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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Lylandra Member     Female31-40
The Grassy Gnoll Member   Bournemouth based, D&D (5E/AD&D/BECMI), Dragon Warriors...DorsetMaleOver 40
Maxperson Member    Los Angeles, CAMale 
UngeheuerLich Member      25-30
neogod22 Member       
rogermexico Member   Just reading for now.CalgaryMale31-40
SkidAce Member SkidAce's Avatar Played all versions of DnD since 1981. Mostly DM. Travel a lot due to military, so not as activeHampton, VAMaleOver 40
serch Member   Hello! I'm an old grognard who has been playing D&D and RPGs for a long time. I moved back from Madrid, where I studied, to Cadiz, my hometown, and lose my group in the process. If anyone is interested...cádiz 31-40
Lackhand Member    New York, NY  
TregMallin Member       
HRSegovia Member   Used to be "Rene in the Midday" on 983 Rock...Clovis, NMMale31-40
Lidgar Member       
Aldarc Member       
Baz King Member Baz King's Avatar  chelmsford, essex, uk  
ChapolimX Member     Male 
mcmillan Member    Bryan TX 25-30
Azzy Member Azzy's Avatar  St.Aug, FLMale31-40
Kobold Avenger Member Kobold Avenger's Avatar  Canada  
Phillip K Gaston Member       
Shimrath Member Shimrath's Avatar  San Diego, CaliforniaMale31-40
Usus Member     MaleOver 40
doomplatypus Member       
Remathilis Member Remathilis's Avatar So you're opening the chest, right?Detroit, MIMale31-40
Trae Pyfrom Member       
4d6 Member       
Desrimal Member    DenmarkMale31-40
Xohar17 Member    MexicoMale25-30
Asgorath Member       
Zhern Member       
Hriston Member    Austin, TexasMaleOver 40
Shaun Radcliffe Member       
Invisible Stalker Member Invisible Stalker's Avatar D&D 1E, 5E, M&MMahomet, ILMaleOver 40
Nephran Ka Member       
Enevhar Aldarion Member    Virginia  
NotRussellCrowe Member    Manitoba, CanadaMale31-40
palikhov Member    Ukraine // f.k RussiaMale25-30
hoptuppon1 Member       
cbwjm Member    Auckland  
Melkor Member Melkor's Avatar  Middle Earth  
tehguitarist Member   5e player who likes entertaining DMing (both as a DM and player) Like a good immersive story!Sydney, AustraliaMale25-30
theoryaction Member       
TheWayofPie Member       
KentDT Member    Mikuni, JapanMaleOver 40
Aeonic Member       
CTurbo Member    NashvilleMale31-40
Vicente Member    Seattle, WA, USAMale 
DrCarter Member   Novice GM, Roleplay enthusiastPortland, OregonMale19-24
blades99 Member   Casual gamer, would like to find a regular game of D&D and/or Shadowrun/Mutants & Masterminds/Battletech.Western New York Over 40
Harzel Member    Portland, OR, USAMaleOver 40
bedir than Member bedir than's Avatar  Renton, Washington, United StatesMaleOver 40
Leatherhead Member Leatherhead's Avatar  Sacramento California  
Kendalhatch Member       
pkt77242 Member       
Max Morris Member       
Nytmare Member Nytmare's Avatar  Pittsburgh, PA, USA, EarthMaleOver 40
ClaytonCross Member   Playing D&D in Okinawa JapanOkinawa, JapanMale31-40
William Tate Buckley Member       
Chad Hooper Member   Old DM Running Meat-space AD&D2E, group currently fullSparks, NVMaleOver 40
Readerbreeder Member    Southern California  
Odyn Member   DM a 4e game that meets monthly. Also play in a classic OD&D game and a 3.5 game.18301 31-40
dbm Member       
volcanogod407 Member       
BoldItalic Member    United KingdomMale 
Southern Oracle Member Southern Oracle's Avatar Interested in online or local tabletop game, preferably weekly.TennesseeMaleOver 40
fitsou01 Member       
The Human Target Member   I'm a Dungeon Master of 10 years or so currently running a 4E DnD game.Canton AreaMale25-30
tglassy Member       
m00 Member       
Psimancer Member Psimancer's Avatar  Australia  
samursus Member   testing this thing out, hasn't been working well so far.BC Canada 31-40
ElderElementalEye Member   D&D gamer since 1983ParisMaleOver 40
thekittenhugs Member       
hero4hire Member hero4hire's Avatar Gaming since I was Eight!Syracuse, NYMaleOver 40
monsmord Member   New to Newfoundland!St. John's, NLMaleOver 40
TheGarvster Member    Hell's Kitchen NYCMaleOver 40
billd91 Pathfinder subscriber billd91's Avatar  Verona, WIMaleOver 40
Matt S1 Member       
nicolas.carrillos Member   Fan of Eberron and DnD 5eBogota, Colombia 31-40
Ian Danton Member       
Brian Leon Member       
Crystal Jones1 Member       
Johnetta Slaton Member       
Glen Talbot Member       
MarkB Member MarkB's Avatar  England  
Ponggoleechee1 Member       
NMC Member   I play and run Star Wars, Pathfinder and D20 Modern.Minneapolis, MN 31-40
Christian Beam2 Member       
Michael Ramsey Member   Flexible player/GMElizabeth City, NCMale31-40
Keldin Member    Skokie, Illinois, United StatesMaleOver 40
Jon-Paul Ager-Cawley Member       
trappedslider Member    Roswell,NEw MExico  
DAP90 Member    Denver, COMaleOver 40
kenmarable Community Supporter kenmarable's Avatar  48823 Over 40
briggart Member       
Skarsgard Member     FemaleOver 40
itsmarkda Member     MaleOver 40
scruffygrognard Member   Long-time gamer who still feels the love for all things geeky!Staten Island, NYMaleOver 40
Lucas Cason Member       
underpayd Member       
reelo Member reelo's Avatar  Steinsel, LuxembourgMale31-40
Results 1 to 100 of 281155