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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
BookBarbarian Member   New 5e Player and DM Playing in LMoP, HotDQ, and Running OotAArizona, USAMale31-40
Brian D. Weibeler Member       
blaise hebert Member       
Bitbrain Member       
bvelcoff Member       
Blue Member Blue's Avatar I like heavy RP, shades of gray campaigns, both to run and play in.Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 Over 40
Brad Phillips Member       
Brian Campbell Member       
bagger245 Member       
BnaaUK Member   Looking to play or run some pathfinder. I have the beginner's boxset so newbies are welcome. Male25-30
billd91 Pathfinder subscriber billd91's Avatar  Verona, WIMaleOver 40
beaumontsebos Member   Looking to play some D&D. 4E preferrably.Spring Hill, FL 31-40
Bobby Norgren Member       
bmfrosty Member    Pleasant Hill, CAMale31-40
Biscuit Casserole Member       
Bolongo Member    Göteborg, Sweden  
Bryan Spieler Member       
Bootlebat Member       
BMaC Member    Dublin, Ireland  
Baz King Member Baz King's Avatar  chelmsford, essex, uk  
BoomerJeremy Member    Sacramento, CAMale19-24
Barantor Member     Male31-40
briggart Member       
Banesfinger Member   GMing 4e conversion of Pathfinder adventure: Kingmaker. Small, mature group.Winnipeg, MB, CanadaRather not say31-40
Ben Madden Member    Boston MAMale 
Benathalis Member    Independence,MO  
Bill Winski Member       
belphanor Member       
bitjunkie Community Supporter bitjunkie's Avatar  Delaware, USAMaleOver 40
Brian I Member       
BTRC Member       
buda Member buda's Avatar So many games, so little time.Sammamish, WAMale31-40
Brad nicholas Member       
Buddha the DM Member Buddha the DM's Avatar  Oswego, NY, USAMale31-40
BLC1975 Member     MaleOver 40
Bradley Hindman Member   RPing in the Boulder area for 25 years.Longmont, ColoradoMaleOver 40
boyblunder5 Member       
bouncyhead Member   PathfinderStoke Newington Over 40
bouboukis Member       
BV210 Member    Edmond, OKMaleOver 40
BlackSeed_Vash Member    Maryland  
Badapple Member    San Jose, CA  
bill corrie Member       
Bill Elmer Member       
benensky Member   51 years old, 4E Eberron and RPGA player and DM. Have an Eberron home game I run.91 Sunrise Drive, Pottstown, PA 19464-5017MaleOver 40
boggensagg Member   Mature gamer seeking group after movingTarrytown, NY 31-40
BluejayJunior Member     Male25-30
BobROE Member    Toronto, CanadaMale25-30
bberry110 Member       
bruno71 Member       
bmcdaniel Member bmcdaniel's Avatar Hong Kong based GM and gamerSoho, Central Hong KongMale31-40
BTsam Member       
Blackwarder Member    Israel netanyaMale25-30
Brian Bettle Member       
Bryce Lapointe Member       
Brenda Marie Cormack Member       
barasawa Member   Will play almost anything, currently avail M,W,Sun (and Sat pm)Eugene OregonMaleOver 40
beej Member       
balzebub Member       
Bladecoder Member   Experienced DMKent, WashingtonMale19-24
Bryan Blakeney Member       
Brodie Member    Buffalo, NYMale31-40
bedir than Member bedir than's Avatar  Renton, Washington, United StatesMaleOver 40
Bohdi Millligan Member       
Bester B Member       
Baragos Member   Experienced gamer (mostly DM) seeking group/players. I currently play Pathfinder, Traveller and RuneQuest, but also have some experience with (A)D&D (2nd edition, 3.0, 3.5), GURPS 4th, Alternity, Rolemaster, and several others.Silkeborg 31-40
Brian Chin Member       
BytomMan Member       
bid Member       
Brandon Ard Member       
Brotton Goodfellow Member   DM'ing or playing a character. It doesn't matter, as long as I'm playing the game.British ColumbiaMale31-40
Bercilak Member       
Brad Rawls Member       
Bradley Gurnett1 Member       
Babba Ganush Member       
blades99 Member   Casual gamer, would like to find a regular game of D&D and/or Shadowrun/Mutants & Masterminds/Battletech.Western New York Over 40
Bera Member   D&DFaraway, AsiaMale31-40
Brian Weng Member       
BeholderVesgo Member       
Boscogn Member       
bassplayerspj Member   Player and DM for over 13 years   
Bear_of_the_North1 Member       
Brian Ratchford Member       
Brian McMurrer Member       
Bevan Smith Member       
Brian Bush Member       
Bryce Umfress Member       
balam_br Member   Sampa 25-30
Bert Schmid Member       
Boddha Member Boddha's Avatar  Australia  
BlivetWidget Member       
Berlocky Member   D&D player with a Paladin soul and mind.BrasilMale19-24
Bad Fox Member   I like games and typically have fun when I play them.Canada  
Bedrockgames Member Bedrockgames's Avatar  MAMale31-40
bobmungovan Member   #BearDownPhoenix, AZ  
bencarr511 Member       
BigNavy Member       
Brian Roberts Member       
Bardbarian Member      31-40
Bacon Bits Member     Male31-40
Results 1 to 100 of 14947