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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Harzel Member    Portland, OR, USAMaleOver 40
Harishankar Member       
Hroc Member Hroc's Avatar     
Hawk Diesel Member Hawk Diesel's Avatar  Chicago  
hawknsparrow Member       
hbarsquared Quantum Chronomancer hbarsquared's Avatar  Rancho Cordova, CAMale31-40
HorusZA Member    Jo'burg, South AfricaMaleOver 40
Hand of Evil Member Hand of Evil's Avatar  Cookie JarMaleOver 40
HRSegovia Member   Used to be "Rene in the Midday" on 983 Rock...Clovis, NMMale31-40
Herobizkit Member Herobizkit's Avatar Looking for games, new or old, fantasy or sci-fiCanadaMaleOver 40
Hathorym Member Hathorym's Avatar  FloridaMaleOver 40
heretic888 Member heretic888's Avatar I have DM'd 4E off and on since it came out over 2 years ago, but don't get to play as often as I'd like.Port Saint Lucie 25-30
hawkeyefan Member    New York 31-40
Hriston Member    Austin, TexasMaleOver 40
Henry Autoexreginated Henry's Avatar     
HermanTheWize Member   I like math and D&D. I've been playing games my whole life, first D&D experience was pathfinder in 2013 and now I love playing and DMing D&D 5e.North Carolina, Snow CampMale19-24
hutchback Member   D&D or FATE looking for monthly gameMaricopa, AZMaleOver 40
Herosmith14 Member       
Hollow Man Member   Started with B/X and 1e D&D, now playing 5eConnecticutMaleOver 40
Hilary Blankenship Member       
Hida Genda Member    SacramentoMale25-30
Hobojim Member     MaleOver 40
Hutchimus Prime Member    Herkimer, NYMale31-40
Heidi Morey Member       
headchange4u Member       
HomegrownHydra Member    United States  
Hussar Member Hussar's Avatar  Fukuoka, JapanMaleOver 40
hannahromo Member       
Heitor Macedo Member       
horace1234 Member       
Haffrung Member    Canada  
HorusArisen Member   Old School Gaming. New School Mechanics. Male31-40
Hgsboson2 Member       
Hans Bothe (Enno) Member       
Hunter Watkins Member       
Huber_D Member    Hopkinsville, KyMale31-40
Hastati Member    BelgiumMale 
Hope Benefield Member       
Harvey Kennett Member       
Halivar Member Halivar's Avatar  Augusta, GAMale31-40
HalfOrc HalfBiscuit Member HalfOrc HalfBiscuit's Avatar I've been playing D&D and other RPGs (off and on) since 1977. Currently, alas, it's far more off than on.BicesterMaleOver 40
Higgs Member   Barrie, ON 3.5e 4e FR Forgotten RealmsBarrie, ONMale31-40
henry marin Member       
heyitsYMAA Member       
Hugh Acton Member       
Henrik Grabner Member       
Horwath Member    CroatiaMale31-40
Hjorimir Member Hjorimir's Avatar  San Diego, CA  
huginn12 Member       
holo_perez Member       
Hurin88 Member       
half_guard Member       
Halma Member    Chicago  
Happy Funball Member   I mostly run games (currently M&M) and I am not currently seeking anything. This just looked kind of cool.Omaha 31-40
hayek Member   Gamer extraordinaireAtlanta, GAMale31-40
HighlanderFrodie Member HighlanderFrodie's Avatar D&D, Pathfinder, d20, Highlander OGL, The Modern PathDurham, NCMaleOver 40
halfling rogue Member    Longbottom, SouthfarthingMale31-40
Hitomi Camacho Member   Roleando en CastellonCastellonMale31-40
HLG_Corporate Member       
Heortling Member   Friendly enthusiastic grognardCalgaryMaleOver 40
hive_mind Community Supporter       
hirou Member    Russia, MoscowMale25-30
hgo_udi Member     Male31-40
hoshisabi Member       
hamishspence Member       
Harry Swart Member       
Heartworm Member   DM, Amateur author, Professional nutjob   
hedgeknight Member   Old-school gamer (age 47) who loves 1E, 2E, Castles & Crusades. Also fan of 3E and Pathfinder.Wilmington, NC Over 40
Hugo Sheehan Member       
hero4hire Member hero4hire's Avatar Gaming since I was Eight!Syracuse, NYMaleOver 40
hikeba Member       
HarveyG Member       
hastur_nz Member    NZ  
HawaiiSteveO Member   Calgary AB 5E D&D DM and part time Pathfinder playerCalgaryMaleOver 40
Hygelak Member    United States  
Herne's Son Member   Gamer With Attitude: currently into OSR games, Genesys, Mythic D6, Savage Worlds, and other games of high adventure and crazy cinematic action.San Leandro, CA 94577MaleOver 40
hexgrid Member    Ann Arbor, MI  
Hellspirit Member       
holyplankton Member    New YorkMale25-30
hughsieman Member       
Hyperion74 Member    Italia  
hogler Member       
Hizkia Yosafat Member       
hejtmane Member       
HeraldofHarmony Member       
Helldritch Member    QuebecMaleOver 40
Hawkwind Member   Looking for players to join existing group for face to face or online. Just started using D20PRO aLeytonstoneMaleOver 40
hlamb17 Member       
Hoebbisch Member       
Henrix Member Henrix's Avatar  Gothenburg, SwedenMaleOver 40
hfm Member    Queens  
Haramas Member       
halfjack Member       
hurrakevin Member       
Honorius Member       
Hannah Tharrington Member       
Houghbert Member       
hawkeyepearce1066 Member       
Hendrake Member       
Harry Cullen Member       
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