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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Erdric Dragin Member       
ideasmith Member       
Iron Teapot Member       
LostWormOnItsWayHome Member       
Radaceus Member       
The Hermit King Member     Male 
Matchstick Member Matchstick's Avatar  Hudson, Wi  
Greenmtn Member    VermontMale31-40
Nevvur Member   Sweeet. Ya, that's with 3 e's.Salem, ORMale31-40
dmfubar Member   Playing Pathfinder and Shadowrun in the Houston, TX area.Magnolia, TXMale31-40
Adam Grancell Member       
Yardiff Member    Greater San Diego AreaMaleOver 40
smaugdragon Member   I am looking for players for a 3rd ed D&D or Pathfinder game on Saturday evenings2798 Heritage Oaks Cir, Dacula, GA 30019 Over 40
isidorus Member isidorus's Avatar  St Petersburg FloridaMaleOver 40
Matt Kearney Member       
timbolton Member       
David Grubert Member       
Dayspire Member Dayspire's Avatar Currently about to start a game of Dresden Files, although we do love our 4E.Clermont 31-40
wordack Member    franceMale31-40
Onslaught Member     Male25-30
Lucas Schuery Member       
Doolbeurt Member       
Iguanacus Member       
DragonWitch42 Member    Memphis, TNMale31-40
jmayDET Member       
Glasqul Member   Been playing RPG`s for approx 5-6 years. Been GMìng for about 6-12 monthsNorwayMale31-40
Zardnaar Member     Male31-40
John Henry Member       
John Bromels Member       
Monayuris Member     Male31-40
Kvoh00 Member       
Knightfall Member Knightfall's Avatar Edmonton Gamer!Edmonton, AlbertaMale31-40
mamoulian Member    Pittsburgh, PA  
grislyeye Member grislyeye's Avatar  London, UK  
Tallifer Member   Playing 4th edition D&D in Pusan, KoreaPusan, KoreaMaleOver 40
Concretedog Member    Playa Vista, CAMaleOver 40
DrunkenAikido Member       
PrintableHeroes Member       
Greg Sietman Member       
TKBrawner Member   Just an old-school gamer with lots of rust.United StatesMale31-40
Cazacurdas Member   An old DM with lots of bad habits.MálagaMale31-40
kabukiza Member       
Altamont Ravenard Member Altamont Ravenard's Avatar  behind closed doorsMale31-40
mykediemart Member    United StatesMaleOver 40
S'mon Member    London EnglandMaleOver 40
mikebr99 Member    The County, ON, Canada  
Ancalagon Dusty Dragon Ancalagon's Avatar  Ottawa, Canada  
TheCommanderSalty Member       
gargoyleking Member       
BORA KAS Member       
Eltharon Member Eltharon's Avatar  Pennsylvania, USA  
MGibster Member   I enjoy running Realms of Cthlhu, Deadlands, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and would like to run Pendragon one of these days. I'll play almost anything but I'm not too keen on AD&D 1st or 2nd edition.Little Rock 31-40
Alexander Dompeling Member       
dumdragon Member       
Danielle P Member       
Valetudo Member       
calummccrea Member       
ChrisWaller Member    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  
Hendri Eleveld1 Member       
1of3 Member    North Germany  
hogler Member       
lewpuls Member    Gainesville, FLMaleOver 40
Sorcerers Apprentice Member    Castle FantasiaRather not say19-24
Superchunk77 Member       
Kreifish Member       
gunter uxbridge Member gunter uxbridge's Avatar     
Alex Lang Member       
WayOfTheFourElements Member       
KiwiRose Member       
GrokMonkey Member    United StatesMale19-24
doggreen1944 Member       
Plaguescarred Member Plaguescarred's Avatar  Montréal, Québec  
Bupp Member    PittsburghMaleOver 40
LordAriakan Member     Male31-40
FitzTheRuke Member    Port Moody, BC, CanadaMaleOver 40
Langy Member       
Ich Member   Looking for an ASIFRP game!ChinaMale 
Putinizor Member       
panagiotis.krati Member       
mattdiss Member    South Bend, INMale31-40
Gladius Legis Member       
Jesse Chalmers Member       
Capital_Q Member    Howell, MI  
Agamon Member Agamon's Avatar I've been gaming since '81. Played a lot of different games, but often end up going back to D&DAB, Canada 31-40
Wraith Form Member Wraith Form's Avatar Maturity, focus on exploration, politics and interaction rather than exclusively "killing stuff and taking their loot". Influences: RE Howard, HP Lovecraft, F Lieber, (oddly) Ed Greenwood.Webster 31-40
Andre Martinez1 Member       
Ian2 Member       
TheDungeonTomb Member     MaleOver 40
AndiB19 Member       
Josh DelGato Member       
toucanbuzz Member    MissouriMale31-40
TehSaix Silva Member       
printgal12 Member       
Deamon Sauce Member       
srzhan31 Member     Male19-24
Paul Farquhar Member    Surrey, UK  
M3woods Member       
The Wanderer1 Member       
googleUser27 Member       
Demetrios1453 Member    Phoenix, AZ  
Results 801 to 900 of 300054