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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
fuzzlewump Member   considering a game, especially with fellow studentshouston, tx 25-30
FrogReaver Member       
Fradak Member     Male31-40
FlyingChihuahua Member     Male19-24
Feeroper Member   I love D&D (any edition), but will play any RPG really. Other favourites include PF, CoC, VtM.Toronto, ONMale31-40
Faenor Member       
Foghorn Leghorn Member       
Firwood Member    ItalyMale31-40
freeAgent Member   Hi, I'm David. I live in the West Loop and am looking to find a Pathfinder group. I've got some previous Pathfinder experience as well as 2E AD&D, and I prefer games that focus on problem solving, boldly making mistakes, and not taking things too seriously. I've got all the rulebooks as well as Hero Lab (all content expansions).60661Male25-30
FXR Member     Male31-40
FTracer Member    Ohio  
Fenhorn Member Fenhorn's Avatar  Sweden, by the large lake.MaleOver 40
Fred Lance Member       
frizbog Member     MaleOver 40
Fellentos Member   I love RPG's, like Baldur's Gate 2 and Planescape Torment, as well as sci-fi games like Wing Commander. Just started with D&D 5eLeidenMale31-40
FallenAkriel Member    Boucherville, Canada  
Fortuitous Member       
fantasmamore Member    GreeceMale31-40
FullCaster Member       
Fumitai Member     Male25-30
ForgedAnvil Member   ForgedAnvil Male31-40
Fluerdemal Member    ChicagolandMaleOver 40
Fireball36 Community Supporter   Big game library, not really being used (sigh)Berkeley, CAMaleOver 40
Finglas Member    New JerseyMale 
Felix Ceradsky Member       
fz5656 Member       
FreezerBurnedDM Member       
Flexor the Mighty! Member    St. Louis, MOMaleOver 40
Felipe_Real Member   EN World TRAILseeker EditorSantiago, ChileMale31-40
fabio ghiandai Member       
Filippo Franchini Member       
Farrell Williams Member       
FriedJesus Member       
fuindordm Member fuindordm's Avatar  Paris, FRANCEMaleOver 40
foxual Member       
Filnari Member    Vancouver, WA Over 40
FitzTheRuke Member    Port Moody, BC, CanadaMaleOver 40
Fildrigar Member    Waterdeep  
Fore Shame Member       
Fabrizio Curia Member       
Fezzwick Member   Middle Aged Gamer of Little RenownKalamazoo, Michigan, United StatesMaleOver 40
Federico P Member       
FireHammer Member       
fredrichl Member       
fjw70 Member   We play 4e but have recently played AD&D.48350 31-40
Franky De Ruyte Member       
fireslammer Member       
Fabian Member       
Flakannone Member       
Firecrow Member    Toronto, North YorkMaleOver 40
Flashkannon Member   Wizard enthusiast   
fba827 Member    Somewhere in, or near, Washington D.C., USA  
FCWesel Member FCWesel's Avatar  A few minutes from GAMES PLUS, a.k.a., Earth's Greatest Game Store™.  
FreeTheSlaves Member FreeTheSlaves's Avatar  Tianjin, ChinaMale31-40
Frakir Member       
Fabrice Lamidey Member       
flametitan Member      19-24
Fred Nuffer Member       
Floor de Hoop Member       
FalinMor Member       
fredlove Member   Keeping LUG Star Trek alive!Ames, IowaMale25-30
Frank Dunn Member       
Falstaff Member   I'm an old-school gamer.Savannah, GeorgiaMaleOver 40
FelixthegreatFox Member       
fighterofsun Member       
Furiora Member       
Felsparr Member       
Fractalz Member  
Frigus Member       
Furmyr Member    NorwayMale31-40
Felkor Member    El Paso, TXMale31-40
Felipe Francesco Member       
fpine Member       
FarBeyondC Member   A Traditionally Nontraditional and Consistently Inconsistent 5e D&DerWherever Courage, Genius, and Madness IntersectRather not say25-30
Fanatical_Befriender Member       
fenriswolfe Member    Fort Mill, SC  
furball13 Member   d & d, white wolf games, and maybe othersSalemMale 
franco_eg Member       
frostrune Member   Long time gamer recently drawn back in by DnD 5E. I like what I've seen so far and am possibly intersted in finding a local group and learning more.West Chester, PAMaleOver 40
figuresitoutatlast Member       
Frank Hittel Member       
Failur33 Member       
Fotis Samouchos Member       
Fredrik R. TorblĂ„ Member       
fozzyp Member       
Fen O'fastfoot Member     Male19-24
Fardil Kazi Member       
Fauchard1520 Member   Game designer, arts advocate, and tabletop geek. Writer of the Handbook of Heroes webcomic:, WYMale31-40
fleeting Member       
Fotbsmemecap Member       
Felipe Gr Member       
fallenhero36 Member       
Firemaster451 Member       
Frederico Cantarino Member       
ferret_guy Member   5ETucson, AZMale19-24
Francis Tommaso Member       
Fion Member   I've been GM'ing since the 80s, on the off chance I can play it's like a whole new world. :)Schuyler Co, Upstate NYMaleOver 40
Fandabidozi Member    WA, AusMaleOver 40
Finrod_Shaelara Member    Denver  
Falkus Member       
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