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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
cwyll Member       
Carl Maxon Member       
rasplundjr Member    Kingsford Heights, INMale31-40
Alex Tortosa Member       
Iacobescu Alexandru Member       
Lanane Member     Rather not say 
TreyG Member       
Snaria Member       
Josh Mosqueira Member       
Asherett Member       
SteeleViper Member    Colorado Springs, COMaleOver 40
marioinfinity Member   Long Time Gamer, DM For D&D5 and SR5Missoula, MTMale25-30
Jason Adams Member       
greekramos Member   Plays D&D, Trail of Cthulhu, and FFG's Star Wars in MontrealMontreal, CanadaMaleOver 40
Bryce V. Giroux Member       
Tony Garry Member       
Rugger Member Rugger's Avatar  Vermont, USA  
RainIvy413 Member   Just here to utilize the tools for DMing. Rather not sayUnder-18
Colin Mangan Member       
oneshot Member       
TerranEmpire Member     Male31-40
PiraticalDruid Member       
Jack Tesolin Member       
seth47er Member    Australia  
klonewarrior Member   37 yr old, male, with 25 years of gaming experience. Both as a player and DM. Plainfield, IL 31-40
Arjun Anand Member       
Mack Cook Member       
FoxWander Member FoxWander's Avatar Myself and a few others are playing in my wife's ongoing campaign.:REDACTED: 31-40
phl3b Member       
Elminster2002 Member       
Jason Willis Member       
Carlos Alexandre Member       
irunjt Member       
Lucas Blackstone Member       
Zejety Member       
Alfonso Terre Borja Member       
Ben Knipp Member       
John Watson Member       
Anton Lelios Member       
hattrickpony Member       
Justin Baard Member       
Arden Whitenight Member       
Chris Le Member       
Clockwerk66 Member    CanadaMale19-24
redshirt4life Member       
Lord Shark Member    United States  
lykos monopthalmos Member       
MrZeddaPiras Member       
Dustin White1 Member       
TheFool1972 Member TheFool1972's Avatar Husband and wife gamers. Game master and player.winchester ky 31-40
juan lobato Member       
Corey Matzkanin Member       
Overlord Bread Member   Just an adventurer looking for chills, thrills, and debaucheryTennesseeMale19-24
Sidran7e Member    Redding, CAMale25-30
Elforgotten Member       
Melanie Clifton Member       
Bill Montana Member       
James Williams2 Member       
Ron_the_Sampsonator Member       
ballsdeepinbutthash Member       
PnPgamer Member   gmt +2 Male25-30
Josh Randall Member       
Calvin Hannam Member       
Carter White Member       
Steve ADnD Member       
Storn Member Storn's Avatar Ithaca has a rich gaming scene. Several small groups are around. I prefer to play light to medium crunch systems, like FATE, Savage Worlds. My favorite genre is Fantasy. And, oh yeah, I'm an artist in the RPG biz.1789B State Route 96, Trumansburg, NY 14886 Over 40
hoshisabi Member       
Jef Gorbach Member    44266 Over 40
Fred Letson Member       
oknazevad Member    North Jersey  
Madlefty Member    ItalyMale31-40
Greenbulldozer Member       
Bryan Houston Member       
Zadolix Member    United KingdomMale31-40
smiteworks Member smiteworks's Avatar My name is Doug Davison. I am the President and primary Owner of SmiteWorks. Smiteworks is the creator of the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop where you can play RPGs online.Merritt Island, FL  
BackInAction Member       
CobraMisfit Member   I want to be Comic Sans. MaleOver 40
Yaushee Member       
south_pole_ball Member       
Scott Busbee Member       
Corey Hoggan Member       
Axefanatic Member       
dalek99 Member     Male31-40
Broken One Member       
X12421263 Member       
GKG_Alan Member   I run Gallant Knight GamesUtah  
exile Member    Prestonsburg, KYMale31-40
Stupid Jedi Member    Edmonton, CanadaMale31-40
Alaric Nurm Member       
Daniel Coveyou II Member       
undeadshark Member       
Paul Smith Member       
rocklandsally Member       
Matt Handfield Member       
Mitch Maslin Member       
hkenshin666 Member   a manslayer is a manslayer till the day he diesbristolMale25-30
Alan Childs Member       
Don Blake Member       
XMRacer Member   Old school D&Der (2nd ed) giving 5th ed a shotNEPAMaleOver 40
bml Member     Male19-24
Results 5001 to 5100 of 288546