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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Rob Phillips Member       
R_J_K75 Member      Over 40
rgoodbb Member   Warp Wood for the Win!Robin Hood Country  
Ristamar Member    Pennsylvania  
Robert Dodge Member       
Ramaster Member    I'm not giving my address to a machine!Male25-30
rcsample Member       
RhaezDaevan Member   Not sure what to put in here...CanadaMale25-30
Roman Ryder Member       
Rabulias Member Rabulias's Avatar Currently closedFairfax VAMaleOver 40
Ralif Redhammer Member       
Rcriddle Member   303 East Oakland Ave Johnson City, TN 37601 31-40
rczarnec Member   D&D, Shadowrun, GURPS, RIFTSNew HampshireMale 
Robert Witt Member       
Rune Once A Fool Rune's Avatar  Berea, KYMale31-40
Rossbert Member       
reemul Member    The Great Texas Swamp  
Ryan Rockett Member       
RedMoonRoleplaying Member       
reezel Member    Connecticut  
Rhelik Member       
Rod Staffwand aka Ermlaspur Flormbator   I like monsters and swordfights. MaleOver 40
Ravenheart87 Member   A hungarian software developer and a geek struggling to find enough free time for his hobbies.Győr, HungaryMale25-30
Ragmon Member   Well if you in Subotica (Serbia), PM me.SerbiaMale19-24
Remathilis Member Remathilis's Avatar So you're opening the chest, right?Detroit, MIMale31-40
Rya.Reisender Member     Rather not say31-40
Rhineglade Member   Old school gamer from the good ol' days of GreyhawkIllinoisMale 
Ray Wodansohn Member       
ron beck Member       
Reynard Member   Writer and gamer.Southwestern ConnecticutMaleOver 40
Rhuarc Member    Mannheim, GermanyMale31-40
Rosenet Member       
Raith5 Member   4th ed D and D, 5th ed D and DMelbourneMaleOver 40
reelo Member reelo's Avatar  Steinsel, LuxembourgMale31-40
regras333 Member       
Robyo Member   dragon stew Male31-40
Roland Stark Member       
RobJN Member     MaleOver 40
Rachenputzer Member       
RangerWickett Member RangerWickett's Avatar I'm the creator of ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution adventure path. I write, yo.Decatur, GAMale31-40
Ron Whicker Member       
Ricochet Member Ricochet's Avatar We play D&D/Pathfinder, a little Cthulhu and a few other games. Also Magic and other board-games from time to time :)  25-30
Ravenath Member   Pathfinder, D&D 4, Vampire, Werewolf, Mummy, Call of Cthulhu, Rolemaster, Gurps, Star Wars, LOTRSpainMale25-30
Raymond Arend Member       
R_Chance Member       
Robbe Christiaens Member       
Ramicus Member   Veteran Gamer, Tournament Champion, Online Columnist and GamemasterEast Peoria, ILMaleOver 40
Rocky777 Member   Lifelong D&D fanPhiladelphiaMale31-40
Ratskinner Member   I wish more people played Indie games in North Akron.North AkronMaleOver 40
RedneckRAM Member       
RDSnav Member   Long time gamer in the Findlay, Ohio areaFindlay, OhioMaleOver 40
rogermexico Member   Just reading for now.CalgaryMale31-40
Rhylthar Member     Male 
Razz0putin Member Razz0putin's Avatar  Ft. Worth, Tx  
Rodney Gott Member       
Redbadge Member    Destin, FL  
Ross Cowie Member       
Rabbitbait Member Rabbitbait's Avatar Ongoing Wednesday night campaigns - 7pm to 10:30pm. Guys in our 30s with kids.Woodend, New Zealand, New Zealand 31-40
Rai'Bone Member   Active roleplayer always looking for gamesGrafton, WiMaleOver 40
robus Member    South CarolinaMaleOver 40
ratman653 Member     Male25-30
Randomninja5 Member       
Roger Member Roger's Avatar     
rmcoen Member   D&D for 30 years, plus BattleTech, Car Wars, Villains & Vigilantes, Mutants & Masterminds, etc.Detroit AreaMale31-40
Rhyer0 Member       
RivCA Member   Navy Gamer LFGWherever the Navy needs meMale25-30
Ryuu Hayato Member    Rio de JaneiroMale 
Ruth Nield Member       
rmccraine Member       
Radaceus Member       
Richards Member       
Rhenny Member   Played and DMd for over 30 years - 1e through 5e, love them all.Larchmont, NY 10538MaleOver 40
racoffin Member   Just getting back into gaming again after some years off. Interested in D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder.Pueblo, CO Over 40
Robert Kocur Member       
RupertUrsus Member       
Robert Person Member       
rscott Member       
renegade Member renegade's Avatar  Reading, England, United Kingdom  
Rygar Member       
ReV Mayers Member       
Reoer 420 Member       
R P Davis Member    Harrisburg, PA, USAMaleOver 40
Ricky Freeze Member       
roloc202 Member     MaleOver 40
Reef Member       
ruemere Member       
Roland James Member       
Rocco Là Member       
redraider629 Member   An Episcopal priest who likes games. Male31-40
RogueJK Member RogueJK's Avatar Played various RPGs ~15 years ago, and am wanting to get back into it. Looking for a group!Northwest Arkansas 31-40
ranger69 Member    LincolnMaleOver 40
rjhodge Member    Cedar Park, TXMale31-40
Retreater Member   Looking for players to join Pathfinder Society or Living Forgotten Realms in the Western KY area.Owensboro, KYMale31-40
redshirt101 Member       
richmacj2 Member       
Ron West Member       
Readerbreeder Member    Southern California  
raycguz Member       
Rodrigo de Souza Member       
Richard Ehrhardt Member       
Results 1 to 100 of 16253