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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
madbilly Member       
Kerobelis Member       
Yunru Member    Peasedown St JohnMale19-24
carborundum Member carborundum's Avatar Enthusiastic, long-time gamer, a story-pips-rules kinda guyNetherlandsMale31-40
Happy Funball Member   I mostly run games (currently M&M) and I am not currently seeking anything. This just looked kind of cool.Omaha 31-40
abe ray Member abe ray's Avatar I like dnd!auburn WashingtonMale31-40
Tinker-TDC Member       
MindbendeR Member       
Ander Ferreras Member       
Toledo Member       
Michael Fleeman Member       
__pannacotta Member       
Mavkatzer Member   I keep rules lite and loose. Except for the Rule of Fun, which I strictly enforce.Traverse City, Michigan, USAMaleOver 40
lrsach01 Member       
Hutchimus Prime Member    Herkimer, NYMale31-40
Squishy Member       
Peter Giesbrecht Member       
Kurotowa Member       
Dragonbait Member    Huntington Beach, California, United States  
de_Lenir Member       
Boddha Member Boddha's Avatar  Australia  
Jason Ruth Member       
NM Bass Member       
Captain Squirrel Member       
dguerrieri Member   Have played all versions of D&D, playing 4ED now. Favorite world is Greyhawk, but also playing LR as well.Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States Over 40
occam Member occam's Avatar  Shoreline, WA, USA  
Alexander Kalinowski Member   RPG designer from hellGermanyMale 
adranis Member    Montreal  
richmacj2 Member       
gunzler Member       
Mort Community Supporter   Happily DMing in ChicagoChicago, ILMale31-40
Malgwyn Member    Wales  
freyar Member freyar's Avatar Not looking too much. Mostly know D&D 3.X and Pathfinder, but could try anything once....Winnipeg, MB, Canada 31-40
Luke Mraz Member       
Shiroiken Member   Greyhawk GrognardCincinnatiMaleOver 40
Renaldo Member       
Blue Member Blue's Avatar I like heavy RP, shades of gray campaigns, both to run and play in.Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 Over 40
Ath-kethin Elder Thing Ath-kethin's Avatar   Rather not say31-40
patoace Member   Rancagua 31-40
Parmandur Member       
Tailspinner Member    MarylandMaleOver 40
Moravave Member       
Phasestar Member     Male 
Jerker Kenntoft Member       
David Applegate Member David Applegate's Avatar   MaleOver 40
Hunkle Member       
GordMcLeod Member       
BMaC Member    Dublin, Ireland  
Garthanos Member    Lincoln, NebraskaMaleOver 40
Syntallah Member    Swartz Creek, Michigan  
CavemenGo Member      31-40
Dallas Gerber Member       
theoysterking Member       
gzulaski Member    Newberg, OR  
Ian Hartford Member       
Sir_Of_Meep Member       
lvl20dm Member       
Brooding Paladin Member   Old-school gamer that has kept up with (all of) the changing D&D editions!Centennial, COMaleOver 40
Nicholas Potter Member       
Anselyn Member   Old school RPGer now mostly into narrative style games - e.g. ToC - rather than tactical challengesBA2 3QHMaleOver 40
Tom Evans Member       
Queenie Queen of Everything Queenie's Avatar Looking for a new game! Open to different systems.N Babylon, New York, USAFemale31-40
Javier Szwarcberg Member       
Corporal_Chaos Member       
Elyse Schneider Member       
Lord_Blacksteel Member   Long-time gamer & DM, for current info see the blog at 40
Xeterog Member   I'll play anythingTexasMaleOver 40
Graeme Wanhella Member       
Megamon Member       
Slighted Member   I am a lawyer and family man.MN 31-40
AndromedaRPG Member   DnD 3.5, d20 Modern, Stargate SG-1 RPG, Silver Age Sentinels, Star Wars Revised.Somewhere in this universe.Male31-40
Umbran Mod Squad Umbran's Avatar  Boston, MA  
5ekyu Member       
lall Member       
Waterbizkit Member    Eastern Seaboard, USAMale31-40
DEFCON 1 Member DEFCON 1's Avatar I DM two concurrent 5E Curse of Strahd campaigns.Burlington, MAMaleOver 40
BV210 Member    Edmond, OKMaleOver 40
Sam Morgan Member       
Andrew Garbade Member       
JoeStock Member       
JugularWhale Member       
ubergeek63 Member       
Myrhdraak Member   If you stare too long into the Abyss, the Abyss stares back at youSwedenMale 
Evhelm Member     Male31-40
Cole Leadon Member       
trancejeremy Member    St. Louis  
VengerSatanis Member    United StatesMale31-40
arcadia7366 Member       
vonschlick Member vonschlick's Avatar I'm an older gamer looking to start gaming again.huntsville, al 35811 Over 40
UrbanZomB Member       
demadog Member       
Ugly Weirdo Member       
Morticious Plays Member       
Istbor Member   D&DThe Land of CheeseMale25-30
The White Sorcerer Member       
Verethragna Member   Laid-back grognard interested in games old and new.Victoria BCMaleOver 40
Guang Member       
Rabbitbait Member Rabbitbait's Avatar Ongoing Wednesday night campaigns - 7pm to 10:30pm. Guys in our 30s with kids.Woodend, New Zealand, New Zealand 31-40
Cobalt Meridian Member    Reading, UKMaleOver 40
practicalm Member    Long Beach, CAMaleOver 40
Results 301 to 400 of 300057