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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Daniel March Member       
The Human Target Member   I'm a Dungeon Master of 10 years or so currently running a 4E DnD game.Canton AreaMale25-30
Rcriddle Member   303 East Oakland Ave Johnson City, TN 37601 31-40
Courtney Hicks Member       
volanin Member       
Alexander Fitzhugh Member       
Nash DeVita Member       
BattleMats Member       
Reef Member       
Dasher1 Member       
grimshwiz Member       
Jeffrey Smith1 Member       
Neur0Logic Member       
damattage Member    Willimantic, Connecticut, United States  
Nate1970 Member    Lebanon, PAMaleOver 40
johnnymadre Member       
afdarcy Member       
Micah Sweet Member   open to Dnd...any editionArroyo GrandeMale31-40
Andrew Woodstock Member       
Scott Hill2 Member       
Obvious_Ninja Member    In the shadow of a Magic Kingdom  
Andre Burton Member       
MindbendeR Member       
Silas Rhyneer Member       
MonkeyDIke Member   I apologize for not being involved in D&D sooner.   
Candi Fox Member       
CrimsonCarcharodon Member   Currently in a gaming group, but always looking for more D&D Male25-30
Tobias Keller Member       
Stratos Fotakis Member       
Callum1 Member       
Rowan Tritton Member       
ikos Member       
ForgedAnvil Member   ForgedAnvil Male31-40
Heitor Macedo Member       
Cyrus Vandervoort Member       
da_baron Member    CanadaMaleOver 40
SigmaOne Member    New YorkMale 
jonesy Member jonesy's Avatar  Helsinki, FinlandMale31-40
pyrese Member     Male25-30
horace1234 Member       
GadgetGirl Member   I play D&D, devour fantasy novels, and would like to write my own adventuresSaskatchewanFemaleOver 40
Adam Koester Member       
rcsample Member       
slyder128 Member   gamer, dad, 50/50 RP for RPG  Over 40
LostWormOnItsWayHome Member       
MonsterPhage Member       
Sio9k Member       
Firwood Member    ItalyMale31-40
Arnwolf666 Member       
Baheru Member    United StatesMale31-40
Timothy Arch Member       
LordMelquiades Member       
Michael Marcum Member       
Cergorach The Laughing One Cergorach's Avatar  Zeewolde, The Netherlands  
gantzerteo Member     Male25-30
ArwensDaughter Member     Female 
Arkanis81 Member       
captcorajus Member   Retro RPG Reviewsbaltimore mdMaleOver 40
swaufordwow Member       
Shades of Eternity Member       
Gilladian Member Gilladian's Avatar Going back to 3.5 epic 6th style. Now recruiting!Waco, TexasFemaleOver 40
wikigreenwood82 Member       
Luz Member   Longtime GM for D&D / PFVancouver, B.C.Male31-40
egomann Member egomann's Avatar 33770 Over 40
Davide Santini Member       
Aryoche Member Aryoche's Avatar  Grafton OhioMale 
Umbran Mod Squad Umbran's Avatar  Boston, MA  
Storyteller Hero Member     Male31-40
Usus Member     MaleOver 40
Kupursk Member       
Sailor Saint Member       
dcampbez Member       
Josiah Stoll Member       
shohmann Member       
Leorix Member Leorix's Avatar  Western Australia  
Jordan Hussain Member       
dmaynard Member     Male31-40
Thateous Member Thateous's Avatar   Male25-30
Haffrung Member    Canada  
Grymar Member   I'm 38, married with children, and have played D&D since the early 80s (skipped 2nd edition, though). Today I play mostly Pathfinder and I run a Pathfinder in Eberron game. GahannaMale31-40
ff6shadow Member       
Thyrkill Member    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii  
FitzTheRuke Member    Port Moody, BC, CanadaMaleOver 40
Count_Zero Member    Tir TarngereMale25-30
CapNorge Member       
Brett Bussart Member       
Eminence_Grise Member    LavalMale31-40
DeProfundis Member       
Morrow32 Member       
Kal99 Member    United States  
Georgo Joeckel Member       
PrimevalSeeker Member       
Erik Carlson Member       
soulcatcher78 Member   Typical lapsed gamer, to much work and not enough dice rolling time. Able to play variations of D&D, Hollow Earth Expeditions, Dresden Files RPG, and others.Huntingburg, IN 31-40
Ahzad Member Ahzad's Avatar My games are influenced by REH, & HPL. I prefer Fantasy Craft as my system of choice.Canton Ohio 44704MaleOver 40
rasplundjr Member    Kingsford Heights, INMale31-40
llyandril Member       
fatdoomguy Member   Random DM, Dreaming of players i'ved killed   
paleblade Member paleblade's Avatar  Fort McMurray CanadaMale31-40
SilentWolf Member    ItalyMale31-40
Results 701 to 800 of 302570