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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
GreyLord Member   crestview, Fl Over 40
gargoyleking Member       
GMVictory Member GMVictory's Avatar 28 year gamer, mostly GM.Overland Park, KS Over 40
Garthanos Member    Lincoln, NebraskaMaleOver 40
giant.robot Member    CAMale31-40
guachi Member    Augusta, GAMale31-40
greymist Lurker Extraordinaire greymist's Avatar  Burnaby, BCMaleOver 40
G.R. Member       
Grimkrieg Member   Looking to play and create great gamesGuelphMaleOver 40
GMforPowergamers Member    City of Sharn  
Ghost2020 Member       
Gilwen Member   Standard geek love all things related to gaming, technology, and paintballFt Collins, COMale31-40
gldnbear93 Member   raised on D&D looking to try almost any gameRhode Island Over 40
Grognerd Member   Just an old school gamer with some new school preferences!Cypress, TXMaleOver 40
grimslade Member    Plateau of Leng  
Greatwyrm Swedish Murder Machine Greatwyrm's Avatar I like to play and DM. I prefer some systems over others, but I just want to see everyone have fun.Menominee, MIMale31-40
Gary Affeldt Member       
Gilladian Member Gilladian's Avatar Going back to 3.5 epic 6th style. Now recruiting!Waco, TexasFemaleOver 40
GlassJaw Member GlassJaw's Avatar  East Prov, RIMale31-40
Glen Talbot Member       
Giltonio_Santos Member Giltonio_Santos's Avatar  Belo Horizonte, Brazil  
GreenKarl Member    Burien/West Seattle WAMaleOver 40
GoldShockAttack Member       
glaurung9 Member     MaleOver 40
Greg K Member    Los Angeles, California  
GrimJack21502 Member       
gametaku Member       
Goblyn Member Goblyn's Avatar  Edmonton 25-30
Gamerbug94 Member     Male25-30
Greenstone.Walker Member     MaleOver 40
gyor Member   All for one and one for all Male25-30
gantzerteo Member     Male25-30
George Kousidis Member       
Gradine Community Supporter Gradine's Avatar  Arcata, CA  
GuJiaXian Member   I'm a 30-something gamer always on the lookout for a solid roleplaying experience.Salt Lake City, UTMale31-40
gagsmith Member     Male31-40
Giorgicus Member     Male31-40
Ghal Maraz Member   Fantasy player near Bologna, Italy Male31-40
Glindsay Member       
Grungi Member     Male31-40
GrissTheGnome Member    Cedar Park Texas  
gweinel Member gweinel's Avatar     
Goreyphile Member   I play in a 3.5 Eberron campaign, run a side campaign in Monte Cook's Dragon's Delve, and I'm gearing up to start the Kingmaker AP for Pathfinder next year. Durham, NC 31-40
Gadget Member       
Geoff Thirlwell Member       
grixis.alon Member       
greg.welty Member   4e and/or Essentials27587 Over 40
Genen Member       
Gerald Spangler Member       
Greensnakedrex Member   I live in Lander, Wyoming. You are not near me.Lander, WYMaleUnder-18
Grimstaff Member   Player and DM in Buffalo Williamsville, NYBuffalo, NY 31-40
Gleb Yurin Member       
gideonpepys Member gideonpepys's Avatar  London, United Kingdom, United KingdomMaleOver 40
Greenmtn Member    VermontMale31-40
GrayLinnorm Member       
Greenfield Member   I'm an old time gamer, playing in Southern California. We play D&D 3.5 and 4e, Alternity, Mutants and Masterminds, Shadowrun and a home brew supers system.Long Beach, CAMaleOver 40
gamerprinter Member gamerprinter's Avatar Professional game cartographer and small RPG publisher.Ottawa, Illinois, USAMaleOver 40
GrokMonkey Member    United StatesMale19-24
Gardens & Goblins Member   I am not a tree.Often in the garden.  
Gary Furash Member       
Gabriel N Licup Member       
Gladius Legis Member       
GiantAcroyear Member     Male 
Ghunther Quiller Member       
Gemoni Williams1 Member       
Grendelmoe Member   Looking to get back into gaming.Richfield, MinnesotaMale31-40
Gorath99 Member    Holland  
gcatfish Member    Whitby,OntarioMale31-40
Gavin O. Member       
grunge19 Member    Dallas, TexasMale 
Giuseppe Rotondo Member       
Greg Benage Member    AtlantaMaleOver 40
Geo Quester Member    Upstate, NYMaleOver 40
GHammy26 Member   Manic 'Yes' DMSt HelensMale25-30
Gulla Member   Mostly been GMing the last years, now looking for games to play as a player.Trondheim, NorwayMaleOver 40
Gary Pearce Member       
Guyanthalas Member       
Gord Wilcox Member       
gothmoglives Member   Gamer.Western CanadaMaleOver 40
gerghuventude Member       
Ganders Member       
GameOgre Member       
God Member   Springfield, MO 31-40
Ganymede81 Member       
Grae Hepburn Member       
Grael Member   Part time DM for my friendsChileMale19-24
guinbang Member   GM and Player looking for rewarding roleplaying in Sheffield, UKSheffieldMale31-40
Gangrel44 Member       
Goonalan Member   GSOH, smoker- WLTM Orcus for fun & frolics, maybe more.Grimsby, UKMaleOver 40
GrizzlyMike Member       
Green Goblin Member    Gießen, Germany  
Gplant Member       
Gregory Martin Member       
gillskill Member     MaleOver 40
George Henrique Member       
gzulaski Member    Newberg, OR  
Grace Fowler Member       
grislyeye Member grislyeye's Avatar  London, UK  
Gothhog Member    SwedenMale 
GPhogg Member       
Results 1 to 100 of 10982