Don't laugh..... it's here.
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    Don't laugh..... it's here.

    "That sound, it is your stomach. No?" Paquito asks the hill giant Gronar

    "No, Gronar not hungry. Gronar scared." The giant replies

    "Look!" Benat shouts as the mage guild, a huge edifice that covers a four block square area, sinks into it's foundation. It slowly disappears behind the buildings blocking the view from across the street.

    "Good riddance I tell ye, ne'er did like dem pointy hats much anyways." Books, a dwarf so named because of his all consuming love of the printed word, announces as another rumble shakes the temple of Umtala. Like a child shaking a present, the walls begin to crack and the tiles on the floor shows signs of separating.

    The mage guild has been elevated to city overseer, after finding a way to keep the magical mists that plague the surrounding countryside away from the city itself. Seventy-five percent of all constables were on the mage guild payroll, if they couldn't find out what was going on in the city then they forced it from you. All forms of magic were strictly regulated within the city limits, violators usually turned up missing for days only to reappear with memory loss and without the item or spell in question.

    Magical explosions erupted from the crater where the guild once stood, sending waves of energy through the streets of Addon. Mass chaos ensued as the people who fled to their homes poured into the streets and those who had not yet made it to their homes, attempted to push themselves through the mass of people. Buildings would melt or turn odd colors, some citizens were turned to stone, others disintegrated outright.

    Benat detested the guild and the humanity it represented. Hunting humans was what she did best, and it's what she lived for. Her elvish blood grew elate at the sight of the arrogant human wizard's downfall. Unwilling to help stop the corruption of the ground beneath the city by an ancient vampire, Benat relish in the knowledge that these humans would become nothing more than prey for the hunter.

    "Maybe we should collect Maermon before we make a decision?" Benat asks, referring to the other elf in the party who was currently in the elvish temple on the other side of Addon.

    "What decision need made? Korg make it! We fight!" Korg, the hill giant cleric of Umtala, yells and strides toward the street outside.

    "Wait Korg, we get other pointy eared one, give us more things vampire has to fight." Gronar explains. Korg knew that he could never compete with the intellectual giant that was Gronar.

    "OK, Gronar you come up with plan. Pokey you cast big explosion, clear path for Korg." Korg announces

    "My good man, I have already explained I am a renown knight from the marshes to the east. No?" Paquito responds, so called Pokey by the giants as for a minotaur he was short in stature and light on attitude.

    Gronar watched as Korg's internal wheel clicked in Korg's head, then came to an abrupt stop. "How much Pokey weigh?" Korg asks

    "Now I hardly see how that will influence your ability to effectively come up with a plan that renders the masses ineffectual to our flight from this place. No?" Paquito replies

    All Korg heard was flight and he had his plan.

    "OK we strap keg of ale on back of Pokey, then Pokey carry keg of mead, then Gronar toss Pokey into street, then elfy shoot keg with flaming stick. Is good plan." Korg stood smiling at the dumbfounded faces surrounding him.

    "What if keg breaks when Pokey hits street?" Gronar asked. Korg sat and deep in thought as he hadn't thought of that outcome.

    "Well, I'm not waiting around while the two of you decide what the best way to serve ox is. I'm heading back to my temple, and then I'm getting out of here." With that Benat heads into the crowed chaotic street.

    "Oh please madam, do not leave me here with these brutes. I'll help you reach your temple. No? For I am the great Paquito Flacido ruler of the Mists of Transparency." Paquito exclaims.

    Benat didn't even bother refuting Paquito's claim, she headed out with the minotaur and dwarf in tow.

    "Where little ones go?" Korg asked

    Gronar shrugged his shoulders and the two giants step out into the street and spot the fleeing trio. They hail them and run them down, taking their respective places at point.

    "Gronar take elfy to her friend." Gronar tells Benat.

    "Yes, this plan Korg was working on already." Korg announces.

    The sound of rushing wind drew their attention back to the mage's guild where they saw a stream of pure darkness shoot from the crater and slash onto the sky like water from a faucet. The darkness coalesced there for a moment and like melting wax, slowly began filling in the horizon. The members of the city watch who were not inside the guild when it collapsed, tried in vain the maintain order within the city. Benat chuckled at the useless attempts by the human constables to restore law, amid all the glorious chaos. Shadows began to fall across the morning streets of Addon, only to be burned away by another careening blast of energy from the destroyed guild.

    Another four blocks and the darkness had erased all signs of daylight, giving the town an appearance of dusk. A sonic boom signaled the collapse of the protective wind dome, it would only be a matter of time before the mists began to creep into the city proper. Along with whatever beasts were drooling at the chance to hunt in a defenseless city. The growing darkness seemed almost palpable, as if the darkness itself held some form of will unto itself. Families raced towards the two gates of Addon, figuring they'd take their chances with whatever was waiting outside, than with whatever would soon be waiting inside the city. Benat had no time for the feeble or elderly, forcing her way past the screaming masses and on towards her own temple.

    The party stumbles through the thickly packed streets to the elven temple and as they reach the threshold, an overwhelming sense of dread blankets them. Turning they see a large man, a full twelve feet in height and six feet across at the shoulders. Worms and spider writhe and fall off of his decaying form. The stench of freshly dug earth fills the nostrils of the party.

    "Get inside the temple, it's consecrated ground!" Benat shouts as the party forces their way into the temple.

    The party moves in to take up defensive positions, as a low rolling fog licks at the entrance to the open aired temple. The smell of wet earth fills the reception area of the temple. The head priest emerges from the prayer area with two bodyguards, and the temple's justicar emerges from the treasury and assigns two guards to that door. Looking up, Gronar realizes that this is probably the worst defensible place in the whole city.

    Benat hears the footsteps of the creature lumbering to the door, she watches as a large foot wrapped in smoldering filthy cloth, crosses the threshold of the door and steps into the room. A sick sizzling sound of flesh burning erupts from where the foot touches the floor as wisps of black smoke raise off of it's foot. It's huge frame has to turn sideways to get through the door frame. The natural light given off by specially grown moss and cultivated by the elves, grows dim and sickly. The shadows the light gives off seem to take on twisted versions of the people they emanate from.

    The creature makes no sound as it rushes Korg, swinging a large mace. It connects with the giant's body, and sends Korg careening into Gronar knocking both giants prone.

    "Eek! So much for your temple's powerful warding elf. Today is a good day to die. No?" Paquito says to the elf.

    "I'm touched you guys came for me, but did you have to bring that with you?" Maermon asks, moving out from behind an elm tree his was studying under.

    Books cowers under a large elm tree, feeling very alone in this elvish place of worship. The elven head priest casts searing light but fails to hit the undead giant. Paquito looks around to see if anyone is paying him any attention, satisfied that he will be unseen, he casts disrupt undead and watches as little pieces of unlife flake off the creature, and dissipate. The beast hardly seems to notice, intent on causing as much destruction as it possibly can.

    The elven justicar charges the beast, and gets swatted away by the undead thing, landing behind the giant and outside the temple.
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    Nifty beginning, HM, particularly with the odd party and the very distinct backstory.

    Love the hill giants, and Paquito.

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    Yeah, I'm with this one too.

    Great sense of characters already, and of course, great to see some giants in action.


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    Block Jon Potter

    Hmmm... Interesting.

    More "Bastards & Bloodlines" goodness, perhaps, HM? Or are these full-blooded giants? Either way, you've got another reader.

    It's not Tharhack and company, but we make do with what we have, eh?

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    Thanks for all the comments!

    One thing I want to add separate from the story is that we use hero points as presented in Arcana Unearthed for the melee classes, but for the divine classes (cleric, druid, paladin) we use divine points. Instead of affecting one action, divine points have a duration and can affect many people. Korg likes to use his divine points and I'll indicate the difference in the story. Divine points are easier to gain than hero points, but it takes more of them to produce an effect.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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    Gronar crawled away from the vampire and stood up, deftly dodging a blow from the undead giant as he did so. Korg crawled away to the beast's left, and turned over to attempt a turning.

    "Korg call upon power of Umtala to send smelly man back to grave." Korg shouted as he held aloft his granite holy symbol.

    The beast glared at Korg, with a loathing of life so deep that Korg's holy symbol shook in his grasp. The shaken Korg looked on in disbelief, the vampire had actually reflected the turn attempt back at Korg. The elven high priest rained a searing light down upon the creature, searing it's dead flesh and filling the room with the stench of scorched rot. Benat withdraw an arrow from her quiver, and dipped the head of the arrow into holy water and fired the shaft into the beast's abdomen. The blessed water caused the vampire's rotten flesh to fester and pus. The beasts looked down, and wrenched the arrow from his stomach. Benat watched hopelessly as the festering wound closed over itself, healing what little damage Benat had managed to cause.

    Maermon moved up, tumbled towards the beast, and took a swipe with his greatsword into the beast's side. Maermon's movements enabled him to avoid a return blow from the vampire. The elven justicar stood up and avoiding the beast's backhanded swing, charged the rear of the vampire, slamming a return blow to the creature's left leg.

    Benat stopped firing holy water dipped arrows into the giant's torso long enough to cast magic weapon on her bow. Korg decided to stand up and face the beast head on, he was promptly smacked by the undead's mace, only this time Korg held his ground and was not moved by the beast's blow.

    "Hah! Korg is mightier than soulless carcass!" Korg shouted triumphantly

    The giant sneered and opened it's jagged tooth filled maw and hundreds of maggots squirmed and writhed, they all twisted to face Korg and laughed in unison at the giant, bringing Korg's courage thundering back to reality. The elven high priest missed with another searing light, and Books decided cast spiritual weapon on the undead giant, then moved next to Korg. The justicar slammed into the undead giant's legs again, out of the corner of his eye, the shape of a large bony creature moved silently towards him from across the street.

    Books cast a cure light wounds on Korg but the effect wasn't anywhere close to what Books was trying to achieve.

    "Pathetic little hairy man, your small body must be lacking in healing space. Maybe you grow bigger and then heal better?" Korg said insulted by the puny relief the dwarf gave him.

    Exhausted of searing light spells, the elven high priest resorted to spiritual weapon as well. Once Gronar got to his feet he never missed the chance to bury the Godblade (a gift from the temple of Umtala) into the hide of the undead giant. Paquito kept up the disrupt undead for as long as he could, then switched to magic missile.

    The justicar watched as the new creature approached the temple, but stayed well outside the temple's consecrated area. Thinking that the creature couldn't enter sanctified ground, the justicar turned to beat some more on the undead giant. The justicar landed another bruising blow to the vampire's back, the justicar noticed that with each successive blow dealt the wounds were staying longer and healing slower.

    "We're winning the fight double your efforts, we cannot fai......" ten bony claws ripped through the justicar's elven chain hauberk. Skewering the elf's lungs, heart, and liver at the same time. The justicar looked down and watched as the claws hooked themselves, and then he was airborne. The bony creature had extended the claws on it's hands a good ten feet to snare the elf. Benat watched in horror as the new creature yanked the dying justicar to it's salivating jaws.

    Prey in hand, the new creature signaled the vampire and they broke off the attack. The party could hear the chattering of the creature's teeth as it bore into the spine of the justicar. Soon there was nothing left but darkness and mists.

    "We leave now!" Gronar yelled before anyone could catch their breath.

    The party hurried through the streets heading towards the docks. Gronar carried books under his arm rear first. Magical explosions rocked the city every couple of minutes, Gronar and Books were affected by the blasts and Maermon was knocked unconscious by the eldritch blasts. Gronar grabbed the elf's hauberk and dragged him with his free arm. All around them, the party witnessed dark shapes and twisted things feeding on the bodies of terrified citizens. Benat hoped that the temple could stand long enough for the elves to escape, she cared nothing for the human's fate. Feeling neither pity nor sorrow for the decrepit humans, Benat isn't even nauseated by the sights.

    The footing grew treacherous as the streets filled with the blood of innocents. The screams of the fleeing populace were dying off. The sun's light had been completely blotted out, only the enhanced vision of the party members kept them from being completely blinded.

    Four blocks later, Benat noticed a human commoner seemingly tracking the party. Not taking any chances, Benat fires an arrow off at the man who was just over 100' away. The arrow lands true into the right shoulder of the human. Benat however was not impressed with the way the man tore out the arrow and then in one fluid motion, proceeded to close the gap between her and him, moving 100' in seconds. Books who watched the whole thing from Gronar's hip shouted out an alarm to the rest of the party.

    "The stupid elf done gone and pee'd off another human again!" Books announces as he tries to wiggle free of Gronar's grip.

    Gronar drops Books and Maermon and turns to face this new threat. Benat turns fires another arrow into the man, and then backs away retreating behind Korg. The man spits a dark viscous blood smelling substance into Korg's face, blocking off his airway and making speech impossible. Gronar moves to flank the man, but misses with his swing. Paquito moves to Maermon's position and begins slapping him in the face, trying to get the unconscious elf to wake.

    "My attempts at waking the dainty one are not working. No?" Paquito calls out

    "Ya hafta get 'em in the groin, really make 'em feel it." Books responds in a commanding voice.

    The man's form seems to melt away in front of Gronar. Gronar looks up and then feels the pain of flesh being torn from his hip. A blue light streams from the wound into the man's hands as Gronar feels his life-force slipping away.

    "What manner of human are you?" Benat shouts, planting another arrow into the foe, this one into the man's chest.

    "I want to play, come play with me, I know many fun games." The man replies in an accent unfamiliar to anyone in the party.

    "I'm not likin' yer games there mate." Books calls out

    Paquito repeatedly nails Maermon in the groin with knee shots. "My short fellow, this does appear to be counterproductive. No?" Paquito says near breathless from the continuous exertion.

    The man melts in and out of the shadows surrounding the party, managing to stay one step ahead of the return blows. He manages to drain Korg's life-force twice in the resulting chaos.

    "A little help over here!" Gronar calls to Paquito and Books

    Benat sensing this may be another vampire takes out her holy symbol and holds it aloft, activating the power of her deity, the symbol gives off a low light that highlights her face. The man turns towards Benat and snarls at the symbol, the wooden symbol turns ice cold in Benat's hand. Lowering the symbol Benat sees that the patterns in the wood begin to move, suddenly the symbol cracks and shatters, sending hundreds of splinters into Benat and knocking her prone.

    Paquito tired of beating the heck out of an unconscious elf, stands up and kicks the prone Maermon who awakens in severe pain.

    "Hah! The great Paquito hath saved the day. Look the elf rouses from slumber. No?" Paquito announces proudly

    Books decides to charge the man and wades into combat. Now surrounded the man melts into the shadows and seems to have disappeared, a half minuet goes by with nothing. The party moves back to back with each other, and then the vampire rises from the shadows beneath Korg. Korg instinctively looks down at the rising vampire. The vampire catches Korg's gaze and stares intently at the hill giant. Korg's attention seems riveted to the man, as the vampire's consciousness enters Korg's mind and implants a specific set of instructions to the hill giant. The vampire's attention momentarily distracted, Gronar uses this chance to land a mighty blow with the Godblade, which causes the man's form to dissolve into a thick fog that drifts away on an unseen breeze.

    "Run! No stop til we hit docks!" Gronar shouts. Looking over at Korg who seems to be alright. "Korg ok?"

    "Huh? Korg fine, where did human go?" Korg responds

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    Reaching the docks, the party finds mass chaos. Five ships have already left the docks, one is burning and still moored, and two others and being boarded. The two giants make for the nearest boat, easily pushing there girth through the mass of people. Paquito manages as well to attain the ship's rigging, his show of strength impresses the giants. Hundreds of people have fallen into the water surrounding the docks, this appears to be the last safe haven for living beings within the city.

    The constables who have given up hope of retaking the town, have fled here, weapons in hand and begin mowing down pedestrians as they try to make their way to one of the boats. The two elves and Books the dwarf aren't physically imposing enough to muscle their way to the ship, they each get jammed up well before the pier. Another blast from the annihilated mage guild, levels Paquito unconscious as he reaches the ship's deck, the blast also renders Books blind as well as most of the commoners. Fed up with having to deal with all these worthless humans in front of her, Benat unsheathes her longsword and begins hacking away at anyone left standing in her way. Maermon however does not share her bloodlust for humans, and he continues trying to force his way through the crowd.

    Gronar leaves Books with Korg, and wades into the onrush of commoners and merchants to try and locate the two elves. Spotting Benat easily, Gronar slowly lowers his greatsword splitting the crowd into two halves, he then shoves the left side of the crowd off the pier and into the freezing waters of the bay. This causes a panic among the remaining people on the pier and third of them fall into the bay on the right side as they try to squeeze past the imposing giant. The sudden loss of bodies ahead of them, causes the people whom were just beyond Gronar's reach to fall over themselves. This gives Benat and Maermon the break they need, and they use their agility to run over the backs of the fallen in front of them. Gronar watches to make sure they are not impeded as they reach his position.

    Meanwhile Books and Paquito are scooped up by the mob of people on the ship's deck and are heading for the side of the ship to be thrown overboard. Slow thinking Korg smacks the front of the crowd holding the unconscious Paquito with the flat side of his greatsword, and the crowd crumples under the assault, dropping Paquito to the deck. Books however tries to fight off the swarming crowd, but blinded, has a difficult time doing so and he is unceremoniously dumped overboard into the cold water of the bay. The great number of people already in the water trying their best to stay a float or swim to safety, causes Books to have a difficult time keeping his head above water.

    Gronar returns to the ship's deck with the two elves in tow, the two elves are swept up by the mob and are headed for the side of the vessel as well. Gronar lacking the patience of Korg starts swinging to kill. The mob decides the two giants can stay on board and release the two elves.

    "Where short hairy man?" Gronar asks

    "Uh, oh Korg remember. He flew over side of boat." Korg says proud that he remembered where the dwarf went

    Benat grabs a mug out of Korg's back pack and ties a rope around the handle and then to an arrow shaft. Benat lets fly an arrow that lands close to where Books is struggling to remain afloat.

    "Grab the mug, and we'll pull you up!" Benat shouts over the din. Her words however fall on deaf ears as Books has slipped under the water.

    Maermon dives in after the dwarf, but he too succumbs to the chaos of falling bodies and debris from the ship, and has a hard time staying above water. Eventually he realizes that Books is lost and returns to the ship. Gronar fishes Maermon out of the water and then cuts the ship's moorings loose.

    The ship drifts for about five miles out to sea where it floats aimlessly. Gronar and Benat decide to round up some sailors to get this vessel moving again.

    "I've found 4 rats that I've heard could operate this ship." Benat tells Gronar referring to the four humans she scrounged up.

    "You know how to sail?" Gronar points to the first man.

    "Um, no. I've got no clue." The man responds

    "Fine I hold you over for next interview." Gronar replies

    "You know how to sail?" Gronar points to the second man.

    "Maybe, but I ain't going nowhere with you." The man responds

    Gronar fetches the first human and guts him in front of the second man, making sure the most blood is splattered onto the sailor. "Head clearer now?" Gronar asks

    "Yes, much, thanks. Where would you like to go?" Comes the quivering reply.

    Benat searches the ships hold and finds that anything of usefulness was thrown overboard. Reluctant to stay on a ship with two hundred starving, whining, humans, Benat shows any who'll watch how to catch fish. She also prepares purify food and water spells for the party each day. Korg however lasts only three days on fish before he casts create food and water on a daily basis for him and Gronar to keep their bellies full.

    The giants decide to let Benat pick the destination and she chooses Mirwood, hoping to find more wood, less stone there and no humans in charge. While Benat's spirits are raised at the thought of going to a more rustic settlement, Maermon thinks often about Books and how if he had just been a little quicker into the water, maybe the dwarf would be with them now.

    "Brine, it clears the sinuses. No?" Paquito asks the moping Maermon

    "Heh, death is never something I wish to witness. I can't help but think of all those men and women who drowned or worse, made it back to shore." Maermon answers

    "Well, here's another way to think about it. Books is probably following us along the sea floor as we speak. Turned into a zombie by necromantic magic, one night when you're watching the stars over head, the visage of a diseased rotten piece of fish food will silently pummel you into joining him among the unliving. No?" Paquito replies

    Maermon gives the minotaur a half shocked, half disbelief look, then peers out at the open sea again.

    *Blech* "Korg not like rocking boat. Gronar go tell human to stop making Korg sick!" Korg asks Gronar who heads for the ship's steering human.

    "Boat driver, stop making ship make Korg sick. Korg no cast feast spell if he throwing up all day." Gronar explains

    "Captain, (a designation Gronar demanded after instilling this human as the "boat driver") I have no control over the tossing of the ship." comes the reply

    "You tell Gronar who is in charge of that, and Gronar go smack them around." Gronar said excitedly at the prospect of an impending fight.

    "The bad weather is to blame, the wind has shifted and we're picking up some rough seas." The human replies

    "Gronar think human not know how to steer, maybe Gronar go get third choice for boat driver?" Gronar responded.

    The journey takes fifteen days, before the lone dock of Mirwood comes into view. Of the two-hundred and fifty humans on board when the trip started, only fifty-seven are left. Most having abandoned ship when a coastline came into view, or due to the gruff nature of the imposing giants. Some died of starvation, as no one shared food if you didn't fish, you didn't eat.

    A lone elf greets the ship on a warped dock. He moors the ship himself impressing the giants, and greets the two elves as they disembark the ship.

    "Greetings brother and sister, welcome to Mirwood. I see your journey has been wrought with humans." The elf remarks

    "Yes, but after I taught them fire and to come in from the rain, they left me alone." Benat replies

    "Say no more I'm sure you are hungry and fatigued from your journey. You will find our hospitality more than adequate." The elf says with a smile.

    "We brought some friends with us as well, two giants and a lying cow that you should really keep three eyes on." Benat tells the elf.

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    What the characters are

    Korg is a cleric of Umtala. Umtala can be found in AEG's "Monster" book.

    Gronar is a fighter, with the minor bloodline of stone giant (from Unearthed Arcana by WOTC)

    Maermon is a fighter/wizard in training, with a major bloodline of titan (also from Unearthed Arcana). His goal is to attain the spellsword prestige class. (Deceased)

    Benat is a ranger/cleric/bard. With humans as her favored enemy (I realize that's obvious from the story ), she aspires to be a member of the Order of the Bow Initiate. (currently training to become an OotBI)

    Paquito is a minotaur (using Dawnforge's rules for minotaurs) sorcorer, with a major bloodline of devil (also from UA). As his heritage plays a major role in his persona, he tries to hide his tainted side, maybe he'll succeed .

    Nameroc is an elven druid with a wolf companion. He is infatuated with Benat and most of his actions revolve around trying to impress her. (killed by a rock thrown by a frost giant)

    Finrod is an elven fighter, with a major bloodline of storm giant. This is Maermon's player's replacement in the party. The player intends for Finrod to also go into the spellsword prestige class.

    Luciann is an elven wizard.

    Omar Forgewarden is a dwarven Paragon/cleric. Just starting on his pious path, Omar may not have a lot of spells, but he's all dwarf.

    Ratchet is a gnome cleric (of a homebrew deity), the gnomes are a mysterious race to most of the surface dwellers, as they possess unusual powers. (Dawnforge gnome)

    Lothred is a tiefling magister (of Arcana Unearthed fame) with a major bloodline of vampire.

    These last 4 additions have really upped the spell power of the party.
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    Block Jon Potter

    Quote Originally Posted by Hairy Minotaur
    Korg is a cleric of Umtala. Umtala can be found in AEG's "Monster" book.

    Gronar is a fighter, with the minor bloodline of stone giant (from Unearthed Arcana by WOTC)

    Maermon is a fighter/wizard in training, with a major bloodline of titan (also from Unearthed Arcana). His goal is to attain the spellsword prestige class.

    Benat is a ranger/cleric/bard. With humans as her favored enemy (I realize that's obvious from the story ), she aspires to be a member of the Order of the Bow Initiate.

    Paquito is a minotaur (using Dawnforge's rules for minotaurs) sorcorer, with a major bloodline of devil (also from UA). As his heritage plays a major role in his persona, he tries to hide his tainted side, maybe he'll succeed .

    Thanks for posting this. I had logged onto your thread with the intent to ask for just such a run-down. I see that your precognative ESP is up and running.

    And it's good to see that someone else likes UA as much as I do. That book has really changed my own games for the better!

    Just one more question: Boots. Was he an NPC or just the first casualty of the SH. And does this write-up start at the beginning of the game or are we somewhere in the middle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Potter
    Thanks for posting this. I had logged onto your thread with the intent to ask for just such a run-down. I see that your precognative ESP is up and running.

    And it's good to see that someone else likes UA as much as I do. That book has really changed my own games for the better!

    Just one more question: Boots. Was he an NPC or just the first casualty of the SH. And does this write-up start at the beginning of the game or are we somewhere in the middle?
    Boots was a PC, he was actually an Eldlorn (from Hammer & Helm) but he only made it through two sessions, this one being the last one. The player had a half-orc rogue that died in his initial session, so now the player is on his third PC. (I don't seem to be able to kill anyone else )

    The story starts near the beginning as the party worked through their new races (some got their RP style down quick, others took a little longer). I felt this spot would be the best as the players were comfortable with their characters, and they had just left a city destroyed and I thought this would be the best place to start at (kind of explaining the circumstances around why they left.) there will be more explainantions as the party interacts with NPCs.

    The giants, while short on INT (Korg has a 5) they are good on WIS, (Korg has a 16) so we had to figure out the best way to RP that in the game. Paquito will be the most fun to watch "grow up" If you have Dawnforge then that'll be evident.

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