I have a dilemma with one of my players. No he is not a PK, evil character or any of the simple troll feed post. The player in question has a problem paying attention in the game. Its not like he keeps getting distracted or is bored and such. He just simply gets lost in whats happening.

Lets say I'm foreshadowing a scene where the main baddie enters in a grand style. He trash talks with the palyers and summons some of his minions. During this time the palyer is paying attention dutifully or at the least seems too. But when I ask for everyone to roll initiative, all of a sudden hestarts asking whats happening, who are they fighting and why. When he deos this, it totally ruins the pacing my game and sends the rest of the players chuckling. Now at first I found it funny but when it kept up for abotu 6-7 scenes, I got very frustrated.

Now i have asked him to pay mroe attention to the game or think aobut what is going on and such. He says it because he did not have enough sleep the night before and such but I have my doubts. This is because it has happened before in other people's game but never to such a degree. Maybe it could be because my games are full of speeches and descriptive text and such. Any advice?

Thanks in advance for any help provided.