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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
dpr76 Member       
kurtmuran Member   pathfinder, world of darkness, d&d 3.5 playermexicoMale25-30
steeldragons Steeliest of the dragons steeldragons's Avatar  N'amsha f'damshaMaleOver 40
steepledhatstud Member       
rainykat Member   female, nerd, geek, canada, kelownaKelowna, BCFemale25-30
lukka5 Member    ArgentinaMale19-24
Orion1138 Member    Sheboygan, WIMale31-40
Lamorak Member   Open to different systems and play styles, particularly Cypher System, M&M 2e-3e, DnD 5th, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and FATEFort Wayne, INMale25-30
Sable Member       
Cergorach The Laughing One Cergorach's Avatar  Zeewolde, The Netherlands  
Agm-114 Member     Rather not say 
MwaO Member       
Joseph Blosch Member       
Sword of Spirit Member   A Wizard in Dragon's clothing   
MoonSong Member   Need a band-aid? I've got some duct tapeIn the heart of the moon  
Mithrandil Member     Male 
Lecarde Member   I'm new-ish to D&D 4EColumbus, OHMale31-40
TripleFate Member       
BV210 Member    Edmond, OKMaleOver 40
Jordan Martin Member       
SquirrelStache Member       
Rafael Weber Member       
Jeremy E Grenemyer aka Sanishiver Jeremy E Grenemyer's Avatar  Chowchilla, CAMaleOver 40
akr71 Member    Amherst, Nova ScotiaMaleOver 40
Dire Bare Member Dire Bare's Avatar Enjoying D&D 5th Edition!Boise, IdahoMaleOver 40
Matterhorn Member       
claytri Member   RPG Player/GMEdgewater, MDMaleOver 40
Benjamin Friedman1 Member       
Aldarc Member       
Akira Whitlock Member       
gyor Member   All for one and one for all Male25-30
Reef Member       
the_redbeard Member    Seattle  
404wallice Member       
James Crawford Member       
vilainn6 Member       
Dave Barrington Member       
Elodan Member Elodan's Avatar Painfully shy.Canton, MAMaleOver 40
carlosrosas Member       
Mark J. Bishop Member       
Jeffrey Bowes Member       
Samloyal23 Member   I haven't played anything in years. I'm interested in Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and Mage but I'lLong Beach, Ca.Male31-40
Streamweaver Member    Glen Allen, VAMaleOver 40
Baron Opal II Member   Gentleman Scientist   
amberkat Member       
Giorgicus Member     Male31-40
Bills Member       
Cody Polden Member       
Destil Member Destil's Avatar 4E Eberron, l largely casual with some overreaching plot elements. Fairly player driven.Tucson 31-40
Zexsudel Member       
Rhylee Caunce Member       
Marc Milano Member       
Marmoset Community Supporter    Redmond, WA  
Paid a bod yn dwp Member       
Al2O3 Member     Male 
Odysseus Member Odysseus's Avatar Looking for a game, were always on the look out for new players, If your nterested in a fun friendly game, get in touch.niverville new york 12130MaleOver 40
Geniac Member   Looking to play low-level PathfinderCharleroi, PAMaleOver 40
SquareKnot Member    MarylandMaleOver 40
chen haner Member       
SharsChosen1 Member       
MichaelSomething Member   "That's very creative; NEVER DO IT AGAIN!" A DM's opinion on my roleplaying.Chester County, PennsylvaniaMale25-30
Pjack Member    Eugene OR, 97402  
MythicJustice Member MythicJustice's Avatar  Seattle, WAMaleOver 40
WuM1nG Member       
Matthias E J Mertens Member       
Fion Member   I've been GM'ing since the 80s, on the off chance I can play it's like a whole new world. :)Schuyler Co, Upstate NYMaleOver 40
Eluxis Member       
Shadow Grunt Member    NC  
Angel Phoenix Member       
BMaC Member    Dublin, Ireland  
FTracer Member    Ohio  
Torian42 Member       
Aryoche Member Aryoche's Avatar  Grafton OhioMale 
EyeDK Member   Boise, IdahoMale25-30
Kramodlog Member    LimboMale31-40
Cephor Member   GM of Pathfinder ResplendenceMill Creek, WashingtonMale31-40
jacleg05 Member    Washington NCMaleOver 40
Drago Rinato Member     Male31-40
Clint Heiser Member       
Duo Maxwell Member Duo Maxwell's Avatar  San Francisco, CA  
Tiggerunner Member   Zeitgeist GM   
Xanthys Member   I play to slay, and slay to play Male31-40
Bupp Member    PittsburghMaleOver 40
StrifePlays Member       
Adammar Member   Always looking for a good game with good peoplelawrenceville, Georgia Over 40
Ainamacar Member       
Mooseberg0620 Member   Twirling and spinningApple ValleyRather not say25-30
Bloodweaver Member       
Mepher Member       
Nicholas Hoar1 Member       
PoJo72 Member    North CarolinaMaleOver 40
Psimancer Member Psimancer's Avatar  Australia  
Sylvain Pronovost Member       
Calithorne Member       
Nate1970 Member    Lebanon, PAMaleOver 40
Melissa White Member       
sgt-d Member   20+ year D&D player. Favorite edition is 2nd, but enjoy and play them allFox Valley, WIMale31-40
Gradine Community Supporter Gradine's Avatar  Arcata, CA  
jhilahd Member jhilahd's Avatar  Mesquite, TXMaleOver 40
Deathstol The Reaper Member       
Results 901 to 1000 of 293135