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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Azgulor Member    Pittsburgh areaMale31-40
dekrass Member    KYMale25-30
DersitePhantom Member       
Gardar Member       
JonnyP71 Member   Started with Red Box D&D in 1983, played AD&D 1E/2E til early 90s. Now back into it and enjoying 5E. The numbers of 3E and the tactics of 4E do not float my boat.Birmingham, UKMaleOver 40
Rob Phillips Member       
Sean May Member       
Treantmonklvl20 Member Treantmonklvl20's Avatar Author of some guides. Avid TTRPGer for a long timeCalgary, AB Over 40
Goblyn Member Goblyn's Avatar  Edmonton 25-30
Emerikol Member    Eastern KentuckyMaleOver 40
ajevans Member   Trad, Indie, OSR it's all goodSolihull, UKMale31-40
Darryl Greensill Member       
IanStarcher Member       
Lucas Jones Member       
SteeleViper Member    Colorado Springs, COMaleOver 40
HRSegovia Member   Used to be "Rene in the Midday" on 983 Rock...Clovis, NMMale31-40
Steel Kor Member     Male 
hsojrue Member   Looking for any kind of gaming out here (as long as it isn't video games)OdessaMale31-40
Justin Kennedy1 Member       
wingnut_dc Member wingnut_dc's Avatar Been out of it awhile. Looking to see if there is anything close to start up again.330 minnesota street sandstone, mn Over 40
CrimsonStar75 Member    Victoria, TXMale31-40
bruno71 Member       
dazzlerdal Member     Male31-40
tp25cards Member       
Frigus Member       
Philip D'Hollander1 Member       
mshow1323 Member       
Aaron L Member Aaron L's Avatar  Clearfield, Pennsylvania, United StatesMale31-40
Daag Member   I enjoy playing many types of games. Been playing D&D for 20 years now.Torono 31-40
Emil Kivi Member       
J Dean1 Member       
ishtarre Member       
tmanbeaubien Member       
Rhuarc Member    Mannheim, GermanyMale31-40
nmitchell890 Member       
Tallifer Member   Playing 4th edition D&D in Pusan, KoreaPusan, KoreaMaleOver 40
Essex Member    Blacksburg, VA  
Alrua Member       
Ken Spencer Member   Co-owner and Creative Director Why Not GamesIndiana, USA  
Mike Thomas Member       
Odyn Member   DM a 4e game that meets monthly. Also play in a classic OD&D game and a 3.5 game.18301 31-40
Yes Member     Male31-40
bmcdaniel Member bmcdaniel's Avatar Hong Kong based GM and gamerSoho, Central Hong KongMale31-40
Draco Bahamut Member   Jogadores experientes. Estamos jogando as Adventure Paths da Paizo na ordem cronologica.Salvador (Ba) BrasilMale31-40
JulianFranklin Member       
Darkstar360 Member     Male31-40
Furmyr Member    NorwayMale31-40
mr_outsidevoice Member    Austin, Texas  
Klane5 Member       
BTsam Member       
Erekose Member Erekose's Avatar  Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, UKMaleOver 40
Grahmir Member       
Mallus Member   it's homage, satire and Grand Guignol!Philadelphia Over 40
Henry Autoexreginated Henry's Avatar     
Lord Zack Member Lord Zack's Avatar  Auburn, New York, United States  
Aenghus Member   I run a 4e D&D game Saturday afternoons that sometimes has an opening for a new player. I have expeCork City, IrelandMaleOver 40
Ti-bob Member   Je suis un gars sympathique qui aime les campagnes de longue haleine où les règles n'interfèrent pas trop souvent avec le jeu. J'aime aussi les jeux de société en général et Magic en particulier.Québec, Québec, Canada Over 40
Necropuzo Member   Pathfinder, Deadlands Classic, Savage Worlds, Star War SAGAMoscow, RussiaMale31-40
Laura VonSmurf Member       
Ian Price Member       
William Carmichael Member       
Ignas Orlovas Member       
dumdragon Member       
pehaimi Member       
Azurecobalt Member    Glens Falls, NY  
Hangfire Member       
meverz Member    Sydney, NSWMale31-40
Blackwarder Member    Israel netanyaMale25-30
knikpiw Member   Make WOIN Great AgainIrelandMale19-24
Destil Member Destil's Avatar 4E Eberron, l largely casual with some overreaching plot elements. Fairly player driven.Tucson 31-40
Coroc Member   D&D 5th DM and PlayerVohburgMaleOver 40
yeknom12 Member       
kaernunnos Member       
Jim Smith Member       
Carlos L Member       
Curmudjinn Member   Longtime RPG Collector Male31-40
Michael Nocivelli Member       
Sean Delp Member       
Sir_Lancian Member    Australia  
alexander Aubert Member       
Onslaught Member     Male25-30
Ilbranteloth Member   DMing in the Forgotten Realms since 1987Canton, CTMaleOver 40
Scott DeWar Member   just how far does this rabbit hole go?Miscatonic U. professor of supernatural studies-Emeritus [Greater Nashville area, Tenn.]MaleOver 40
Michael Mills Member       
Firwood Member    ItalyMale31-40
Scary Member   Hello everyone, D&D playerRed Deer, Alberta, CanadaMaleOver 40
mboni Member       
Nylanfs Member Nylanfs's Avatar  Elkhart, Indiana, United StatesMaleOver 40
dregntael Member     Male19-24
Redbadge Member    Destin, FL  
Yogo Dagorah Member       
Tangleknot Lightstep Member       
carrot Member    Bristol - UKMale31-40
LuisCarlos17f Member LuisCarlos17f's Avatar   MaleOver 40
Soturi75 Member       
hgo_udi Member     Male31-40
Richard Jiang Member       
Hussar Member Hussar's Avatar  Fukuoka, JapanMaleOver 40
TaiChara Community Supporter TaiChara's Avatar  Outrealm  
Scott Turner Member       
Results 901 to 1000 of 280369