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    I converted the Yitsan from Spelljammer Appendix II (2nd Edition) to 3.5.
    It can be found here: http://www.dragon-rider.us/shadowcha...II/Yitsan.html

    The flavor text has not been added yet, so it is really only good for those who own the original 2nd Ed creature. I hope to have the flavor text added soon.

    Edit: the flavor text has now been added!

    Echohawk: I believe you have this same link for the 3.0 Yitsan. You can mark him as 3.5 now
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    I've been told I should post this here. 'Tis a crocopotamus, CR 10 animal.
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    Here my collection of stuff if you guys want to take a gander.

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    Fearsome Critters from Lumberjack Tales

    Here are a few of my own efforts, based on monsters from North American folktales:

    Whirling Whimpus CR 6
    (with Southern Devil Whimpus subspecies)

    Gumberoo CR 6

    Silver Cat CR 3

    Snoligoster CR 5

    Agropelter CR 5

    Slide-Rock Bolter CR 9

    Tripodero CR 2

    Beeskeeter CR 1 (with Skeeter)

    Hidebehind CR 7

    Snow Wasset and Polar Wasset CR 3

    Christmas Special!
    Windigo Giant CR 10
    Windigo Beast CR 5
    Windigo Cursed CR 2+

    The Rumtifusil CR 2

    The Hoop Snake CR 4

    The Bangle Snake CR 1 (with Nugget Snake and Golden Arch Snake subspecies)

    The Joint Snake CR 4

    The Dart Snake CR 1/3

    The Bedspring Snake CR 3

    The Corkscrew Snake CR 3 (with Shipborer Snake)

    The Rockdrill Snake CR 4

    The Billdad CR2

    The Roperite CR4

    The Splinter Cat CR4

    The Hugag CR6

    The Black Hodag CR6

    The Lesser Hodag CR2

    More to come, hopefully.
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    Sorry, I have to delete this...
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    This is mine, I made due to special circumstances


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    Posted some 3.5 conversions of the Vampire Lord and Mystaran Nosferatu.

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