I'm currently in the middle of working on a 3E interpretation of Lankhmar (more interpretation than straight conversion), & I'm having a bit of trouble trying to provide alternate versions of the ranger & bard classes sans spellcasting ability. I was wondering if you all could provide me with some advice on how to do this.

I considered giving a bonus feat at each level when a spell level was gained, but I'm not too sure that this work work. The ranger would get 4 bonus feats (not bad), but the bard would get 7 (1 each for 0-6 spell levels--a bit high).

Skills & Powers worked great for Lankhmar since spellcasting could simply not be purchased (though many class abilities are now skills). I'm stuck!

I'd appreciate any advice on how to iron this out. I'm only concerned with giving equivalent class abilities for the lost spellcasting ability---not sure how to work that out.

I appreciate any advice you could offer.