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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
cmad1977 Member       
Cascade Member Cascade's Avatar  Pittsburgh, PaMaleOver 40
Colin Robinson Member       
calimedic911 Member   everett, wa 31-40
Colby Cook Member       
Caliban Rules Monkey   Looking to join a 5e game in the Valley.Phoenix, ArizonaMale31-40
CubicsRube Member CubicsRube's Avatar Obsessive rules tinkererSomewhere in the etherMale31-40
cbwjm Member    Auckland  
CleverNickName Member CleverNickName's Avatar Proudly playing 3.5E and BECMI.Boulder, COMale31-40
ClaytonCross Member   Playing D&D in Okinawa JapanOkinawa, JapanMale31-40
Charlaquin Member    OzRather not say19-24
Charles Dunwoody Member   I play Mutant: Year Zero and d100 RPGs.MichiganMaleOver 40
Cleon Member       
ChapolimX Member     Male 
Craig Fox Member       
Curmudjinn Member   Longtime RPG Collector Male31-40
crevendevoss Member       
Cameron Cleveland Member       
Celebrim Member    Colombus, OHMaleOver 40
Chris633 Member       
Chaosmancer Member     Male25-30
Charwoman Gene Member Charwoman Gene's Avatar Looking to start up a new group to play D&D 4E in mid 2016 in Suffolk County, NY.Long Island, NYFemale31-40
catenwolde Member       
crazy_cat Member crazy_cat's Avatar  Cambridge, UKMale31-40
captainbananas Member       
Converse02 Member       
chando Member   Porto Alegre, Brazil 19-24
Colin Carrier Member       
Chris Albert Member       
Carlito2393 Member       
ccs Member   I've never found a game - RPG, miniatures, or board game I wasn't willing to try.NE Ohio, USAMaleOver 40
coldermoss Member       
ClearlyTough69 Member    London  
Cardshold8 Member     MaleOver 40
Christopher Will Member       
Crispy120286 Member    United StatesMale25-30
Craig Pocklington Member       
Cringer_luvr Member   I am looking for gamers who want to play Dungeons & Dragons. I would like to be a playeKnoxville, TNMale31-40
Chris Kinder Member       
CapNorge Member       
chrisrtld Member   Melvindale Over 40
cedher Member     MaleOver 40
Crypte Gardien Member       
Campbell Furnish Member       
chunkosauruswrex Member       
CrimsonCarcharodon Member   Currently in a gaming group, but always looking for more D&DNevadaMale25-30
Colin Gross Member       
Chris Durbin Member       
closterphobia Member   30+ years of D&D and still going...   
ChaosGenerators Duncan T. RPG generators ChaosGenerators's Avatar   Male31-40
Captain Panda Member     Male25-30
Cornpuff Member   D&D Fan and a first-time DM who loves chatting about games!Cincinnati, OHMale25-30
Concretedog Member    Playa Vista, CAMaleOver 40
crangelag Member    United KingdomMaleOver 40
Cusm Member       
cooperjer Member   I play Dungeons and Dragons 5ed. I've play many different RPGs.Milwaukee, WIMale31-40
coz Member    Rochester NYMale31-40
crowsfoot Member   LFG.01960MaleOver 40
Cameron Guill Member       
Christian Arie Member       
Christopher Kay Member       
cryssis Community Supporter    Zaragoza, Spain  
Cobalt Meridian Community Supporter Cobalt Meridian's Avatar  Reading, UKMaleOver 40
Conán Ă“'Beagáin Member       
clearstream Member   Games are my life-long passion: I've been designing and publishing them professionally for three decades.Right now I'm in Italy. Next year, probably Ireland.  
ChrisWaller Member    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  
Corrosive Member    Florida  
Chad Jacobs Member       
Conandy Member   D&D 5e new DMDenver, COMaleOver 40
Chewbacca2g Member       
Colin Louderback Member       
Carlos L1 Member       
CTurbo Member    NashvilleMale31-40
colcap Member       
Carl Green1 Member       
cintain Member   Mostly DMing, sometimes playing, life-contemplating. Se habla Espańol. Deutsch gesprochen.Mexico City, for now...Male31-40
Crowsion Member    Ontario, CanadaMale19-24
Capn Charlie Member    Allen, OklahomaMale31-40
ConflictZ Member   35 Years of RPGs and board games under my belt and still going strong!Chester County, PAMaleOver 40
cuscus Member       
chWolfgang Member    USAMaleOver 40
Chris Harris Member       
Casey Gaffney Member       
Chase Skylark Member       
Clifton Spradley Member       
Cergorach The Laughing One Cergorach's Avatar  Zeewolde, The Netherlands  
carrot Member    Bristol - UKMale31-40
Chimaeran Member    SwedenMaleOver 40
Clay Adekoya Member       
Caliburn101 Member   reality used to be a friend of mine...Hampshire, UKMaleOver 40
CapnZapp Member       
Crystal Hodge Member       
CreetureNZ Member       
Capital_Q Member    Howell, MI  
Chris Vallejo Member       
Charles Pierro Member       
Connorsrpg Member Connorsrpg's Avatar A long time D&D devotee that has recently branched out into several other systems ;)1 1/2 Hours North of Merric B ;)MaleOver 40
Charlie Bergius Member       
Christopher G Lawton Member       
chaochou Member    GloucestershireMaleOver 40
Results 1 to 100 of 18122