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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Lanord Member    Montreal, Quebec, CanadaMaleOver 40
noidish Member       
princedom Member    Athens, Greece 31-40
Meredith Jones Member       
DM Magic Member DM Magic's Avatar I've been a DM for 20 years, across 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Edition. I say curse words, drink beer, and run games that dwell more on fun and excitement than rules.Portland, OregonMale31-40
DM Kevin Member       
Harzel Member    Portland, OR, USAMaleOver 40
Neurotic Member Neurotic's Avatar  Zagreb, CroatiaMale31-40
mpathy Member       
Dustin Entz1 Member       
eric knight Member       
gldnbear93 Member   raised on D&D looking to try almost any gameRhode Island Over 40
Ozmon Member       
RonanS Member    St. Louis, MissouriMale25-30
Ricochet Member Ricochet's Avatar We play D&D/Pathfinder, a little Cthulhu and a few other games. Also Magic and other board-games from time to time :)  25-30
jboud045 Member    Canada  
Nikosandros Golden Procrastinator Nikosandros's Avatar  Roma, ItalyMaleOver 40
J.M Member       
rexreg Member   Played & GM'd or many a year; mainly AD&D/D&D, but many, many other systems as well.boise, idMaleOver 40
Austin Long2 Member       
ScottishBrandyBro Member       
isilor2 Member       
Walt C Member       
Age of Fable Member Age of Fable's Avatar Bellfield 31-40
reelo Member reelo's Avatar  Steinsel, LuxembourgMale31-40
ishtarre Member       
thomkt Member   Portland, OR 97206 31-40
Jenck Member   Played AD&D in 1970s. Like D&D Next/5ENew Hampshire Seacoast, United StatesMaleOver 40
phansternfoulmouth Member       
Sunzbane Member    PittsburghMale31-40
Ed Laprade Member   Been gaming since '78.Worcester, MA, USAMaleOver 40
Enevhar Aldarion Member    Virginia  
NinjaFlashX Member    My OfficeMaleOver 40
CapnZapp Member       
timmy Member timmy's Avatar I play 3.5, GURPs, and The One Ring. My group is looking for more players in a 3.5 game.Milford, NHMaleOver 40
Tyler Pickering Member       
Samothrake Member Samothrake's Avatar     
Lord_Blacksteel Member   Long-time gamer & DM, for current info see the blog at 40
VengerSatanis Member    United StatesMale31-40
WhereIsMy Wizardhat Member       
loofou Member     Male25-30
isilor1 Member       
SKid4 Member       
dru chandler Member       
ron beck Member       
OnCider Member   Rollplaying group interested in a bit of roleplaying.Yatton 31-40
Huber_D Member    Hopkinsville, KyMale31-40
Vansradj Madho Member       
Andrew Semprebon Member       
timbolton Member       
Wolfwood2 Member       
gparali Member       
closterphobia Member   30+ years of D&D and still going...   
Bob Younce Member       
IAmSancho Member       
Eric Flores Member       
Katharine Williams1 Member       
marcoasalazarm Member    San Jose, Costa Rica  
GrayLinnorm Member       
CptJackRabbit Member       
Joseph Nardo Member       
reverend_tobias Member       
DerNeander Member       
Sacco Member   Very Old. Very TiredTexasMaleOver 40
Anselyn Member   Old school RPGer now mostly into narrative style games - e.g. ToC - rather than tactical challengesBA2 3QHMaleOver 40
Dr.Mythtery Member    United StatesMaleOver 40
Selganor Member Selganor's Avatar   Male31-40
Chaderick Member       
Igor Mendonça Member       
Li Shenron Member    Arborea  
Lanefan Member    Victoria BC  
lockyreid1 Member       
Campbell Member Campbell's Avatar Relaxed IntensityDenver, COMale31-40
The White Sorcerer Member       
ATaliesin Member       
Garrett MacFalda Member       
Readerbreeder Member    Southern California  
Saracenus Member Saracenus's Avatar  Portland, ORMale 
thorgrit Member       
Labwreck Member       
WebWarlock Member WebWarlock's Avatar  Palatine, Illinois, United StatesMaleOver 40
McLaurin Member   Norfolk Over 40
neg Member neg's Avatar  St. Paul, MN  
Evhelm Member     Male31-40
Russell Sinclair Member       
Ian Cotlear1 Member       
jib916 Member    United StatesMale25-30
BMaC Member    Dublin, Ireland  
Nebulous Member Nebulous's Avatar  Beyond Earth  
GrevilleWhittle Member       
William Crook Member       
CydKnight Member   DM By NecessityKingwood, TxMaleOver 40
Grant Williamson Member       
Hastati Member    BelgiumMale 
Ashtagon Member   ...London 31-40
smerwin29 Member   WotC freelancer. Looking for gamers willing to play all kinds of RPGs, board games, and card games.Fredonia NY 14063 Over 40
kralinx3 Member       
patrickborrelli Member       
Notsofunnyguy Member       
Stereofm Member   I DM Pathfinder, and am a long time D&D gamer before that. Not really looking for players atm, but I wanted to test the systemParis, France 31-40
Results 1001 to 1100 of 302570