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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Lord Zack Member Lord Zack's Avatar  Auburn, New York, United States  
maceo Member       
Sebastian Candioti Member       
Lauraliane Member    CanadaMale31-40
Dr. Bull Member   Pathfinder, D&D, M&M, C&C - Old School Gamer!Bristol, VAMaleOver 40
BluejayJunior Member     Male25-30
Seramus Member       
League_d12 Member   Play and run d&d games, not a metagamer, looking for (English speaking) playersBelgiumMaleOver 40
Henrique Canale Member       
WyleType Member       
Hugh Acton Member       
TomFinn Member     Male25-30
Cyber-Dave Member     Male31-40
Azurewraith Member       
dpr76 Member       
HawaiiSteveO Member   Calgary AB 5E D&D DM and part time Pathfinder playerCalgaryMaleOver 40
Talanasus Member     Male25-30
Malovech Member Malovech's Avatar RPGer since the mid-80s, looking to see what the Hamilton community is likeHamilton, ONMale31-40
Tel Arin Member     Male31-40
reezel Member    Connecticut  
Dax Doomslayer Member    Worcester, MA  
PoJo72 Member    North CarolinaMaleOver 40
Maxperson Member    Los Angeles, CAMale 
CapnZapp Member       
shadowva Member   Mature gamer who's been playing D&D since the '80s looking for local group that meets about once a month.Gainesville, VA 20155 Over 40
zouron Member zouron's Avatar  Frederiksværk  
samsimilian Member   Do or do not. There is no try.GrazRather not say 
jonathonhawke Member    Hollister, CAMaleOver 40
wordack Member    franceMale31-40
monsmord Member   New to Newfoundland!St. John's, NLMaleOver 40
CydKnight Member   DM By NecessityKingwood, TxMaleOver 40
mcmillan Member    Bryan TX 25-30
Moorcrys Member Moorcrys's Avatar Old and New School Gamer.Naples, FLMaleOver 40
AngusA Member       
Greg K Member    Los Angeles, California  
hutchback Member   D&D or FATE looking for monthly gameMaricopa, AZMaleOver 40
Utne Member       
EonTrinity Member     MaleOver 40
CoreyHaim8myDog Member   Looking for good role-playing game. Old school, new, whatever. No furries. OK, maybe one. Maybe....60004 31-40
Thom Bryson Member       
Lord Mhoram Member Lord Mhoram's Avatar RPGs: HERO, Genesys, D&D 5EUtahMaleOver 40
mips42 Member    Vancouver, waMaleOver 40
beaumontsebos Member   Looking to play some D&D. 4E preferrably.Spring Hill, FL 31-40
Andrew Cooper Member       
wendell777 Member       
Obvious_Ninja Member    In the shadow of a Magic Kingdom  
Buddha the DM Member Buddha the DM's Avatar  Oswego, NY, USAMaleOver 40
wingnut_dc Member wingnut_dc's Avatar  Sandstone, MNMaleOver 40
merchantsteve Member   Looking to Play 4e or any OSR (but not 2e or 3e/3.5e)300 Autumn Trail, Georgetown, TX 78626MaleOver 40
Adam Gonnerman Member       
DEFCON 1 Member DEFCON 1's Avatar I DM two concurrent 5E Curse of Strahd campaigns.Burlington, MAMaleOver 40
Firwood Member    ItalyMale31-40
Tormyr Member       
Morgath Member   Pathfinder prefferably. Also Harnmaster.Lund 31-40
Rcriddle Member   303 East Oakland Ave Johnson City, TN 37601 31-40
Torian42 Member       
Manchu2 Member   Primarily here for D&D related, but other interests tooAnchorage, AlaskaMaleOver 40
werecorpse Member       
antonio martinez1 Member       
Luz Member   Longtime GM for D&D / PFVancouver, B.C.Male31-40
oreofox Member     Male31-40
dguerrieri Member   Have played all versions of D&D, playing 4ED now. Favorite world is Greyhawk, but also playing LR as well.Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States Over 40
freeAgent Member   Hi, I'm David. I live in the West Loop and am looking to find a Pathfinder group. I've got some previous Pathfinder experience as well as 2E AD&D, and I prefer games that focus on problem solving, boldly making mistakes, and not taking things too seriously. I've got all the rulebooks as well as Hero Lab (all content expansions).60661Male25-30
Jay Verkuilen Member       
mellored Member       
Capital_Q Member    Howell, MI  
thomkt Member   Portland, OR 97206 31-40
Gorath99 Member    Holland  
FXR Member     Male31-40
Lamentation 89 Member       
nac45 Member   yeah but noSavage Lands of ShaolinMale19-24
Rhelik Member       
81Dagon Member       
Janx Member       
kollixonkorz Member       
biscuit07238 Member       
andrewlichey Member       
PoundFive Member   Games in Houston, D&D, CoC, KAP and othersHoustonMaleOver 40
MichaelSandar Member   D&D, any editon. Lots of dungeon crawls, moderate on story. Have 3 dedicated players plus DM. Ages,  25-30
Ancalagon Dusty Dragon Ancalagon's Avatar  Ottawa, Canada  
Chimaeran Member    SwedenMaleOver 40
Lecarde Member   I'm new-ish to D&D 4EColumbus, OHMale31-40
Maniac Member       
SMHWorlds Member SMHWorlds's Avatar Writer, Designer, Lover, and SlayerAtlanta, GAMaleOver 40
Seule Member Seule's Avatar  Guelph, Ontario, Canada  
Kris Member Kris's Avatar ...needs to roll more dice.Walsall, EnglandMale31-40
FTracer Member    Ohio  
ceiling90 Member   I don't play as much as I DM, in fact, I rarely play. I'd like to play more.Winter HavenMale25-30
Kurviak Member     MaleOver 40
MillerKiller Member       
QuestsandChaos Member       
Scary Member   Hello everyone, D&D playerRed Deer, Alberta, CanadaMaleOver 40
Evhelm Member     Male31-40
Sir Brennen Community Supporter Sir Brennen's Avatar  Villa Park, IL Over 40
Larry Fellin Member       
Roman Ryder Member       
eulerkun Member   Willing to try any game once...MinnesotaMaleOver 40
Weird Dave Member    St. Paul, MNMale31-40
Veldraneofsengir Member    West Monroe NYMale31-40
buzzardoftheages Member   introductionUSAMale31-40
Results 201 to 300 of 293495