Random Lovecraft Story Generator
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    Random Lovecraft Story Generator

    Need inspiration for a CoC plot? Check out this Lovecraft Story Generator:


    Sample output follows: (definitely causes loss of sanity, so read at your own risk!)

    A stoic fire
    The devilish ghoul borrowed a dreamlike thing from non-chalantly earth-threatening fraction. At long last, the cylindrical fascination of the purple, tattered case was revealed! At long last, the mouldering lover of the unearthly, childlike scythe was revealed! An existence of a cloud formation secreted away the awful knowledge of a secretly unfamiliar lover. At long last, the twisted bargain of the geological, treacherous monolith was revealed! Oh, the surly voice of it ALL! A war seldom befriended a cloud formation over a creature. Indeed, the hypnotic blood clot of a myth was cold. Some feverishly dreamlike vault negotiated with a table living inside a fraction. Indeed, the excessive germ of an inhuman existence was ancient. Oh, the vaporized note of it ALL! When you see a sanity behind a paralysis, it means that a vacuum over a thing sows the seeds of its own damnation. The stone around an ocean planed an escape from the legend, but a blasphemous figure wisely explianed a lantern toward the torch. Indeed, the hesitantly statesmanlike germ of an empty lot was eldritch. Some transformation trembles, but a wedge beneath a blood clot conquered the organism. When the eagerly hideous memory feels the wheel, the putrid column self-flagellates. Furthermore, some war leaves, and a building devoured a magnificent phantasm. I watched in horror as the somewhat unearthly pit overwhelmingly avoided contact with the wedge! Furthermore, the thing inside a knowledge hesitates, and a sanity sucked the life from the inferiority over a fraction.

    Also check out this Random Cthulhu Story Name Generator:


    (Full disclosure: I had nothing to do with the creation of either of these).

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    One more -- The Pokethulhu Name Generator: (generates 500 Cthulhuesque at the click of the mouse).


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