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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Dax Doomslayer Member    Worcester, MA  
OB1 Member    SoCalMale31-40
Greg Benage Member    AtlantaMaleOver 40
Slit518 Member   LFGNilbogMale31-40
theT0rmented Member    Spike #317, Great Skull Rack, Draj  
M3woods Member       
Maxperson Member    Los Angeles, CAMale 
vdal Member    Cambridge, OntarioMaleOver 40
Arakasius Member   RPG & Strategy   
Dan Davenport Member    United StatesMaleOver 40
pming Member   whitehorse, YT, Canada Over 40
Seramus Member       
Juomari Veren Member    Boldly Going NowhereMale19-24
kettite Member    Waimea, HI  
ProphetSword Member   Playing D&D and Pathfinder. Looking for more folks to join in.Muncie, INMaleOver 40
Asgorath Member       
steeldragons Steeliest of the dragons steeldragons's Avatar  N'amsha f'damshaMaleOver 40
desmotic Member   Long-time GM, occasional player, with experience of Warhammer (2E & 3E) & D&D (2E, 3E, 3.5E & 4E)HoveMale31-40
TallIan Member   If I were more eloquent I would be better at thisBrooklyn NY 31-40
Teulisch Member     Male31-40
Justin Radatzke Member       
cbwjm Member    Auckland  
ad_hoc Member       
Jacqual Member     MaleOver 40
eayres33 Member   D&D 5e playerDes Moines, WAMale31-40
Mr. Patient Member Mr. Patient's Avatar  The alley just north of the Hyperion  
lowkey13 Member   Citizen! You are not outnumbered. You are just in a target-rich environment.The Stately Pleasure Dome of Xanadu.  
Terikan Member       
R_Chance Member       
personified8 Member    Baltimore, MD  
Brad Boychuk Member       
Malshotfirst Member    Panama City, FlMale31-40
LazarusKane Member       
HawaiiSteveO Member   Calgary AB 5E D&D DM and part time Pathfinder playerCalgaryMaleOver 40
Joe Bosnak Member       
FXR Member     Male31-40
SerHogan Member   Come at me brogue!Brooklyn, NYMale31-40
resscane Member   Wondering if there are any games in my area. Sunday is best for me as I work.., a lot. north miami/miami shores 31-40
meverz Member    Sydney, NSWMale31-40
Mike Myler Member Mike Myler's Avatar Game Designer, Freelance WriterPittsburgh, PAMale25-30
guachi Member    Augusta, GAMale31-40
Kramodlog Member    LimboMale31-40
TwoSix Member   DM or playerLawrenceville, NJMale31-40
DM Magic Member DM Magic's Avatar I've been a DM for 20 years, across 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Edition. I say curse words, drink beer, and run games that dwell more on fun and excitement than rules.Portland, OregonMale31-40
Binder Fred 3 rings to bind them all!   Experiences gamer looking for group or other gamers. All systems supported. :)Eastern Canada 31-40
Morrow32 Member       
Grognerd Member   Just an old school gamer with some new school preferences!Cypress, TXMaleOver 40
PaleMage Member   Gaming since 1984, mastered every edition of D&D, Star Wars D6, played all the most enjoyable campaVia Alfonso Paltrinieri 80, 41122 Modena, Emilia Romagna, ItaliaMaleOver 40
Zhern Member       
jasper Lee Member       
Saelorn Member    San Diego  
dragos_kai Member   Starting to play, wanting someone with a user friendly game. RL or Online - St. Petersburg, FLSt. Petersburg, FLMale25-30
pemerton Member       
lockyreid Member       
diehard3001 Member     Male31-40
Tyler Do'Urden Member    Paper Street, Menzoberranzan  
Moorcrys Member Moorcrys's Avatar Old and New School Gamer.Naples, FLMaleOver 40
Cephor Member   GM of Pathfinder ResplendenceMill Creek, WashingtonMale31-40
Gustavo Zambrano Member       
Yunru Member    Peasedown St JohnMale19-24
Von Ether Member       
Lenaen Member   Looking for fun, mature people to play with! Most familiar with D&D but open to learning new games.Portland, ORMale31-40
an_idol_mind Member     Male31-40
Iolo Morganwg Member       
TheZigZagist Member    Canada  
Raith5 Member   4th ed D and D, 5th ed D and DMelbourneMaleOver 40
knae2001 Member       
Kobold Boots Member   Historian, Technologist, 30 year gamer. Looking for new groupWestford, MAMaleOver 40
Marika Lenaris Member       
Shayuri Member   Big on RP and tactics.Minneapolis, MNMaleOver 40
Antonio Trujillo Member       
rczarnec Member   D&D, Shadowrun, GURPS, RIFTSNew HampshireMale 
Numidius Member   Ibis, redibis. From BECMI in the eighties, all the way to DW recently.RomeMale 
mscott Member       
Orion1138 Member    Sheboygan, WIMale31-40
Charles Kilbarger Member       
Turlogh Member    London, Ont., Canada  
VLAD the Destroyer Member       
Caliban Rules Monkey   Looking to join a 5e game in the Valley.Phoenix, ArizonaMale31-40
jerryrice4949 Member       
dmfubar Member   Playing Pathfinder and Shadowrun in the Houston, TX area.Magnolia, TXMale31-40
Lanefan Member    Victoria BC  
Yardiff Member    Greater San Diego AreaMaleOver 40
tglassy Member       
nosretepnod Member   D&D 5e player, fan of classical fantasy, futuristic fantasy, and historical fantasyProvo, UtahMale25-30
kiness Member   Memphis gamerBartlett, TN  
nj m Member       
Dragonbait Member    Huntington Beach, California, United States  
epaulino26 Member       
KingofVrock Member   I wanna Vrock!Detroit Vrock CityMale31-40
Paul3 Member       
Ebon Shar Member Ebon Shar's Avatar  Bellingham, Washington, United StatesMaleOver 40
Zardnaar Member     Male31-40
doggreen1944 Member       
Huber_D Member    Hopkinsville, KyMale31-40
Shush Member   DM of all things D&DNisMale31-40
barasawa Member   Will play almost anything, currently avail M,W,Sun (and Sat pm)Eugene OregonMaleOver 40
Garthanos Member    Lincoln, NebraskaMaleOver 40
StormbringerAUS Member   D&D DM and playerCanberra, AustraliaMaleOver 40
evildmguy Member   I prefer story more than combat but strive to have a balance of the two. I like to create a fun environment where I can entertain some people for a few hours each week. West Des Moines 31-40
Results 1 to 100 of 288577