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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
EmbraCraig Member   4E D&D player and DM - Essentials & AEDU Builds fan; Also playing Pathfinder and Dragon Age RPG.EdinburghMale31-40
chad dalessio1 Member       
Nilbog Member    SheffieldMale31-40
Jason Corbett Member       
jacleg05 Member    Washington NCMaleOver 40
Astryd English Member       
shaulk78 Member       
MatsuKurisu Member       
LordStumpy Member       
Enrico Poli Member       
JasonForward Member       
Enevhar Aldarion Member    Virginia  
August Hale Member       
Saelrin Member   D&D 5E MaleOver 40
SansFinalGuardian1 Member       
Tormyr Member       
Tyrone Lewis Member       
Nelson Santos Member       
Firwood Member    ItalyMale31-40
greg.welty Member   4e and/or Essentials27587 Over 40
Apostol Apostolov Member   20+ yr experience in TT and PbP, into complex story-driven campaignsSofia, BulgariaMale31-40
TepidFox Member       
BluejayJunior Member     Male25-30
Ian Hallada Member       
madbilly Member       
Screwball13 Member       
Shehab Seif Member       
Crescent Orange Member       
itsmarkda Member     MaleOver 40
Satyrn Member   Hello!   
Tanin Duncan Member       
sleypy Member   Husband, father & gamer.Raleigh, NC USAMale31-40
ljblakey Member    Alberta, Edmonton AreaMaleOver 40
Allen Gignac Member       
Nikosandros Golden Procrastinator Nikosandros's Avatar  Roma, ItalyMaleOver 40
Pascal Renaud Member       
Genen Member       
Michael Mattei Member       
Andrew Souza Member       
HawaiiSteveO Member   Calgary AB 5E D&D DM and part time Pathfinder playerCalgaryMaleOver 40
Gerald Spangler Member       
Kurtomatic Member   Experienced GM; All D&D, Traveller, Shadowrun; Currently LFR (4E)Plain Ol', TejasMaleOver 40
AngryTiger Member     Rather not say31-40
fuzzy7179 Member   I am a male gamer, I have been playing for 15+ years. I love D&D 3.506812Male31-40
schneeland Member       
Simon Eccles Member       
theT0rmented Member    Spike #317, Great Skull Rack, Draj  
The Human Target Member   I'm a Dungeon Master of 10 years or so currently running a 4E DnD game.Canton AreaMale25-30
Hedonismbot Member       
dannydiddle Member   Big fan of fantasy and SF games, and even the odd wargameBromsgroveMaleOver 40
Sean Carnahan Member       
Sands999 Member   Hello, man name is Sands666, you killed my WotC forums... prepare to die!Los AngelesMale31-40
Winghorn Member    Birmingham, UK  
Henrik Grabner Member       
CapNorge Member       
MadmanMike83 Member       
LukeZZ Member       
pogre Member pogre's Avatar Interested in playing or DMing a new group.Mahomet, IllinoisMaleOver 40
RangerWickett Member RangerWickett's Avatar I'm the creator of ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution adventure path. I write, yo.Decatur, GAMale31-40
Joseph Nardo Member       
Luc Dube Member       
ciniver Member       
Blaede Member     MaleOver 40
MythicJustice Member MythicJustice's Avatar  Seattle, WAMaleOver 40
Honorius Member       
scottaroberts Member     Male 
Myrdin Potter Member     MaleOver 40
MitchS72 Member     MaleOver 40
dsoukup Member       
CapnZapp Member       
dc_in_sf Member   Getting back into DnD after a long long absenceSan FranciscoMaleOver 40
Igor Fernandes Member       
pdegan2814 Member   Recently returned D&D player enjoying the heck out of 5e and looking for another campaign to joinHerndon, VAMale31-40
whiskyriver Member       
Usus Member     MaleOver 40
oreofox Member     Male31-40
whoadang Member       
Cathayan Member       
Mefistofulee Member       
JediSoth Member JediSoth's Avatar Southside Indianapolis - Fantasy & Sci-Fi RPGsSouthport, INMaleOver 40
princedom Member    Athens, Greece 31-40
vladimir10 Member    19067MaleOver 40
shadowva Member   Mature gamer who's been playing D&D since the '80s looking for local group that meets about once a month.Gainesville, VA 20155 Over 40
NotRussellCrowe Member    Manitoba, CanadaMale31-40
Farland Member Farland's Avatar  DE, USA  
Mattias Member    Stockholm, Sweden  
Madhey Member   GM & Player, prefer dark fantasy, horror, Sword & Sorcery   
Ignas Orlovas Member       
Vildara Member    Lincoln, NEMaleOver 40
Confused Jackal Mage Member       
FeelingBlue Member       
DobbelE Member       
Jeff Howerton Member       
Midknightsun Member Midknightsun's Avatar Looking for gamers for 5eLancaster, PA 31-40
BabbageUK Member   We play online using Skype and Fantasy Grounds, kLoOge and MapTool.HU18 1RB Over 40
ranger69 Member    LincolnMaleOver 40
MunchkinBoomer Member       
Miguel Figueroa Member       
zeldafan42 Member    NW PAFemale25-30
Jonathan Scofield Member       
Results 1001 to 1100 of 288545