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Members of D&D, Pathfinder, and RPGs at Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Glen Talbot Member       
Kyle Turner Member       
Deven Morgan Member       
brehobit Member brehobit's Avatar  Ann Arbor, MI  
Skywalker Member Skywalker's Avatar Kapiti 31-40
paulsenp Member       
Thomas Bowman Member   Thomas Bowman, creative author of RPG settingsConnecticut, New YorkMale 
TailleferTheWise Member    United StatesMale31-40
marcalexandredube Member       
bhchrist Member       
jcoons Member    Greenwood, IndianaMale31-40
skugga Member       
Davinshe Member       
Labwreck Member       
magius241 Member       
Theo R Cwithin Member   Defender of tiny games!among granite hills and limestone cliffsMale31-40
JediTwit Member   Dungeons & Dragons, Magic The Gathering, Video/Board Gaming! Comics, and Star Wars!CanadaMale31-40
Dire Bare Member Dire Bare's Avatar Enjoying D&D 5th Edition!Boise, IdahoMaleOver 40
BytomMan Member       
lazycosmonaut Member   Played D&D for several years, started to DM last year.BrazilMale31-40
Mepher Member       
Burnside Member   D&D 5e DM/PlayerNew YorkMaleOver 40
JohnRL Member   Looking for other gamers, preferably D&D (any edition) but open-minded about other gamesBath, UKMale31-40
MoonSong Member   Need a band-aid? I've got some duct tapeIn the heart of the moon  
Ashrym Member       
John Desmarais Member       
Oryzarius Member   Keen for GURPS, Savage Worlds, FATE; seeking mix of RP, tactics, investigation.Bellaire, TXMaleOver 40
Ulzeta Member       
resscane Member   Wondering if there are any games in my area. Sunday is best for me as I work.., a lot. north miami/miami shores 31-40
Maniac Member       
Dawson S Member       
Magorkus Member       
P0L Member       
PeelSeel2 Member PeelSeel2's Avatar We have 8-18 players for Moldvay/Cook/LL & 4th edition D&D. Ages 19-45, male and female.Wayne, NE Over 40
FieserMoep Member       
Ash-Lynn Sarah Member       
Jacob Lewis Member    San Antonio, TXMaleOver 40
BigBadDM Member    Seattle  
nerradetrok Member       
Intregus Member      25-30
HERESY Member    Dallas, TX  
Savannah Willits Member       
Luis Rocha Member       
Stacie GmrGrl Member   oregon gamer tg womansalem, oregonFemale31-40
William Forman Member       
Bob Johnson Member       
basilforth Member    Baltimore,MdMaleOver 40
SolidPlatonic Member       
leogobsin Member       
Ink Horn Member       
VLAD the Destroyer Member       
Ulorian Member    Ottawa, Ontario Over 40
Giltonio_Santos Member Giltonio_Santos's Avatar  Belo Horizonte, Brazil  
wendell777 Member       
uthaplo Member     Male25-30
Ovan Starts Member       
DnDBeyond Member       
aventhar Member     Male 
HomegrownHydra Member    United States  
Electryc Member    Critwall  
seriousmoonlight Member       
Christopher Bates Member       
GreenKarl Member    Burien/West Seattle WAMaleOver 40
DrSpunj Member DrSpunj's Avatar Looking forward to 5th edition!North Liberty, IAMaleOver 40
jeremypowell Member   DnD 5e Realms; The Dark Eye; The One RingProvidence RIMale31-40
regras333 Member       
Matt Orr Member       
dmfubar Member   Playing Pathfinder and Shadowrun in the Houston, TX area.Magnolia, TXMale31-40
smbakeresq Member   Looking for 5e game. Can play 4e also, just rustyHollywood FLMaleOver 40
MwaO Member       
DSPaul Member       
Roberto Victer Member       
dm4hire Member dm4hire's Avatar Iowa Gamers' Association seeking playersDes Moines, IAMale31-40
bganon Member       
CleverNickName Member CleverNickName's Avatar Proudly playing 3.5E and BECMI.Boulder, COMale31-40
Robservo Member    Pacific NW US  
Pangias Member    Montpellier  
Silas Furzeman Member       
Dragongrief Member     Male31-40
Manalishi66 Member       
Hasaph Member     MaleOver 40
Wulffolk Member    Detroit, MI USAMaleOver 40
Wolf118 Member    ColoradoMaleOver 40
David C Jules Member       
Zene Member   5e AL player   
JBagkY Member       
Ti-bob Member   Je suis un gars sympathique qui aime les campagnes de longue haleine où les règles n'interfèrent pas trop souvent avec le jeu. J'aime aussi les jeux de société en général et Magic en particulier.Québec, Québec, Canada Over 40
RogueJK Member RogueJK's Avatar Played various RPGs ~15 years ago, and am wanting to get back into it. Looking for a group!Northwest Arkansas 31-40
Ed Laprade Member   Been gaming since '78.Worcester, MA, USAMaleOver 40
Birmy Member       
GoldShockAttack Member       
Tellerian Hawke Member   Die Hard 3.0 / 3.5 PlayerWillip, FuryondyMaleOver 40
eryndel Member eryndel's Avatar  Pittsburgh, PA  
Derek Westenbarger Member       
Bobby Chow Member       
Michael Nowakowski Member       
Jacob Wilson Member       
V0RTEX Member       
Yardiff Member    Greater San Diego AreaMaleOver 40
David Burchett Member       
Results 701 to 800 of 288546