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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Zhern Member       
EvilDwarf Member EvilDwarf's Avatar  Huntington, WV  
MwaO Member       
pnewman Member       
Paul Umbers Member    Calgary, AlbertaMaleOver 40
winestar Member    Out and AboutRather not sayUnder-18
kristov Member   atlanta, ga 31-40
MightyAtom Member       
Bootlebat Member       
General Lopez Member    Chicago-GaryMale31-40
Edward Renner Member       
Zane Yunk Member       
MormonYoYoMan Member   Since 1977, played or GM'd most rolegames. Current: Castles & Crusades, BRP, RQ, Pathfinder, GURPS..United StatesMaleOver 40
Von Ether Member       
Kyle Eves Member       
Zero Cochrane Member    My House ;-)MaleOver 40
Bobby Chow Member       
Darin Kerr Member       
kingjosh3 Member       
eayres33 Member   D&D 5e playerDes Moines, WAMale31-40
Huber_D Member    Hopkinsville, KyMale31-40
Fluerdemal Member    ChicagolandMaleOver 40
Sora M Member       
Daemini Member       
neckbeard Member       
Colin Louderback Member       
william holyday Member       
DigDoug Member   Old but not obsoleteMassachusetts  
ahungbunny Member    Richmond, VA  
Birmy Member       
oldbones1958 Member       
MidwayHaven Member   I do a lot of retro tabletop RPG's.BaguioMale31-40
Brian McMurrer Member       
Boddha Member Boddha's Avatar  Australia  
Al'Kelhar Member   Mature gamer in his early 40s seeks companions with homicidal tendencies to kill things and take theCanberra, AustraliaMaleOver 40
nightspaladin Member       
MerricB Eternal Optimist MerricB's Avatar Australian rpger, boardgamer and commentator on aforementioned games.Waubra, Victoria, AustraliaMaleOver 40
stuart phillips1 Member       
Redbadge Member    Destin, FL  
slaight46 Member       
epithet Member    Houston, TexasMaleOver 40
Fireball36 Community Supporter   Big game library, not really being used (sigh)Berkeley, CAMaleOver 40
Finglas Member    New JerseyMale 
Michael Shipp Member       
Doolbeurt Member       
criticalfumble Member       
Ross Cowie Member       
learningtimebuster Member    Groningen, NetherlandsRather not say19-24
Invisible Stalker Member Invisible Stalker's Avatar D&D 1E, 5E, M&MMahomet, ILMaleOver 40
MooreVol Member   Board Game, Comic Book, SciFi/Fantasy, and now D&D NerdKnoxville, TNMale31-40
CAFRedblade Member CAFRedblade's Avatar  Ottawa, CanadaMale31-40
Rabbitbait Member Rabbitbait's Avatar Ongoing Wednesday night campaigns - 7pm to 10:30pm. Guys in our 30s with kids.Woodend, New Zealand, New Zealand 31-40
Aoirorentsu Member   Charlotte, NC, USA 31-40
Koren n'Rhys Member Koren n'Rhys's Avatar  Beantown, USA  
TiwazTyrsfist Member TiwazTyrsfist's Avatar     
Sylvar B. Member   C'es moi, mon amiBidness, NunyaMale31-40
Jack Daniel Member Jack Daniel's Avatar  OmahaMale25-30
HalcyonAndOn Member   halcyon and on and on...Austin TX  
David Grégoire Member       
Dumnbunny Member   40-something father, husband, business owner (software development) and gamer. Into all kinds of games: board, card, video and role-playing.Lethbridge, AB, Canada Over 40
Rai'Bone Member   Active roleplayer always looking for gamesGrafton, WiMaleOver 40
Kwargrow Member   in a game Male 
scourger Member       
cmrscorpio Member   I've been playing D&D and other systems since 1999. I have more experience in the DM's chair thanAlbany, OHMale31-40
Joseph Nardo Member       
Tellerian Hawke Member   Die Hard 3.0 / 3.5 PlayerWillip, FuryondyMaleOver 40
Waynan Member   I like all D&D, from TSR to WotC the most. I also like many other RPGs, far too many to name in this introduction.Lakeland, FLMaleOver 40
Echohawk Shirokinukatsukami fan Echohawk's Avatar We're in North West Province and have regular D&D game sessions one or two weekends a month.MadibengMaleOver 40
darius0 Member   5e D&D. Looking for 1 player. Currently playing WotC AP. Play Sundays.South Plainfield, NJMaleOver 40
shawnellsworth Member   I'm the co-founder of Tribality.comToronto, ON  
Sheddacon Member   I love using miniaturesOrlando, FLMaleOver 40
Hrothgar Rannlfr Member Hrothgar Rannlfr's Avatar     
carnage220 Member    so calMale31-40
TR Sparks Member       
_niten Member       
Cooper Bergen Member       
William Joseph Hurst Member       
Shazena Member       
James Arnold Member       
tglassy Member       
Higgs Member   Barrie, ON 3.5e 4e FR Forgotten RealmsBarrie, ONMale31-40
Nefzyflin Member    CalgaryMaleOver 40
noty Member       
ScuroNotte Member   5e playerNew YorkMaleOver 40
David Morgan2 Member       
mach1.9pants Member mach1.9pants's Avatar  NZMaleOver 40
Jared Tisher Member       
Bloodcookie Member Bloodcookie's Avatar  Pennsylvania, USA  
LappoyTheUnexpected Member    The Majestic Wilderlands  
robus Member    South CarolinaMaleOver 40
Warmaster Horus Community Supporter Warmaster Horus's Avatar     
morgurth Member   Working on a 13th Age setting.Orlando, FLMaleOver 40
Litzen Tallister Member    Johnstown, PAMaleOver 40
Houghbert Member       
ratman653 Member     Male25-30
Psikosis Member   Experienced gamer esp. AD&D, Pathfinder, Warhammer FRPG, and Call of CthulhuLittle Rock, ArkansasMaleOver 40
EricNoah Community Supporter EricNoah's Avatar  Madison, WIMale31-40
Derrick Robison Member       
Herosmith14 Member       
kbrakke Member    United StatesMale25-30
Results 1001 to 1100 of 293499