafan42 Member    NW PAFemale25-30
Igor Mendonça Member       
Denys Member       
Vampifan Member   Long time blogger and gamer with a keen interest in the undead.Gateshead, EnglandMaleOver 40
Mongoose_Matt Member       
Manbearcat Member    FLMale 
Stacy Hoek Member       
Takei Member    Trollhttan, Sweden 31-40
gantzerteo Member     Male25-30
mortwatcher Member       
Sir_Lancian Member    Australia  
dazzlerdal Member     Male31-40
Brian Bettle Member       
Screetch79 Member       
Nate Patrick Member       
Jiggawatts Member       
Maciej Baran Member       
Ath-kethin Elder Thing Ath-kethin's Avatar   Rather not say31-40
samsimilian Member   Do or do not. There is no try.GrazRather not say 
_The_Librarian Member       
Olaf the Stout Member   D&D 3.5E - Currently playing through the Shackled City Adventure PathCraigmore, South AustraliaMale25-30
umutcomak Member   I design RPG and fantasy contentsTurkeyMale 
Gavin O. Member       
ccs Member   I've never found a game - RPG, miniatures, or board game I wasn't willing to try.NE Ohio, USAMaleOver 40
Sean Hood Member       
Duan'duliir Member    Queensland, AUSMaleUnder-18
KentDT Member    Mikuni, JapanMaleOver 40
Dioltach Member    Earth That WasMale31-40
Grant Cook Member       
fcfoggo Member    Sydney  
Dr. X Member       
Zhern Member       
Timberwolfjc Member    Baguio City, PhilippinesMaleOver 40
TrippyHippy Member       
MartinFruhnert Member       
smbakeresq Member   Looking for 5e game. Can play 4e also, just rustyHollywood FLMaleOver 40
Results 1 to 100 of 292948