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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Shiroiken Member   Greyhawk GrognardCincinnatiMaleOver 40
Small Angry Owl Member       
Starfox Member   Role-playing in long campaigns. Casual boardgamer.LinköpingMaleOver 40
SilentWolf Member    ItalyMale31-40
Scott DeWar Member   just how far does this rabbit hole go?Miscatonic U. professor of supernatural studies-Emeritus [Greater Nashville area, Tenn.]MaleOver 40
Simon O'Neill Member       
schekker Member   Old D&D and Amber player, playing friendly games.WaalreMaleOver 40
ssvegeta555 Member     Male25-30
Syntallah Member    Swartz Creek, Michigan  
sirgaricbb Member       
Sundracon Member       
Scottbert Member    United StatesMale25-30
S'mon Member    London EnglandMaleOver 40
Simone Cancellara Member       
Sara Wermelin Member       
Stief Illingworth Member       
Stormdale Member    NZ  
Sadras Member    Cape TownMale31-40
Steve Gorak Member       
Samloyal23 Member   I haven't played anything in years. I'm interested in Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and Mage but I'lLong Beach, Ca.Male31-40
Sithikurro Member    Poland 31-40
Starwizard Member       
Saelorn Member    San Diego  
Sean Wales Member       
StormbringerAUS Member   D&D DM and playerCanberra, AustraliaMaleOver 40
Shane Chandler Member       
Steven Barker Member       
Stuart Nye Member       
seige12 Member       
Sandor78 Member     Male31-40
surfarcher Member   D&D 5e Forgotten Realms homebrew campaign in Adelaide's southern suburbs.Adelaide, SA, AustraliaMaleOver 40
Sky Anderson Sollis Member       
Saplatt Member   Failing Saves since 1979COMaleOver 40
Scary Member   Hello everyone, D&D playerRed Deer, Alberta, CanadaMaleOver 40
Saracenus Member Saracenus's Avatar  Portland, ORMale 
Shadowdweller00 Member      31-40
samsimilian Member   Do or do not. There is no try.GrazRather not say 
squibbles Member   newb who enjoys sword and sorcery Male31-40
svizer100 Member       
Sixo2 Member    Clarendon, AR, USAMale25-30
ShadowWyrm Member     MaleOver 40
Stu Hemmings Member       
Shadow Demon Member     Rather not sayOver 40
Sepharam Member     Male31-40
snswk89 Member       
Shasarak Member    Auckland, New Zealand  
Sammi Parr Member       
sbott Member    United StatesMaleOver 40
Sorcerers Apprentice Member    Castle FantasiaRather not say19-24
shawnellsworth Member   I'm the co-founder of Tribality.comToronto, ON  
Stephen M. Gingell Member       
Shayuri Member   Big on RP and tactics.Minneapolis, MNMaleOver 40
Sacco Member   Very Old. Very TiredTexasMaleOver 40
Stacey Fleming Member       
Slink RatBane Member Slink RatBane's Avatar  Orange County, CA, USAMale 
scrubkai Member   Lombard, Il 31-40
Seamus Hassard Member       
Shun Koizumi Member       
Steven Scherb Member       
SeldomSeen Member    Over Hill, Over Dale  
Svetgar Member    Texas  
Samir Member     Male19-24
Shu Meili Member       
SKid4 Member       
Sheap Member     Male19-24
Skywalker Member Skywalker's Avatar Kapiti 31-40
skugga Member       
Savannah Willits Member       
Stacie GmrGrl Member   oregon gamer tg womansalem, oregonFemale31-40
SolidPlatonic Member       
seriousmoonlight Member       
smbakeresq Member   Looking for 5e game. Can play 4e also, just rustyHollywood FLMaleOver 40
Silas Furzeman Member       
Sydney Bayless Member       
SerHogan Member   Come at me brogue!Brooklyn, NYMale31-40
Snig Member       
SkidAce Member SkidAce's Avatar Played all versions of DnD since 1981. Mostly DM. Travel a lot due to military, so not as activeHampton, VAMaleOver 40
Syunsuke Cat Lord's paw Syunsuke's Avatar  Japan  
Sumimi Member       
Southern_man Member       
Seraphaguin Member   Better than a baby made out of America and ice cream. Rather not say31-40
SAVeira Member    Canada  
Shimrath Member Shimrath's Avatar  San Diego, CaliforniaMale31-40
Solovar Member       
Salthorae Member Salthorae's Avatar I like pen & paper gaming, haven't made the jump to 4E and doubt I will, but bless those that enjoyGoleta 25-30
Shush Member   DM of all things D&DNisMale31-40
Sir Brennen Community Supporter Sir Brennen's Avatar  Villa Park, IL Over 40
SMHWorlds Member SMHWorlds's Avatar Writer, Designer, Lover, and SlayerAtlanta, GAMaleOver 40
slippyshuffles Member       
smokerdragoon Member    Orange County, CAMaleOver 40
scranford Member   RPG's for over 30 Years. Currently playing Pathfinder, CofC, Power of 12...but many more availableTitusville Over 40
serch Member   Hello! I'm an old grognard who has been playing D&D and RPGs for a long time. I moved back from Madrid, where I studied, to Cadiz, my hometown, and lose my group in the process. If anyone is interested...cádiz 31-40
Southern Oracle Member Southern Oracle's Avatar Interested in online or local tabletop game, preferably weekly.TennesseeMaleOver 40
Sword of Spirit Member   A Wizard in Dragon's clothing   
Sacrosanct Member   Indie Game Designer/Publisher. Bushcrafter. Computer nerd. Military geekAloha, or Over 40
Sylvar B. Member   C'es moi, mon amiBidness, NunyaMale31-40
Sean Lilly Member       
Stan Shinn Member    801 Appalachian Drive, Wylie, TXMaleOver 40
sim-h Member   London, UK based D&D and boardgamerLondon, UKMaleOver 40
Results 1 to 100 of 23871