alright lads and lasses, time to put your thinking caps on! i'm trying to incorporate more wilderness scenarios into my campaign to keep the ranger/barbarian character and tribal surface drow cleric/bard happy (and to spice things up a bit).

but how do i keep adventure design from simply being long passages of description ("about noon, the stream you've been following descends into a gorge in a layered waterfall. the banks are lined with exotic orchids of various purple hues which contrasts markedly with the dark greens of the forest canopy overhead", etc.) read aloud in between encounters (fights with wild beasts and the occasional meeting with a pilgrim/woodsman/
elf traveler, etc.).

i'm going to incorporate visual aids (artwork and photos of inspiring landscapes, etc.), but how else does one foster a sense of the characters actually being outdoors and not just fall into reading a few descriptions in between the fight scenes? how can the "masters of the wild" types put their skills and interests to use besides rolling dice for hunting success, etc?

thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.