Please review my Dancer, previously Fey dancer.
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    Please review my Dancer, previously Fey dancer.

    My main concern is that it is overpowered, but sometimes you're your own worst critic.

    Rip it apart:


    “There’s some places that’re thinner than others” She walked closer to the ring…the ring of stones. What did her mam’ call it? The dancers? It didn’t matter something was calling to her. ”Where the old door ways used to be” And when they called she felt something swell inside her. Not far till she could touch them. Like an urge, like nothing would stop her dancing, no, not would; could. “Places where the world was thinner.” She touched it. That was what the world was about; nothing else. And she began to dance. “If people’ve been hangin’ around the stones, then they’ll be back.

    The old doors. They exist. Perhaps only to some though. When those few find them, the old gates find those few.

    Hit Dice-D6/level

    --Skill ranks: Perform: dance +6
    --Special: Must have the resist natures lure ability.
    --Special: Must dance around a stone circle, fey mound or with fey on a full moon

    --Skill Points per level: 4 (+Intelligence modifier)

    -- The Dancer’s class skills are Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle animal (Wis), Heal (Wis) Jump (Str), Knowledge (Nature) (Int), Listen (Wis), Perform: Dance (Cha), Ride (Dex), Search (Int), Spot (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), and Swim (Str).

    Base-attack .. Refl/Fort /Will .. Special
    1st +0 .... +0/+0/+2 .. Lords and ladies, Fey Sight
    2nd +1 .... +0/+0/+3 .. Fey Lure, Woodland being
    3rd +2 .... +1/+1/+3 .. Enchanter
    4th +3 .... +1/+1/+4 .. Silent step
    5th +3 .... +1/+1/+4 .. Dance (Summon fey)
    6th +4 .... +2/+2/+5 .. Sanctuary (Rest in the woods in peace)
    7th +5 .... +2/+2/+5 ..
    8th +6 .... +2/+2/+6 .. Leadership (Gain fey as cohort)
    9th +6 .... +3/+3/+6 .. Walk the lines (Find the path using ley lines)
    10th +7 .... +3/+3/+7 .. Ley walker (Teleportation and more)

    Special abilities descriptions:

    --Lords and Ladies (Ex): Learning the specialised etiquette of the fairy ‘kingdom’ isn’t the easiest skill to acquire, yet the complex tradition can pay off. Fey that the character encounters have there attitudes raised by one, no Fey is ever hostile to the character, simply by nature, but such feelings may quickly turn to hostility. It does however mean that that those who would simply be indifferently aloof become friendly, and those that like you already will become helpful. This ability can never take effect twice, but is permanent. In addition to this, the Dancer gains a diplomacy bonus when talking to the Lords and Ladies, this bonus is equal to the characters level in Dancer.

    -- Fey lure (Ex): By this time, some of the wandering magic has rubbed off onto the Dancer. This added magic allows the Dancer to charm certain creatures, increasing the amount and the type as they advance. At first Charm person can only be called up once per day, only effecting humanoids. Later at level four the ability transcends humanoids and acts as Charm monster, as well as being usable 2/day. Further to this at seventh level the ability grows to such an extent that the Dancer can charm multiple creatures just as the spell Charm monsters, mass and is usable 3/day.

    --Woodland Being (Su): Tapping the roots of fey magic the Dancer brings into being the ability to commune with wild animals . This acts much like a continuous Speak with animals. The dancer is however unable to communicate with domesticated animals, as they are no longer part of the wild.

    --Enchanter (Su): The talent to hold victims in there sway is one of the most notorious abilities of the Fair folk, even though it doesn’t seem that fair. This does include Dancers, and at level three they become more and more proficient at enchanting others. On all abilities that have a charm like effect, that try to ally the Dancer with others, whether spell, spell-like or otherwise, the Dancer gains a +2 bonus. This increases at level 10 to +4.

    --Fey sight (Sp): Connected as Fey are to magic, the Dancer is also aware of the subtle changes and distortions that can occur in the mystic atmosphere. This detection of magic is usable once per day as a Detect magic spell. Later at level three this extends to thrice in one day, at level six it is enhanced to five times a day, and at 10th level this changes to seven times a day.

    --Silent step (Su): Teaching this uncanny trait is far from easy, yet its benefits outweigh the pains the Dancer endures to acquire it. It allows the Dancer to step so lightly in woodlands that they make no noise whilst simply walking, this means that they automatically succeed any move silently check when moving less then half their speed, and so long as the Dancer moves no greater then their full movement the 5 point penalty is lifted. However the illusion is broken if ever the dancer decides to run, and the -20 penalty remains. Further more, in such wooded environments the Dancer is able to blend in with their surroundings and gains a +5 modifier to hide. To some of the crueller Dancer’s misfortune, neither of these benefits have any effect against Fey of any kind.

    --Dance (Ex): This ability allows the Dancer to call upon the help of Fey, usually fey that they have already befriended, but in unknown territory there is a chance that someone will heed the call. To initiate the summons the Dancer begins to dance, the dance must be centred around or in a Spiritual place, an ancient forest, a cairn stone, mushroom rings etc. the dance must continue for 2d4 minutes before the Fey arrives, or 1d4+4 minutes if the Dancer is trying to call an unknown Fey. In the latter case the Dance must make a Perform: Dance check similar to a Diplomacy check to change attitude except that each time the attitude would be raised a 15% chance is added to the roll, each 10 points past helpful counts as a raise in attitude. For instance if a 30 is rolled and the attracted Fey is indifferent then the chance is 30% (the roll) + 30% (15% for each of the two raises in attitude) equalling a 60% chance that the fey would come to the Dancers summoning. The lords and Ladies ability is taken into account when judging attitudes changes.

    The Fey summoned is dictated by a d% roll on this chart
    Fey Called		Required Attitude from Dance Check		d%
    Grig			Indifferent					1-15
    Grig (Fiddle)		Indifferent					16-20
    Nixie			Friendly					21-35
    Pixie			Indifferent					36-50
    Satyr			Friendly					51-60
    Satyr (Pipes)		Friendly					61-75
    Dryad			Helpful						76-85
    Nymph			Helpful						86-100
    Or select the Fey manually (DM’s choice)

    Most of the time due to the time it takes, or the fey’s viewpoint they will not be well suited to be called in or for combat, though it is not impossible. Common reasons include polite introduction before entering a particular fey’s forest, advice on problems, or even the use of their special abilities.

    --Sanctuary(Ex): Entrusted as they are the Dancer is able to seek shelter with most friendly Fey. It is rare that shelter will be granted immediately, especially if the Fey is suspicious of the motives; if they think the Dancer is trying to escape a foe, or would not usually need to rest at that time of the day. In all but the fewest cases sanctuary is given eventual, but to ensure this a token of thanks is often given.

    --Fairy Guardian(Ex): At this point in time the Dancer is so well respected that they can attract a Fey who wishes to aid them. This acts exactly like the cohort part of the Leadership feat found in the DMG, with the fey using their ECL instead of their level.

    --Walk the lines(Su): Ever vigilant of magical changes, the Dancer is now aware of the subtle Ley Lines that span worlds, with this thaumaturgic navigation they are constantly under the effects of the spell Find the Path, and in practice the Dancer may never become lost, however this ability only works up to a number of miles equal to Dancer level, and in urban areas is reduced to half of that. It ceases altogether in dungeons, labyrinths or other planes and may not direct the Dancer through obstacles (such as glyphs), and only shows a straight direction.

    --Ley Walker(Sp): The Dancer has become the epitome of Fey, able to transport themselves between fey founds and, and along Ley Lines. This acts as a Teleport spell at will between Cairn stones, Cross roads, Stone rings and all other ‘Fey’ places. The dancer can attune themselves to up to 1+Cha modifier of places by spending a week there to familiarise themselves with that location, from then on they can never arrive at the wrong place when aiming for that Fey mound.

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    I would change Silent Step to just give a bonus to Move Silently checks. Other than that, it looks pretty good. Many useful abilities, but nothing overpowering in a combat sense. I don't know if this is a problem, but isn't it weird that the dancer becomes the epitome of fey and can teleport between cairn stones, but the actual fey cannot. Maybe you should grant some of the higher abilities - the sensing of ley lines and the teleportation - to all of the fey in your campaign.

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    I was trying to emulate how fey can sometimes sneak up on people completely unnoticed, I din't want to give a flat bonus as that would effect running as well as walking. I think a simple bonus might work better though. Good catch on the ability to teleport between cairn stones and sensing leylines. I think Fey can already do the latter, but not to the effect of Find the Path. Making the teleportation into a spell could be a good idea, and giving the ley line sensing ability to some fey would be nice flavour. Or they could use the spell Find the Path as most Fey can cast some Druid spells.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I really enjoyed your class. Little bits like the "doesn't work on domesticated animal because they are no longer wild" (for the speak w/ animals ability) really show the detail going into the class, and lend it an authentic feel.

    Here are my (very few) suggestions:
    -- I would actually strengthen the silent step spell by including hide; maybe a +10 bonus to both given the circumstances you described. I also think this bonus shouldn't apply when dealing with fey; i.e. fairies are hip to their own tricks.
    -- Move Fey sight to 1st level, alter progression accordingly
    -- Rename "leadership" to "fey companion"
    -- Remove the +2 Charisma bonus given under Ley walker (it's cool enough); and don't have the character become one of the fey. In most myths when a person become one of the fairies it was under two conditions: (1) abducted as a child, or (2) Turned into a fairy by malicious fey & enslaved.

    Really, you could leave it as it and have a great PrC. Your flavor text is beautiful; did you write it?

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    I've altered some of the things you suggested, I tried to improve them in general rather then just follow your ideas. Thanks a lot for the support, and yes I did write the flavour text, it was inspired mainly by the Terry Pratchett book 'Lords and Ladies' which I would readily recommend.

    Oh I forgot, the Dance mechanic is fairly static, no mater if you got a check of 30 a hostile fey or indifferent you get the same result, any ideas?
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    Is no one else interested?

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