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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
eayres33 Member   D&D 5e playerDes Moines, WAMale31-40
Emerald Hawk Member   Looking to start a casual 4E D&D game in Freehold, NJFreehold, NJMale25-30
ElectricDragon Member    Memphis, Tn. Over 40
Elkad Member       
Elfcrusher Member   RPGT: Roleplaying Game TheoristBoston  
EmperorJD Member   Golden Age GamerNear Madison, WIMaleOver 40
eddiebaby76 Member   D&D5e, ShadowrunBoise, IDMaleOver 40
Eis Member    Central PennsylvaniaMaleOver 40
enoua5 Member       
Esker Member    Ohio  
Elboe Member       
Erren Member    Durham, NCMale 
epithet Member    Houston, TexasMaleOver 40
ehenning Member       
Elf_flambe Member    Springfield MO USAMaleOver 40
Eltharon Member Eltharon's Avatar  Pennsylvania, USA  
Electryc Member    Critwall  
Ed Laprade Member   Been gaming since '78.Worcester, MA, USAMaleOver 40
eryndel Member eryndel's Avatar  Pittsburgh, PA  
epaulino26 Member       
Etep Member    Kenosha, Wi USAMaleOver 40
Erichmc Member       
Erick Darrington Member       
Eminence_Grise Member    LavalMale31-40
ExploderWizard Member   Looking for people interested in some old school gaming.FredericksburgMaleOver 40
Evhelm Member     Male31-40
Enkhidu Member    Dayton, OH  
Erebus42 Member   Will run or play just about anything...Wilton, NH 31-40
Eric Meyer Member       
Egg Embry Member   Gamer and RPG wanna-lancer working to become a freelancer.Cumming, GAMaleOver 40
eulerkun Member   Willing to try any game once...MinnesotaMaleOver 40
EmbraCraig Member   4E D&D player and DM - Essentials & AEDU Builds fan; Also playing Pathfinder and Dragon Age RPG.EdinburghMale31-40
Enrico Poli Member       
Enevhar Aldarion Member    Virginia  
eyeshar Member       
EthanSental Member   DM in NW Georgia - 5e currentlyGeorgiaMaleOver 40
erinyesfury Member   D&D - all editions; Avid boardgamer; Interest in minature gamingCalgaryMale31-40
Eli Gannon Member       
Eggnot Member       
Eric Hausherr Member       
estar Member   GURPS, original dungeons & dragonsmeadville Over 40
Eugene Clifford Member       
Erulian Member     Male25-30
Eoin Cowman Member       
Eddy Wong Member       
EvilDwarf Member EvilDwarf's Avatar  Huntington, WV  
egomann Member egomann's Avatar 33770 Over 40
Eltab Member    Ft Wayne IN  
EarlyBird Member   D&D, Marvel Superheroes, RiftsUSAMaleOver 40
Errorist Member       
Egomancien Member    FranceMaleOver 40
Enrique Sanchez Member       
Esiminar Member    Somerset England  
Eubani Member   Hi I'm an avid roleplayer and hope to get to know more over time.SydneyMale31-40
Eric Vanderwekken Member       
Ebon Shar Member Ebon Shar's Avatar  Bellingham, Washington, United StatesMaleOver 40
Ed Kearns Member       
Eru the One Member Eru the One's Avatar Interested in D&D 3.5/4/Next & PathfinderThe VoidMale31-40
Eirikrautha Member     MaleOver 40
Elias Hormann Member       
evildmguy Member   I prefer story more than combat but strive to have a balance of the two. I like to create a fun environment where I can entertain some people for a few hours each week. West Des Moines 31-40
Elrith Member    Calgary, AB, Canada  
Espaço Yogashala Member       
Eduardo Rasera Member       
expectdelay Member      Over 40
enoa4 Member       
EzekielRaiden Member     Male25-30
Elodan Member Elodan's Avatar Painfully shy.Canton, MAMaleOver 40
ElderElementalEye Member   D&D gamer since 1983ParisMaleOver 40
Eli Butcher Member       
ehren37 Member       
Edward Kenien Member       
erintarn Member       
Erekose Member Erekose's Avatar  Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, UKMaleOver 40
ermete Member       
Ezequielramone Member   Fantasy Novels, D&D 5th, Forgotten Realms, Dragon Age, Dark Sun, etc.ArgentinaMale25-30
Eyen Michael Webb Member       
elawai Community Supporter elawai's Avatar Playing D&D for many years. Looking for a game (any day except Sunday).92882 Over 40
Euan Low Member       
Elon Tusk Member       
Elias Marrochi Member       
Emma Veseskis Member       
Echohawk Shirokinukatsukami fan Echohawk's Avatar We're in North West Province and have regular D&D game sessions one or two weekends a month.MadibengMaleOver 40
evileeyore Member evileeyore's Avatar  100 Hurricane SwampMaleOver 40
Eponinja Q Member       
Endarire Member       
Emirikol Prime Member       
Eric Visger Member       
Emmissary Member       
Emory C Member       
EvanNave55 Member   3e Pathfinder 5eOregon, USA, North America, Earth, Solar System, etc.Male19-24
Edward Cheever Member       
Eric Rolston Member       
El Condoro Member   Do, or do not, there is no tryMelbourne, AustraliaMaleOver 40
Eric Dunn Member       
ElizaRumm Member       
EyeDK Member   Boise, IdahoMale25-30
Eric Lambert Member       
emssmiley2002 Member    Jackson,MS areaMale31-40
Erik Carlson Member       
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