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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
AngryTiger Member     Rather not say31-40
Morrus Frazzled Morrus's Avatar Tabletop RPGer, designer, reporter.IntrawebsMaleOver 40
vladimir10 Member    19067MaleOver 40
The Big BZ Member    Dublin, Ireland  
balzebub Member       
Quickleaf Community Supporter Quickleaf's Avatar Hawaii, Honolulu, D&DHonolulu, HIMale31-40
pemerton Member       
Gamerbug94 Member     Male25-30
Gortle Member   GamerGoldCoast AustraliaMaleOver 40
Shasarak Member    Auckland, New Zealand  
gyor Member   All for one and one for all Male25-30
Fradak Member     Male31-40
Ganko MalCarne Member       
Ricochet Member Ricochet's Avatar We play D&D/Pathfinder, a little Cthulhu and a few other games. Also Magic and other board-games from time to time :)  25-30
meverz Member    Sydney, NSWMale31-40
Sadras Member    Cape TownMaleOver 40
iwarrior-poet Member    MassachusettsMaleOver 40
Odyn Member   DM a 4e game that meets monthly. Also play in a classic OD&D game and a 3.5 game.18301 31-40
CleverNickName Member CleverNickName's Avatar Proudly playing 3.5E and BECMI.Boulder, COMaleOver 40
Clint Hobson Member       
5ekyu Member       
Ath-kethin Elder Thing Ath-kethin's Avatar   Rather not say31-40
Gulla Member   Mostly been GMing the last years, now looking for games to play as a player.Trondheim, NorwayMaleOver 40
Chaosmancer Member     Male25-30
Argreus Vaan Member       
Sir_Lancian Member    Australia  
Erebus42 Member   Will run or play just about anything...Wilton, NH 31-40
Aldarc Member       
Liam McGrath Member   An adventurer, indeed   
trencher7 Member       
giovanni vista Member       
Leatherhead Member Leatherhead's Avatar  Sacramento California  
Ashran Member    Belgium and FranceMaleOver 40
gargoyleking Member       
delericho Member delericho's Avatar I'm a long-time gamer, primarily interested in 5e and Pathfinder, although I'll play (almost) anything.Livingston, ScotlandMaleOver 40
Tailspinner Member    MarylandMaleOver 40
TharZakon Member    EarthRather not say31-40
Radaceus Member       
Helge Hudel1 Member       
Douglas Garrett Member       
johnnymadre Member       
bitjunkie Community Supporter bitjunkie's Avatar  Delaware, USAMaleOver 40
Kobold Stew Community Supporter Kobold Stew's Avatar  Athens  
MortalPlague Member   Creative, easy-going player.Port CoquitlamMale31-40
FCWesel Member FCWesel's Avatar  A few minutes from GAMES PLUS, a.k.a., Earth's Greatest Game Store™.  
Dannyalcatraz Member Dannyalcatraz's Avatar  Planet Alcatraz & D/FWMaleOver 40
bouboukis Member       
Fumitai Member     Male25-30
Mike Myler Member Mike Myler's Avatar Game Designer, Freelance WriterPittsburgh, PAMale25-30
zero_mostel Member     MaleOver 40
SarahNewton Member   RPG and fiction writer.FranceFemaleOver 40
Corporal_Chaos Member       
Sorcerers Apprentice Member    Castle FantasiaRather not say19-24
lost.dragonist Member       
pukunui Member pukunui's Avatar  New ZealandMale31-40
Heartworm Member   DM, Amateur author, Professional nutjob   
King Rollo Member   D&D all editionsItalyMale31-40
Carol Member   D&D 5e all the way!OnlineFemaleOver 40
Lylandra Member     Female31-40
ChaosGenerators Duncan T. RPG generators ChaosGenerators's Avatar   Male31-40
Ickam Member       
PeterFitz Member PeterFitz's Avatar  Christchurch, New ZealandMaleOver 40
sirgaricbb Member       
Carl Green1 Member       
Ymdar Member Ymdar's Avatar  EU  
Mick Oli Member       
Gavin O. Member       
Xyrlove Woodsoul Member       
cbwjm Member    Auckland  
Yunru Member    Peasedown St JohnMale19-24
SuperSam888 Member   I love RPG's but am a novice GM and prefer to be a player. I like D&D, nWoD, Scion, and more.Stuttgart, GermanyMale 
Hecubus Member   DM SquaredKetchikanMaleOver 40
Caedris Member       
Rick Sexton Member       
Darth Palpy Member    Provins, France  
Ganders Member       
Lorenzo Boschi Member       
mattcolville Member mattcolville's Avatar Writer, game designer, geek. Not a douchebag.   31-40
Asari Member       
CptPhoenix Member   Blogger at Male31-40
Vendral Member   38 years as Gamemaster, close to none as player.LinköpingMaleOver 40
Imaculata Member   Game Designer and Level DesignerThe Emerald CoastMale31-40
Kurzio Member   Looking for gamespluwiger str. 2 54295 trier 19-24
Dioltach Member    Earth That WasMale31-40
reelo Member reelo's Avatar  Steinsel, LuxembourgMale31-40
Gangrel44 Member       
TJ Patterson Member       
Ednoc Member    France  
Numidius Member   Ibis, redibis. From BECMI in the eighties, all the way to DW recently.RomeMale 
lakserk Member       
Antony Johnston Member       
thom_enworld Member   Gamer / Writer, back in GermanyEnglandMaleOver 40
Kitto Nightcore Member       
YoRHa No.9 Type S Member       
Keith Hann Member       
smiggthemiserable Member       
cryssis Member    Zaragoza, Spain  
dchart Member   Ars Magica Line Editor, RPG Author MaleOver 40
FieserMoep Member       
gideonpepys Member gideonpepys's Avatar  London, United Kingdom, United KingdomMaleOver 40
Results 1 to 100 of 290345