(Adventure) Of eggs and desires [GnomeWorks judging]
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    (Adventure) Of eggs and desires [GnomeWorks judging]

    You all enter the heart room of the Red Dragon Inn. It is one of the more luxurious private rooms in the inn. A very large fireplace is the main feature of the room and it provides both light and warm to the place. Numerous chairs surround it and they are both beautiful and comfortable. The walls are adorned with various paintings of famous battles, places and people. A plate filled with bread and cheese sits on a small table. Baeron, Bert and the ape, Brutus, are all here. As you enter the place and make yourself confortable, Baeron never ceases to observe each you. Finally, he talks.

    “Alright, I’ll try to briefly explain the situation. A few weeks ago, some hippogriffs left a nearby mountain range to establish their nests in the hills of Larkenwold Reach, north of Orussus. When we, the Raddanors, got word that, we sent a couple of your gatherers to collect some eggs, as the beasts are highly prized as flying mounts. The leader of this pair was Marion Oldrey. He’s also part of the family, a distant cousin of mine. Marion did send a missive from one of the northern village saying that he had located a nest and would soon be returning with the eggs. This was a week ago and he hasn't come home yet. We fear that he might have been killed by the hippogriffs. Sadly, our own qualified personnel is pretty stretched at the moment. That's were you adventurers come in. I want you to travel to Apple Glade, the village I mentioned earlier, and discover what happened to our gatherers. If all you find is their corpses, as I fear, bring them back so we can give them a proper burial. You’ll be pay 300 coins of gold for this, to divide amongst yourselves. Oh! and Marion should be wearing a signet ring like this.” He shows you his golden signet ring featuring a carved prancing griffon. “Also, if you feel up to it, you can try and retrieve some of the hippogriff eggs. We’ll pay you 1000 golden crowns for each intact egg, but don’t be careless and get killed. Do you have any questions?”
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