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    Halfling Quest Heroes

    Halfling Quest Heroes post your characters here.

    Approved players only.

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    Jerran Kimble

    Jerran Kimble, CG halfling bard 1; ECL 1 ; small humanoid; HD 1d6+1 (7hp); Init +3; Speed 20 feet; AC 16 (+3 Dex, +2 Armor, +1 size), flatfooted 13, touch 14, ACP 0, Spell Failure 0%; Bab +0, Grapple -5; Atk +0 dagger (melee) (1d3-1, critical 19-20/x2, piercing) or +5 dagger (thrown) (1d3-1, critical 19-20/x2, 10' range increment, piercing) or +4 light crossbow (1d6, criticial 19-20/x2, 80' range increment, piercing); SA: none ; SQ: +2 morale save vs. fear ; SV Fort +2, Refl +6, Will +3; Str 8, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 18.

    Skills and Feats: (32 skill points, 4/2 max ranks)

    Appraise +6 (4 ranks), Bluff +11 (4 ranks), Climb +1 (0 ranks), Diplomacy +8 (4 ranks), Gather Information +8 (4 ranks), Hide +7 (0 ranks), Jump +1 (0 ranks), Listen +2 (0 ranks), Move Silently +5 (0 ranks), Perform (Dance) +8 (4 ranks), Perform (Poetry) +8 (4 ranks), Sense Motive +4 (4 ranks), Sleight of Hand +7 (4 ranks), Skill Focus (Bluff), Simple Weapon Proficiency (all), Martial Weapon Proficiency (longsword, rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whip), Armor Proficiency (light), Armor Proficiency (shield)

    Languages: Common, Halfling, Dwarven, Gnomish

    Class and Race Features:

    bardic knowledge (1d20+3), bardic music (countersong, fascinate, inspire courage (+1), bard spells, reduced spell failure (light armor), small size (+1 attacks, +1 ac, +4 hide), +2 racial bonus to climb, jump, move silently, listen, +1 racial bonus to all saving throws, +2 morale bonus to saving throws vs. fear, +1 attack with thrown weapons and slings

    Possessions: (weight, cost)

    5 Daggers (2.5 lb, 5 @ 2 gp each = 10 gp), Belt Pouch (0.125 lb, 1 gp), Whetstone (1 lb, 2 cp), Ink (-, 8 gp), Inkpen (-, 1 sp), Poetry Book (as blank spellbook) (3 lb, 15 gp), Signet Ring (-, 5 gp), Small Steel Mirror (0.5 lb, 10 gp), Light Crossbow (2 lb, 35 gp), 20 bolts (1 lb, 2 @ 1 gp/10 = 2 gp), Leather Armor (7.5 lb, 10 gp), Spare Entertainer's Outfit (1 lb, 3 gp)

    99.12 gp spent, total load 18.625 lb / 19.5 lb Light Load

    2/0 spells per day, Base Save DC 14 + spell level.
    0th - Detect Magic, Lullaby, Message, Prestidigitation


    Jerran Kimble

    Halfling Male
    Bard 1
    Chaotic Good
    150 / 1000 xp

    Str 8 [-1]
    Dex 16 [+3]
    Con 12 [+1]
    Int 14 [+2]
    Wis 10 [+0]
    Cha 18 [+4]

    Size: small (3'2", 36 lb)
    HP: 7 (1d6+1)
    BAB: +0
    Init: +3
    Move: 20'

    AC: 16 (10 + 2 armor +3 dex +1 size)
    ff: 13
    t: 14

    Fortitude: +2 (+1 con +1 racial)
    Reflex: +6 (+2 class +3 dex +1 racial)
    Will: +3* (+2 class +1 racial)

    * +2 save vs. fear


    Dagger [melee] (+0 attack, 1d3-1 dmg, 19-20/x2, piercing/slashing)
    Dagger [thrown] (+4 attack, 1d3-1 dmg, 19-20/x2, 10' range increment, piercing)
    Light Crossbow (+4 attack, 1d6 dmg, 19-20/x2, 80' range increment, piercing)


    Skill Focus (Bluff) [1st]
    Simple Weapon Proficiency (all) [bard 1]
    Martial Weapon Proficiency (longsword, rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow) [bard 1]
    Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whip) [bard 1]
    Armor Proficiency (light) [bard 1]
    Armor Proficiency (shield) [bard 1]

    Skills: (bonus/ranks)

    Appraise +6/4
    Bluff +11/4
    Climb +1/0
    Diplomacy +8/4
    Gather Information +8/4
    Hide +7/0
    Jump +1/0
    Listen +2/0
    Move Silently +5/0
    Perform (Dance) +8/4
    Perform (Poetry) +8/4
    Sense Motive +4/4
    Sleight of Hand +7/4

    Class Features:

    bardic knowledge (1d20+3)
    bardic music
    -inspire courage (+1)
    bard spells
    reduced spell failure (light armor)

    Racial Features:

    small size (+1 attacks, +1 ac, +4 hide)
    +2 racial bonus to climb, jump, move silently, listen
    +1 racial bonus to all saving throws
    +2 morale bonus to saving throws vs. fear
    +1 attack with thrown weapons and slings


    Base Save DC 14 + spell level.

    Spells Known:
    0th - Detect Magic, Lullaby, Message, Prestidigitation


    5 Daggers (2.5 lb, 5 @ 2 gp each = 10 gp)
    Belt Pouch (0.125 lb, 1 gp)
    Whetstone (1 lb, 2 cp)
    Ink (-, 8 gp), Inkpen (-, 1 sp)
    Poetry Book (as blank spellbook) (3 lb, 15 gp)
    Signet Ring (-, 5 gp)
    Small Steel Mirror (0.5 lb, 10 gp)

    Not normally carried:

    Light Crossbow (2 lb, 35 gp)
    20 bolts (1 lb, 2 @ 1 gp/10 = 2 gp)
    Leather Armor (7.5 lb, 10 gp)
    Spare Entertainer's Outfit (1 lb, 3 gp)

    0 gp, 0 sp, 0 cp
    total load 7.125 lb (18.625 lb) / 19.5 lb Light Load


    Twenty three year old Jerran is a good looking halfling, and he knows it. He allows his dark hair to grow down to his shoulders and keeps it following loose about his head to highlight his grey eyes and finely scultped facial features. His body is not overly muscled, but his delicate build serves to accent the sureity and grace with which he always moves. Flawless skin and pearly white teeth serve as the perfect finishing touch to this perfect specimen.


    The only thing more noticeable about Jerran than his stunning good looks is his stunningly large ego. He knows what he looks like and lets everyone know it. Still, he maintains such a personable demeanor that people seem drawn to him nonetheless. He probably knows your name and will greet you with it and make eye contact in such a way as to make you seem the worthwhile and important focus of his world for a brief moment until he swoops away to greet someone else. Adults dote on his charming ways while the young ladies swoon under his gaze and all the lads wish they could be like him. Underneath his polished exterior, Jerran is not quite as perfect as he likes to come across. He generally avoids anything he perceives as difficult, prefering to glide through life as long as his looks and charm will let him get away with it. Deep down he knows that he won't be able to get by without ever working, but he hopes to postpone it long enough for him to find something interesting to do with his life. Maybe he'll go into politics . . .


    Jerran's father, Lester, has a fairly succesful living as a trader operating out of Amblestock. He makes regular visits to the nearest decently sized city. He brings back goods and luxuries for the people of the village which he then trades for homespun country goods which he sells in turn to the city folk when he next returns there. Jerran's mother, Amelia, minds the fort while Lester is away, and their home doubles as the village general store. It was assumed that Jerran, being their eldest child would take over the family business in time, but this seems less likely these days. It wasn't that Jerran lacked any talent at all for it, he had a sharp enough mind for the accounting, and he was a natural born salesman. There is even a story floating around the village (probably spread by Jerran himself) of how he had managed to sell a wandering barbarian warrior a load of green eyeshadow as the latest in camoflauge. Still, Jerran just wasn't dedicated to the life of a merchant and would spend much of his time goofing off, even when he was to be minding the goods. In the fact, the smarter people of the city learned that the best deals could be made off the halfling traders if one waited for Lester to take a break at the tavern and then sent one's daughters to go and talk to the son while the haggling was taking place. Eventually Lester gave up on the Jerran and turned to Milo, Jerran's younger brother. Milo took a quick shine to being a merchant and is proving a reliable and skilled assistant to his father. Jerran is no longer asked to accompany his father on the trips to the city, which suits him just fine, as it gives him more time to lounge around the Silver Horn and flirt with the village girls.



    Jerran's father insisted he pick up a few of the more common trading tongues, and that is why he learned any at all. But truth be told, he did put his enforced knowledge to use. Jerran enjoyed switching from common to dwarven right in the middle of haggling with one of the doughty folk. An offer was made and he'd counter offer in dwarven. Half of the time the dwarf would be talked down 10% before he'd remembered that he wasn't talking with one of his own. Gnomish was picked on a whim (and it meant Jerran didn't have to learn a new alphabet), but has proved useful as well. Gnomes know some of the greatest jokes.
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    Edward Mossback, Male Halfling Thief 1
    Eddie Mossback; CN Halfling Thief 1; Small Humanoid; CR 1; HD 1d6+1 (hp 7); Init +7; Speed 20 ft.; AC 17 (+3 dex,+3 armor+1 size), flatfooted 13, touch 14, ACP 0; BAB +0, grapple -3 (+1str); Atk +5 (+3 dex, +1 size, +1 racial) ranged (1d4, 20x3, small shortbow); Full Atk +6; Melee +2 (+1 str,+1 size) (1d4+1) small short sword
    SV fort +2 (con, racial), ref +6(base, dex, racial), will +2 (wis, racial); Str 12, Dex 17, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 7

    Skills and Feats (40 skill points, 4/2 max ranks):
    Appraise 6 (4rnk,+2int), Craft Traps 6 (rnk 4 +2 int) Escape Artist 7 (+4 rnk, +3 dex),
    Hide 11 (+4 rnk, +3 dx,+ 4 sz), Kn Local 6 (+4rnk, +2 int), Listen 5 (+2rnk,+1 ws,+2 race),
    Move Silently 7 (+4 rnk,+3 dex +2 race), Open Locks 6 (+2 rnks, +4 dex), Search 6 (+4 rnk, +2 int), Sleight of Hand 7 (+4 rnk, +3 dex), Survival (cc) 3 (2rnk +1wis),
    Feats: Improved Iniative

    Class and Race Features: +2 dex, -2 str; Small (+1 attack & AC, +4 to hide, 3/4 carrying capacity, base speed 20 ft.); +2 to Climb, Jump, Move Silently, Listen; +1 racial to all saving throws; +2 against fear; +1 to attack rolls with thrown weapons and slings; Native Common & Halfling; Favored Class: rogue; Sneak attack +1d6, Trap finding

    Possessions: Backpack (2gp), Bedroll (1sp),(5 gp), shortbow, 20 arrows, Sling (small), (1sp), Waterskin (1gp), Trail Rations (5sp), Flint & Steel (1gp), Artisan's Outfit (free), Thieves Tools(30 gp), Dagger (1gp), Short Sword (10gp), Masterwork Studded Leather Armor
    Silver spoons (15gp), Pot of Honey

    At 3'2" and 36 lb, Eddie is medium in size but slumped shoulders an a retiring manner make him seem smaller. His clothes are a little ragged and usually hand-me downs from others. He wears a buttoned shirt and worn belt, breeches but uses cloth wrappings for his feet if necessary. His armor is similar unmatched bits and pieces, and his short sword slightly tarnished.

    Background: Eddie Mossback a young thief. He is from a poor family his father, Batlow’s leg was crushed beyond repair and his mother is the sickly and addled Mona. The town’s charity provided for basic needs but there was never enough. His father is bitter and occasionally violent. He has an older brother Harrow that left home for the big city, Piria . The brother didn't get along with anyone in the family. Harrow is poorly thought of and has fallen in with bad elements in the city.

    Eddie took to stealing the little things, mostly food. He has been caught occasionally, but let off with a warning. The city baker Hugh feels sorry for him and will usually slip him a little something from the community ovens. In return he tries to be on his best behavior around him. He can be found running errands to his aunt Clara Wanebur usually for medicines.

    Personality: He is quiet and is too self conscious to speak in front of crowds. He will occasionally whisper advice to friends. He feels guilty about stealing but not enough to stop if he thinks he can get away with it. He tries hard not to steal from friends, but there is always a temptation. His family is on the verge of kicking him out, and he has spent several nights alone in the woods. He is quiet and is too self conscious to speak in front of crowds. He will occasionally whisper advice to friends. Such as Kwinn, Kivera and Ringly. He is intimidated by Alton and Jerran. He likes Kivera and is less self conscious around her than others his own age. The village elders hope that his peers will teach him to become a respecable citizen. He is not truly set his ways and shows interest in other possibilities for his life.
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    Alton Highlea, male halfling Paladin 1 of Yondalla

    Alton Highlea, LG Halfling Paladin 1; ECL 1; small humanoid; HD 1d10 +2 (12hp - currently 6hp); Init +0; Speed (20 feet) 15 feet with medium load; AC 17 (+0 Dex, +4 Armor, +2 Shield, +1 other), flatfooted 17, touch 11, ACP -6, Spell Failure 0%; Bab +1, Grapple -2; Atk +4 melee (1d6+1, critical 19-20/x2, longsword, small) or +3 melee (1d4+1, critical x2, mace, light, small) or +3 melee (1d3+1, critical 19-20/x2, dagger, small) or +2 ranged (1d4, critical x3, shortbow, small) or +3 ranged (1d3+1, critical 19-20/x2, dagger, small); Full Atk: +3; SV Fort +5, Refl +1, Will +2; SA: -; SQ: -; Str 12, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 16.

    Skills and Feats and Languages: (8 skill points, 4/2.0 max ranks) Balance -6, Bluff +3, Climb -3, Concentration +2, Craft (woodworking) +4 (4 ranks), Diplomacy +3, Disguise +3, Escape Artist -6, Gather Information +3, Handle Animal +3, Heal +5 (4 ranks), Hide -2, Intimidate +3, Jump -3, Listen +3, Move Silently -4, Perform +3, Sense Motive +1, Spot +1, Survival +1, Swim -11; Weapon Focus (longsword); speaks halfling & common.

    Class and Race Features: +1 size bonus to AC, +1 size bonus to attack rolls, +4 size bonus to Hide checks, +2 racial bonus to Climb, Jump & Move Silently checks, +1 racial bonus on all saving throws, +2 morale bonus on saving throws against fear (stacks), +1 racial bonus on all attacks with thrown weapons and slings, +2 racial bonus on Listen checks; Aura of Good, Smite Evil (Su) 1/day

    Possessions: (N.B. all equipment is small in size) arrows (20) (1.0gp); backpack (2.0gp); artisan's woodworking tools (5.0gp); bedroll (0.1gp); flint & steel (1.0gp); oil, flask (5) (0.5gp); rations, trail (3) (2.0gp); waterskin (1.0gp); dagger (2.0gp); holy symbol, wooden (1.0gp); lantern, bullseye (12.0gp); longsword (15.0gp); mace, light (5.0gp); outfit, explorer's (0.0gp); scale mail (50.0gp); shield, heavy steel (20.0gp); shortbow (30.0gp); tindertwig (2) (2.0gp). Total gp value of equipment: 149.6gp

    Description: At 3'5" and 39lb, Alton Highlea is unnaturally large for a halfling, and this, coupled with his natural clumsiness, makes him extremely shy and uncertain of himself. Named for his great-grand-uncle (once removed) on his mother's side, Alton Brandworthy, young Alton shows little family resemblance to his esteemed relative, apart from the pronounced proboscis which is such a feature of that worthy's physiognomy. Alton's eyes and hair colouring are typical of his race. He dresses in subdued woodland colours. His armour, however, is well polished and his shield bears the crest of Yondalla.

    Personality: Alton is the youngest of his group of friends - he turns 20 in just one month, three weeks and six days! Deeply earnest and awfully shy, he is particularly in awe of his third cousin Mero (once removed on his mother's side), and a little bit in love with Bubbles Greenbottle, who's always treated him with the casual indifference of an older sister (not that they're actually related ... no, um, I didn't mean to suggest anything ... well, you know ... ) Of course, the fact that Bubbles has actually thrashed Alton once or twice in wrestling matches might have something to do with that. (The fact that Alton was actually too embarassed to do any more than make a token effort at defence might, however, have had something to do with the outcome of those matches!)

    As for his neighbour's cousin's boy Jerran, well, really Alton thinks that he needs some guidance and encouragement to consider changing his ways. Just, you know, a little (at least at first).

    History: Alton's parents, Talia and Rory, are respectable, hardworking members of the Amblestock community. Rory is a carpenter and Talia works in Hugh Highdumple's bakery on the Piai road near the centre of town. Alton spent his childhood in the usual pursuits of eating, playing and roaming the verges of the Silvergreen. When he was in his late teens, he started to help out in Rory's workshop, learning some of the skills of the woodworker, and discovering a passion for carving. He spends his spare time - not that there is much of it these days - honing his skills and producing more and more convincing carvings of the small animals and birds which inhabit the forest glades.

    It was while he was there, watching a robin and trying to work out how he could capture that cheekiness and purity, that he first experienced the touch of Yondalla's presence. Like a feather-light brush on the edge of his consciousness, he became aware that he was not alone. Looking around he could see no-one but he felt a presence which both enlivened and calmed his spirit. The sun shone more brightly, the colours of the world were sharper and the robin looked into his eyes with such deep wisdom and fellow-feeling that he was enraptured by it all.

    Time and again he returned to that glade. Sometimes he waited until the sun had set - and there was nothing out of the ordinary in that place. At other times, he was again caught up in a passionate response to all that he saw and smelled and heard - all his senses atingle at the presence which he recognised and yet could not name. And often that same robin was there to observe, there to sing and sit and be a companion in his seeking.

    Alton's absences were noted. His father questioned him, his mother teased him, saying, "Now leave him alone, Rory - I do believe our Alton has find a young lady to court." Blushing furiously, Alton denied it - but could not bring himself to explain what he was doing. His father became impatient, his mother hurt at the distance which developed between her and her only child. Still the young halfling kept his silence. There seemed no way he could explain what was happening to him. Indeed, he didn't really know what it was that drove him to the point of obsession.

    Finally, one day, he went to the glade. The robin was there. It sang to him in greeting. He climbed onto a bough of the big oak at the centre of the clearing and watched, and waited to see what would come. What came was something quite different to his hoping.

    He heard a cracking of branches and a crackling of leaf litter from off to the north. Soon a large, ugly humanoid came into the clearing, squinting in the sun and cursing in some foul tongue which seemed made for cursing. Alton froze in his place - for the creature came with sword drawn and violence in its gait. The robin, unfazed, continued singing - and even hopped over towards the intruder, as if inviting a kindlier response than it received. For without hesitation the beast swung and caught the fearless singer with the tip of its blade, causing feathers to fly and cutting of the song in mid-trill. Horrified, Alton stood up and, without thinking, leapt from the branch were he was perched onto the murdering invader. As he rushed earthward, he felt strong, gentle hands uplift him, and a fiery energy fill him. He turned in midair and landed feet first on the creature's head. Poleaxed to the ground, the beast collapsed and breathed no more. Blood pooled beneath its head, staining the rock which stuck up from the turf just at that point.

    Weeping with fear and adrenaline and grief, Alton turned to the robin and picked it up gently, trying by force of will to restore life to the damaged little breast. For just a moment he felt the flicker of something, and then looked up into the sadly smiling eyes of a halfling woman who said, "Not yet, my beloved - that is a gift for a time yet to come." She then turned and moved into the forest, disappearing in an instant in the dappled shade and half light.

    After that, in the days and weeks to come, Alton was attentive to his duties and obedient to his parents. He said nothing of the encounter, even when Coyo Durgen came into the village with news of a dead orc not far from the edge of town. He thought Coyo looked at him curiously but he didn't say a word.

    Puzzled as to what had happened, and saddened by the loss of beauty and innocence in the world, Alton began paying more attention to religion than he had previously done. He went to whatever services Alton Brandworthy offered, not having to be chided or reminded by his mother but eagerly and attentively - listening to the words of the patriarch, puzzling over their meaning and their message. Old Alton noticed the young lad's change of attitude and made opportunities to exchange the odd word with his nephew.

    Over time the two were together more often - and eventually young Alton unfolded the events of that day. The elder listened carefully, nodding occasionally, and at the end of the story sat in silence so long that he seemed to have fallen asleep. Eventually, taking a deep breath and rubbing the tip of his nose in a way that Alton had come to recognise as habitual, the priest said simply, "The Lady has claimed you as her own. The actions you took, and the words you heard, make it clear that she has called you to fight evil in the world. Yet I do not think she wants you to be her priest. Rather, she calls you to a more martial way. Rarely is one of our people sent forth as a knight of virtue - but I think that is her will for you."

    When the boy was silent, he went on, "I will see to your training. I will speak with your parents and we will find a way for you to do as the Lady bids. You will have much to do - this is a path that will demand the whole of your life. Are you prepared to follow this way?"

    "Prepared? No. Willing? Yes. I will do all that I can to serve her - how can I do anything else?"

    After that, life was full of training and prayer - rarely in that sunlit glade, for there was little time to go there - and learning the skills that old Alton said he would need. He spent time with Clara Wanebur, learning of herbs and bandages and fevers and the setting of broken bones. He spent time in the militia, learning from his third cousin Mero the skills of the warrior. He spent his spare time carving - making pieces that he would sell, saving the money to pay for sword and dagger and bow. For his armour, he spent a whole season working with Veryl Tillbough, hauling coal and pumping the bellows and cleaning the forge.

    And always, deep in his heart, was the stirring vision of that woman, those eyes ... and the burning reponsibility to care for this fragile world, protecting it from evil.
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    Bubbles Greenbottle

    Bubbles Greenbottle; NG Halfling Fighter 1; Small Humanoid; CR 1; HD 1d10+2 (hp 12); Init +4 (dex); Speed 20 ft.; AC 15 (+4 dex, +1 Racial), flatfooted 11, touch 15, ACP 0, spell failure 0%; BAB +1, grapple +1 (str); Atk +6 (+1 BAB,+4 dex, +1 size), melee (1d4 19-20x2, Short Swordx2, small), Atk +7 (+1 BAB +4 Dex, +1 size, +1 racial) ranged (1d3, 19-20x2, dagger, small); Full Atk +7; SV fort +5 (con, racial), ref +5 (dex, racial), will +1 (base, racial); Str 10, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 12

    Skills and Feats (20 skill points, 4/2 max ranks): Climb +3 (1 Rank), Craft (Ale) +2 (2 Ranks), Handle Animal +2 (1 Rank), Intimidate +2 (1 Rank), Jump +2 (1 Rank), Ride +5 (1 Rank), Swim +1 (1 Rank)

    Weapon Finesse, Two-Weapon Fighting

    Class and Race Features: +2 dex, -2 str; Small (+1 attack & AC, +4 to hide, 3/4 carrying capacity, base speed 20 ft.); +2 to Climb, Jump, Move Silently, Listen; +1 racial to all saving throws; +2 against fear; +1 to attack rolls with thrown weapons and slings; Native Common & Halfling; Favored Class: rogue

    Possessions: 2 Short Swords (10gp each), 3 daggers (2gp each), Chain Shirt (100 gp), Backpack (2gp), Bedroll (1sp), Waterskin (1gp), Trail Rations (5sp), Flint & Steel (1gp), Block and Tackle (5gp), Mirror, small steel (10gp), Tankard (2cp), Belt Pouch (1gp), Signal Whistle (8sp), Traveler's Outfit (free)

    Description: Tall for a Halfling, Bubbles stands 3’ 4” and weighs 45 lbs. Bubbles is petite while still retaining the curves that drives many of the young Halflings to distraction (think the St. Paulies girl of Halflings, it just seems funny to me). Bubbles keeps her long golden blond hair tied in two long braids down her back, except when she is helping Evan Slipfiddle at the Silver Horn. She then ties it in an elaborately braided up do. After all nobody wants a 2 and a half-foot long hair in their soup. Bubbles dresses like most Halfling girls: Long skirts, soft leather boots, blouse and bodice, She likes to tie ribbons or put flowers in her hair to give a splash of color. When she is guarding her father’s wagons on deliveries, Bubbles changes into a pair of leather breeches with the legs tucked into a pair of sturdy boots. A chain shirt that her father bought her is pulled over a simple white shirt with a layer of padding so the chain does not chafe. Her hair is tied up and tucked into a handkerchief to keep it out of harms way. She carries her two short swords belted to her waist, a dagger in each boot and one dagger strapped to each leg. She finds it amusing that the boys find her almost as attractive in her “work” clothes as they do in her normal ones.

    Personality: Bubbles is friendly and outgoing, ready with a smile. She will always stop to talk to the locals and loves to run around with the other Halflings her age. Ever the social butterfly, Bubbles can move from group to group and tends to be the center of attention where ever she goes, whether she tries to be or not. This has rubbed a few of her friends the wrong way lately and she is making a concerted effort to make amends. When working with her father, Bubbles takes things a little more serious. Not to say that she is dower or stone-faced, far from it. She just doesn’t let things distract her from the task at hand.

    History: The only daughter of six of Finnigan and Mya Greenbottle’s children, Bubbles grew up a tomboy, playing with her brothers and working at her father’s tiny brewery. The Greenbottle’s have always been close to the Slipfiddle family (Mya being the youngest daughter of Even) and the Silver Horn Tavern has been a second home. Bubbles was a rambunctious child, whether wrestling around with her brothers or thinking up games with her friends, (which usually ended up with somebody being taken to Clara for mending) Bubbles never stopped moving. As she got older her father put her to work at the family brewery and the Silver Horn Tavern, to keep her out of trouble…well at least try to keep her out of trouble. Bubbles gravitated more and more to spending time in the Silver Horn with her best friend and cousin Molle Slipfiddle. Her brothers were more than enough to care for the brewery and at least her parents knew where she was…at least most of the time. She didn’t get to see as much of her friends, but they were all coming of age and helping their families as well. A number of friends would still hang out often at the Silver Horn though and when not working Bubbles and Molle could be seen playing with Jarren Kimble, Alton Highlea, Kwinn Baubblebuck and Jyn Peddlefoot among others. (Everyone else seems to have chosen the loner characters J) At about this time Finnigan began taking Bubbles and her brothers on delivery trips. The roads could get dangerous sometimes and her dad taught all of his children how to defend themselves. Bubbles loved training with her brothers and became quite good, so go that she was eventually allowed to make short deliveries all on her own, much to some of her brothers chagrin. Things change as they always do and Bubbles was no different. As Bubbles fighting skills developed so did other things about Bubbles and the boys took notice. Between growing up and combat training Bubbles was developing into quite a beautiful young Halfling woman. Bubbles still works at the Silver Horn and for her father, but for the first time Amblestock is beginning to feel small to her and the wanderlust that effects many young Halflings is starting to effect Bubbles as well.

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    Kiylea Tangleweb, Female Halfling Ranger 1

    Kiylea Tangleweb, NG halfling ranger 1; ECL 1; small humanoid; HD 1d8+1 (9hp); Init +3; Speed 20 feet; AC 16 (+3 Dex, +2 armor, +1 size), flatfooted 13, touch 14, ACP 0, Spell Failure 10%; Bab +1, Grapple -2; Atk +3 melee (1d3+1, 19-20/x2, dagger) or +3 melee (1d4+1, x2, quarterstaff) or +5 ranged (1d4, critical x3, composite shortbow) or +6 ranged (1d3+1, 19-20/x2, dagger) or +6 ranged (1d4+1, x2, javelin) or +6 ranged (1d3+1, x2, sling) (all ranged +1 attack and damage w/in 30 ft); SA: none; SQ: +2 morale save vs. fear; SV Fort +4, Refl +6, Will +3; Str 12, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10.

    Skills and Feats (28 skill points, 4/2 max ranks): Climb +5 (2 ranks), Concentration +1 (0 ranks), Handle Animal +3 (3 ranks), Heal +3 (1 rank), Hide +9 (2 ranks), Jump +4 (1 rank), Knowledge (geography) +3 (2 ranks), Knowledge (nature) +5 (4 ranks), Listen +6 (2 ranks), Move Silently +7 (2 ranks), Ride +4 (1 rank), Search +1 (0 ranks), Spot +4 (2 ranks), Survival +6 (4 ranks), Swim +3 (2 ranks), Use Rope +3 (0 ranks); Point Blank Shot (1st), Track (Ranger 1), Simple Weapon Proficiency (all) (Ranger 1), Martial Weapon Proficiency (all) (Ranger 1), Armor Proficiency (light) (Ranger 1), Armor Proficiency (shield) (Ranger 1)

    Class and Race Features: Favored Enemy: Animal; Wild empathy (1d20+1); small size (+1 attacks, +1 ac, +4 hide, 3/4 encumberance, base speed 20ft); +2 racial bonus to climb, jump, move silently, listen; +1 racial bonus to all saving throws; +2 morale bonus to saving throws vs. fear; +1 attack with thrown weapons and slings; Favored Class: rogue; Native languages: Common and Halfling.

    Possessions (cost) (weight): Sling (-) (-); Bullets, sling (10) (1sp) (2.5 lbs); 2 javelins (2gp) (2 lbs); Leather armor (10gp) (7.5 lbs); Dagger (2gp) (1 lb); Belt pouch (1gp) (0.125 lbs); Explorer’s outfit (-) (-); Flint and steel (1gp) (-); Waterskin (1gp) (1 lb); 3 days’ trail rations (15sp) (0.75 lbs); Backpack (2gp) (0.5 lbs); Hemp rope (25 ft.) (1gp) (5 lbs); Bedroll (1sp) (1.25 lbs); Blanket (5sp) (0.75 lbs); Fishhook (1sp) (-); Lamp, common (1sp) (1 lb); Oil (1sp) (1 lb); Shortbow, composite (75gp) (1 lb); Arrows (20) (1gp) (1.5 lbs); Quarterstaff (-) (2 lbs); Shillelagh (oil) (50 gp) (-).

    Total money = 148.5 gp

    Total load = 28.875 lbs / 32.25 lbs light load

    Dark haired, dark eyed, and well-tanned, 20-year-old Kiylea seems to blend into the earthtoned clothing she usually wears. Nothing about her is particularly outstanding. She’s of average height and weight. Her hair is short, but not unduly so; she has a nice figure, but not the pronounced curves most Halfling males are drawn to; her pleasant face is paired with a mellow voice, but their attractions fade as soon as Bubbles enters the room (assuming that Kiylea and Bubbles would ever find themselves in the same room, which is unlikely). In fact the only thing most people notice is that she wants to be somewhere else. Occasionally, especially at obligatory social functions, it will begin to seem like she is somewhere else, though her body has not left its spot. Since this disconcerts the average Amblestockian, it’s generally regarded as proof that spending too much time alone in the woods is dangerous.

    ‘Restless’ is what she’s normally called. She has a deep curiosity about nature which somehow got mixed with a large dose of wanderlust. She loves exploring the wild and talking with those, like Clara Wanebur and Coyo Durgen, who know its secrets. Out there she’s as outgoing and energetic as you’d expect a young female Halfling to be; in town she’s typically antsy, distracted, and standoffish. Those who meet Kiylea in the Silvergreen forests for the first time, having only known her in Amblestock, are quite surprised (and usually delighted) at the change.

    Kiylea is the second child of Tolbat and Brighteyn Tangleweb. Her father is very much the outdoors type - lumberjack, hunter, farmer, and fisherman. When his daughter grew old enough he began taking her out into the fields and forests with her older brother, but a problem soon presented itself. She wandered off as soon as their backs were turned. The punishment for such behavior was, of course, to be left behind, but Kiylea would beg and plead so pitiably that she was soon allowed to go out again.

    Her skills as a woodsman developed rapidly, until at last her parents decided that it was safe to allow some independence in exchange for their sanity. They made this deal: if Kiylea agreed to help them at whatever needed doing three days out of the week, without running off, then she could have the other four to do with as she liked. But there were curfews. She couldn’t leave home until after breakfast, and she had to return before sunset faded from the hills. Consequently one of the most common sights in Amblestock at dusk is Kiylea sprinting down the northern road towards home.

    She spends much of her time with Clara and Coyo, occasionally gaining permission to stay overnight at Clara’s house. She’s met both Alton and Ringly there but finds she has more in common with the latter. Kiylea is infinitely amused by Jerran and loves his poetry - he’s pretty much the only person who can cheer her up when she’s stuck in town. Eddie is a bit of a mystery to her, but as the Mossfoots are old family friends she feels somewhat responsible for his welfare.

    Kiylea’s plans for the future are simple. She’s determined to make her living as a hunter and guide, much like Coyo does, but hopes to eventually move further afield. She’s been everywhere there is to go around Amblestock and it‘s getting dull. Lately she’s taken to climbing Old Brambleroot, tallest tree in the Silvergreen forests, and looking out at the horizon. As far as she’s concerned everything out there is new frontier, and she can’t wait to blaze a trail.
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    Ringly Softpetal; CG Halfling Wizard 1; Small Humanoid; CR 1; HD 1d4+2+3 (hp 9); Init +3 (dex); Speed 20 ft.; AC 13 (+3 dex), flatfooted 10, touch 13, ACP 0, spell failure 0%; BAB +0, grapple -2 (-2 str); Atk +5 (+3 dex, +1 size, +1 racial) ranged (1d3, 20x2, sling, small); Full Atk +5; SV fort +3 (con, racial), ref +4 (dex, racial), will +2 (base, racial); Str 6, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 11

    Skills and Feats (20 skill points, 4/2 max ranks): Concentrate +6 (4 ranks, 2 con), Decipher Script +5 (2 ranks, 3 int), Hide + 9 (2 ranks, 3 dex, 4 racial), Knowledge (arcana) +7 (4 ranks, 3 int), Knowledge (engineering) + 5 (2 ranks, 3 int), Search +5 (2 ranks, 3 int), Spellcraft +7 (4 ranks, 3 int); Toughness

    Class and Race Features: +2 dex, -2 str; Small (+1 attack & AC, +4 to hide, 3/4 carrying capacity, base speed 20 ft.); +2 to Climb, Jump, Move Silently, Listen; +1 racial to all saving throws; +2 against fear; +1 to attack rolls with thrown weapons and slings; Native Common & Halfling; Favored Class: rogue; Summon Familiar; Scribe Scroll, Arcane Wizard Spells

    Possesions: Backpack (2gp), Bedroll (1sp), Spell Book (15 gp), Spell Component Pouch (5 gp), Sling (small), Bullets (20) (1sp), Inkpen (1sp), Waterskin (1gp), Trail Rations (5sp), Flint & Steel (1gp), Traveller's Outfit (free), Slinky (cat familiar)

    Spells (3/2); Base Save DC 13 (int) + spell level
    0th - all
    1st - Alarm, Shield, Color Spray, Reduce Person, Burning Hands, Cause Fear

    0th - Ghost Sound, Read Magic, Daze
    1st - Color Spray, Shield

    Like his father, the town’s cartogropher, Ringly is a small, short man, even for a halfling. However, his stoutness, nimbleness, and most of all his intelligence more than make up for his lack of size. Ringly’s most common facial expression is that of intense concentration, his eyes darting back and forth, his mind lost in whatever text he is presently reading. Ringly is by no means bad-looking for a halfling, but his reticence and his extraordinary penchant for language has kept him from most social circles. Ringly has brown eyes and a shock of unkempt, light brown hair. It is sometimes difficult to tell whether the brown streaks are hair pigments or just dirt. Although his appearance is not strictly unpresentable, per se, he cares little for hygiene and cleans more out of habit than out of self-conciousness.

    His youth, spent amidst the books of his father’s hobby (that of a scholar and writer), has molded him into a shy, quiet figure. As expected of most societies, he was somewhat outcast from the normality of his age-group; that is, Alton, Jerran, Bubbles, and their popular circle of friends. Where they wanted to wrestle and rough-house, he wanted to read. This has proved to be an immense barrier between him and his fellows for numerous years, and his solution to deal with the problem has usually been to become less attached to the village and more attached to his literature and his studies.

    Ringly, throughout his entire life, has been regarded simultaneously as the family prodigy and the black sheep. He is a twice-removed cousin of Neb and Iss, but the connection is large enough to warrant his spotlight in town affairs. Half the town seems to view him as a genius; the other, a menace.

    Growing up amidst his father’s books, surrounded by scores of tomes, he developed a passion for reading and language. The literature he read was of both high variety and high quality, and as a result Ringly’s knowledge of the world grew exponentially with his age. However, his intellect brought him both arrogance and rebelliousness; Ringly longed to be away from home, in the real world, where he could see, and experience, rather than pick up from text. By adolescence, Ringly’s parents could stand it no longer, and he was sent to be an apprentice to Wellsly Ironspoke, who seemed to be the only man shrewd enough to simultaneously tame Ringly and satisfy his lust for knowledge.

    During this time, Ringly had his first encounter with Slinky, who eventually became his companion. Slinky was originally part of a pack of cats who made their residence near Wellsly’s hut. The man hated them, and wouldn’t allow a single one inside his house, but they became fond of Ringly and he took to the pack as well. Still, they seemed more close to Wellsly by experience than to Ringly by preference. Slinky was different, however – less attached to Wellsly and less dependent of his hut. Ringly noticed Slinky always following him around, but didn’t really acknowledge her presence, until he completed his summon familiar ritual, and Slinky started talking to him. He had actually thought the spell had failed – the cat was there, the spell was done, but there was no puff of magic, no portal. His magical attachment to an intelligent creature was knew to him; the relationship was mutual, but moreso there was a certain degree of affection between them, an emotion that Ringly had never experienced before, not even with Wellsly and definitely not with his “prestigious” family.

    After six and a half years, Ringly was disgusted with his teacher and guardian. Initially hoping for a portal into excitement, he found what he thought was a lunatic. Fortunately, however, Ringly was able to pick up the basics of Wellsly’s arcane lore, which aided Ringly in his quests for social equality and personal satisfaction. Although he never gained acceptance into the normal social circles, he gained something that was just as good: respect. These days, Ringly hardly spends any time with Wellsly; he is often out in the wild, going out at dawn with nothing but his spellbook, a lunch, a sling, and a good book. He spends some time with Coyo and Clara, as her abode is the farthest away from the core of the town. He has also met Kiylea, hiking through the woods. He feels closer to her than any other villager in Amblestock; she has saved his life more than once, finding him lost, exhausted, and hungry deep in the woods, and guided him back to the relative safety of the town. Ringly learns something new everyday, and his life often seems relaxed and peaceful. But his sights are farther, into the mysteriousness, danger, excitement, and knowledge of the larger world.

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