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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Aerris Member     MaleOver 40
ausminstrel Member    Perth, Western AustraliaMaleOver 40
Acolyte of Zothique Member    London, UKMale 
ad_hoc Member       
AndyG1128 Member   Old Time Gamer learning new tricksNashville, TNMaleOver 40
Ancalagon Dusty Dragon Ancalagon's Avatar  Ottawa, Canada  
ATaliesin Member       
Arason Elendil Member       
Al'Kelhar Member   Mature gamer in his early 40s seeks companions with homicidal tendencies to kill things and take theCanberra, AustraliaMaleOver 40
AslanC Member AslanC's Avatar  Right behind you  
abs Member   Later MaleOver 40
artmc Community Supporter artmc's Avatar 15224MaleOver 40
Afif Hasan Member       
AmerginLiath Member AmerginLiath's Avatar  Maple Shade, NJ USAMale31-40
AntlerDruid Member   5E- Delray/WPB FloridaDelray Beach FLMale31-40
Alisander_Templar Member       
an_idol_mind Member     Male31-40
Ath-kethin Elder Thing Ath-kethin's Avatar   Rather not say31-40
ArwensDaughter Member     Female 
Ashrym Member       
Ash-Lynn Sarah Member       
aventhar Member     Male 
Adamant Member       
Andrew Chalson Member       
ariestherat Member     Rather not say 
AndromedaRPG Member   DnD 3.5, d20 Modern, Stargate SG-1 RPG, Silver Age Sentinels, Star Wars Revised.Somewhere in this universe.Male31-40
A Stray Cat Member    United StatesMaleOver 40
archmage_variel Member       
Adrian Watts Member       
Apepsnake Member       
Adslahnit Member       
Asgorath Member       
amberkat Member       
Anselyn Member   Old school RPGer now mostly into narrative style games - e.g. ToC - rather than tactical challengesBA2 3QHMaleOver 40
Arakasius Member   RPG & Strategy   
aco175 Member aco175's Avatar  Massachusetts, USA  
Adam Jung Registered User       
atragor Member       
abe ray Member abe ray's Avatar I like dnd!auburn WashingtonMale31-40
Arc_Flash Member    Chicago IllinoisMale19-24
April Primm Gores Member       
Alexander Matusik Member       
arbados Member   Been GMing role playing games once a week (D & D and Pathfinder only) for 30+ years without interruption! Staten Island, New York 31-40
Austin_Mowat_ Member       
asorel Member asorel's Avatar   Male 
《 Zeekenstein 》 Member       
Ashley Cronk Member       
apoapostolov Member       
Arashi Ravenblade Member       
adranis Member    Montreal  
Aeonic Member       
Andrew Moreton Member       
Angela Smith Member       
autumnfyr Member       
aekschnhaeld Member       
Airflo Member   Old school pen-and-paper gamerMahomet, ILMaleOver 40
akr71 Member    Amherst, Nova ScotiaMaleOver 40
Arrakis66 Member    Whitby, ON, CanadaMale31-40
Astryd English Member       
August Hale Member       
Apostol Apostolov Member   20+ yr experience in TT and PbP, into complex story-driven campaignsSofia, BulgariaMale31-40
Allen Gignac Member       
Andrew Souza Member       
AngryTiger Member     Rather not say31-40
andreaslundin Member       
Andrew Lowden Member       
Andrew197811 Member   Hi   
asalotti Member   A DM from North Las Vegas.North Las VegasFemale31-40
Alphastream Member   We are running D&D Encounters at Guardian Games every WednesdayPortland, Oregon Over 40
Anime Kidd Member Anime Kidd's Avatar     
Arma virumque Member     MaleOver 40
Adam Dickstein Member       
AngusA Member       
ardoughter Member   Stil like 4e but have move on to 5 as the players did not like 4e.North kerry Over 40
Azurewraith Member       
Andrew Savill Member     Male25-30
AnotherDemonLord Member     Male25-30
Aldarc Member       
almighty_drake Member       
Ashran Firebrand Member       
AriochQ Member    Central Illinois  
AdventureRN Member       
Alexandra Buzetoiu Member       
alexs73 Member    DFW, TX  
AbdulAlhazred Member AbdulAlhazred's Avatar I like to play D&D, especially 4e, and other RPGs.Vermont, USAMaleOver 40
Azgulor Member    Pittsburgh areaMale31-40
Adis Member   Love Fantasy and new to RPGsCape Town, South AfricaMale31-40
Allant TheOldKing Member       
Alexander Ghikas Member       
ajevans Member   Trad, Indie, OSR it's all goodSolihull, UKMale31-40
azathosk Member    NorgeMale 
Adam Crossingham Member       
Alrua Member       
AlexITA81 Member       
Adam Doore Member       
arnoldhkm Member   Marijuana Packaging   
Alistair Morrison Member       
Aston Dalsmark Member       
Atticon Member       
Anna The Teal Member       
Results 1 to 100 of 21443