Heroes of Mergovia Plot Thread
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    Heroes of Mergovia Plot Thread


    This thread is an attempt to keep track of the complex plot in Darkmaster's Heros of Mergovia DnD 3.5 PbP game. I'll appreciate the help of the fellow players to get all our facts straight. Darkmaster, I probably can't ask you to directly contribute, but please let us know if you see any obvious errors or grave omissions.

    IC1: The Village of Pruman
    IC2: Vengence in Mornomas
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    Jasper: Human Divinor 3
    Oculus: Cloistered cleric 1/ Domain wizard 2
    Dai: Monk2/Druidic avenger 1
    Solomon Kreel: Half orc Brb1/Ran2, originally with Pruman Militia
    Xavier Roces: Human Male Aristocrat 1 / Paladin 2 (Heironeous).
    Joined Dec 2004: Xavier was sent to Mornonas from the church in Talos, the capital of Mergovia. Primarily to open a dialogue with the Baron, he was also tasked with looking into the stories drifting back to Talos of someone holding services in the old Hieroneous temple in Mornonas.

    Tellic: Human Male Paladin of Freedom 3.
    Slain in front of Temple of Heironeious in Mornomas by a Pruman sergeant and three of his men.

    Marcus Sevohan: lietenant in Pruman Militia. Now in _________.

    Edits: Need to add more details
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    Karn: Old Pruman soldier. Only adult witness of Pruman massacre
    Gnarl: half ogre cook at the Almat logging site. Killed by mob outside the Temple of hieroneous in Mornomas
    Joe: Jasper's uncle. A wizard, @ least 9th level. Knowledgable about barbarians.

    Councelor (Uder?): what do we know about him? Has 2 of the 5 rocks
    Gror: New Militiaman from Prumen. Deep into the conspiracy from the beginning. Beheaded the mayor in Pruman. Was in the temple of Hieroneous with the "priest", a monk type, several militians, and a large number of Orc barbarians. They attacked Telic, Solomon and Dai when the three attempted to follow Gror into the church.
    Pruman Sergeant: Killed Telic [Demonic eyes. Evil - Unfortunately, Telic didn't live long enough to tell anyone about this interesting little detail.]
    Pruman Captain of the Guards: Ringleader in massacre. Current location unknown.
    cloaked Goblin: sent Uder his son's head via Dai
    Cloaked Monk: Killed in Temple by Dai
    Large orc in Temple: armed with an impressive bow and a great axe. The Orc is also wearing the barbarian tribes color but he also wears a hat made of yellow feathers. Solomon recognises the hat. It is usually wear by warrior who excelled on the battlefield. It is a great priviledge to be allowed to wear this hat. Other member of the tribes usually greatly respect the wearer of such an hat.
    Old Priest of Heironeious: Resembles another priest of Heironeous, Jroik, who died 3 yrs ago at age 80.
    Halfling: Rogue? Confronted Solomon outside temple of Hieroneous after the fight.
    The Ryard family: Fallen noble family that is working with Uder. They have provided him with a boat. (The Vernita, named for one of Neryul's daughters.)

    Frendor Almat: Wealthy Pruman merchant. Wife killed in Pruman massacre. father of Jessica and two other children. Children saved from massacre by Solomon Kreel, now in Broyar. Had book of orbs in study. Involvement: unknown. Current whereabouts: Unknown

    Jessica Almat: Solomon's love interest. Whereabouts: unknown
    Volandor'th: A Half elf bard with a caravan of travellers outside town. Has travelled widely
    Sylla: A female companion of Volandor'th. Probably a spellcaster of sorts. Showed great interest in Xavier, but it could just be carnal.
    Baron Vilral: Leader of Mornomas. His son spends his days disguised among the people. Rumors link the Baron to a cult of Nerul.
    Jraq & Trolm: soldiers with the 82nd unit. Worked w/Captain Farimond before.
    Valeria. tattoed woman in Captain Farmond's expedition. An sorcerer w/a viper familiar(Vsaa). Good friends w/the captain and the southern barbarian companion.
    Captain Faramond: Leader of Jasper's expedition. wears a metal band around his eyes. Has a dog and a bow. Brank is an archer on the team. Farimond knows the innkeeper outside Prumen
    Jasper's former professor (name?): Teacher at the University who studied Enirdnas. He is currently missing.
    Captain Drommund: Captain of Prumen Militia, probably in on the conspiracy.

    Edits: Lots to fill in here.
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    Basic Plot outline

    I don't really know how detailed to make this. But it might be nice to have handy

    Description of the book found in Frendor Almats study: http://www.enworld.org/forums/showpo...&postcount=297

    Joe has a small boat that could go up the King river to Domur.
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    Theories about what is going on.

    Uder's conspiracy and the followers of Enirdnas are vying for the orbs. (Making us faction #3) This theory is based on the head Uder was mailed by a goblin, and the sniper who appeared to be a follower of Enirdnas absconding with one of the orbs.

    The sacred book details 8 communions (rituals?) for followers of Enirdnas. These communions may be the means of unlocking the secret knowledge of Enirdnas.


    Who are the Ryard family? The Ryard family is an old noble family who lost their title for betraying the king.

    Where is that boat going? Why would Uder be going there?

    The boat is hidden in a small port connected directly to the industrial sector not far away from the temple
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    Some notes on Uder:

    Uder: the couselor from Prumen
    - He is searching for the five divine orbs, and the book which Oculus has.
    - The orbs are the key to unlocking the goddess Enirdnas' magical knowledge, which he intends to use to prevent war, famine and disease.
    - He is willing to sacrifice villages to meet that goal.
    - He has two of them already: Terriux and Flaviux.
    - His is probably a cleric of some power. He excelled in divine studies at the University.
    - He is experienced and knowledgeable. He has done quite a bit of adventuring.
    - He is well-respected at the University, and a known associate of the Baron.
    - There is bad blood between him and his former friend Hl'lar.
    - Has a bag of holding which contains all his research materials, and the two orbs as well.

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    Enirdnas and her followers

    The evil goddess Enirdnas is associated with the earth and magic. Her followers are rumored to be powerful spellcasters and have control over animals. (Sorcerers and/or druids?) Her chief followers are spellcasting women with tattoos on their faces.

    They raised a goblin army 400 years ago, and may be leading the new one that has appeared recently.

    The sacred book and 5 magical orbs are artifacts of Enirdnas.

    In the past her followers were organized into 5 houses. The nature and present condition of these houses is unknown.

    Uder appears to be operating for personal gain, rather than out of devotion to Enirdnas. It is likely that he is at odds with her followers.

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    Notes on Geography and History

    Their is a problematic drug in Mergovia, which looks like a yellow paste.

    Description of Monromas

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    Feb 05 update

    Since I can't seem to log in as Militiaman at the moment, I thought I'd at least get this in. Later, I'll go back and put it where it belongs in the other posts in this thread.

    Lorina- elven musician friend of Hllers. Not a traditional elven name. Plays at the Kobolt sailer 3x/week. She and Hllar are part of some large organization.
    Old Trey only Kobolt to serve in the Mergovian navy.

    Brollar Villral: Brollar is the younger son of the baron, from the outside he looks like a young lazy rich young man. He doesn't seems to be driven by anything, and doesn't seem to care at all about the barony. The truth is that he is a very skilled assassin, ruthless killer and a criminal mastermind. He is probably one of the highest ranked member of the organisation in Mornonas and as such the most powerfull men of the city. 6 tall, medium build w/blue eyes and brown hair.

    Jt'trialaila: beautiful young elven woman in service of the baron.
    Barron Villral: Said to be a short Mergoivan in his 50s, but looks to be an Axyrian in his 30s. Very interested in Mergovain oak, supposedly for his apartment.

    Gortentag kar Helberg: a diplomat from the Kronerg Republic, a far away land.

    The black network:
    Uder is a friend of Brollar Villral (barons son?), who I suspect is an influent member of the black network. Uder and Brollar met very often at the castle during the last year especially in the last few months, is the black network involved and what are their interest in the story we don't know. Hl'lar told me that Uder used to despise the activity of the network, so he wonder why Uder is getting involved with them.

    "The black network is a criminal organisation. They can be found all across Mergovia, Axyr and some of his colony. We don't really know who their leader is. Each area or region contains it's own independant hierarchy, customs and even activity. In Mergovia, they control drugs, illegal fighting, weapon traffic, one large bank (The agricultural bank). In the sourthern colonies they make the drugs and captures young people from all races to be sent as prostitute, slave and cheap labor to other network organisation located in country able to afford them. In Axyr they control drugs, gambling and slaves, and are involved in major construction project. I could go on for a while like that.

    It is a very secretive group and we don't know much about them, even here in Mornonas. We think that their base of operation is somewhere in the industrial sector. we suspect that most shop owner there pay a monthly fee to the organisation for "protection". They have a lot of money and ressources

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