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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Warpiglet Member    MidwestMaleOver 40
Odysseus Member Odysseus's Avatar Looking for a game, were always on the look out for new players, If your nterested in a fun friendly game, get in touch.niverville new york 12130MaleOver 40 Member       
Matesamo Member   Playing Red Box D&D, Savage Worlds and Dragon Age!Warwick, RIMaleOver 40
PoJo72 Member    North CarolinaMaleOver 40
void7shade Member       
Sepharam Member     Male31-40
John Greenwall Member       
brett_francis Member       
Jason Peterson Member       
Dark-Ra Member     Male19-24
Psyzhran2357 Member       
Draco Bahamut Member   Jogadores experientes. Estamos jogando as Adventure Paths da Paizo na ordem cronologica.Salvador (Ba) BrasilMale31-40
merchantsteve Member   Looking to Play 4e or any OSR (but not 2e or 3e/3.5e)300 Autumn Trail, Georgetown, TX 78626MaleOver 40
Jorren Member       
Parmandur Member       
cwfrizzell Member cwfrizzell's Avatar  Far EastMaleOver 40
finarvyn Member finarvyn's Avatar  near Chicago  
Tyler Dunn Member       
mattcolville Member mattcolville's Avatar Writer, game designer, geek. Not a douchebag.   31-40
The Blaqueknight Member       
Byron Hudgins Member       
ncledes Member       
Saelrin Member   D&D 5E MaleOver 40
Sacrosanct Member   Indie Game Designer/Publisher. Bushcrafter. Computer nerd. Military geekAloha, or Over 40
Destil Member Destil's Avatar 4E Eberron, l largely casual with some overreaching plot elements. Fairly player driven.Tucson 31-40
Mike Solomon Member       
rczarnec Member   D&D, Shadowrun, GURPS, RIFTSNew HampshireMale 
darkbard Member darkbard's Avatar  Rye, NY  
Goblyn Member Goblyn's Avatar  Edmonton 25-30
tehguitarist Member   5e player who likes entertaining DMing (both as a DM and player) Like a good immersive story!Sydney, AustraliaMale25-30
Josh Isaac Member       
Herosmith14 Member       
Jharet Member     Male31-40
5ekyu Member       
Justin Radatzke Member       
jonathonhawke Member    Hollister, CAMaleOver 40
Nostalgia Ward Member       
Ryan Mahaffey Member       
BacchusNL Member       
scrub Member     Male31-40
Bercilak Member       
DerekSTheRed Member    Fort Worth, Texas, United StatesMale31-40
mastermax2 Member       
blakesha Member       
Shasarak Member    Auckland, New Zealand  
RangerWickett Member RangerWickett's Avatar I'm the creator of ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution adventure path. I write, yo.Decatur, GAMale31-40
Joseph T Member       
PabloM Member   Argentinan GamemasterLa Plata, ArgentinaMale25-30
patoace Member   Rancagua 31-40
R_Chance Member       
MoonSong Member   Need a band-aid? I've got some duct tapeIn the heart of the moon  
JRedmond Member       
blackrazor49 Member   I like story and character development in my games, but a fair mix of all types of gaming is the best.LincolnMaleOver 40
Remus Lupin Member Remus Lupin's Avatar These days I mostly play Pathfinder, Cthulhu (all sorts) and Savage WorldsChicago, ILMaleOver 40
BytomMan Member       
Hollow Man Member   Started with B/X and 1e D&D, now playing 5eConnecticutMaleOver 40
Thomas Samson Member       
Failed Jedi Member    United StatesMale31-40
DM Dave1 Member    Plane of Earth  
Dave Owen-O'Quill Member       
KentDT Member    Mikuni, JapanMaleOver 40
Kusal Mudalige Member       
pancakemaster808 Member   All Hail the Laser BardSeattle WAMale19-24
IOUCRABZ Member       
jodyjohnson Member jodyjohnson's Avatar D&D Player/DM building community in Lincoln, NELincoln, NE 68506MaleOver 40
Alzrius The EN World kitten Alzrius's Avatar  eastern United StatesMale31-40
Lucariell Member       
Zine Zizou Member       
Michael Dean Member   Looking to join some new game groups.Lansing, Michigan Over 40
Joshua Chatterton Member       
Ghost2020 Member       
Krachek Member       
Rob Phillips Member       
Anthro78 Member   I'm looking for most anything, save D&D4e.Quad Cities, IA 31-40
criticalfumble Member       
Tim Lamb Member       
ChaosShard Member    An eldritch dystopia  
Jason R Member       
Diarmadhim Member    Dewydd MoresbyMale31-40
Jessica Hale Member       
Hilary Blankenship Member       
LazarusKane Member       
Larrin Member       
Mike Myler Member Mike Myler's Avatar Game Designer, Freelance WriterPittsburgh, PAMale25-30
Numidius Member   Ibis, redibis. From BECMI in the eighties, all the way to DW recently.RomeMale 
KaijuCakes Member       
foxtrots_ Member       
RC Hagy Member       
Lylandra Member     Female31-40
Voltaire Schneider Member       
Hida Genda Member    SacramentoMale25-30
Draegn Member    dark rural wet rainy BritainFemale 
Lidgar Member       
Osgood Member    Columbus, OHMaleOver 40
Ricky Freeze Member       
Robert Thomas1 Member       
TwoSix Member   DM or playerLawrenceville, NJMale31-40
Seramus Member       
Scott DeWar Member   just how far does this rabbit hole go?Miscatonic U. professor of supernatural studies-Emeritus [Greater Nashville area, Tenn.]MaleOver 40
Results 401 to 500 of 302570