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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Warwick Vorster Member       
werecorpse Member       
WrathOfStars Member       
wendell777 Member       
Winghorn Member    Birmingham, UK  
winestar Member    Out and AboutRather not sayUnder-18
William_Stefula Member       
WayOfTheFourElements Member       
WaterRabbit Member    Las Cruces, NM  
Walt C Member       
WhereIsMy Wizardhat Member       
Warforged DK Member       
Waynan Member   I like all D&D, from TSR to WotC the most. I also like many other RPGs, far too many to name in this introduction.Lakeland, FLMaleOver 40
wcpfish Member       
william holyday Member       
Wraith Form Member Wraith Form's Avatar Maturity, focus on exploration, politics and interaction rather than exclusively "killing stuff and taking their loot". Influences: RE Howard, HP Lovecraft, F Lieber, (oddly) Ed Greenwood.Webster 31-40
Weird Dave Member    St. Paul, MNMale31-40
Warmaster Horus Community Supporter Warmaster Horus's Avatar     
Will Hemphill Member       
WuM1nG Member       
Warpiglet Member    MidwestMaleOver 40
Waterbizkit Member    Eastern Seaboard, USAMale31-40
White Tornado Member    Utrecht, The Netherlands  
Wulfgar76 Member       
wsclark Member   Been role-playing since 1976, DMing for the last 30 years. Would like to find a game where I can be a player for a change.Stanhope, NJMaleOver 40
Wolfx Member    Aurora, CO  
Warren LaFrance Member       
Wodental Member   Professional, father who lives in the Houston Heights Area. Looking for a weeknight game.Houston, TXMale31-40
Wyldhart Member   Prime likes: D&D5e, CoC & other horror, CineUnisystem, MegatravellerJacksonville, FL, USARather not sayOver 40
WayneLigon Member WayneLigon's Avatar Looking to join or start a new group.montgomery, AlabamaMaleOver 40
Wightbred Member       
whoadang Member       
walt309 Member       
William Bluhm Member       
William White Member       
Will Schiemenz Member       
Water Bob Member       
Wocket Member     Female31-40
Wandering Member       
WyleType Member       
WolfBorg051 Member       
Waxfire Member   These days I'm into Dungeon World and SSurrey, BCMale31-40
Warehawk Member Warehawk's Avatar  Harker Heights, TX  
wighair Member wighair's Avatar  birmingham, uk  
William Tate Buckley Member       
William Joseph Hurst Member       
Warren Ellis Member       
Wylleau Member     Female 
William Schaecher Member       
Within Loki Member Within Loki's Avatar     
whobuilttheark Member       
Wisben Member       
Wardook Member   I started roleplaying games in 1980 and have never looked backed. I once DMed a game during a rocket attack in the Gulf War.Dayton, Ohio 31-40
Wyatt Verbeke1 Member       
WanderingMystic Member       
wbcreighton Member    Vancouver, B.C.  
William Crowler Member       
Withered Sol Member   Game playerNew Port RicheyMale 
Wrchylde Member   Looking to start/join a game group in Tacoma. WATacoma, WAMaleOver 40
Wheelercub Bear Member       
Wangalade Member   Long time dnd gamer, have played other rpgs. looking for more players.NorthridgeMale19-24
Wakaloo Member       
warushiru Member       
WarpedAcorn Member   Waffles are just pancakes with abs.Greensboro, NCMale31-40
wefeleb Member   A middle-aged gamer [boardgames, miniatures & RPGs] trying to catch up on industry trends/productsIndianapolis INMaleOver 40
Wyatt Verbeke Member       
Wepwawet Member Wepwawet's Avatar 5E DM and playerBrighton, UKMale31-40
William Sendas Member       
William Smith Member       
whisper1313 Member       
wildedge Member       
worldshaking00 Member     MaleOver 40
Walker Member   I m play 5ekorea, GwacheonRather not say19-24
Wesley Jackson Member       
Wurm1234 Member   I like 4e, I usually DM, but love to play rogues. Centreville, Virginia, United States Over 40
Word wall Member       
WhiskyJack Member    Auckland, New ZealandMaleOver 40
waderockett Member   I do stuff for 13th Age, Kobold Press and Pelgrane PressTacoma, WAMaleOver 40
whywouldyouevendotha Member       
Wlb Jndls Member       
Wybo Houkes Member       
Woody Kalk Member       
Wiseblood Member   Mywife and I are looking for a new group. Ours is moving out of state.Grayson Valley area north of BirminghamMale31-40
wordack Member    franceMale31-40
William Carmichael Member       
Wes Jones Member       
Wystan Member   RPGs, Board Games... Shadows of Brimstone. Been playing for longer than I care to admit... :)Durham, NCMaleOver 40
wqeqweqw Member       
wtrth Member       
William Gates Member       
Whitney Marla Ward Member       
William Alexander Member       
Wesley Lacaze Member       
WEContact Member   Currently looking for a local 4e group. PM me if you need a player!TennesseeMale25-30
war_on_sunshine Member       
Wildwood Games Member       
wordsmith88 Member   Gamer Geek Extraordinaire!Provo, UTMaleOver 40
Woody Hudson Member       
Wilfred A Lomboy Member       
wedgeski Member    Worcester, UKMaleOver 40
Results 1 to 100 of 6298
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