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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Mike Myler Member Mike Myler's Avatar Game Designer, Freelance WriterPittsburgh, PAMale25-30
Mathias Borsch Member       
Michael Chorney Member       
mvincent Member       
Megalomania Community Supporter   We've been playing D&D for quite some time (15+ years) and are always looking for new players. Currently we're playing 4th ed.HoornMale31-40
Michael Silverbane Member   Columbia, MO 31-40
Majoru Oakheart Member   I am interested in playing with new people, primarily 5e D&DWinnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaMale31-40
marshall117 Member       
MwaO Member       
Meepelone Member       
Midknightsun Member Midknightsun's Avatar Looking for gamers for 5eLancaster, PA 31-40
Maddremor Member    UmeŚ, SwedenMale19-24
Mort Community Supporter   Happily DMing in ChicagoChicago, ILMale31-40
marcalexandredube Member       
MacConnell Member   Truth is more important than vanity.Quagmire RanchMaleOver 40
mellored Member       
Manbearcat Member    FLMale 
MoonSong Member   Need a band-aid? I've got some duct tapeIn the heart of the moon  
Markn Member    Grande Prairie, Canada  
MormonYoYoMan Member   Since 1977, played or GM'd most rolegames. Current: Castles & Crusades, BRP, RQ, Pathfinder, GURPS..United StatesMaleOver 40
Michael McConnell Member       
Maximilien Augier Member       
Michael Hintz II Member       
MiraMels Member   I'm the girl the meta warned you about. Female25-30
Mitchell Harpin1 Member       
Mohammed A. Alhamdan Member       
monsmord Member   New to Newfoundland!St. John's, NLMaleOver 40
Marshall Lawless Member       
machineelf Member   DMing 5th ed. in North Central FloridaGainesville, FloridaMale31-40
Malovech Member Malovech's Avatar RPGer since the mid-80s, looking to see what the Hamilton community is likeHamilton, ONMale31-40
Matheus Cardozo Member       
mrm1138 Member    Los AngelesMale31-40
Mighty THokk Member   I'm into game design and theory, fantasy art and literature, and speculative discussions about magicBremerton WAMale31-40
Melkor Member Melkor's Avatar  Middle Earth  
Morrus Frazzled Morrus's Avatar Tabletop RPGer, designer, reporter.IntrawebsMaleOver 40
MathimCaim Member   Just started out playing Dungeons & Dragons, both 5th Edition and Pathfinder. Male25-30
MrPunch Member    City of Angels  
Matrix Sorcica Member Matrix Sorcica's Avatar  At the feet of our 5E Overlords  
minitrue Member   Gainesville FL 32606Male31-40
Morrow32 Member       
Maty√°Ň° Kadlas Member       
Mudhen Member   I have been playin D&D forever...just got back in after a little absense and I am dm for a weeklyEffingham, ILMale31-40
M3woods Member       
Matt Bills Member       
Matt S1 Member       
maxed Member   I've been playing Dnd for 20+ years. I'd like to find a casual 4e game in the Oakland area.Monmouth, ORMaleOver 40
Mordorandor Member       
Mats-Peter Hopf Member       
Mistwell Member Mistwell's Avatar  Van Nuys, CAMaleOver 40
Mirto Musci Member       
Michael Mattei Member       
Mercule Member Mercule's Avatar  The tall corn  
Magiblack Member   Just a normal slacker geek. I plan on moving to London sometime in the near future and I just wanna check out the gaming prospects.London, Ontario 25-30
MReav Member    MontrealMale25-30
Michael Hershiser Member       
mearls Member    Kent, WA, 98031 31-40
miatoromatic Member   Need creativity and awesomeness?United StatesMale19-24
MichaelSandar Member   D&D, any editon. Lots of dungeon crawls, moderate on story. Have 3 dedicated players plus DM. Ages,  25-30
Marcus Rodriguez Member       
meien Member   Started in the 3.5 era but have played lots of other games.MichiganMale25-30
mikebr99 Member    The County, ON, Canada  
Marc Paradis Member       
Malachi Sawvrahuk Member       
Myrhdraak Member   If you stare too long into the Abyss, the Abyss stares back at youSwedenMale 
Mr Jones Member       
MEATSHED Member       
MarkAHart Member   D&D, HEROCedar Rapids, Iowa Over 40
Matchstick Member Matchstick's Avatar  Hudson, Wi  
mkro95 Member    San FranciscoMale31-40
Mhyr Member    MunichMale31-40
Maxperson Member    Los Angeles, CAMale 
mattdiss Member    South Bend, INMale31-40
Morgan Stormane Member    Pacific NW  
Manchu2 Member   Primarily here for D&D related, but other interests tooAnchorage, AlaskaMaleOver 40
MonkeezOnFire Member   Newbie DM, undergrad student, wannabe game designer, Hero of Moga VillageCanadaMale19-24
madmardigan77 Member    United States  
mattkorz Member     Male25-30
MetaVoid Member    Saint MartinMale31-40
Mark Kernow Member       
MrHaveANiceDay Member       
mrswing Member   Vilvoorde, Belgium Over 40
Melanos Member       
mykediemart Member    United StatesMaleOver 40
MillerKiller Member       
mshow1323 Member       
Mike Thomas Member       
mr_outsidevoice Member    Austin, Texas  
Mallus Member   it's homage, satire and Grand Guignol!Philadelphia Over 40
meverz Member    Sydney, NSWMale31-40
Michael Nocivelli Member       
Michael Mills Member       
mboni Member       
MindbendeR Member       
Muso Member     MaleOver 40
MaverickLee77 Member       
Morfiedev Member   - Male31-40
Martin Phillips Member       
MechaPilot Member    MichiganFemale31-40
M.T. Black Member M.T. Black's Avatar  Sydney, Australia, AustraliaMale 
msmaenza Member    Chicago, ILMaleOver 40
Results 1 to 100 of 23050